Press Conference

Apparently the Detroit Red Wings have called a press conference for 10:30 am est. tommorow. Murky waters are ahead for the Wings as they might be faced with some really tough decisions. Who will go??? Cujo or the Dominator. Alot of people are saying it’s a no brainer but what it Cujo decides not to waive his no trade clause?? Guess will have to wait and see. There may be no truth to this press conference being called at all because I only seen it posted on


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  1. chaos83 says: has also confirmed a press conference for tuesday at 10:30. Guessing something is going down, probably big, simply because it makes no sense to hold a press conference to tell everyone that nothings going to happen. What is going to happen is total speculation. Could be to simply inform the public that Dominik Hasek has decided to come out of retirement, or may even include an announcement on a possible trade that may occur.

  2. KaPluie says:

    Well, prospect Jiri Hudler was signed to a contract today. Maybe the conference has something to do with him … perhaps an introduction. Dom was supposed to make his decision right about now too, so the Hasek situation might very well be the conference’s subject. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see ;o)

  3. Lint07 says:

    Yeah or maybe that Scotty Bowman’s wife bought herself a new car…

    Come on, lighten up! It’s about Hasek for sure.

  4. Zamboni says:

    It’s official, just saw the conference…Hasek’s back, let the trade rumors fly!

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