Pronger stomp ruled to be clean

Chris Pronger’s skate stomp to the ankle of Ryan Kesler was ruled to be a non-suspendable offence by the NHL today.

You can view the clip here:

Article here:

Really this article should be called:

“League: Stomping okay when done by Anaheim”Didn’t this already happen twice this season? Chris Simon anyone? How is this different? There’s clear intent to injure, only the team logo and name on the back of the jersey is different.

Once again, the NHL has shown that Anaheim is held to a lower standard then the rest of the league.

In your opinion, should Pronger have been suspended? Why or why not? And if so, for how long?

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  1. BruMagnus says:

    This is a *****ing joke!! Thank you for bringing it to our attention Radio!

    This just furthers the proof that the NHL is a corrupt League sliding further downhill every year.

    In December, New York Islanders forward Chris Simon received a 30-game suspension for trying to step on Pittsburgh forward Jarkko Ruutu's foot.

    With that previous case already established, I'd have expected Pronger to get at least 30 games himself, if not more…

    Pronger proves, yet again, what a dirty player he is. How disgraceful and disrespectful. I almost hope someone does something worse to him so that karma comes around. And yet again Pronger gets away with it… disgusting… you can bet if Avery had done this…. well… It's interesting to note that in that not-so-long ago poll Pronger was voted the 2nd dirtiest NHL player behind Avery. This is further evidence of his brutality and patheticness. There should be no place for this in the NHL… I cannot believe they let it slide. I can't wait to hear Nonis's reaction to this atrocity!

  2. Rico420 says:


    The NHL is just like any other league where your star players get protected – No matter what protect the stars!! I mean obviously Pronger should be out for 30 games just like Simon was but for some reason this is the Golden Boy who's who's seen a lot of one game suspensions and he should have been thrown out of the playoffs last season – and shouldn't be allowed to play in them this season.

    It's an outrage that an example has already been made of Simon – a case that should easily be transfered to Prongers ass and he skips out unscathed – is it because Kesler wasn't hurt? I'm sure Ruutu wasn't hurt either..

    If anything Soupy Campbell should be fired – what a joke.

  3. BruMagnus says:

    Totally agree. Ruutu was fine, too.

    Pronger should not be allowed to play in the rest of the season or the playoffs. It's a complete farce!

  4. habswinthecup-again says:

     Pronger is the dirtiest player in the league but continues to get away with murder. The fact that Campbell did not suspend Pronger is a complete joke just like Campbell is him self.

     I think the players and coaches should do something about him because he is the main person that is ruining the NHL.

  5. Vinnypleasecomehome1 says:

    I mentioned the other day that Pronger is the best player in the league. I forgot to mention that he's also the dirtiest. I am all for rough hockey. Stick work, elbows, boarding are all fine with me. The only action in hockey that I cannot tolerate is kicking or in this case, stomping. There is no way to protect one's self from this action and we've all seen what kind of damage a skate blade can do. Just ask Richard Zednick. If Pronger's skate missed the protective boot and sliced Kesler's achilles tendon, would we be talking about criminal charges, a la Todd Bertuzzi? He's trying to end a career here and this is not ok. Pronger should be gone for the rest of the season and playoffs. I thought the thirty games for Simon was excessive. Mostly because I hate Ruutu. I like Kesler. Pronger should be gone, along with Campbell, who is a world class douche bag for not being consistent and thus making a mockery of our game. I think Zack Stortini should also repeatedly pummel Campbell's son (what's that little bastard's name again? I hate that kid) as punishment for Campbell Sr.'s incompetency.

    The only thing I have to say in Campbell's defense is that that he undermines Gary Bettman's attempts to sell ***** hockey in the States when he doesn't rule on issues like this one. This is good for hockey. Everything else Campbell does is bad for hockey. Someone please punch out his son and perhaps stomp on his achilles tendon. Also someone should punch out Bettman's children, even if they don't play hockey. If they are children then they should only be punched by other children. Adults shouldn't punch children but children should punch Bettman's children. If Bettman's children are adults then it's open season on punching them. If they are female then maybe leave the punching to
    08-09's wife, she's butch.

