pronger deal taken the wrong way

there is a very good message on this link about the pronger situation.

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Chris Pronger is without a doubt a fantastic hockey player, having said that a hockey player does not win stanely cups, teams win stanely cups. Chris Pronger was a great number one defenceman for Edmonton, but you have to wonder how he would fit in with the Leafs. People are proposing that we don’t resign McCabe and Trade Kaberle for Chris Pronger!!!! In this scenario the leafs would have one big shot d-man and a bunch of rookies and Cheap UFA’s (they have to be cheap in order to afford Prongers salary) On top of that Chris Pronger doesn’t want to play in Toronto, he wants to play in the US. The Leafs had the best defensive Pair in the League last year, and now when Pronger is for sale everyone is jumping ship?

I would also like to explain my OPPINION (understand that it is only oppinion) about Chris Pronger. I believe that Kaberle is a better player than Pronger is, and I’ll explain why.

Kaberle- played the full 82 games, had 67 points and only 46 penalty minutes.

Pronger – played 80 games, had 56 points, and 74 penalty minutes

Kaberle is a much stronger skater, and an excellent passer, and lest we forget how he was the backbone of the leafs powerplay last season.

And Even if Pronger is a better player, he costs 2 million more, so Kaberle is worth more per buck.

Pronger is a franchise player who will excell on most teams, but not the Leafs