Pronger to the Bruins a done deal?

James Murphy of SBNation is reporting that the Bruins and Ducks have apparently agreed to a trade in principle that would see Pronger go to the Bruins. (Note from HTR that this is an unknown source.)

It is reported that “defenseman Mark Stuart, Prospect Joe Colborne and a first round pick in 2010 would go to Anaheim in exchange for Pronger and forward Travis Moen.” Furthermore it is also noted that “The deal will also not be announced or finalized until Wednesday, so that each team can iron out the cap issues and maybe make other deals to accommodate this move.”

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What do you folks from HTR think? Is this a fair deal?

13 Responses to Pronger to the Bruins a done deal?

  1. LeafsNation91 says:

    Steal for Boston. They already have Chara, him and Pronger would be scary. Boston does not give up any major role players, and they still have probably oen of the deepest and strongest prospect pools in the league.(Even better than Montreal)

    Still scary how Lashoff, Rask, and Hamill are not on the team. If they make this trade, they will be the team to beat.

    Not to mention, Travis Moen is really gritty and shines in the playoffs.

  2. ryboy33 says:

    I agree, i would be kinda scary to play against those two.

  3. ryboy33 says:

    I dont thik this is a good move for Boston as they already have a tough defenceman, Chara.

  4. Rico420 says:

    Get back to me on Wednesday on this.

  5. reinjosh says:

    if this trade is true
    (and i dont think it is, just my opinion)
    then boston wins now
    but looses after the season ends
    for the simple reason that they (again i stress if the trade actually happens)
    handicap themselves and tie up 31 million dollars in 4 forwards (savard, bergeron, sturm and ryder) and 3 d-men (chara, wideman, and pronger)
    say thomas signs for 5 million
    kessel for 5 million (staal got 4 and kessel is better  yet hes still young)
    krejci for 6 million
    and you know have your core burt at 47 million dollars. only 10 players at 47 million
    that leaves 8 or 9 million to sign 11 players (a regular 21 player team)
    assuming their are no trades and tukku rask becomes the back up
    the remaining 9 players under contract equal 12.3 million
    now your 3 and a half million over the cap and you still need to sign two more players

  6. bbruins37 says:

    definitely a steal for boston if this is legit. colborne will be a boom or bust player that wont be ready for a while and boston does have great depth for prospects. stuart is a good defenseman but i cant really see his career potential being anymore than a top 4 defenseman. as the pick will likely be near the bottom of the first round again next year, i think you have to make it. moen basically is a throw in as we already have shawn thornton for his role. im guessing the ducks want to shed a bit more capspace? i dont know how much moen makes. however, as this source may not be legit…but i heard moen mentioned on tsn so you never know. if kessel is somehow involved…i will be pissed

  7. bbruins37 says:

    yeah that is scary. unless they trade pronger in the ofseason. im not sure if that would count against the cap for next season?

  8. bbruins37 says:

    yuo forgot the unamed roster player going to the ducks though…this could be devestating if it turns out to be someone like bergeron (who will regain his form)

  9. RossCreek says:

    Chuck Kobasew, Mark Stuart, Joe Colbourne & a 1st for Chris Pronger & Travis Moen???

  10. sakupi says:

    How you can tell that move is bad for the Bruins. They get a 25 to 30 minute defenseman and they don't touch the team. Mark Stuart we don't care and prospect + choice is always uncertain.

    Don't forget Bob Gainey gave Jarome Iginla for Joe Nieuwendyk and he win the Cup. Sometimes to win, you have to do that kind of deal.

  11. RossCreek says:

    Yup. And the 89 Flames traded away a young Brett Hull to St. Louis in a deal that brought Rob Ramage back. They won the Cup because of it, but everyone knows what Brett Hull went on to become.

  12. mojo19 says:

    Pronger and Chara together. 2 heads are better than 1.

  13. futurebruin says:

    then your an idiot.  two big defensemen on one blue line in the same shift…..put it together retard

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