Price or Fleury?

I know most of you will say they’d take Carey Price over Marc-Andre Fleury in a heartbeat for the duration of their careers. Heck, I might be convinced to agree with you given Price’s potential.
My question is: Who is currently better? A 20-year-old Price or a 23-year-old Fleury?
and: Who would you rather start in the playoffs: A goalie who couldn’t handle the pressure in the 2004 WJHC as some claim, but was only the third goalie in NHL draft history to be chosen first overall and the second youngest goalie in NHL history to get 40 wins (Terry Sawchuk being the youngest), or a young goalie with no NHL playoff experience but who was chosen 5th overall and who has dominated in the AHL playoffs?

Before you decide, please arm yourself with some knowledge about how these two goaltenders have played of late. [Also, an offer of reconciliation with Habs fans.]

Fleury vs. Price (for this year, not the future)
The Pens and Habs are very similar teams. The Habs have more Goals For (but not by much), the Pens less Goals Against (but not by much). Both are in the Top 2 in the East for having scored more goals than they have let in, with the Habs currently leading by 6. I don’t think these 6 goals affect a goalie’s stats so much to be taken into serious consideration. If anything, it gives Price the slightest edge. Because it probably doesn’t (and a lot more calculations would be required, i.e. the specific games each have played in), let’s look at their stats at face value:

MAF: 30GP 16W 9L 1O
: 37GP 20W 12L 3O

Could Fleury have gone (and go) 4-3-2 to tie Price (if not injured)? I’d say easily and better. But that’s speculation. So let’s stick with facts.

MAF: 16th (now surpassing Conklin) in the NHL with 2.50GAA. Also, 4th in the East.
: 29th (14 spots behind Huet) in the NHL with 2.71GAA. Also, 11th in the East.

Fleury has also been playing some kind of monstrous hockey in his past 15 games, dating back prior to his injury. The team has been 13-2-0 in that span, with Fleury personally recording an 11-1 record during that span… Seriously! After enduring a terrible start from his team, Fleury and the Penguins have rebounded in a serious way. Even despite that atrocious start (going 8-11-2 in their first 21 until they turned their season around), Fleury is well above Price in this category of GAA. Price, for his part, has gone 11-4 in his last 15, nearly as amazing.

MAF: 13th in the NHL with 0.916SV%. Also, 7th in the East.
Price: 15th in the NHL with 0.915SV%. Also, 8th in the East.

Even-steven, given the success of both their teams. We cannot argue one way or the other, that is unless we want to listen to all the naysayers who say the Penguins have horrible defense (despite the blatant facts/stats that prove otherwise). If that is in fact the case as these people claim, then Fleury’s stats look all the more impressive… don’t they? (You logically can’t have it both ways!)

MAF: 4 shutouts in 30 GPs
Price: 2 shutouts in 37 GPs

MAF has single-handedly stolen 4 games, while Price has just twice in more games played.

*This next and final stat isn’t really valid because of Fleury’s limited outings and its irrelevance in the playoffs, but it’s the only other one of note from ESPN, and both goalies are phenomenal this year at it.

MAF: 3 for 3 in the shootouts. 100%
Price: 18 for 22 in the shootouts. 81.8% (Amazing, btw)

Fleury is first in the NHL (tied with Mike Smith, 6 for 6) and alone in first for the East.
Price is 4th in the NHL (Garon at 30 for 32 has a phenomenal 93.8 SV% and is one of the leading causes for Edmonton even having a shot at making the playoffs) and 2nd in the East.

Total Kudos to Price here. Shows maturity and confidence beyond his years.

From these numbers, what can we conclude about who is this year’s better goaltender? Be honest.

Next, take into consideration Fleury played a lot during the Penguins horrible start. Whereas Price played a scant few games early in the season, and has played during the time when the Habs have been amazing. Also, compare Price to Huet. Huet wins in every statistical way (except Shootout SV%). On a final note, notice that when Fleury plays in the game (for whatever amount of time), dating back before his injury, the team has 13 wins in 15 games, with Fleury 11-1… since a 5 game losing streak by the Habs when Price was in net (playing 55+ minutes in each game) from December 18th to February 9th, the Habs have gone 12-4 while Price has gone 11-4.

