Price or Halak?

I know a lot of us have been through this debate plenty of time but I strongly believe that we will find out in less than a few months. As we all know both the Habs netminders are turning RFA this off-season with only 10.5 millions left! The problems isn’t the amount Price and Halak would be making but the rosters spots the habs still have to fill with guys like Metropolite , Moore , Lapierre , SK, Bergeron, Darche, Pouiliot and Plekanec all turning RFAs or UFAs it seems impossible to sign both of our prospect goaltenders.

Let’s just say that the Habs are EXTREMELY lucky and are able to sign Plekanec for 4.5/year, Price for 2.5 and Halak for 4 mil/year which already takes us over the cap with still 7 open roster spots!

As I said it before a trade is imminent or should i say necessary but to be able to get rid of a big contract to make space(Hamrlik , Gomez,?) the Habs will have to throw something appealing which translate in Price or Halak.

So the question is, who will go? Myself I would go with Price what about you guys?

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  1. broc says:

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  2. number15 says:

    they will both stay.

    Halak has made it hard for them to not resign him…… though his price tag is much higher 

    as for Price, they wont give up on him to fast. too much invested in him already. plus they he has more potential than Halak, and we all seen young goalies dominate the playoffs before and then disapear for most of their careers. they wont risk losing Price

    plus they r both Restricted FAs. meaning they will match any offer. and if someone offers crazy money, they will be happy with the draft picks (1st/2nd/3rd)


     If they sign both does that means they will lose Plekanec? Cause if they sign both Price and Halak will make at least 6.5 mil/year combined which only leaves 4 millions in cap space to resign Plekanec and fill in 7 more roster spots? It's pretty obvious that if they want to keep both those guys, the Hans will have to get rid of a big contract, but who?

  4. kilter says:

    Why…omg why would you ever want to sign Price,What world do you people live in,HE SUCKS…..PRICE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!! stop this crap about he's only 22 Halak is only 24,and Price was given way more time to develope in the bigs but Halak has proven beyond a doubt that he's the go to guy,dump Price now,he's a cancer on that team,noone on the Habs has a lick of confidence in him!!!!

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