Problems plaguing the Canucks.

It goes to show that there has been a lot of hype about the Canucks defense and its prospects of at least reaching the playoffs after managing to sign Sami Salo, Kevin Bieksa, and Lucas Kraijeck to extensions as well as signing Aarron Miller to a one year deal. This would leave the Canucks with a solid top 6 of Mitchell, Ohlund, Salo, Bieksa, Krajicek and Miller. A great defensive core, for any team, add to the fact that Luongo is manning the pipes in the rear, most people would think that the Canucks would be a very hard team to score against. However, the Canucks are off to a slow start (5-8-0)(1-6-0 at home “worst in the NHL”) after finishing the season with the best record after Christmas (32-8-6), as well as the best PK in the league. Things aren’t looking to great for the Canucks.

The supposedly defensively sound Canucks have been pretty much horrible in their own zone, giving up turnover after turnover, losing the battles in the corner, and getting dominated in the face off circle. Add that to the fact that Luongo hasn’t been playing up to the (almost) vezina quality goaltending that we all witnessed last year and you have a recipe for disaster. The first few games, the Canucks looked like they lost their feet, and were sleeping during plays. Being humbled by Philidelphia losing 8-2 didn’t help matters either. Everything just seems to be going wrong for the Canucks.

During last nights game against the Predators, the Canucks managed to outshoot the Predators 13-2 in the first period, but ended up down 2-0(Yes they had a 100 percent scoring percentage). They would continue to lose 3-0 by the end of the game. However, that was only the tip of the iceberg.

The Canucks would end up losing 2 of their top 4 defenseman before the end of the game. Kevin Bieksa would get tangled up with Nashville’s Vern Fiddler and end up receiving a skate to the back of his right calve leaving a serious gash. Salo on the other hand, would receive a puck to the face, courtesy of fellow teammate Alex Edler’s failed clearing attempt. The puck ended up hitting him in his orbital bone and the nose. Both Salo, and Bieksa would leave a pool of blood on the ice. Add that to the fact that Lucas Krajicek is out for 4 weeks after suffering a fracture on his foot, from slipping on the sidewalk, and the “potentially stacked defense” is not looking so powerful. With all the bad luck facing the Canucks, there have been a few bright spots.

One good thing that has happened to the Canucks is that their 3rd line has been really stepping it up lately. They have been using their grit and hustle to score, draw penalties and drop the gloves almost every game. Kesler has been playing like a man possessed, using his speed to his advantage, winning face-offs, scoring, and setting up beautiful plays. This was not the Kesler, we saw last year folks. After getting benched for one game, Cooke took his play up a notch, scoring goals in consecutive games, hitting everything that moves, and being the pest everyone loves to hate. Burrows has actually hit the back of the net for once, scoring a hi-light reel goal on a breakaway(I honestly didn’t think he could have the poise to score a goal like that), after missing the net the last 50 times. The last two games also have seen a improvement on their Face off percentage winning 64 percent of the time last night, as well as shots, out shooting Nashville 29-15.

If the top two lines can pick up the pace, and play up to their potential, then Vancouver could be rolling out 3 lines that could all score and be dangerous to play against. At the very least the Canucks seem to be picking up the pace, and have determination in their eyes and are working a lot harder than earlier. If the Canucks can get through the adversity of playing without 3 of their top 6 defenseman, then things can only get better for them. On another note, the Canucks had a horrible start last season, and ended up being the best team after Christmas last season as well as winning their division, so anything is possible. Hopefully we will see a repeat of last years effort and determination.

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  1. wheresthesoda says:

    Canucks are a pretty good team, and i don't really see them playing bad all year, they will turn it around.

  2. RIP_Dimebag says:

    Not taking so many stupid penalties wouldn't hurt their cause either, but I really do think they can turn it around once they get all their injured players back and they play enough games together, much like last year, they have to get used to playing as a team and they have to get used to the new faces on the team, things will pick up eventually, it's just a matter of time.

