Prediction Time

With the season just around the corner it’s time to start looking into the crystal ball. Here are my picks for how the teams will finish with rough point projections, and the leading scorer for each team.

Eastern Conference

1. Boston Bruins – 114 points – Marc Savard – 89 points
2. Philadelphia Flyers – 109 – Mike Richards – 87 points
3. Washington Capitals – 106 – Alexander Ovechkin – 110 points
4. Pittsburgh Penguins – 102 – Sidney Crosby – 116 points
5. New Jersey Devils – 99 – Zach Parise – 85 points
6. New York Rangers – 96 – Marian Gaborik – 94 points
7. Montreal Canadiens – 95 – Mike Cammalleri – 75 points
8. Buffalo Sabres – 93 – Derek Roy – 75 points
9. Carolina Hurricanes – 92 – Eric Staal – 77 points
10. Ottawa Senators – 88 – Jason Spezza – 84 points
11. Florida Panthers – 84 – Nathan Horton – 63 points
12. Toronto Maple Leafs – 83 – Jason Blake – 61 points
13. Tampa Bay Lightning – 74 – Vincent Lecavalier – 83 points
14. Atlanta Thrashers – 70 – Ilya Kovalchuk – 91 points
15. New York Islandes – 65 – Mark Streit – 60 points


1. San Jose Sharks – 114 – Joe Thornton – 99 points
2. Detroit Red Wings – 110 – Pavel Datsyuk – 93 points
3. Calgary Flames – 107 – Jarome Iginla – 93 points
4. Chicago Blackhawks – 109 – Patrick Kane – 78 points
5. Vancouver Canucks – 102 – Henrik Sedin – 81 points
6. Anaheim Ducks – 96 – Ryan Getzlaf – 90 points
7. St. Louis Blues – 94 – Brad Boyes – 70 points
8. Edmonton Oilers – 91 – Ales Hemsky – 76 points
9. Nashville Predators – 89 – Jason Arnott – 66 points
10. Los Angeles Kings – 85 – Anze Kopitar – 77 points
11. Columbus Blue Jackets – 84 – Rick Nash – 72 points
12. Dallas Stars – 81 – Mike Ribeiro – 74 points
13. Minnesota Wild – 78 – Martin Havlat – 75 points
14. Colorado Avalanche – 70 points – Paul Stastny – 85 points
15. Phoenix Coyotes – 59 points – Shane Doan – 77 points


Hart – Alexander Ovechkin
Art Ross – Sidney Crosby
Lester B. Pearson – Sidney Crosby
Vezina – Roberto Luongo
Norris – Duncan Keith
Selke – Mike Richards
Lady Byng – Pavel Datsyuk
Calder – John Tavares
Jack Adams – Pat Quinn
Bill Masterton – Tim Thomas and Tuukka Rask

140 Responses to Prediction Time

  1. bbruins37 says:

    im going to assume that you will be laughing after all of that surely happens? did i get the question right?

  2. bbruins37 says:

    answer the question about dekanich or however the hell you spell his name. he played like 6 periods. that must mean he's twice as likely to become a sure thing compared to gustavsson

  3. bbruins37 says:

    yeah sure. although can we do it with 7 people? it says that everyone has a bye week first week…

  4. bbruins37 says:

    im pretty sure its impossible for the leafs to be sleepers because of how much people have been hyping them

  5. cam7777 says:

    Haha, Bruins fans sure are exaggerative.  You have got to be kidding me with these videos right?   I can tell that you've never actually played hockey by how you react to these videos.

    First of all,  Komisarek falls before Lucic throws his first punch.  Once Komisarek is down, and at a distinct disadvantage, then Lucic starts pummelling him.  That is literally what happens, and there is no other way to interpret it.  I don't think I really need to say much more about their first fight.  Lucic "unleashes himself" on Komisarek once Komisarek has suffered a major injury and has become incapable of raising his arm.

    Next, the Hunwick "eye-gouge"; give me a break.  They are mauling each other in the face.  He's face-washing him.  It happens in every after the whistle scirmish,  Are you suggesting that through his leather palmed glove Komisarek managed to stick his thumb into Hunwick's eye while 8 other guys were flailing about all around him?  It's unfortuneate his eye did get gouged, but I sincerely doubt that Komisarek purposely went into the fold with the intent to do that.  Please.  Get real.

