Pure Speculation

In between the clouded memories and twisted thoughts that float around in my head every day, there is the rare occasion that something clear and intelligent sneaks past the radar…….

Unfortunately that hasn’t happened today so if this actually gets posted you will all be subject to my manical rumblings.
First off I’d like to say that due to my attention span (which could be compared to that of a retarded chimp on crack) I failed to sit down for the entire game. But as always I’m able to go to work the next day and look up last nights scores and what not.

Now although I only read every second word of the review (to save time) I did come across a part where Vincent Lecavilier said that he loves playing the western conference due to it’s “wide open game” and stated that “playing here was a lot of fun” referring to Rexall Place(Rexall- your family drug store, I mean arena).

Well Mr. Lecaviler how would you like to have the time of your life playing half your games here in a season and about 80% of that season against western conference opponents?!

Now I’m sure he never really meant anything by it but if I was Kevin Lowe and I heard that, my ears would definitely perk up. Whoa Kevin, yes he’s 6ft 4 but he has talent also. what’s that? You need some time alone? Sure thing.

Who would the Oilers have that could possibly interest the Lightning? Well, how bout Eric Brewer?

Of course we would have to get Lowe drunk in order for him to OK the trade of his 25 year old adopted son. The reason I’m throwing Brewers name out there is because for some reason it HAS been out there.

In my honest opinion the Oil are missing one thing, a centre with some sort of star power. When Oates was signed I was getting ready for the annual meeting of the Stars and Oilers in the playoffs. Right now Oates hasn’t been what I hoped which leaves a huge hole down the middle and the Oilers fighting for a spot(as usual).

I think Edmonton has the depth right now that will allow them to lose a D-man and in the Oilers system it’s not defence that wins you games, it’s the offense that they don’t have.

I’m not saying that it would go Brew for Vinny straight across because that wouldn’t be fair so throw in one of the 1st rounders the Oilers have this year(Philly’s cause it will be higher) and I think you have the beginnings of what could be a very probable trade.

quotes and such taken from www.sportsnet.ca and NHL.com