Punishment doesn't fit crime

I’ve been watching Canuck games for 10 years, but I’ve never been this embarassed.

I’m sure you’ve all seen it by now, the humiliated look on Markus Naslunds face says it all.

Todd Bertuzzi endangered Steve Moores life by trying to exact some revenge for the hit on Naslund and will most likely be suspended. That was Matt Johnson low, Marty Mcsorley low.

What Bertuzzi did was stupid and he’ll no doubt be suspended, but in his defense, I don’t think he meant to hurt him that bad, it was his head hitting the ice that I believe did the most damage. Either way, competely embarrased to be a Canuck fan and wishing the best for Moore.

Moore didn’t deserve it, and I think I speak for everyone here when wishing him a speedy recovery.

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  1. Aetherial says:

    Yeah the Leafs are a real dirty team…

    Name a player they have high-sticked in the eye and have required surgery? THAT is dirty.

    The Tucker hit was questionable, some think it was low, I think it was a hip-check. Domi Cheap-shotting Niedermayer was cheap… nothing like this though… and nothing like players getting their retinas damaged by high-sticks. The Leafs are nowhere near as dirty right now as some teams (Ottawa, Vancouver). Why? Because half of the Leaf team is willing to drop the gloves to settle something. They aren’t chicken-sh*t little candy-asses .

  2. Aetherial says:

    Come on, there is no sense trashing Canuck fans… I am sure they don’t like this any more than we do. I know, as a Leaf fan, I would be none too happy if Roberts pulled something like this.

    The suspension will be 5 games, tops. You watch. What it should be is the rest of the season. It is time to send a message.

    This was pre-meditated, dirty, and frankly, gutless.

    One message I do have for Vancouver and their fans… The hit on Naslund was NOT cheap… the guy leaned in, stuck out his arm… That kind of thing happens like 1000 times a game. He was not aming for Naslund’s head, he didn’t throw a leg out to blow out his knee… he did not have his stick or elbow up… Naslund was falling and he got clipped the wrong way because of it.

    The Canucks and their fans whining about this is pathetic…

    Please find me a comparable amount of whining from Leaf fans when Tucker and Nolan both required surgery from high sticks to the eye?! They were also both out longer than Naslund I believe?

  3. nskerr says:

    I turned the game on just after the hit and saw how Brashear nearly went into the stands after getting hit by a fan. I saw Colorado Assistant Coaches screaming at Vancouver. From all of the descriptions I have read from the web sites and fan reactions, it must have been pretty bad.

    But remember this, this is the NHL and Bertuzzi is a marquis player. The NHL is notorious for not handing down suspensions to players that deserve it, especially when they are a star in the league. Even if Bertuzzi got suspended for the rest of the regular season, so what. Vancouver is still going to make the playoffs and still will probably be in the top 4, so they will get a home ice advantage. Crawford as most coaches do know this.

    Why do you think Philly and Ottawa sent every goon they had on the bench onto the ice to start a brawl that was reminiscent of 70’s “old-time hockey?” Because they know the league won’t take action. A few nights later, San Jose got into a similar situation with Dallas. I’m not saying this equates to a cheap shot, but these coaches know what time of the year it is and the NHL has no intention of taking players off the ice during the last 15 games, especially if they are stars like Bertuzzi.

    And it will even get worse in the playoffs. When Darcy Tucker lowballed Michael Peca without the puck and blew his knee out, no suspension. When Kyle McClaren hammered the Montreal player breaking his jaw and causing multiple fractures in the face, he was suspended for the rest of that series. Big F—ing deal.

    If the NHL wants to make a statement, tell Bertuzzi he is out for the rest of the season no matter how far the Canucks go, but I bet he will be back before the regular season ends and definitely by the playoffs because the NHL needs its stars in the game.

  4. cgolding says:

    finally got to catch the video… holy crap! sorry, don’t have a lot of valuable insight other than that.