    Have I offended enough people? Hope so. Have a nice day everyone.

  6. Kramer says:

    People, lay off Pronger!!!  Of all the cheap rotten dirty players in the league, Pronger is the cleanest.  He would never do anything to kill another player.

    Oh, and I like Pronger's name spelled backward….Regnorp!  It sounds more hockey like.

  7. Kyleton says:

    Pronger will be in the running for the Norris Trophy this year, so I don't think the NHL will touch him, although if you wanted to set an example I would make it of him as it sends a clear signal to all players even the stars that stupid moves will not be tolerated.

    I disagree that it has anything to do with the Ducks as a team getting away with this, but I believe it is because Pronger is a star.

  8. BruMagnus says:

    Are you suggesting they "hurt" him?

  9. BruMagnus says:


    I seriously couldn't stop laughing there.
    No offense taken, I'm right there with you! It's a complete mockery. And I'm shocked that nothing will come of this. The League, players, coaches, NHLPA, etc. are all pussies and this League is a joke. But I still want my Pens to win it!

  10. Archion113 says:

    I think its pretty safe to say that if this was a Flyer Player he would have been suspended for the remainder of the year or something crazy.

    The league has an obvious bias towards who the suspend and who they do not.  Its frustrating to see my team get handed suspension after suspension while other players in the league are doing the SAME exact stuff and going unpunished.

    How may boards have gone unpunished this year (jones)?  How many elbows to the head gone unpunished (cote)?  How many borderline hits that have caused injuries gone unpunished (hartnell)?

    The standards were set early on for the Flyers and only the Flyers while the rest of the league has been running a muck.  This is what we flyer fans expeted to happen but prayed wouldnæt.  We were ok with being punished if it helped rid the game of injuries caused by borderline hits, but instead nothing has changed and only the rules have become more lenient.

  11. HABSSTAR says:

    WHAT? Pronger getting away with a cheap shot again?  I don't believe it!  Of course the NHL isn't going to suspend him, even if they did it would be another 1-2 game suspension with some type of BS about how this is different.   Of course it is…it's Pronger and the NHL sweetheart Ducks.  

    No one should be surprised by this.  This is right up there with Burke pulling a fast one on the salary cap by having two star players take some time off before coming back for a playoff run.  How come that hasn't gotten the attention of the League?  What a joke.  Maybe Campbell was afraid of what Burke would say about him.  Maybe Burk wouldn't talk to him anymore like Lowe!     

  12. habswinthecup-again says:

     I am talking about doing something about Campbell, like getting rid of him. As far as Pronger goes, yea I would love to see Laraque beat the shit out of him in a fair fight.

  13. MTL_HABS_24 says:

    I'm a HUGE hockey fan and if a Habs player had done this I'd be the first one to call for his punishment.  In this case, we're talking about a dirty player – albeit a very skilled and dominating one – in Chris Pronger.  I doubt very much that that little weasel Bettman will punish Pronger for the obvious reason that, without him in the lineup, the Ducks wouldn't be as dominant and may not repeat as Stanley Cup champs and the commish wouldn't want that to happen.
    I read on another "Sports Network" more than a few comments actually justifying Pronger's action.  These imbeciles went so far as to say that Kesler was deserving of the stomp since he "had his legs locked around Pronger's" and that Kesler should be the one to be punished!  I was incredulous when I read the first comment but got angry when I kept reading and found that 1 in 10 actually praised Pronger for his dangerous and egregious action.  What kind of people are these??? 

  14. leafy says:

    So much for zero tolerance when it comes to using your skate blade as a weapon.  Looks like the Simon incident to me.  What's the league thinking?

  15. MTL_HABS_24 says:


    I doubt very much that that little weasel Bettman would want Pronger punished"

    I know it's Colin Campbell that doles out the suspensions.

  16. Radio says:

    The only difference I can see is that Simon's stomp was after the whistle. But that shouldn't make any tangible difference in punishment.