    Oh, and the brutal cross-check that Komisarek tries to pull off.  Well, there's the little fact that Lucic is charging him.  He's taken about a 12 stride head start and Komisarek moves out of the way and hits him with his stick.  He was already holding it in that position.  He was clearly trying to defend himself from the crazed lunatic coming at him at full pace despite the fact the game was over.  Of course, if you're a fan of Nicklas Kronwall and Brad Stuart, you'll be a fan of these kind of charging with the intent to injure hits. 

    As for the Neil video, all I see is Lucic pushing Neil while he's trying to lineup for the faceoff.  He is chirping at him, and jawing at him, and then he waits for him to be off balance and tries to push him over.  At that point, Neil pokes him in the shin (oooh NO!!! not the SHIN!!!) with his stick.  To this Lucic responds with a cross-check to the balls.  Yep, that guys a real hero.

    And again, I am not a bloodthirsty maniac.  Bergeron didn't protect himself, and his previous concussions have been quite serious.  The jarring of the brain isn't something that can ever really be considered not serious, but Bergeron's particular incidences were worse than the common concussion; especially because the 2nd happened closely after the 1st.  I hope he has a long and fruitful career, but to call him a tough guy because he fought gorgres in the playoffs is insane.  If he fights, he is putting his career on thin ice.  Imagine he's the next victim of one of those fights where someone's bare head hits the ice.  He would be done, and that would be terrible.  Bergeron has to play with sensibility now to preserve himself.  He's not some Jarome Iginla type fighting leader.  He's a finesse guy with a clean, but solid hit. 

  6. leafmeister says:

    No one was talking about him eh? What about the people who chose the nominees for the Hobey Baker award? Most informed Leaf fans had heard of him and some were watching him closely. I think a more appropriate statement would have been "I have never heard of him" therefore he cannot be good. He tore it up last year in college.

  7. leafmeister says:

    Maybe it does. I think Gustovsson has all the tools to be a starter, and from what I have seen in the rookie tournament and preseason he has done nothing to make me think otherwise. As I have made perfectly clear, I am not using his preseason performance to guarantee success, and I do not think he will get consistent shutouts but I believe he can be a good goalie. And like I said, I have more proof pointing to him being a good goalie, than you do for him being bad.

  8. bbruins37 says:

    jesus *****ing christ…youre unbelievable. the komisarek fall fight: one punch is thrown, and thats as he's falling. listen to the announcer: one punch and down goes komisarek! if you consider one punch before he's down to be pummeling him…i really dont know what else to say.

    komisarek's shoulder doesnt pop out til near the end of the fight. he was getting pummelled at that point anyways.

    the habs were going after hunwick that whole game and hunwick wanted no part of it. right before the eye gouge hunwick nearly had his head taken off by a missed elbow. then hunwick was trying to hold komisarek off while he was digging his fingers right into his eyes. thats not a normal face wash. thats deliberate.

    shut the ***** up you biased piece of shit. do me a favour and wathc the first 5 seconds of this video:

    now, what there would lead you to make the following comment: "Oh, and the brutal cross-check that Komisarek tries to pull off.  Well, there's the little fact that Lucic is charging him.  He's taken about a 12 stride head start and Komisarek moves out of the way and hits him with his stick.  He was already holding it in that position.  He was clearly trying to defend himself from the crazed lunatic coming at him at full pace despite the fact the game was over."

    please, explain.

    cross check to the balls? uhh what? he took a swing at him after neil took a swing at him. simple as that. and then he *****ed neils face up. thats what lucic does.

    stop trying to cover your tracks about you being a sadistic pig. youve already said it. you arent even human

  9. bbruins37 says:

    no neither of us have "proof" of anything. could be brodeur, could be shit. evaluating about 60 minuites of preseason action is irrelevant. its embarassing to even mention

  10. bbruins37 says:

    do you remember chris collins? no you dont, but i do. hobey baker finalist in 2005 i think. bruins signed him to acontract. never played a game in the nhl, couldnt tell you where he is now. look at the guys who have won it have turned out lately: miller and leopold as the only notables since drury in 98. college success in any sport means next to nothing in the pros, but more so for hockey as the best players play in the chl or overseas

  11. leafmeister says:

    You missed my point completely, I was using his college success as an example of people giving him credit prior to this pre-season. You said he came out of no where, I proved you wrong. Many people actually saw this coming, I cant say I was one of them, but I read many opinions which predicted Stalberg making the team. He has played exceptionally well this preseason, he has been, dare I say, the best forward in the league when it comes to goals, I know you think that will turn into nothing, you say nothing to justify this, you just say it. You give facts about how the preseason is inferior competition, which no one is denying, but you never give specific facts pointing to why you think he will not do well. Lack of minutes? He has got top 6. Lack of skill? May have been inferior competition but the kids got speed to burn, great hands and a snipe of a shot. So tell me, other than your undying hatred for everything TML, what hole in Stalberg's game do you see shining through?