Who has been the better goalie during the last 15-20 games? If you really want, I could go into the SV% and GAA for each goalie during that span, but you all know the results would heavily favor Fleury.

From all of this, what can we conclude about who is this year’s better goaltender?

The question is who you would rather have going into this year’s playoffs. If the question is one of potential and straight up whom you would rather have, I know most of you, and I myself may be included, would pick Price in the long-term given how well he has performed at such a young age. But to his advantage, he had the benefit of starting his career on a phenomenal team, while Fleury was plunged into the worst team in the NHL. May that have broken Fleury’s spirits and harmed his development? Who knows. But I think his 40-win season last year shows he has overcome a lot since his NHL start and his 2004 WJHC ‘blunder’. [A quick aside: Many, including Wikipedia, claim Fleury has merely been a scapegoat for Team Canada’s failure that year. No, I wasn’t the one who wrote that on wiki! Let’s not forget that Team Canada blew a 3-1 lead going into the 3rd period, and as a team couldn’t win, while Fleury let in only 5 goals in 5 games in the tournament prior to the Gold Medal Game.] 

Back to the question of this year’s playoffs, I know most of you will still pick Price, especially all Habs fans. That’s fine. I did this in an effort to show you that Fleury is indeed an amazing goalie. He hasn’t won 13 of his last 15 games (or 11 of 12 depending how you want to calculate it) by pure chance. One could argue that the Pens are such a strong team that they make even a goalie like Ty Conklin look like an All-Star, but then I would counter with the exact same argument for Huet before his trade and Price now. Is that reasonable?

Many of you will also counter, wisely, that the playoffs are a different matter entirely. I agree. But, since we have no stats for Price in the NHL, and Fleury has limited experience (albeit some) against a vastly superior Eastern Conference winning Senators team who shell-shocked the green Penguins, regular season stats are all we have to go on. If you want to criticize Fleury for that 2004 mistake, then I can ask where Price was during his 4 years
in the WHL, where his team (with him in net) won only one playoff round, and where Price was below .500 in his first 3 consecutive seasons. [Yes, yes. The Tri-City Americans were a bad team, so then I guess the arguments about Fleury being terrible on the worst NHL team in Pittsburgh are still valid… right? NOTE THE SARCASM!] Yes, Price was amazing with a solid ‘baby Habs’ team (the Hamilton Bulldogs) in the AHL playoffs, but so was Antero Niittymaki with the Philadelphia Phantoms when they won their Calder Cup. He even won the Jack Butterfield Trophy (Calder Cup playoffs MVP) in 2005, just like Price did last year. Oh, and did I mention that at the 2006 Winter Olympics, while playing for team Finland, Niittymaki was voted the MVP of the entire ice hockey tournament!?!? But how has he fared on the Flyers in the totally different NHL, and especially in the playoffs? Well, that’s another story.

Some may want to make the argument that the Habs are looking a lot like last year’s Pens (what with sweeping 8 games from Boston, like the Pens did from Philly) who faced a quick exit due to their vast inexperience. I know Habs fans don’t want to think down those lines… for their sake, a Top 2 finish will likely see them face the Bruins or Flyers, two teams they would definitely beat in the first round. This could get their ball rolling, or they could find themselves up against a lot more than they could handle, and a performance like Price and the Habs had against the Sens in the 3rd period of that 7-5 victory could go a long way to shell-shocking the young Habs and their even younger starting goaltender. But, just as the Pens are trying to do this year, the Habs may bounce back next year to win the Cup in their ‘fated’ year.

All-in-all, I hope this doesn’t jinx Fleury and the Pens, as my articles and posts have frequently been followed with bad luck for the Pens (Crosby, Fleury, Hossa, Malkin, Conklin, Scuderi have all gone down with injuries or slumps, with only Gonchar an exception, knock-on-wood). Thus, I officially knock-on-wood to prevent any disasters befalling Fleury or the Penguins.

