Prospal a Flyer

According to Versus, the Philadelphia Flyers haveacquird Vaclav Prospal for Alex Picard and either a 2nd or a 3rd round draft pick in 2009.

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  1. AntropovGoodIToldUSo says:

    Tampa Bay is nuckin futs man. 6 years 6.6666666 mil to a 31 year old with injury problems.

  2. Se1Ko says:

    there was an article about leafs being the worst managed team in nhl's history … i would put tampa bay instead

  3. Lint07 says:

    I wouldn't expect him to drop a skate on his wrist every season…

  4. Lint07 says:

    I'd say this is a pretty good deal for Tampa.

    Prospal is a bit overrated and I like Picard. Tampa needed help on D.

  5. flyersfan10897 says:

    I don't really even see this as a deadline pick-up, it's more of an "oh shit, we don't have Gagne, Lupul, Richards, or Hatcher playing….Patrick Thoresen in playing, for God's sake we need to get someone else!"  So good job in getting a fast, good player without really giving anything up.  Is he really going to help? Who knows.  But the Flyers did just beat the Sabres in OT, so let's hope they can get this skid turned around.  They are only 10 points out of 1st in the conference with 20 games left, so if they play decently they should be able to move up to 4th or 5th, but probably more like 6th, which is probably the best position to finish in as they would get to play the Southeast Division leader.

  6. LeafsNation91 says:

    I like what Tampa did right here.

    First off, they dumped salary cap in Prospal and have acquired a good young defenceman prospect. Also a couple of draft picks.

    Secondly, the Dan Boyle contract is good. He was going to get that money no matter where he went because he is a good talented defenceman.

    Their rebuilding this franchise around their best players, Vincent Lecalvier and Dan Boyle. I like what Tampa's doing. Now, more prospects from a Brad Richards deal would free salary and give them money to get a goalie or draft one.

    Good move Tampa. I'm proud.

  7. flyers121 says:

    even deal in my opinion.

    Picard is a decent two-way defenseman.

    and the flyers are struggling to score right now

    hopefully holmgrem can re-sign prospal in the off-season without overpaying the guy

  8. turdfergusson says:

    Wow. Have to digest the Boyle deal. My gut reaction says that 6 YRS is 3 yrs too many. Brad Richards would be a great Dallas Star. I smell Kevin Lowe big time though.


  9. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    Regardless of what the oilers offer the lightening, Richards has stated that he would waive it to go to a contender, not a bottom feeder.  The only way the oilers have a chance to make the playoffs is if gretzky signed with them and was 25 years younger

  10. mojo19 says:

    Considering Prospal is going to want over $3 million per season this summer, I think Tampa got a good return for a 2nd tier rental player. Good trade.

    And interesting to see that Philly has been involved in all 3 trades that have taken place since the GM meetings.

  11. mojo19 says:

    Yes, and if Prospal can keep up with Vinny and Marty, he should fit in well with Briere. Prospal also scored a point per game when he played with the ducks a few years ago but I don't know how his linemates were. Either way, good move!

  12. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    40 million for boyle is waaaaaaaaay too much.  I mean, after handicapping themselves with richards, lecavlier and st louis tying up so much money, they add another 6.66 million cap hit to the mix, when they are supposedly TRYING to shed salary.  Look for Richards to move now for sure.  Either by the deadline or in the summer, hes gone to any team that will take him.  Let's just hope that the canucks aren't gonna try and sign him.

  13. phillyfan33 says:

    love the fact that the flyers went out and got prospal
    soo pissed though that they gave up picard he one of my favorite young dmen they should of got rid of kukkon or how ever u spell his name
    congrates tampa your going to get a great player.

  14. NiittymakiForVezina says:

    Kukkonen > Picard

    Plus we still have Ratchuk, Bartulis and Marshall.

  15. broc says:

    Well, this for sure cements the fact that Richards is traded. As soon as NHL offices open the Richards deal should already be done- or else Tampa would have waited to sign Boyle.

    6.66 a mil is fair for Boyle- right now. But, in his last year he'll be a small 37 year old defencemen, unlikely to be worth 6.66 his last 2 years or so. I'd say it would be fair for a 4 year contract. 6 years is 2 year too much.

    As for Prospal..
    I guess Philly is just plugging holes. Prospal is pretty inconsistent IMO. Disappears against top competition. He won't help Philly's playoff run, and I like Picard going to Tampa.