  17. habsrock99 says:

    I hate Pronger and I consider him the dirtiest player in the league by a wide margin. Sure the guy's a world-class athlete and possible future Hall of Famer(maybe first ballot) but the guy's an a$$hole who shows no remorse to his actions and is a world-class dick. What I don't understand is that just two or three days ago the NHL execs were trigger happy handing out something like 5 suspensions in 2 days. Now they get cold feet when something SERIOUS happens. I've said it time and time again, the NHL NEEDS to oust Bettman, Campbell and any other of these a$$holes who could care-less about the integrity of the sport and who could care-less about the health and safety of the players.

    On a side-note, I heard an interesting comment from one of my buddies who follows the Western Conference quite closely and he said that he's watched probably 50 Ducks games this year and he's noticed a trend that the refs seem to let Anaheim get away with murder and give them royal treatment at home but on the Road they call them for every little infraction possible.

  18. canuck67 says:

    Pronger is out for the rest of the regular season is he not?

  19. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    Pronger is a dirty player PERIOD.  Pronger did deliberately try to step on Kesler.  And to put it to rest, it hasn't been ruled clean, because they are reinvestigating it in light of a "new angle" that sportsnet played which clearly shows him doing it on purpose.  Looks like he's heading for a suspension, maybe the NHL will drop the hammer on him and give him 2 games and teach him a lesson.  Man the NHL is a joke with their suspension, or lack-there of. 

  20. diehardavsfan says:

    Why are you guys shooting your mouths off?? The first video was inconclusive so nothing could be done. The second video clearly shows Pronger is guilty Therefor they are having a hearing with the outcome of Pronger being suspended.

    All you guys saying Pronger and the Ducks get away with everything is ridiculous. Pronger was suspended twice last year in the playoffs and the Ducks are the most Penalized team in the NHL this season.

    Somebody please explain how the ducks get away with murder, because the way I see it they get caught and punished constantly.

    On a side note I would love nothing more then see Pronger get a very harsh suspension hurting the ducks chances at repeating for the cup.

  21. diehardavsfan says:

    I would never wish an injury on a player, but I do hope he gets a suspension similar to Simon. Pronger has a long rap sheet and does not deserve to get off lightly.

  22. Radio says:

    Update: Based on the "new camera angle" the NHL is again reviewing this issue. Pronger has been indefinetely suspended until they rule on a length for the punishment. (My guess is 8 games)

    Question tho: Does the NHL not check ALL angles when reviewing issues like this to begin with? If not, we have a worse problem then any one non-suspension. 

    Anyway that "new angle" reason for a re-review seems to simply be a cover for going back to punish Pronger, after the league saw the huge negative reaction the stomp and their ruling recieved.

  23. ottislu says:

    I agree, something is fishy.  Personally I think this is a joke, people calling for pronger to be suspended for the season, some say throw him out.  There is a guy on the ice, wrapping his legs around you and kicking your skate blades.  This guy is laying on the ice, and is essentially saying, try to get away, you can't step on me you could hurt me and get suspended, so pronger puts his foot down, twice trying to get away.  Why not call this the double stomp, or the two step, why not give him twice what Simon got 30 for both stomps? Slow it down, stop it as he starts to put his foot down, start stop..oh that look like a stomp.  It's garbage, Kesler is a pretend tough guy that looked like a waterbuffalo wallowing in his own mess and Pronger tried to get back into the play and accidentally stepped on him twice.  There was skate to leg, but whats he supposed to do, help him up then kiss him on the cheek? Worked well for broke back mountain, why not the NHL