  3. habswinthecup-again says:

    They just suffered 2 more serious injuries last night "Darrel", so if you are waiting for them to get all their players back it might be a while.
     The Canucks will turn it around when Luongo starts playing like Luongo again, not before. This is the same team as last year and they are playing the same as last year (except the "sisters", who are costing me dearly in my pool) other than Luongo.

  4. neilios says:

    I just posted a article on this its time for the Canucks to shake things up in Van and its believed they will have Marian Hossa,Micheal Ryder,or Pominville in there lineup within the next two weeks I would love to see Hossa in a Canucks uniform even if it takes Salo,Cooke,Miller,and Grabner they better snag him he is a game breaker and that what they need.

  5. leafy says:

    Don Cherry this morning on The Fan 590 AM said that the problems of the Maple Leafs pale in comparison to the Canucks.  He says Vancouver is dreadful.  That gives us Leaf fans a little solace.

  6. svenki says:

    god, at least the leafs score
    i was looking forward to the next game, but now, im not really "excited" about it
    who knows how badly the canucks will get beaten

  7. Dfresh says:

    Don Cherry is a Maple leaf mouth piece!  Toronto has way more problems than Vancity. Toskala, Raycroft, what a joke.  Vancouver will turn it around sooner than the leafs will.

  8. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    What hurts is that all our powerplay quarterbacks are injured now.  Losing kraijeck, bieksa and Salo(who we just got back for 4 games) gone for at least 4 weeks each is going to hurt.

  9. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    NO kidding.  Salo and BIeksa are gonna be gone for a long time, my prediction, at least 4 weeks likely 8
    bieksa had a seriously big gash in his right calve muscle, I would highly doubt his return any time soon, and Salo's puck to the face looked like it was really serious, i could see the puddles of blood leaking from his head.  On another note, I think my pool is doing worse than urs havswinthecup-again, I have Bergeron, Hejduk,Salo,Pitkanen,Backstrom(goalie),Bertuzzi,Perrault, and Weber in my pool.  Surprisingly, im only 5th place out of 20.

  10. neilios says:

    Oh well this gives the Canucks a chance to show how good the kids are in Bourdon and Edler I think everyone will be suprised in how good these to kids are.That way they can trade one of there bif 4 Dmen away for some scoring.

  11. Rico71 says:


    Never. Buffalo will not trade this guy. He is an important pice of the team.

    Please take Ryder. Give us a draft choice or some prospect.


  12. leafy says:

    The Vancouver Cannots might turn it around.  But so far, this looks like the worse Cannots team since Bobby Lalonde, Don Lever, and Jocelyn Guevremont played for them.  Not good, no?

  13. MR40 says:

    I'm a Canuck's fan, but I really don't think they will make the playoffs this year.

    There not tough, don't score, have been TERRIBLE defensively (that's a huge surprise to me actually), and worst of all is that they have no passion or heart. They don't even look like they try. They don't even celebrate after a goal.

    There is only one positive. The Canucks will trade away Naslund, Mo, Cooke, Miller, and get great return's for them (lot's of desperate teams…), and will have ton's of cap space to get some quality players next summer.

  14. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    U should know better than to take anything Nelios says seriously.

  15. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    Nazzy was playing with passion for a few games, he may not have scored a lot of goals but there was a ton of hustle and he had some great setups as well.  Morrison has been doing a lot better than last year so far. 
    The third line has been terrific when compared to last few years.  Before they
    were non existant, but now they are actually setting up some of the dangerous plays, and you can see that they really are putting a lot of effort out there and are being rewarded for it.  The last 3-4 games when we actually scored, most of the goals came outta the 3rd line.  Cooke, Kesler and burrows really kicked it up a notch, and if anything is going rite with the Canucks, its these guys.  That said, its pretty DAMN BAD when those 3 are ur best players on the ice.

  16. Rico71 says:

    Maybe Vigneault is being tuned out.

    Mitchell telling the media that players don't like being openly blamed by the coach for their poor play in 1 game…that's not good.