On a penultimate note, there’s been a lot of antagonism these days between Habs and Pens fans. It’s really quite ridiculous. There’s little logic in bashing each other’s team given our successes. I think a lot of this is apprehension or even doubt that stems from feelings of angst and dread over what the playoffs have in store for us. Neither team wants to be a no-show or underachieve. Both teams want to at least win a couple rounds and not have to consider their glorious season a failure due to an early exit. We are all proud fans and want our team to do the best. Securing first place in the Conference and home-ice until the Finals would go a long way towards soothing any distress, and it’s for this reason that I think we’ve all become ego-maniacal about the greatness of our team and the weakness of the ‘enemy’. All things told, we are the only two teams that have, to date, clinched a playoff spot in the East. That’s very commendable and we should both we quite pleased with this accomplishment, especially as both our teams have overcome a lot of adversity (though in completely different ways). Personally, I’ve always loved the Habs and if the Pens have the misfortune of failing to win the East, or have an early exit, I’ll be cheering for the Habs if they remain. I don’t care if this feeling is reciprocal, it won’t affect my opinion either way. But let’s face the truth, our teams will likely finish Top 2 in the East, and have to play 2 difficult, grueling playoff series’ (well maybe not if Montreal draws Boston) if we are to face each other at all, which would be in the Conference Finals. If that were to happen, I truly believe and have said so on numerous occasions as far back as mid-season that it would be a series for the ages. At that point, I’d say let the best team win and wish good luck to the victor in bringing the Cup back to the East.

To return to where it all began:

Who has had the better season? Marc-Andre or Carey?
Who is hotter right now?
Who is currently better?
Who would you rather start in the playoffs? A 20-year-old inexperienced Price or a 23-year-old Fleury with a hell of a lot to prove?  

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  1. mojo19 says:

    huh? That's strange, I'm having deja vu. Feels like we already debated this.
    I believe all habs fans said they'd take Price, despite his technical problems (going down too early, getting beaten on bad angle goals etc.) because "there's something special about him". *lol*

    And all non habs fans said they'd take Fleury, even though he was bad in the playoffs last year.

    Then Bru responded to every post individually, by listing Fleury's current record, his record since november the….whatever, his record in the last 8 games, and so on.

    Must be an HTR error to post the same article twice.

  2. HABSSTAR says:

    Maybe it's BruMagnus giving us all a second chance to repent and see the error of our ways and accept Fleury as our lord and saviour!  LOL!

  3. paulieplatypus says:

    My choice is Price… Acording to MSG Network Sean Avery's name and cell phone # was listed on an FBI criminal report when a prostitution ring was recently busted in NYC. MSG Network called the phone # listed in the report and Sean Avery answered the phone. When interviewed before the Penguins game yesterday Avery laughed and said every one around here was joking about it today. He explained that it's possible that he might have a few enemies around the league as well as some fans who might not like him as well?  He suggested that someone else with a grudge to settle might have used his name and # instead of their own.  But he assured us (the general public) that if he were to ever use one of these establishments, that he would most certainly not use his real name and phone #.  Anyway I would have posted this information earlier, but I was sure Kramer would have gotten to the bottom of this by now and exposed the "whole" truth about this conspiracy.   

  4. kamullia says:

    No kidding! You blasphemer, you.

  5. Habroller says:

    Anyone else thinks that Fleury has a bit of a "tête-à-claque"?

    Everytime I see his little grin, it makes me wanna slap his face, hopefully correcting a bit of his obnoxious ugliness.

    Don't get me wrong, I greatly appreciate ugly-looking hockey players (I. Laperrière, A. Kostitsyn, A. Ovechkin, and so many others). But for some reason, Fleury's face strikes me as actively demanding hand-correction!

  6. LuoungoisGod121 says:

    I think the real point here is what will Velvet Revolver do with this new album? I mean Scott Weiland is the best front man of a band since Axl Rose and in a way replaced Axl Rose.