    Heres my rant…

     Here's an idea to fix the NHL and the violence, let's make the nets bigger, the goalie equipment smaller, put in an extra line that defenseman can't cross when the play is in the attacking zone, then we'll mandate visors, it'll mostly protect the eyes, not always though but Michael Landsberg will be happy, who the **** cares about the players teeth anyway, we'll mandate armour for their legs and neck protectors for the neck, then we'll make the NHL 4 on 4 and bring in shootouts to end a playoff game.  We'll make it so every team, or atleast 20 make the playoffs because that's what the fans want, oh and we can make the season even longer…that way Hockey will go 'till July! we'll get rid of head shots, and that'll go along with what we've done lately such as get rid of hip checks, mmm, interference that way guys can stand in front of the net aand they can pass it to themselves but cant be held up, nd we'll increase scoring this way, we'll call one actual penalty a game the rest, who knows, call it something, that will "open up the game" and increase scoring because everybody wants to see a 7-6 hockey game, not a 2-1 OT game 7.  Don't you like those International games when there are 30+ penalties called…oh ya! What else can we do, cheerleaders, east and west, no more campbell and wales, let's honour the hockey greats with a president's trophy, we'll get rid of the canadian teams that are in small markets, put in an instigator rule, we'll expand the league so all the best players can play rather than just 600 of them.  Nothing says hockey like a Dallas vs. Tampa final in July,  AND the best thing we can do is get the ref's to announce the penalty at the game over the PA, that way fans will know what happens because it's better if the ref blows the whistle and makes the tripping call, then he announces it, then it goes up on the board and then the announcer will tell everybody too….oh goody, the NFL won't know what hit them.  All hail king bettman.


  24. Radio says:


    Well anyway, some refs do use the PA.

  25. habsrock99 says:

    Had you read my comment a little more closely you would have noticed where I mentioned that my buddy said they get away with murder at home and are called for every infraction possible on the road. I have no clue if it's a viable argument as I've seen maybe 2 Ducks games this year. I know the Ducks are the most penalized team in the NHL and I found my buddy's "findings" surprising. The only reason I mentioned it in the first place was to get maybe some answers from people who actually watch Duck hockey. Or at the very least someone who would know or noticed these trends as well.

  26. BruMagnus says:

    That would never be a fair fight!

  27. BruMagnus says:
    This angle proves it was vicious. His intent his obvious.

    Pronger was suspended far too little last season. He should have been gone from the playoffs, both times. It's a joke, like you.

  28. BruMagnus says:

    Great angle.

    The intent is clear here.

    Interesting how this footage wasn't immediately made available… more BS collusion going on!

    Where's Kramer!?

  29. diehardavsfan says:

    Wow, thanks for the the link to the video I have already watched 5 times. I never said it was not vicious. I said the "first" video was inconclusive, perhaps you should look up the definition of that.

    But thank you for the insult there sport. For that you can go ***** yourself, Thank you – Goodbye!

  30. Rico420 says:

    Maybe the NHL should have an American Idol style voting competition for the fans to determine how long Pronger should be suspended – after watching it again it kinda looks like yeah Pronger did stomp on him but after Kesler was trying to wrap him up with his feet (also pretty stupid and dangerous) heat of the moment blah blah – point is Pronger still stomped him – this isn't any different the slew footing someone, back to the voting

    If you think Pronger should be gone for the remainder of the season (including playoffs) text your vote to 4455

    If you think Pronger should be gone for the remainder of the regular season (excluding the playoffs) text your vote to 4456

    If you think he should go undisciplined text your vote to 4457.

    Tabulating ballots……………

  31. DandoEagle says:

    Wut is the big deal really?

    Kesler wasn't hurt, Luongo wasn't the one who got stoped on by Prongs who is a good Canadian Boy from Dryden Ontario and plays a really tough gritty style yup, if he gets's suspended it's aoutragoeus!!!

    Prongs got tangled up and was trying to get his skate loose, Kestler didn't even get tocuhed by his skate so no suspendion.

  32. MTL_HABS_24 says:

    Let's see how forgiving you are if one of your players gets injured by this thug.

  33. CofRED says:

    It has been reported on that Pronger has now been suspended 8 games for the incident.

    Is this a fair sentence??  Or is this still a case of a light sentence being handed out to a high-profile player??