  12. leafy says:

    Yeah wouldn't that be something. Shades of 1986. The Leafs are picked to finish last and come within one game of reaching the Conference final.

    It's too bad we don't have a guy like the old Sundin right now, because with Toronto's balance among the forwards, and the improved blueline, they might do some damage.  Kessel coming back healthy will help though.

  13. cam7777 says:

    haha, okay pal, you need to calm yourself down just a little bit.  i know the truth hurts, but you don't need to be calling me a sadistic pig.  you seriously need to control yourself a little bit, instead of going off like a maniac.

    komisarek's shoulder pops out at the start of the fight.  period.  shoulders don't just pop out for no reason.  he threw an awkward punch and threw out his shoulder.  it doesn't even make sense that it happens later in the fight.

    Komisarek falls before the fight can even start. the punch is thrown once he is already down.  the punch did not knock him down. lucic then tries to maul him on the ice but the refs break it up.  lucic is not a hero because komisarek falls.  open your eyes.

    i watched your video, and i was watching the game.  lucic is clearly hunting komisarek.  i'd stick him in the face too.  even at that, the cross check is not intentional.  he lifts his stick to defend himself.  it's a natural reaction.

    i take it you didn't actually watch the game on tsn where the announcers point out exactly where the low blow comes.  at about the 12-14 second mark, lucic sticks his stick between neils legs and then pulls the stick up, cross-checking him in the balls.  while neil is recovering from this blow, lucic starts hammering him.  are you blind? or just stupid?

  14. cam7777 says:

    to be fair, if savard doesn't resign in boston, he will likely sign in toronto.  toronto was his first choice the last time he was a free agent.  unfortuneately, jfj spent all his money on pavel kubina, if i remember correctly, and had to turn him away.

  15. muckies says:

    Lemaire is a good coach, but coaches like Ruff haven't has decent but unspectacular teams miss. The Devils have so many old, unspectacular players, I think it's time Elias, Langunbruner and Brodeur have an off season, and the devils miss the playoffs for the first time in a long time.

  16. bbruins37 says:

    i almost want to say forget about this because you are blatantly lying about the videos, but i cant do that.

    – firstly, the "im just trying to defend myself from that maniac by breaking my stick over his face" incident. lucic was at a full stop. he takes a few short steps to get him going and is gliding fairly slowly in at komisarek. he was planning on finishing a check on a player that had the puck.  komisarek then does what you said you would do (as a sadistic bloodthirsty maniac) and cross-checks him in the face.

    for the sake of an argument lets say lucic was charging komisarek (which is an insane accusation). was a cross check necessary? no. he could have a) stopped short b) hit him head on. but no, komisarek had to go off the board and cross check him in the face. it was a disgusting act from a disgusting player. and uh yeah, how in the ***** was that not intentional??? refer to 52 seconds in please. look around 11 seconds. thats his best bet for when it dislocated. lucic throws his punch at 9 seconds AS HE"S FALLING. and it was even a part of why he fell. he had an opportunity to hit komisarek on the ground but did nothing of the sort. he was just holding on to him.

    i do find it funny that your story changed from "pummelling him on the ground", to "trying to maul him on the ice". by that "mauling him on the ice" part. do you mean the part from 10-12 seconds when lucic is holding his sweater? yep looks like he was definitely trying to "maul" him.

    thats not a cross check you idiot. yes he slashed him with his stick, but neil did the very same thing before.lucic isnt going to put up with a slash.

  17. bbruins37 says:

    college success isnt like success anywhere else. people dont get as much credit for it (and they shouldnt), which is why he was a longshot to make the team before the preseason. bozak wass being talked about waaaay more than stalberg before preseason by everyone, and now everyone's on the stalberg bandwagon because of preseason.

    my justification comes from the fact that i think john tavares might have a tough time putting up similar numbers, and he'll be on the top line.

    blake wheeler is bigger, faster, and has a better skillset than stalberg. and he played on a terrific team, on the second line. he put up 21

  18. cam7777 says:

    haha, this is fun.  you are so biased, you can't even see straight.  you are funny.

