Problem gone when they dont make the playoffs?

Sounds weird but i think it would be nice to see the leafs not make the playoffs and here is why…I am truly a hardcore dedicated fan, but if the leafs wouldn’t make the playoffs i wouldn’t mind. JFJ would most likely be gone and well he IS the problem in Toronto, look how much he ruined the team.

Look at how much money he wasted on McCabe, he doesn’t even play that good anymore, he turns it over almost 1 every game, if not even more than that.

The defense, he overpaid the defense that he got, like Kubina who is just getting starters with like 30 games left and still inst playing what he is worth. I don’t think Gill is worth the money he paid him, although he isn’t that bad of a player. Yes he is VERY slow but his long reach comes in handy.

Re-signing injury prone slowpoke Antropov, although under maurice, he is doing better.But still if we wanted to get rid of him we couldn’t no one wants him.

And now we all know its coming he is going to overpay Tucker and give him a no trade clause, which is really going to effect the team’s cap and give us no breathing room.