    Now that Weiland is saying that they won't release another album because he's going back to Stone Temple Pilots (STP the Racers Edge) he won't be back with V.R. and Slash is saying he will – oh it's a soap opera but who do you take as your frontman? Ape Shit Crazy W. Axl Rose or a strung out Scott Weiland?

    I personally would take Rose – just because you know that he is wiley and will take swings at photographers – and doesn't put up with any kind of funny business when it's show time – Weiland on the other hand will hide his smack up his arse when they get to the border – Unfortunate incidents like this happen.

    I guess based on all of this like I said before I will still take Carey Price.

  7. habstruefan says:

    Montreal just had some key injuries for the playoffs and now would be a good time to bring that debate up again.Now if the pens go further in the playoffs with fleury brumagnus is going to make another article and say i told you so.brumagnus you are comparing apple to oranges again.Just because most picked the price is right the last article it burned your ass and all of a sudden things look a bit brighter for the pens and here goes the same article to justify for the playoffs i beleive that team momentum will decide the outcome of how well these two will play.

  8. chanman says:

    Absolutely. BE HONEST now, we all know who is better. Lets do some more soul-searching to free ourselves from dark doubt and MAKE SURE we know for sure who is the better. FACTS ARE, there is a better goalie, and now is the time to cleanse ourselves and purify our thoughts, as any treacherous ideas will be considered mutinous, and Bru Almightly will slay you with the sword of dissilusionment, upon the altar of bias conclusion.

  9. habswinthecup-again says:

     I think you have to take Axl over Scott for sure even with Scott's crazy dancing Axl has him beat, while we are at tho why don't we bring Izzy back too? G'n'R could have been the f*cking greatest of all time. Oh yeah and I pick Price as well.

  10. HABSSTAR says:


  11. chanman says:

    Did he just copy and paste….his own article?


  12. mojo19 says:

    Hey, what's with the french on french violence. Quel domage.

  13. Habroller says:

    Bah, I've been ashamed of him during those famous WJC. I was cheering FOR him at that time. He lost a fan for sure. Just made the grin look more slappable.

  14. Rico420 says:

    I tend to agree with this as well – Axl is good especially in the Welcome to the Jungle video when he had that crazy teased up hair – I'm not talking Axl Rose now with the bad plastic surgery and corn rows I'm talking – Gay cop hat wearing, bandanna under the gay cop hat, plaid shirt tied around his waist W. Axl Rose!

  15. mojo19 says:

    Fair enough. I'm on the fence with Fleury, I still think he can become a really good "guardian de but"

  16. BruMagnus says:

    I'm just as confused as everyone else why this was posted twice.

    I can only assume it's because I made a few changes and submitted it twice and there's apparently no communication between the HTR staff.

    Having said that, Fleury is on a roll. 13-1 in his past 14, though the Rangers may make that 13-2 (or rather the completely uninsipired road game the Pens are currently playing as of the 2nd intermission).
    He's only let in more than 2 goals ONCE in that time. Fleury tools on Price by leaps and bounds in every statisitical category (aside from shots faced, which is a real team stat).

  17. BruMagnus says:

    I'm as confused as all of you.

    LOL. Good summary of the previous 100+ post mojo19.

    Fleury wins.

  18. BruMagnus says:

    dunno why it was posted twice. see my comment below.

    In the last 2-3 games Fleury has played just like he had in the past 10-12 games… I don't see your point.

    "All of a sudden things look a bit brigher for the Pens" … ?? wtf are you talking about? Things looked just as bright back then. Fleury's play hasn't improved or regressed since there, just proving his consistency.

    The only thing that has changed is the Devils have lost 5 of 6 games, giving Pens a very strong probability to take 1st in the Atlantic. All we need is one win in our final 3 games (currently down 1-0 against the Rangers in an atrocious road game, which we are only still in because of Fleury's phenomenal play).

  19. BruMagnus says:

    everything you said was going well until the final two words.

    1) Where is my conclusion in the article?