  5. PurpleHelmet says:


  6. ORIGINAL-6 says:

    Brashear? You mean the other black hockey player Worrel. right

  7. cgolding says:

    ottawa high sticks like it’s there job, but how are the leafs, bruins, and philly dirty? i mean AT ALL, let alone “far dirtier.” they play physical hockey and sometimes bad things happen when you flying around hitting people WITH YOUR SHOULDER.

    tie domi i have no respect for at this point, which is a shame cuz i used to like the guy a lot prior to the hit on niedermeyer… and tucker is just irritating, but i don’t consider him a dirty player.

    the bruins? how are the bruins as a team dirty? i can’t think of one guy on that team that i even worry about laying one of the flyers out going into a game.

    and the flyers are dirty? they fight, they hit, they do all that stuff. however, i cannot think of one incident in recent memory that i consider dirty on their part. they play physical and tough… you need to watch a lil more east coast hockey before making claims against 3 of the bigger and better physical teams in the league.

    honestly the west has been the home of many of the quote-unquote dirty plays in the past few years, i think the more wide-open play out there leads to big hits that lead to bad feelings towards one another. the senators have been involved in more than one high sticking incident over the past couple of years…

    this is just a stupid statement i guess is what i’m saying.

    nevermind the bullox,


  8. newfoundnasty says:

    my opinion on this is that if there is going be a suspension on this one there should of been a suspension on Moore for the hit on Naslund. I don’t agree on the sucker punch by Bertuzzi but I think he should have taken Moore’s ******* head off and to you comrie44, you’ve been watching the CanucKs for 10 years what’s your take on the Naslund hit? I think it was dirty and it was meant to take one of the greatest players of the game out with the intent to injure. GO CANUCKS GO!!!!!!!!!

  9. cgolding says:

    it was a clean hit. grow up, the last thing we need is for hockey to go completely ***** like the nfl and say that anyone make ‘oh so much money’ and has ‘such and such stat’ can’t be hit.’ the puck was in play, naslund was stupid enough to extend himself in the nuetral zone and got hammered… same crap that happened to lindros on a regular basis when he was here in philly… i wasn’t *****ing that it was a dirty hit with the intent to injure, i was *****ing that lindros was a friggin moron that hadn’t learned the first five times that he shouldn’t do it.

    it’s a rough game… he got hit…. grow up.

    ‘sucker punch’ — that was a mugging, in truth i’ve had friends who’ve been mugged in philly that have been treated better… they just got hit from behind, not pile-drived into the concrete. i hope bertuzzi doesn’t play again this year, and if he does… canucks v. avalanche series could be VERY ugly.

    nevermind the bullox,


  10. jmorden says:

    This incident gives insight into what’s wrong with the game on a larger scale. It goes back to Gary Bettman and his made for disney-owned ABC changes to the game. Usign the instigator rule to eliminate fighting results in a build-up of emotion and an extreme release as seen here. In 1989 (when the legality of that hit wouldn’t have even been questioned – read “before wussification of NHL), Moore would’ve laid down that hit and, although it was legal, would’ve been confronted by the end of the next shift by the other teams enforcer. A fight then, regardless of who won, would’ve calmed the situation and kept emotions from boiling over over the course of a month.

  11. PurpleHelmet says:


    nevermind the ballocks!


  12. cgolding says:

    i hate bettman… he’s ruining the game in ways that only he could find.

  13. Treva says:

    I am a canuck fan. Bertuzzi is an idiot, period.

    Don’t blame the canuck fans, whom i agree were stupid about the moore hit – which was borderline, but not cheap and did not warrant a suspension – The fans at the game were all on their feet to see if moore was okay. After the game all the call in shows were to say what a stupid move it was for bert to do that, especially after Moore had dropped the gloves.

    Keep in mind that a lot of fans in vancouver are at the game because the canucks are trendy, they are not “Hockey Fans”, they are just something to talk about at the watercooler.

    As a canuck fan, bertuzzi has screwed us. He is going to be gone for atleast 15 games. He is a repeat offender (10 games two seasons ago). It is bad for the game

  14. Treva says:

    Moore’s hit on Naslund wasn’t dirty (not 100% clean either, but that’s why hockey is great). Moore didn’t deserve what Bertuzzi did to him.

