Could the Preds move Weber this Summer?

The way Nashville general manager David Poile stocked up with younger defensemen this season seems to indicate the Predators may be willing to part with Shea Weber’s gargantuan contract this summer. Wouldn’t surprise anyone. If that happens, you can be certain the Flyers will be a major player.

Again, Weber is the kind of impact defenseman the Flyers need. He is the type of player worth unloading major talent/prospects for. Yet this is not the kind of deal that will happen at the trade deadline. Makes little financial sense to do it now when Poile can command so much more at the draft, which happens to be in Philadelphia this summer.

4 Responses to Could the Preds move Weber this Summer?

  1. reinjosh says:

    Unless Philly is willing to part with Couturier, Schenn and something else, I really don’t see what the point in trading Weber is. He’s a life long Pred

  2. reinjosh says:

    And the stocking up of young defenseman just illustrates that Poile understands this team needs to make a transition from a perrenial playoff appearing team who only made it the 2nd round through a defense first attitude, to one that can actually contend.

    Jones, Weber, MDZ, Josi is a balanced RH/LD set up that is young enough to be a long term core, and has both offensive and defensive skill. Losing Weber completely takes the team a massive step back.

    Poile will be moving towards fixing the forward core. Adding Forsberg last year was a good start. Building around Wilson, Smith, Forsberg is a good beginning. Adding a top 10 pick with skill at the forward position would be another good step.

  3. Steven_Leafs0 says:

    They won’t move Weber now. He only has 2 seasons left at a high number after that he makes less money than his cap hit for the rest of the contract. Unless Nashville misses the playoffs again AND Nashville loses a lot of money they have no reason to move him now.

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