    1.) Komisarek simply lifts his hands to defend himself; the hit caught him unaware, he lifted his hands to defend himself, It is a natural human reaction to raise your hands to defend yourself from attack.  Komi's options were a.) getting mauled into the bench, or b.) raising his hands to slow Lucic down.  Lucic got a stick in the face.  Grow up.

    2.) Still the same argument

    3.) Really, you mean it's not at the start of the fight where he's favoring his arm and suddenly can't throw punches anymore?  oh, okay, you're right.  that makes much more sense doctor.

    4.) You are saying it, but you aren't understanding it.  Komisarek is already falling when the hit comes, and is going down regardless.  think what you want.  If it makes you feel better to think that Lucic is so almighty, that people simply fall before him, then knock yourself out.  Kinda pathetic though, don't ya think?

    5.) There's a big difference between lifting your stick up and nailing a guy in the balls, and then proceeding to pummel him while he's dazed, and whacking a guy in the shinpads after he tries to push you over unawares.  i wonder how you would feel if the guy you lined up next to sticked you in the crotch.  would you say "well yea, i had it coming….i did give him a tap in the shinpads….even though he started it…oh well!!"

    you are just making yourself sound like a fool. even the pro-boston announcers ripped lucic for that fight, and i was just asking you abuot it to see what you thought.  i should have known you were incapable of an objective response.  next time I'll be sure to prepare myself for more of your : "LUCIC PWNS BIZNATCHES!!!!"

  19. bbruins37 says:

    so pointless. you are trying to spin a guy crosschecking another guy in the face. the hit caught him unaware??? its *****ing hockey buddy.raiding your hands is one thing, making the morion of a cross check (yep 52 seconds) is another.

    look at the point where i think he dislocates it. lucicclearly had him at that point.

    afterall, youve admitted lucic was a better fighter so i dont know why im arguing…

    i am aware that what lucic did was wrong with neil (the slashing), but it was justified after neil's slash (eye for an eye). i would like to see how he "pounced on him unaware though..

    strawman at the end

  20. leafmeister says:

    Well obviously…seen his numbers? It is not just Leaf fans…it is everyone but you. Everyone is on the bandwagon because he is killing. He killed last year, and that skill seems to have transferred. He has played great everywhere he has gone, no reason to think it wont continue in the NHL.

    Your justification comes from another opinion, again, not backed up by facts….doesnt work that way. Try again. 😉

    Wheeler is not faster then Stalberg. Have you seen this kid skate? He isnt just fast…hes FAST. Stalberg will be on the first line to start, and he will get power play time. 21 goals is certainly not out of the question for Stalberg. THN has mentioned him as a potential Calder candidate.

  21. cam7777 says:

    would you be ready to recieve a flurry of punches if i kicked you square in the nuts?  i think not.  this is actually a self defense mechanism that women use to stun male attackers.  if you answered yes, then you've taken this conversation to a whole new level. 

    and even if you buy the eye for an eye thing, neil didn't start the fight with a whack.  he's leaning on lucic in the circle (like every winger does in the game of hockey), when Lucic starts chirping, and tries to throw him (neil) to the ice.  only at this point does neil give him a whack in the shinpads.  this is more like an eye for a pinky finger.

    yea, but i have never thought that komisarek was a better fighter than lucic.  however, i would never absurd enough as to suggest that a game played by rosters of 21-23 guys would be decided based on this fact alone. 

    komisarek wasn't brought to toronto to fight.  Burke expects Exelby, Orr, Rosehill, Finger, Primeau and Mitchell to do the fighting.  He wants Beauchemin, Schenn, and Komisarek free to deliver massive hits, and let their crew clean up the mess.  whether Lucic can beat Komisarek in a fight is irrelevent to the Leafs game plan.  and even that is inconclusive with the two fights we've seen. 

  22. mojo19 says:

    hmmm, well I guess we could always speculate and judge him based on his unreal stats in the SEL, and scouting reports from a number of NHL GM's…..

  23. mojo19 says:

    Elias did have an off year in '08 with like 65ish pts. But bounced back last year at a point per game pace.

    But your right, its possible Rolston and Zubrus don't play well, Zajac and Parise kind of regress…..

    At the same time, you can never count the Devils out, right?

  24. the_word says:

    Why do you pride yourself on being autistic?

  25. cam7777 says:

    Does anyone know what the rules are for claiming someone off of waivers.  For instance, are the Islanders now in the position where they have to put Schremp on their roster, or can they claim him, and the reassign him to their minor league affiliate?