    I don't know. Alain likes a boring, defensive style of hockey. Sure, the 'Nucks don't have the firepower they used to have, but still…

    I think that the style of hockey played is the main reason why guys like Morrison and Naslund don't produce anymore. The Sedins can't benefit from it also.

    Shutting it down and hoping Luongo doesn't let in more than 1 goal is a boring thing to watch. I've watched a few games and fell asleep.

  17. Rico71 says:

    What are you getting to get for Naslund and his enormous 6M pricetag?

    Not much. Especially if he is not putting up points. Maybe, I say maybe around the trade deadline, a really desperate team might be tempted to get him.

    Morrison might be easier to trade…but again…he needs to produce to raise his value. Cooke I doubt will be traded. Miller? Probably. A team might need defensive help before the playoffs.

    In total, the Canucks might get a few draft picks or a mid-level prospect…nothing more.

  18. AntropovGoodIToldUSo says:

    Why will this team not try to sign a guy like Jeff O'Neill or Jason Allison?
    At the very least either one could help your power play.
    I'd say Forsberg but I don't think Vancouver has the funds under the cap to allocate to him.
    The only other route is to make a deal, but Nonis stated he will only make a deal that is fair.
    Given the situation the Canucks are in seems unlikely to happen.

    I propose a trade.

    to Vancouver: Wellwood, Ponikarovsky, Pohl, McCabe
    to Toronto: Mitchell, Morrison, Burrows, Cooke, 1st rd pick

  19. MR40 says:

    Wow that's a pretty bad trade for both team's.

    Mitchell is a great defensive defensemen, so even if the Leaf's need one why would the Canuck's want to get rid of them, especially with all of there injuries on defense.

    Mo is alright, but if we trade him the Canuck's will make desperate team's overpay for him. Maybe even him and a 5th rounder could get us a 1st (Danius Zubrus brought in a 1st). He wouldn't resign with the Leaf's though, and they don't need more 2nd/3rd line player's, they need star power, which Morrison will not provide. He likely won't resign with the leaf's though.

    Cooke is alright, but same situation as Morrison pretty much (except he would bring in more like a 3rd rounder, maybe late 2nd, and a late pick going to the other team with Cooke).

    Burrows, and Pohl play the exact same role, except Burrows is a bit grittier, and Pohl has more scoring potential. If the Canuck's wanted more scoring depth player's they would call up Shannon, and if the Leaf's wanted a gritty player they would use Belak.

    Wellwood is great, and since they Leaf's have zero star player's it wouldn't make sense to trade a future 80 point player.

    McCabe is a huge defensive liability, and is the exact opposite of what the Canuck's need (we already had him, we don't want him back). He has a NTC anyways.

    And Ponikarovsky won't help the Canuck's anymore then a player like Taylor Pyatt or Ryan Kesler would.

    That trade has no point, and would be like making a trade just for the sake of trading.

  20. MR40 says:

    It doesn’t matter how much Mo, and Nazzy make they would be rental player’s. If Zubrus could bring in a 1st, so could Naslund, and Morrison could with a late pick going with him.

  21. neilios says:

    Thats just a pipe dream and the Canucks managment would want those kinda players in return anyway.But last night on the hockey panel there where Stellick,Ferraro,and forgot the other guys name but they where talking possible trade between the Canucks and Devils and Elias coming to Vancouver I dont know I just heard them talking about it,and these where some of the names been mentioned.

    To Devils-Salo3mill,Kesler1.7mill,Miller1.5,and Edler or Bourdon=6.5mill
    To Canucks-Elias7mill and Matvichuk1.3mill=8.3mill

    This trade works for both teams the Devils get lots of help with there Dcore which is killing them this yeat and get a good player in Kelser and a stud Dprospect.For the Canucks they get a guy that can help out Naslund big time and they get a pretty good Dman in return which is gettin the boot off the Devils team anyways,and the salary works on both sides to.