    2) I'm assuming you are being sarcastic or ironic and are implying I think Fleury is currently better (which you would be right given his superior play and stats), but based on the stats/facts at hand, how is that conclusion bias? As mojo19 and LeafsNation91 have said, most (not all as they've said) non-Habs fans would pick Fleury.

  20. habstruefan says:

    I think fleury was looking at god when all of a sudden a piece of turd fell of his head and went in the net.You gotta love those camera shots,beautiful replay.

    Like i said before when the rangers are hot there hard to beat.
    tons of playoff experience on  that team and awsome goaltending
    I've said about a month ago that the rangers will be the greatest surprise in the playoffs,mark my words.and thats not because there ahead by one in the second period of this game.

  21. habstruefan says:

    just getting your mojos going.

  22. BruMagnus says:

    Great job by Paul Devorski yet again today.

    Whitney gets tripped late in the game on a partial breakaway, then Malone gets tripped in the last 30 seconds, both no calls. Then the refs decide to call Gonchar for a penalty 30 seconds into OT (and it was a penalty). But that decided the game. Call those two penalties and were singing a different tune. Once again, the refs single-handedly decide the outcome of the game.

    On the upside, at least the Pens got a point out of this and are just 1 point away from their first Atlantic division title, and the first time since 1994 that the Flyers or Devils won't win it.

  23. BruMagnus says:

    LOL. Ya, that was a pretty damned awkard yet funny Rangers goal. Damned Scuderi threw the puck into the net. Oh well. What amazes me is how the Penguins got 2 penalties on the play before, where I hardly saw the one, and the replays didn't show them (surprise surprise) and somehow the Rangers got a 5 on 3 for a full 2 minutes on terrible calls.
    What's even more mind-boggling, is how the refs failed to call tripping penalties when Whitney went in on a partial breakaway, and then again with 30 seconds left in regulation for Malone behind the net, only to award a PP 30 seconds into OT for the Rangers.
    All season long, it's been a complete lack of consistency. I sure hope they sort it out come playoff time. Fingers crossed. Knock on wood.

    I agree. I also put the Rangers as my darkhorse from the East. But as it now stands, they are in 5th and would have to face the Devils first round. ooooooooooooh.

  24. BruMagnus says:

    My bad. They are in 6th, tied for 5th, but with 2 less wins than the Sens. That's what I get for listening to the idiot Rangers commentators (who are just terrible by the way). Personally, I wouldn't want to face the Canes right now with the way they are playing and what they want to prove to everyone.

    Having said that, tomorrow's game vs. the Caps will be a MASSIVE game. The Canes are still at risk of missing the playoffs, as they currently sit in 8th, just 2 points ahead of the Caps. (Obviously ranked 3rd cause of division though).

    These final 3 games in the East will decide sooo much.
    For the Pens, I'm damned happy it's the Flyers. Both Crosby and Malkin hate them and will be on their game. Malkin will try to get a hat trick and a couple to get 50 on the season.

  25. habstruefan says:

    Well i hope pens take the flyers out of playoffs.I'm hoping for a washington montreal series,thats if montreal wins all the games remaining witch i doubt.even then i think the pens will get 1st in east and have a better chance at playing the caps.

  26. LeafsNation91 says:

    Wow, after watching both games of the New York Rangers/Pittsburg series where each team went 1-1, Marc-Andre Fleury deffinetley made a case about being the best goaltender out of the two right now. He was dynamite both games playing incredibly and only allowing three goals. He aslo made some huge saves.

    Who has had the better season? Marc-Andre Fleury or Carey Price?

    I will say Carey Price because Fleury had the slow start and the injury problem.

    Who is hotter right now?

    Deffinetley Marc-Andre Fleury, Ottawa and Buffalo scored 8 goals in two games against Price, while in the last 2 for Fleury, NYR could only score three. That is not to mention that Fleury has been amazing since his return.

    Who is currently better?

    I don't know, Price is good, and so is Fleury. Their both great goaltenders. Can I say Lundqvist?

    Who would you rather start in the playoffs? A 20-year-old inexperienced Price or a 23-year-old Fleury with a hell of a lot to prove?  