    But you are an idiot, the look on Naslund’s face was enough to know what he thought about his buddy berts behaviour. And there is not one player in this league that takes concusions lightly, sure it was a grade 2 concusion, but lay off the guy. Bertuzzi is the dink that hurts the Canucks and Hockey.

  15. wingerxx says:

    I’ve always liked Todd Bertuzzi…even from his days with the Islanders, I always figured that he could be a great player, and I was happy to see him become that great player in Vancouver. But after last night, I’ve lost a lot of respect for him. Bottom line, he had no excuse to do what he did, previous incidents aside. It was wrong, and was not the action of a “tough” guy. When you do something as wildly stupid as that, you have to earn back the respect of the fans and players, and he’s better be prepared to do that. I hope I don’t see anything like that from Bertuzzi again.

  16. AllanBester says:

    I didnt bother reading the first 164 comments, but here it goes.

    What Bertuzzi did, and everyone saw, was wrong. You cant just hit a guy in the back of the head. But because the rules of the NHL hide and protect these guys who wont stand up for themselves, it causes some players to do things they normally wouldnt do( Bertuzzi) because players like Moore wont answer the ” BEll” so to speak. Moore wouldnt fight May, Clean and Fair, he wouldnt fight Brookbank and he wouldnt fight Bertuzzi, fair and square, so he skates away from anyone who wants to fight except the GIANT Matt Cooke, he will only fight the smallest guy on the team. Moore took liberties with Naslund , and the hit he delivered two games ago.

    If moore hadve just stood up and been a man, it wouldve been over. But when you start something with a CHEAP SHOT, it usually ends with a CHEAP SHOT!

  17. wingerxx says:

    Well, I like what you said, and a lot of it comes down to whether the Naslund hit really was a cheap shot. I personally didn’t see the hit, but it probably was. Even taking all that in mind, it certainly doesn’t justify what Bertuzzi did. I’m just hoping that it will all end here, with the retaliation and such. Bertuzzi, unfortunately, deserves whatever punishment he is going to get.

  18. MikeGainer says:

    Sporstnet is reporthing that Steve Moore has broken vertebrae in his neck…….

    wow, a broken neck- GOOD JOB CANUCK DIRTBAGS, verry impressive

  19. cgolding says:

    Moore not so OK.


    not a doctor, but anytime vertebrae comes into a medical report on a injured player i assume that we talking about career threatening situation.

  20. PuckSwiper says:

    Bertuzzi is one of the best player in the league, the sad thing is he has to take matters into his own hands. Steve Moore gave his partner and team mate a cheap shot and he got what he deserved. This clearly sends a message to all the dirty players in the NHL, if Bettman is too stupid to deal with it, the players will. The players aren’t going to stand for cheap shots, Havlat your next. GOOD job Bertuzzi now this is a guy i want on my team. Someone who won’t take no shit from shitty players.

  21. habs_punk says:

    the leafs are a dirty team, maybe not as dirty as some of the other teams, but they are dirty

    esp. tucker, cant stand that guy, most people i talk to think that the hit on peca was clean, but to me, peca wasnt part of the play anymore, he had already passed the puck and was just kind of cruising, and tucker blindsided him. to me it looked like he went down for the hip check and then just before he hit peca he went even lower for the knees. thast just how i saw it, everyone will see it differently

  22. gr8haluschak says:

    first I am not and Avs fan so lets get that out of the way before I start, but excuse me what team blew a legal hit on Naslund out of proportion oh yes those mighty Cannots, I would hate to see what happens when guys like Tkachuk, Jackman, Worrell,…. the list can go on, get their hands on that trash Todd. That is if he is not turtling on the ice, I mean after all he turtled on the first punch the mighty ANDRE NIKOLISHIN gave him, so imagine what will happen when a real tough guy gets his hands on him.

  23. oglethorpe says:

    Yeah he’s the man! The man missing the last 10 games(at least)of the regular season. That’s how you get the cup. As for the playoffs it’s hard to win when you’re own team is disgusted by your actions. Also it’s VERY HARD TO READ when you’re shouting. What are you a pro-wrestler!

