Prusek's heading to Columbus

It’s official, the Columbus Blue Jackets have signed UFA goalie Martin Prusek, or so reports

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  1. Kamakaze says:

    Well he will be a great backup for Denis, but doesn’t Denis like to play a lot of games?

  2. ndnhockeyfreak says:

    why??? of all teams why the jackets….arent yall forgetting pascal leclaire

  3. Leafs_Win says:

    Yeah what about Pascal Leclaire? and Denis? Trade a brewin’ ?

  4. Leafs_Win says:

    As per TFP… why would the Blue Jackets want to keep this underwraps… maybe because the wanted to get a trade in place and didn’t want to seem desperate like the Flyers were.

  5. BlueOrangeWhite says:

    denis is a goner

  6. Lint07 says:

    Don’t think so, unless they get a goalie in return.

    Prusek’s hardly a #1 goalie.

  7. wizard36 says:

    it’s a good move because denis is a very good goalie despite what people think. the problem is he plays waaaaaay to many games and in most of them he faces lots of shots. both of those should end since foote will improve the defense with both his talent and passing on his knowledge, as well as having a starter quality back-up to give him rest. the only big issue though is leclair was supposed to be a good goalie pospect. if the denis-prusek holds up, look for leclair to get traded to a team in need of a young goalie.

  8. zdeno_duchesne says:

    as a senators fan, i’m quite concerned..

    what about hasek’s groin?

    i have this much (0) confidence in emery… prove me wrong young fellow.. prove me wrong

  9. BlueOrangeWhite says:

    prusek is a better goalie than denis.

    i was a jr level goalie. you were not. i can assess goalies accurately. you cannot.


  10. BlueOrangeWhite says:

    the sens made a mistake. they should have kept prusek. signed a different vet to SPLIT time with him, and next yr given the full time job to prusek.

  11. nelsog says:

    I saw Emery play last year against the Rats. I’m not sure I’d have much confidence in him either, expecially with the new pad rules. He is not very quick, depending more on taking up space and playing angles. He is also quite inconsitent, or so I hear from some season ticket holders. All in all…. I think the Sens are screwed.

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