    Fleury for sure. I thought Fleury would of done good last year, but the experience factor really kicked in. If Montreal can get by the first round, then maybe their is shot for Price and being great. The worst case scenario is to play the Flyers or Senators. Biron and even Gerber or even emery has experience and so does Briere and Richards and the Sens, which could be more deadly then the Bruins or even Caps.

  27. LeafsNation91 says:

    I'm sorry, A. Kostistyn is the ugliest thing I have ever seen. I always check under my bed in case of the A. Kostitsyn monster possibly attacking me in my sleep.

  28. habstruefan says:

    your right about the sens but not the flyers.the best case senario for the habs would be to play the flyers.Everybody thinks that the flyers are tuff,i dont think so.Nitimaky is a joke.A Montreal washington series would be a dream series for me right now ,to have huet againts the price is right, it would be priceless.

  29. habswinthecup-again says:

     There you go Bru, Pittsburg just got the majic point that they needed tonight, they scored against thet Rangers when they were clearly offside- real nice! Oh yeah I still take Axl and Price.

  30. senators101 says:

    If ottawa slips to 7th, i think that would be a great series… montreal vs. ottawa. However, I think that would be a great matchup in the 2nd or 3rd rounds permitting we got there. The best possible first round matchup for hockey sakes, is Boston-Montreal. I know you guys have owned them hardcore this whole year, but the history of the two teams could make it one hell of a series.

  31. habstruefan says:

    i agree,its a toss up

  32. BruMagnus says:

    Ya I thought the play mighta been offside too, but the Rangers bench didnt seem to complain.
    Also, before the 2 penalties were called against the Pens, the Pens went offside in the Rangers zone, but it wasn't called, which led to the rush up the ice and the two phantom calls. Seriously, Therrien even came out and said they looked at the replays and no one knows how the refs had the gall to give two penalties where zero seemingly existed. Great job.
    Even worse,  Whitney gets tripped up with 5 minutes to go on a partial break, and no call cuz the Pens had just been on a legitimate PP. Then with 1.5 minutes to go the Pens are all over the Rangers in their zone. They get a faceoff with 30 seconds left and the Malone unit goes on and he gets blantatly hauled down behind the net as well. Again, no call. Because it's late in the game and the Pens had the last PP… so what do they do? 30 seconds into OT the refs call Gonchar for hooking/holding (and yes it was a clear penalty, but just as clear as the others) and the Rangers score on the ensuing PP… I mean… if you're scared or not going to call a penalty late in the game because you fear the repercusions, what right do you have to call in immediately into OT??

    We've all said it all year: CONSISTENCY REFS!!! Don't ***** us (or anyone else) in the playoffs!!

  33. hockey_lover says:

    At the end of the day, the Pens deserved this loss. 1 shot in the first period? 10 after two? Ugh. They did not show up at all for the first two periods. They played a verrrry good 3rd though.

    That double minor was inane. The ref wants to single out one person in a scrum to say "Im not gonna let this go on all night," fine. Its been done before and it will happen again. But a double minor? That was a little much.

    Fleury kept the Pens in the game for the first two. He played a very solid game (although I guess he shouldnt have lost sight of the puck on the first goal, but thats a small thing .. it happens). Lundqvist kept the Rangers in the game during the 3rd though. Pens had quite a few good chances.

    The Pens got a point, so I am happy. But they got outplayed for 40 minutes. Maybe they are watching some Sens game tapes. DOH.

  34. BruMagnus says:

    I'm kinda glad this got re-posted. We can see how much (if at all) the two goalies in question have improved.

    Let's see…

    Fleury has gone from a 2.50GAA to a 2.38GAA, while Price has… stagnated…

    Fleury is now 12th in the NHL, but a massive 3rd in the East, having surpassed Huet.

    Price is an amazing (sarcasm) 29th in the NHL (not even starting goaltender material) and a weak, non-playoff goaltending 11th in the East.

    Next, SV%.