  24. oglethorpe says:

    Who-Georges Laraque?

  25. oglethorpe says:

    Who-Georges Laraque?

  26. oglethorpe says:

    The cops have started a “preliminary investigation” of the Bertuzzi “incident”. Really.

  27. gr8haluschak says:

    What are you going to call, him touching him is NOT holding, there was nothing that could have been called so don’t give me that BS that this could have been prevented, and it is nobody’s fault BS, it wasn’t Moore’s fault that the Cannots got it handed to them, it was not Moore’s fault he hit Naslund with a legal hit, That gutless puke Bertuzzi is the only one to blame for his actions.

  28. Madman9 says:

    Steve isn’t be ok, he has three broken vertabrae in his neck and a concussion. At least he can move all of his extremities though, and all i can hope is that Steve will pull through. BERTUZZI IS A DOUCHEBAG COWARD and deserves to be out for the rest of the season or longer.

  29. Madman9 says:

    is everyone in canada as stupid as you? ouch.

  30. frezz says:

    what difference will it make if he is crimminally charged hes going to get a bigger punishment in his pay cut they any court could deal out so its just a waste of time for the police

  31. oglethorpe says:

    Now let’s not start with the “stupid” cracks Yank. For the record frezzis stupid. That said I suggest you elect him as your next president-he’d be a step up. Also Bertuzzi deserves a long suspension. It doesn’t matter what other players do or did, he’s responsible for his selfish play.

  32. oglethorpe says:

    Hey circlejerkers. Yes you’ve got a great team. They’re called the Quebec Nordiques. And speaking of wretched goalies say “Hi” to Tommy for me. See you on the golf course.

  33. terry says:

    it kind of makes me sick how people say the nucks arent a dirty team like the leafs. never has a player in the NHL give a sucker punch, then pile drive the guys head to the ice. you cant give excuses like he didnt mean to hurt him as much as he did. HE SUCKER-PUNCHED THIS GUY FROM BEHIND! what did he think was going to happen? usually the guy will get knocked out, and if not, they def wont have the composure to avoid hitting their head on the ice full force, and just in case moore was able to, bertuzzi made sure his head wasnt going anywhere. stop defending the guy. he screwed up and should be suspended through the playoffs.

  34. Petr89 says:

    That’s hilarious. Should of never made her sit on the couch to watch the game.

  35. Petr89 says:

    Although I’m not a doctor either, I don’t think we are quite at the “career-threatening” level. It is my impression that this is more in line with the type of injury Daunte Culpepper suffered this year which kept him out about a month, although that was more in the back area than neck.

    There are a lot of little bones on the outside of the vertebra which aren’t so scary to get cracked. Still, can’t be pleasant for Moore.

  36. oglethorpe says:

    Amen Horseteeth!

  37. pucknut says:

    In case you missed the news, perhaps because your head is up your ass, you might have seen the many replays of this incident. The more I see it the more I hope that he gets the book thrown at him. I did not have to make it sound worse than it was, all the replays point out exactly what I am talking about. And before you respond to this, take a good long look in the mirror, now there’s a ****ing idiot!!

  38. cgolding says:

    naslund slowed up and extended rather than skate forward, thus rather than catch him full he clipped him on the head when naslund shied back… if naslund hadn’t leaned out it wouldn’t have been to the head at all, if he’d kept going it would have been body on body.

  39. wingerxx says:

    When something like this happens, you have to expect some passionate responses. That said…The NHL set the precedent for this kind of thing with the McSorley incident, and this hit, it could be argued, is worse than that one was. Showing support to Bertuzzi is one thing…that’s good…he’s going to need it. But he deserves to be punished, and I think that he knows that. We’re just taking hockey back to the dark ages. And that is a very good way to have hockey die out, because all this, is just bad publicity for the game. It’s only one of many reasons why Bertuzzi has to be punished. If he gets one year…I would be fine with that. And I like Bertuzzi. The league has to put a stop to things like this, because it’s bad PR for the league, which means less and less people will want to watch. We want people to think positively of the game.

  40. UsedandAbused says:

    Tell me about it… She is on my case all the time.

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