Prospect T. Ruutu signs with Blackhawks

Sources report that GM Mike Smith announced today that the Chicago Blackhawks have signed highly touted prospect, Finnish center/left winger Tuomo Ruutu. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

7 Responses to Prospect T. Ruutu signs with Blackhawks

  1. Bodster says:

    Its about time. They finally did something right.

  2. Enigma says:

    good move by the hawks, they desperately need a future.

  3. nucksfan says:

    This is surprising, just a few weeks ago it looked like they were at an impasse. Ruutu wanted to be the HIGHEST paid player on the Blackhawks, and his agent called him “the best player in the world”.

    I wonder how the other Hawks will respond to this talented kid with a huge ego before he even stepped foot on nhl ice. We’ll see if he’s a Calder candidate, he’s got the press and credentials of one.

  4. Slavik says:

    it would be really funny if the guy ended up beign another jarko ruutu, a 7 million dollar pest 🙂 oh well how much did he sign for, any oen here a report of an estimate?

  5. MantaRay says:

    I am surprised the Hawks fell for this. His agent was hardballing them. He hasn’t played a game yet in the NHL and all of a sudden he is the best player in the league???

    Good luck with this headcase.

  6. OldNord says:

    In the current CBA a rookie can’t have more than about 935 000$ the first 3 years (not sure about the 3 years), if he had his golden bridge, he must product to reach his bonuses.

  7. lumberjack7 says:

    Bill Zito(Rutuu’s Agent) didn’t call him “the best player in the world” he called him “the best player in the world NOT IN THE NHL”. He is the youngest brother of Vancouver’s Jarkko Rutuu, but he has the same style of play as Peter Forsberg. He’s not as arrogant as you might think, either. The only reason the contract negotiations went on so long was because Hawks owner Bill Wirtz is a cheap old bastard. He should start as Chicago’s third center behind Zhamnov and Arnason, but he can also play either wing. He’s the player the Hawks have been missing since JR left in that trade to Phoenix so many years ago.

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