  34. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    This is bull crap.  Seriously, Campbell was intending to let Pronger go, saying they had inconclusive video evidence, and repeatedly showed that blurry video from so far away.  Then when Sportsnet plays a better video clearly showing pronger deliberately stomping on kesler, they decide to hold another review "in light of new evidence".  Give me a break, is the NHL really some bush league that they wouldn't be able to gain footage of their own video cameras before the likes of other parties like sportsnet and tsn?  I tell u what happened, they had the evidence all along but had no intention of suspending pronger till the real evidence showed up and the negative publicity they gained forced them to.  AND even then, they only give him 8 games for the same deed that Chris Simon got 30 games for.  "In attempting to free himself, Pronger carelessly and recklessly brought his foot down," Campbell said in a statement. Oh plz, ya in an attempt to free himself by cutting off Keslers legs that were in his way.  The intent was clear, pronger is a dirty s.o.b. and needs to be suspended for the rest of the year plus the playoffs.  The NHL is sending a message.  Its only ok to injure a player if you are better then them, if u are around the same level or lower, expect to be used as an example so that the good players can get away more easily, when they do get  into trouble.

  35. leniwm1 says:

    Its is a joke. If he doesnt get at least 30, Simon should raise hell. People might assume because Simon is a repeat offender, it was 30 gms, well, in 16 yrs, Simon as 8 suspension. Pronger in 14 yrs, has 7. so he is a repeat offender and should get 30 as well. If a guy of Prongers status gets 30, everyone will know the league means bizness. If he doesnt, people will look at Campbell like Bud Selig. a useless, corrupt piece of shit

  36. Radio says:

    Radio scores 100 points with his correct prediction of 8 games.


  37. BruMagnus says:

    Oh look who's the *****ing idiot now!!!


    You're stupid and always have been.

    You bring nothing to this site.

    I guess that "inconclusive" video was conclusive enough to give Pronger 8 games….!!

    Retard! You just showed, yet again, how simple-minded, moronic and dimwitted you are! Don't post on here ever again until you grow up and get half a brain, loser.

  38. BruMagnus says:

    A noticed that above! Kudos to you.

  39. BruMagnus says:

    It is indeed a bush, garbage League. No wonder it can't catch on in the US… but then Bettman and his Goonies will point to the increasing numbers of blah blah blah as evidence that they are doing a good job and blah blah blah… the whole lot should be strung up and executed… or as Vinnie suggests, we should get some kids to punch Bettman and Campbell's kids in the face.

  40. BruMagnus says:

    You're such a flamer you know that!?

    You spouted off your idiot mouth claiming the first video (your words) weren't clear enough so I provided a link that WAS clear enough, and which incidentally was used to actually suspend Pronger.

    Now, are you man enough to own up and say you were a ***** and wrong as shit? Or are you a little di*ck with no balls?

  41. diehardavsfan says:

    Actually it was the second video that got Pronger suspended, not the first. Like I said in my above post, the "first" video was inconclusive. But thank you again for the insults and good job putting your foot in your mouth once again.

    I don't quite understand how "you" not being able to "read carefully" makes me the half brain loser?

    Calling me names names for no reason is really mature. I think I will report you now. It is people like you who give websites like this a bad rep. I would much rather never come onto this site again then have to read one more word out of your ignorant, immature, mouth. I wouldn't even bother responding to this if I where you, because I will not be back on to this run down site ever again.

    Have a good day hero.

    Sorry to everybody else on here who wants to read and discuss hockey but in return gets covered in verbal diarrhea by this clown.

  42. diehardavsfan says:

    A few points from my first post.

    1. I clearly stated the "first video was inconclusive".
    2. I clearly stated the "second video shows pronger was guilty" and would be suspended.
    3. I said I hoped Pronger would be Suspended.

    For some reason you felt the need to post the link to the video I already acknowledged I have watched several times. Why you are going into a huge rant is beyond me. I never once said the link to the video you posted was inconclusive. For some odd reason you are putting words in my mouth. If you go back and read my very first post carefully you will see that.

    All you managed to do was post a link to a video and somehow "twist my words" in your mind that I said the video you posted was clean and then throw it into a sea of veral crap.

    Reading all this is like being bukkaked with stupid.

  43. Radio says:

    Thanks Bru. Also excuse my self-props, I was just very amused.

  44. BruMagnus says:

    I am a total idiot.

    Serves me right.

    I'm sorry. I didn't read your 2nd point. I jumped the gun and posted after I read part 1 only. Totally my bad.

    You have my most sincere apologies.

  45. BruMagnus says:

    I was very impressed!

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