Hi I’m here to expand my opinion about the TML Prospects.

1 – Anton Stralman (D) Doesn’t he remind you of Lindstrom- When he has the puck the announcers wont shut up about how good of a passer/shooter/skater he is. Not to mention his amazing progressing talent and his offensive ability. Getting rid of him would be compared to Detroit going and doing something like getting rid of Pavel Datsuyk because they want to rebuild or get a better trade? Who’s better than Pavel these days other than our superstars. Honestly. Dont trade Stralman. Hes one of the NHL’s Offensive Defensive future superstars. GM’s would die for him. DONT TRADE HIM AWAY.

2 – Jeremy Williams (C) – From what I’ve heard in the minors hes not bad
3 – Andy Wozniewski (D) – He tries.
4 – Jay Harrison (D) – Dont knowledge of this player.
5 – Jiri Tlusty (C/W) – Hes good. Has to develop in the NHL Skill level.
6 – Brent Aubin (RW) _ From what I’ve heard.
7 – Robbie Earl (LW) – From what I’ve heard.
8 – Nikolai Kulemin (LW) – Keep him. Same deal as stralman
9 – Justin Pogge (G) – From what I’ve heard. Dont make the Tukka Rask mistake twice…..
10 – John Mitchell (C) – Dont know about him.
11 – Darryl Boyce – Keep em.. KEEP EM ALL.
12 – Johnny Pohl – I like him. Its up to you
13 – Kronwalls. The kronwalls are always good or decent.

Trade away: Tucker – Kubina – Woz – Blake – Raycroft –
Wellwood( after his injury hes been scared to do anything, Maybe send him to the minors to gain his confidence back, Or its just he need better players to play with. If not. Do Not trade ) Cliff should try killing those contracts of Kabrle McCabe Gill And giving them to stralman to put his value up but. Thus bringing our Minors up and our prospects to be the team and keeping a couple Vets to teach them some NHL Values.

Team: Steen Stajan Wellwood Tlusty Ponikorovsky Moore Sundin Kilger Devereaux Boyce Bell Antropov(C) Colaiacovo Gill Kabrle Kronwall McCabe White Stralman Harrison Pohl Earl Pogge Clemmenson Toskala Kulemin

Remember Just becasue some of those players arn’t Amazing and don’t live up to some peoples standars right now. Wait untill the future. Just like Datsuyk!!!!!!! He was a no one in the draft….