pronger deal taken the wrong way

there is a very good message on this link about the pronger situation.

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Chris Pronger is without a doubt a fantastic hockey player, having said that a hockey player does not win stanely cups, teams win stanely cups. Chris Pronger was a great number one defenceman for Edmonton, but you have to wonder how he would fit in with the Leafs. People are proposing that we don’t resign McCabe and Trade Kaberle for Chris Pronger!!!! In this scenario the leafs would have one big shot d-man and a bunch of rookies and Cheap UFA’s (they have to be cheap in order to afford Prongers salary) On top of that Chris Pronger doesn’t want to play in Toronto, he wants to play in the US. The Leafs had the best defensive Pair in the League last year, and now when Pronger is for sale everyone is jumping ship?

I would also like to explain my OPPINION (understand that it is only oppinion) about Chris Pronger. I believe that Kaberle is a better player than Pronger is, and I’ll explain why.

Kaberle- played the full 82 games, had 67 points and only 46 penalty minutes.

Pronger – played 80 games, had 56 points, and 74 penalty minutes

Kaberle is a much stronger skater, and an excellent passer, and lest we forget how he was the backbone of the leafs powerplay last season.

And Even if Pronger is a better player, he costs 2 million more, so Kaberle is worth more per buck.

Pronger is a franchise player who will excell on most teams, but not the Leafs

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  1. DJTOKid says:

    This is what i’m thinking, the leafs sign Sean Avery and Matt Barnaby and put tucker on the other wing and form the most formidable pest line in the history of the game. Gotta think they would both come for less then a million, and if the boys wanted to actually play hockey they could definetly light up a few lamps. I would love it! except for maybe lot of penalty trouble.

  2. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    great idea, except for tucker, tucker should be up on the 2nd or 3rd line, how about this. thrade colaiacovo to LA for Avery, and trade picks to nashville for Tootoo. Then sign Barnaby.

    Barnaby- Avery – Tootoo

    if well coached it wouldn’t attract that many penalty minutes, and may, believe it or not, have mild offensive production.

  3. sundin123 says:

    this is EXACTLY what im trying to say…great article man

  4. Aetherial says:

    My opinion all along is that I don’t even want Pronger straight up for Kaberle. It is the age, the salary, and the stage the Leafs *should* be at in rebuilding that makes this a bad fit.

    It would be especially bad if they trade kaberle and then don’t get McCabe to sign and they are left with Pronger and 5 too young, or too mediocre D-men and a goalie coming off of a horrible year… and still no help in sight for Sundin.

    Age, speed, and cost should be the ONLY factors concerning the Leafs right now. Building a winner takes time. They have to accept that finally and stop with the trading younger for older.

    Fingers crossed … so far no McCabe signing and no Pronger! Ideally, we get neither!

  5. Stx-LEAFS says:

    Yeah, i’d much rather have Kaberle, McCabe and if possible get another D-man like McKee than JUST having Pronger and giving up Steen or Stajan wouldn’t be a good idea also.

  6. wht_trsh says:

    You’re an idiot

  7. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Uh oh, the situation is bad now. according to the Toronto Sun Kaberle is furious about his trade rumors.


    this is also one of MANY reasons that jfj mneeds to go. He’s only done ONE sensible move for the leafds (in my oppinion) and that was aquiring Raycroft

  8. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    What do you mean cheap UFAs with Prongers salary? He makes 1 million more then Steen and Kaberle.

    Colaiacovo, and White are ready, then Pronger, add McKee and Ward, and maybe keep Luke Richardson.

  9. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    he makes 1.5 more than steen and kabby, plus it would cost us steen and losing the signing of McCabe (who would likely only stay to play with his old buddy kaberle)

    Pronger is not worth Kaberle in my books, and when you throw steen in the package, you can kiss a playoff run goodbye

  10. DJTOKid says:

    Avery is a free agent, I beleive. LA sent him packing last year so I would assume he can go anywhere.

  11. Aetherial says:

    You mean the WORST goalie in the league last year.

    Yes, he was the worst. He was worse than Belfour.

    Hey, maybe he will rebound… but maybe not. If not, it ends up being the worst thing JFJ has done. It is a risk.