  16. scoobiedoo says:

    No Forsberg,but they did get a decent Center to Replace Richards.
    Vinny Prospal is now the Flyers leading scorer. Keep in mind Mike will be back,giving the Flyers great depth down the middle,they still need to improve on defense though if they are going to get to the Cup Finals or even deep in the playoffs.

    Do you think Philly is done wheeling and dealing?

    I think they should move Hatcher.
    What about the goaltending. They gave up 2 goals in 11 seconds tonight vs BUFFALO.
    I seriously think I could do better in goal than that. 11 seconds.
    C'mon. At least they won it in a SO. Briere got one over on his old team of all people to get them off the skid.

  17. scoobiedoo says:

    I could see Philly acquiring  a defensemen. Either Bryan McCabe,(TOR)Rob Blake(LA)or Brian Campbell(BUF).

    Moving out Hatcher and Carter.(now an extra Center,but Prospal will probably play wing in Philly with Gagne out.)

    Rob Blake needs to come play in Philly and BLUELINE the POWERPLAY with TIMMONEN.

    So Rob if your reading this,WAVE YOUR NO TRADE CLAUSE NOW!!!!!



    PLEASE COME TO PHILLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Work it out,will ya.

  18. Habs_Cup08 says:

    Good pick up for Philly, and as for Dan Boyle signing, I think its fair considering he has put up solid numbers over the years, I mean if Pavel Kubina can make $5M per season or Wade Redden making $6.5M, and let's not for Timonen and his six year whopper in Philly. Boyle's signing is fine by me when you consider the 15 other over-paid defencemen around the league making the $$$ that they do.

  19. broc says:

    What's with Flyer fans thinking this year that suddenly there's a market for Derian Hatcher? There isn't. Really. Just like last year- you're stuck with his stupid contract.

    Enjoy paying Briere the next 5 years too, LMAO

  20. Bure96 says:

    Great move's by the Lightning.

  21. BruMagnus says:

    you are mistaken.

    Prospal played one season with the former Mighty Ducks, getting 19 goals and 54 points in a full season.

    He did however get 79 and 80 points in 02-03 and 05-06 with the Lightning. He had a career high in goals in 05-06 also with just 25, but this year has already broken that with 29 goals. He was on pace for a massive 38 goals and 75 points, but we'll see if he picks it up or tanks with the Flyers.

  22. BruMagnus says:

    Personally, I'm going to disagree with most people on here.

    I think Prospal was virtually given away. He has 29 goals and is on pace for 38 goals with 75 points. Yes, he is playing on one of the top lines in the NHL, but he's still producing well. He has had a 79 and 80 point season as well with the Lightning in the past. He is hardly a marginal second-tier player. He is a good player in his own right. The Flyers win this deal in my opinion, UNLESS, the deal is actually a 2nd AND 3rd round pick IF Prospal re-signs.  But, if he doesn't re-sign and all they get is Picard… boy howdy, they got ripped off. The Flyers have plenty of Defensive youth and prospects not to miss him.

    As for Boyle. One can clearly see how much the Lightning needed a guy like Boyle. Yes, it is expensive, but such a player is necessary for their team. It's kind of funny though that he signed for $6.66 million. Wonder what that all means. The other negative to this is that I thought they were trying to avoid their problems of a select high paid players. Well now we know for sure Richards will get traded, either tomorrow or in the summer, but really… all they did was save $1 million from Richards' contract in Boyle…

    anyways, it seemed my prediction was correct again that Boyle would likely stay and that TB wanted to get rid of Prospal and Richards.

  23. UsedandAbused says:

    I think this was a solid move by the Flyers. I like Picard, but Prospal will really help the Flyers down the stretch.

  24. sconte66 says:

    Ok…if Richards stays in Tampa….then 4 players will equal more than HALF the salary cap??????  WTF

  25. mojo19 says:

    Ya, the 79 in 80 is what I was thinking of. But still 54 points isn't terrible. He's a capable scorer, and a good guy to have on your 1st or 2nd line as a support winger.

  26. flyersfan_92 says:

    Picard is not an NHL player, he may someday aspire to be one, but he will struggle in the defensive zone, for me the trade was lopsided in the flyers favor

  27. flyersfan_92 says:

    Picard was expendable, great move by Holmgren a few weeks back saying how picard is a great young defenceman, well at least Tampa bought that load of crap he was selling, i seriously think tampa fans will grow to hate this guy, he is lousy in the d zone

  28. Archion113 says:

    Have you even seen Picard in the NHL? 

    He's been terrible…  Kukkonen has been great at the NHL level.  Coach just doesn't like him.

    SO i agree with Nittymakiforvezina here…

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