    MAF has improved to .920SV%, which ties him for 5th best in the entire NHL with Roberto-frakking-Luongo!! He's also 3rd in the East, behind teammate Ty Conklin and Tim Thomas, having just surpassed Brodeur!!
    While weak Price has stagnated at .915SV% and is 14th in the NHL and 8th in the East… fantastic numbers… certainly leaps and bounds better than Fleury!!!

    What me bias? haha, ya right… Wake up and smell Kramer's coffee Habs fans. You'll need it when your fantasy is destroyed by reality!

  35. HABSSTAR says:

    Wow, all that and I still take Price going into the playoffs!  Ha ha! 

  36. Habroller says:

    I agree. He's right there with his fellow Russians Malkin & Ovechkin, who sure are 2 deformed fellas as well. For some reason though, Andrei's little brother is quite popular with the ladies…

    p.s. Wait until you see Alex Emelin, he's an uglier version of Roger Waters, if that's even possible!

  37. Habsnumberone says:

    I am a habs fan first of all.  Second of all I would choose Price instead of Fleury not because I'm a hab fan , but for the single reason that Fleury is the modern day  Curtis Joseph.  I live in Cape  Breton where Fleury played his Jr. hockey with the Screaming Eagles and  I was watching him since he was 15 years old.  The problem with him is that he doesn't know how to win (hence the Boo Joe reference) he will play great but when it matters the most World JRs, nhl playoffs, hell he even manged to fall flat on his face in the Qmjhl playoffs. 

    After his first stint with the pens he was sent back down to the Cape.  At the time we had Martin Houle in the nets and we were ranked #1 in the Country.  So we all had pretty high hopes about the Q playoffs. Soon as Fleury  came back thats when the team fell apart and lost as a #1 seed to a #8 seed 4-0.  That year Martin Houle was named QMJHL Goalie of the Year. Not saying houle is better then fleury by any means.  I like Fleury and hope he does well but it seems like he can't win and until then I'll pick Price , until Fleury proves he can win something

  38. HABSSTAR says:

    Maybe it's a Chernobal thing???

  39. senators101 says:

    you're joking right? we're talking 5 goals out of 1000 shots and a rookie goalie over one that has played in the nhl for a couple seasons now.  Yea, MAF is clearly superior just like Conklin is Brodeur's idol.

  40. LeafsNation91 says:

    lol, I saw picks of Emelin, he does not look to bad.

    Some interesting looking Russians:

    Alexei Emelin:

    I still vote A. Kostitsyn:

    It haunts me still. Its giving me chills down my spine, I'm not joking.

    Alexei Cherepanov

    Alex Ovechkin:

    Evgeni Malkin:

  41. BruMagnus says:

    The hockey world agrees, it's Fleury right now! I can't wait to see how Habs fans spin this one!

    Penguins star Fleury takes NHL's second star of the month award

    Washington Capitals forward Alex Ovechkin has been named the NHL's first star for the month of March.

    He was followed by Pittsburgh Penguins goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury and Detroit Red Wings forward Johan Franzen. Ovechkin led all scorers with 26 points (14-12) in 14 games as the Capitals went 10-4-0 in pursuit of a playoff berth in the Eastern Conference.

    Entering play Tuesday, Ovechkin led the league in goals (62), points (109), power-play goals (21), game-winning goals (10) and shots (430).

    Fleury posted a 9-1-1 record with a 1.44 goals-against average, a .951 save percentage and two shutouts in 11 games for Pittsburgh.

    In 33 appearances this season, Fleury has posted a 18-9-2 record, 2.38 GAA, .920 save percentage and four shutouts…

  42. hockey_lover says:

    Most "hockey world" journalists also said the HABS would barely make the playoffs. That turned out to be slightly inaccurate.

    In any event, Id have to say Fleury IS a bit hotter right now. The 2nd game against the Rangers on Monday, he played fantastic and was the main reason why the score was not MUCH worse.

    Price played a good game against Ottawa but didnt really get tested that much since Ottawa is playing so poorly lately.