  12. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    If he flops we have Abin and Telly, and if for some strange reason they ALL flop, then we lose one season and get Pogge next season. its better than aquiring a high priced goalie like nabokov or biron

    besides he didn’t win calder because of a fluke. he’s got talent, and I believe that Paul Maurice can Harness it.

  13. scout says:

    However is Pronger better than McCabe?

    i think he is

    If the Leafs trade Kaberle for Pronger and then use Kaberle money to sign another good defenseman then the Leafs are far better off.

    McCabe doesn’t deserve Pronger type money.

    Trade for Pronger

    ditch McCabe and sign Jovanoski or Chara

  14. scout says:

    However is Pronger better than McCabe?

    i think he is

    If the Leafs trade Kaberle for Pronger and then use Kaberle money to sign another good defenseman then the Leafs are far better off.

    McCabe doesn’t deserve Pronger type money.

    Trade for Pronger

    ditch McCabe and sign Jovanoski or Chara

  15. lukeleim says:

    sean avery and barnaby can lick my nuts.

  16. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    its a joke, he’s not being realistic, no one would go out of there way to get the league leaders in penalty minutes

  17. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Pronger and Chara would have no speed on the back check, and Jovo is going to be a panther. besides kabby is the cheapest of those guys and arguably the best

  18. Toonces99 says:

    I can’t beleive the comments l’m reading….are you kidding me..Pronger is not better than Kaberle….? I understand that if we are comparing stat’s they are not the same, but can Kaberle change the flow of a game…not since l’ve been watching him…l know that opposing teams set up there lines to avoid Pronger, they don’t do that with Kaberle….This is a guy who has won the Hart, and Norris (and in my books should have won the MVP of this years playoffs) Anyone who thinks this would be a bad trade is nuts…..This guy is game breaker and can change he outcome of any game…sure he has no cups, but neither does Kaberle….If we are going to start comparing like that, then players like Jovo, Redden and Chara should get 4-4.5 mill max…they have never won cups and none of those players have any hardware compared to Pronger….

  19. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    pronger will cost kaberle, steen, and the loss os signing McCabe. Kaberle makes the players around him better, if you cant see that then were on different pages here. Pronger has the hardware and has the skills, but he comes with too much luggage. He’s got a 6.25 mil contract and a wife (to whom i’m sure he loves very much) who wants him to play in the states. The only thing kabby is missing is a physical pressence, but its not that big a deal when you can skate better than pretty much everyone else on the ice, and stick handle better than most forwards. He used to mke mistakes left right and center, now he’s a finished product that can be the backbone of any successful power play, and play in his own end.Pronger has the ability to play better than kaberle, but when all things are considered, the trade is no good for bthe leafs.

    rask has already been traded, lets not trade any more of our emerging playars like stajan and steen

  20. Toonces99 says:

    You raise valid points and l understand what you are saying…maybe l should have been more clear..Kaberle is a very good hockey player, he makes good choices, pass’ the puck extremly well and his stick handling is above average…but…Toronto needs an impact d-man..and l can’t see Kaberle being that person..he does produce points and has an excellent first pass out of the zone, but cannot change the flow of the game-great d-man do many a games that l have watched, players react differently when playing against Kaberle as opposed to how they play against Pronger…He’s big and strong and can play the point on the PP, and pass’ the puck extremely well…Please don’t misunderstand as much as l would hate to see him go, the Leafs would be very hard pressed to turn this opportunity down…Pronger will make the buds better immed. my only concern is if McCabe resigns..then what? 12 mill on 2 d-man..If it were me..and this is my opinion l would flip Pronger to Florida for there offer of Bowmester (sp), Horton and Stephen Weis…now that would make much more sense…but that is in a perfect world and ea sporst both of which were are not in…..

  21. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    if an impact player is what you want then we should get barnaby or sign Chara, but i just believe that prongers cost is too high, and that he isn’t worth it, the leafs have some good oung talent, lets not blow it all on one guy. if we dothe deal and pronger gets injured than the deal is wasted, if kabby gets injured, and we didn’t make the trade then we would still have steen and stajan and mybe even McCabe.

    If we deal for pronger McCabe won’t sign, so the trade really is kaberle, McCabe and steen for Pronger. 3 of our top 5 for pronger.

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