Primeau set to retire

According to, Keith Primeau is set to retire by the end of the week.

here is the link.

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  1. poulin20 says:

    Good luck to him. He was a worthy captain and a real character guy here in Philadelphia.

  2. marcs797 says:

    im glad hes retiring, it gives the flyers so much cap room and hes not going to be a very strong player in the new nhl. but i dont think ill ever forget that game 6.. 1:14 left… what a goal. the flyers need to make another playoff run, i miss it lol

  3. Veggetto19 says:

    Keith was a great captin one of the best the flyers have ever had it is sad its curse of the captin the flyers captin and their head wounds.

    Any guesses who they will go after if they do go after people.

  4. nonhl2005 says:

    For all the bad raps this guy took in his career he was the epitome of a captain in the NHL. The TEAM always came first.

  5. wingerxxx says:

    He’s making the right decision. I don’t think it takes much analysis to know that.

    Speaking as a Rangers fan, I have a lot of respect for him. He turned himself from a top-two line power forward into a very good checking center, and a pretty good guy to put on the PK. He and Handzus were very good at that role. He was the poster boy of what a Philadelphia Flyer should be. Big, tough, gritty, and could play in a variety of situations. And a very worthy captain for the franchise.

  6. Obiquatro says:

    They can only “replace” his salary with another player’s salary. Retirement due to injury doesn’t magically wipe that money off the books. Guaranteed contracts suck.

  7. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    Primeau was a quality player and a great guy.

    Losing him is a MAJOR issue for the Flyers in terms of D and leadership. Yes he was highly paid but so what. Hatcher doesn’t want the C.

    I would like to see Brian Leetch come in for a 1 year deal to season Pitkanen and teach Freddy Meyer and Lars Johnson the ropes. It would REALLY help the Flyers in terms of being more well rounded. Leetch can still skate albeit not as well as in years gone by….

  8. marcs797 says:

    im almost positive his salary wont count agaist the cap bc hes under 37 or something, but it frees up the 3.1 mil in the cap

  9. Andy-O says:

    He’ll be missed. I guess all I can say is thank you Keith for all the years in Philly. I hope that they offer him a coaching position within the organization.

  10. beckfan05 says:

    Maybe Wang can convince him to come out of retirement soon and sign him to a 12 year deal.

    Then they can retire his number after his first game played?

  11. Atomic_Wedgy says:

    Good call man. Keith, I wish you all the best. Thanks from me too. He was a good leader and a great Flyer.

  12. habs_win_cup_2007 says:

    Primeau has been a pretty great player in the nhl over the past dozen years or so, and it really pisses me off when people here say that this is good news because now we have more room under the cap. Thats so absurd it hurts, He has done alot for the nhl, country, and just hockey in general, and we sould be applauding his career not thankging god theres a bit more cap to work with. Shameful!!!!!

  13. habs_win_cup_2007 says:

    I dotn always agree with you, but i think it is a major loose for your organization as well. Leetch on the otherhand could help out your younger crop of d-men, so it might not be a bad pick-up but you really have to watch his salary though.

  14. Flyers_Fan_In_LA says:

    Sounds like you completely agree with me.

    Perhaps I even enlightened you on the facts about Bobby Clarke?


  15. wingerxxx says:

    Leetch would be pretty good for Philly.

    Only thing I can see is that there are a lot of Flyers fans who absolutely hate Leetch, or who have such a skewed view of him, that they think he is a terrible player and always was, which is certainly not true. Anyone who watched him last year, knows that he wasn’t nearly as bad as he was made out to be. He’s still a top 4 guy.

  16. wingerxxx says:

    A lot of folks forget that he was very good for Team Canada in Nagano, until he was injured. Probably their most effective forward. Very underrated player, in my opinion.

  17. nova_scotia123 says:

    I wonder if the Flyers will go out and sign Anson Carter? If Big Keith Primeau retires

  18. flyersfan21 says:

    You’re right his salary will not count against the cap. That’s why the Flyers made the offer sheet to Kesler because they will have the cap space now since Primeau is retiring.

  19. kamullia says:

    Some people believe this is exactly why Clarke gave such an offer to Kesler, counting on Nonis matching the offer and effectively taking someone else out of the Anson Carter sweepstakes.

    I am not sure if the Canucks were serious about getting Carter, but if they were, those plans went out the window now, unless they do some serious re-shuffling of players in an extremely short time.

    If this was Clarke’s strategy, although legal and effective, it is pretty much a weasel tactic compared at how the other GMs do business in a more gentlemanlike fashion.

  20. icehog says:

    Primeau has been over rated and over paid his entire career. Flyer fans should be thrilled about him retiring. The money this will free up can buy a much better player.

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