    I tend to think that the team is probably obliged to keep that player on their main roster, or submit them to waivers again.  If not though, I wouldn't mind the Leafs putting in a waiver claim on Cody McCormick, or Matt Lashoff, who were both reportedly placed on waivers.  McCormick could make the roster now, solidifying our 4th line as:

    McCormick – Primeau – Orr

    Lashoff wouldn't look bad in the Marlies either:

    Gunnarsson / Lashoff
    Oreskovic / Frogren

  26. mojo19 says:

    What makes McCormick so much better than Jay Rosehill?

  27. bbruins37 says:

    ohh i love how easy it is to get to you. keep it up. its fun

  28. bbruins37 says:

    they both went at it after the lucic slash. it wasnt like lucic kicked him in the balls like a ***** and started wailing on him…it wasa mutual thing for them to fight.

    lucic was jostling with him before the draw. everyone does it… and an eye for a pinky isnt an eye for an eye.

    and i have said lucic's toughness goes beyond fighting…

  29. assman says:

    the leafs r not far away, too soon, theyr there for sure. they need one more star. ovechken can be had, right price. luke schen + kadri + second pick for ovechken

  30. bbruins37 says:

    transferred to preseason…

    your evaluation of his skillset is subjective, just like mine. your facts to back it up youve already dismissed saying that preseason is useless.

    oh yeah THN has listed him as a potential calder candidate…that shit is all fact, no opinion there…

  31. the_word says:

    Wow, you're so not in on the joke.

  32. bbruins37 says:

    more attempted insults please

  33. bbruins37 says:

    yeah nice try on savard desperately trying to sign with the leafs only for them to turn him down for kubina. but yeah for sure, savard a leaf next year. 28 other teams dont stand a chance

  34. the_word says:

    Tell yourself whatever you want, we still know I'm better than you at this.

  35. bbruins37 says:

    "I'm better! I'm better! Everybody look at me!"

    what is it that you are better at? enlighten me

  36. leafmeister says:

    So where is your proof that it will stop at preseason?

    I said preseason is not great for judging production because the competition is less than steller. However his skill set is very real. He wont score as much in the regular season, but he wont lose that skill, thus he wont score as much, but he will score.

    THN is an opinion, a highly respected opinion which agrees with mine. I have yet to see any reference to a respected source from you. I will help you out, how about you find someone who excelled in the preseason as much as Stalberg did, and who proceeded to flop in the regular season, and then find how his situation is similar to Stalberg? That is where I would have started if I were arguing your point.

  37. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Well Rosehill is a boxer and McCormick is a hockey player…and since the sport in question is hockey, I think that makes McCormick better.

  38. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    THN is a group of experts who's job it is to watch and predict hockey. And they do the best job in my estimation….are they sometimes wrong…yes

    but they're certainly not wrong as much as YOU think they'll be…

  39. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    bbruins37 is making it personal and using childish insults again….surprise surprise…

    'unlike me who actually has something called potential."

    whats that supposed to mean…that you're young??? So wait wait, he's old, and useless and your young and budding…and you concluded all this from..htr claim to be one to call people out for 'bullshit' claims (like the sophomore…heres an idea, when everyoneone else clearly knows more about hockey than you do, resort to something other than namecalling and personal attacks…its just too transparent.

    "come back and talk to me after stalberg puts up 15 points in like 40 games"

    if he was a bruin, you'd be touting him too…he's shown he can score, he's shown he can skate, and he's shown he can play well without the puck…Does that always translate into a good nhler??? no way. but he looks like a strong kid. 20 goals as a rookies isn't out of reach. He might be back in he minors, but don't pretend to know he's going to stink.

  40. cam7777 says:

    that's not what i said.  he has admitted that his first choice was the leafs.  i'm sorry, but your bruins-love can't change reality.  and i didn't say the other teams didn't have a chance.  i implied that toronto would have the next best chance (after boston) of landing him in free agency.  i know it's hard for you to accept good things about toronto, and their future, but please, just try to use some sense.

    that said, i do not believe the leafs will go after savard, even if he doesn't resign with boston.  kadri is a guy they hope will very shortly be in the mould of savard.  if they are going to have him on the roster, they are going to want him centering kessel.  where would that leave savard.  i have said it before, but i believe burke will go for Marleau, to play the left wing with Kadri and Kessel.

    So don't worry your pretty little head about it.  If Savard isn't a Bruin, I doubt he'll be a Leaf.

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