    All in all, I think they are both talented goalies but its alllll about the playoffs. Neither are proven there at the NHL level. I hope they both do well, make it to the conference finals, and put a goaltending clinic on for everyone to watch 🙂   With the Pens winning in 7 🙂

  43. MTL_HABS_24 says:


  44. MTL_HABS_24 says:

    Bru – you might want to throw all those stats away.  I get the sense that you're a statistics junkie.  Stats prove nothing other than to those who use them to prove a point.  You believe Fleury is better NOW than Price.  Others will disagree.  You make your case AGAIN using your stats and on and on it goes…
    When I choose one player over another, I couldn't care less what his numbers look like.  I'll choose the one who'll give me the best chance to win.  FULL STOP.
    We all know that the playoffs is a different beast than the regular season so I'd want my player to be a clutch performer.  Stats don't mean S.H.I.T. when you place second-best on the world's biggest stage, ie: Stanley Cup playoffs, International Tournaments.  So when it comes to choosing my poison for these elite events I'll take a Price over a Fleury any day of the week and twice on Sunday because the former is a clutch player who rises to the occasion while the latter has yet to exorcise his demons from a certain WJH championship game where he wilted like a shrinking violet under the most intense pressure he had experienced to date.  I hope for your sake, Bru, that he has learned to let go of that most humbling experience as he gets ready to backstop your team in the post-season.  I, for one, am very comfortable going to battle with this 20 year-old rookie in net who seemingly has ice water running through his veins.
    Remember Bru, the first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem, so join a 12-step program and kick the habit, your life will be richer for it.

    May the best team win.

  45. BruMagnus says:

    Solid post. Thank you for that.

  46. BruMagnus says:

    I asked you before but you were disrespectful and didn't answer, despite bringing up a previous post that I never saw again with a link.

    So let me ask you: What is the point in keeping statistics?
    Do you believe in trends?
    Do you believe in patterns or predictions based on past similar events?

    "When I choose one player over another, I couldn't care less what his numbers look like.  I'll choose the one who'll give me the best chance to win."

    I choose Fleury there. He is the older, more experienced, wiser and better goaltender. It's as simple as that, according to you.

    Your examples are outdated. Fleury hasn't been given a team good enough to exercise his demons with. Last year's Pens didn't cut it. Their loss was hardly Fleury's fault (aside from Game 1).

    I hope for your sake your comfort is justified, or you'll be too distraught to even join the 12-step program, and us on HTR will be mourning (or pretending to mourn) your loss. J/K. I appreciate your comments. They are a fresh breed from the usual tiresome nonsense spouted by your brethren, although some of it has seeped its way in, and it'd be better off for you if you cut those ties.

    May the best team win indeed. In fact, I was the one who called a truth with Habs fans, but they rejected it. (See my original Price vs Fleury post under penultimate note)

  47. BruMagnus says:

    The lesson to be learned from this is that despite choking for 40 minutes, especially with all that offense, they were still in the game precisely because of the play of Fleury. That's EXACTLY the kind of playoff goaltending one needs to win playoff rounds and Cups. If the Pens can manage a win (or getting into OT) playing just 20 minutes against a powerhouse darkhorse experienced team like the Rangers, imagine what they can do playing 40 minutes… and what about 60?? (Maybe a few more 7 goal games I imagine)

  48. MTL_HABS_24 says:

    Bru, I've written a detailed answer to your comment but they won't let me post it because it included some tags, which are not allowed.  I don't feel like re-writing it, so I'd prefer to email it to you, if you're interested.

  49. Promateus says:

    I haven't read all of it, especially since it seems this was posted before. I think it's very wrong to go with Stats on a question like that. The habs GM has made the decision to go with Price event though Huet's stats were way better. I think Price is so much stronger as of now than Huet though. So…

    As for the Fleury/Price matchup, I would have to say that Price is a technical Bomb. I also think that he thrives on pressure. I think that the fact of having to split locker room respect with another good goalie was not the kind of pressure that he thrives on. He thrives on being the only man, the last man. Let's just put it this way, who would you NOT want to meet? Price or Fleury?

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