  22. neilios says:

    New lines if they can pick up those 2 players

    Sedin    Sedin      Pyatt
    Naslund Elias       Morrison
    Burrows  Linden   Cooke
    Cowan   Ritchie    Hanson

    Mitchell     Bourdon or Edler
    Ohlund     Kraijeck
    Bieska      matvichuk

    NOt bad not bad

  23. AntropovGoodIToldUSo says:

    You can't be serious.
    Morrison is worth nothing right now.
    Cooke is worth even less.
    You take 3 nothings and swap them for each other. McCabe, Morrison, Cooke.
    Poni is a better player than Pyatt and would provide 30 goals easily along side the Sedins.
    You take Wellwood and throw him on your second line and think of the 1, 2 punch you have.
    Pohl is a good offensive player averaging only 8 minutes a game and on our 4th line, that's not where he should be playing. He can easily provide 40-60 points in this league.
    And you defense corp has been decimated in recent weeks.




    The Canucks are having trouble consistently scoring. This trade would help that problem big time.

  24. wingsfan13 says:

    luongo has already been dropped in my league, should i pick him up?

  25. MR40 says:

    Why do you even post these?

    Can the Admin's kick him off the website some how (like figure out a real reason to kick him off then yeah).

  26. MR40 says:

    Morrison has just as much value as Danius Zubrus, who like I said fetched a 1st rounder.

    Cooke has 3 goal's, and is one of the best agitator's in the game, so he does have value.

    McCabe would kill the Canuck's. Nonnis isn't an idiot

    If Pohl could get 60 points in the NHL, I think they would give him more then 8 minute's per game…

    Does it even help the Leaf's?
    It doesn't help the Canuck's. There defensive problam's would just get worse, and there goal scoring wouldn't improve very much from this. McCabe would be getting 15 minute's of ice under Vigneault, and Poni played beside Sundin… there's a bit of a difference between Sundin and Kesler.

  27. flamingsenator says:

    wow….u couldnt come up with a better name than the cannots?

  28. neilios says:

    Why dont ya take your wifes pantys off and stop your whining,and ya go suck a nut.

  29. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    He's a Leaf fan, Nuff' said

  30. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    How does this make sense?  First of all, you are replacing 4 players with 2 players, to top it off those 2 players are making an extra 1.8 million which leaves us with 300 k to replace 2 more players. 
    2nd of all, Salo is injured, so im not too sure how hes gonna help NJ's D.  3rd Bourdon, has been horrible lately, He has been defensively inept and alwyas goes for the big hit, resulting in goals scored against us.  If you watched how he played during preseason, he was unimpressive to say the least.  Edler is a smart dman but he hasn't been very impressive so far this year, hopefully that will pick up , Keslar is the only one who has been playing with any passion on the canucks of late.  On all levels this deal makes no sense at all. I highly doubt u heard what u said, you obviously made some alterations to what was said.  I don't think anyone would suggest trading salo especially while he is recovering from what looks to be a lengthy offtime.

  31. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    If its just a free agent pick, I don't see why not.  He was sucking it up at the beggining last year too, and he took over from then on .

  32. MR40 says:

    I figured out how to get rid you. I'm going to report you for your abusive comment LOL.

  33. neilios says:

    Whaaaawhaaaaaaawhaaaaaaa momma not have to give you some milk

  34. leafy says:

    Actually I have a few, but they're more of the adult variety and this is a PG-rated site.

    But if you have better ones, I'd like to hear them.  I'm always looking for good monikers.

  35. AntropovGoodIToldUSo says:

    Morrison Is worth sweet f all. If you think he is going to fetch a 1st rounder, you're out to lunch.

  36. MR40 says:

    Craig Rivet brought in a 1st rounder and prospect… so can Morrison.

  37. AntropovGoodIToldUSo says:

    Excuse me while I laugh a little.


  38. MR40 says:

    Rivet is a 2nd pairing d man, Morrison is a 2nd line centre, who is good for 55-65 points.

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