Putting together a puzzle

Well since I’ve been hearing everyone say, “if you’re sick of seeing leafs articles, then write an article about your team or another team.” I’ve noticed that there hasn’t been a pens article in a while so hear it goes.

So, I’ve been looking at the pens roster and there are still so many question marks. I believe that the pens will be one of the top teams in the East but first they have to put this roster together. Michelle Therrien has his work cut out for him trying to put together almost an overflow of talent. Definitly an overflow of good centers.

I keep hearing people say that Jordan Staal plays better at center and Erik Christensen plays better at center. but there is a problem…there are only 4 lines. these guys need to adjust to there role at wing. especially christensen because he could make a good 2nd line winger.

I also look at the players they acquired, sykora and sydor. sydor will be a great helper on defense in bringing along young star defenceman kris letang and sykora will add some serious scoring. but there is yet another question. who is sykora going to play with? with his former Russian teammate Evgeni Malkin or Crosby. Also where is Recchi going to fit in. He may not be able to even squeeze into the top 2 lines. I believe a move that needs to be made is Ryan Malone. I almost don’t even care for what or who anymore. This guy just doesnt’ fit into the team and the pens could probably get a decent return.

My last thing that I’ve been thinking about is…will the pens sign or trade for anyone else? I do believe that the pens will dump malone and get draft picks and maybe a role player. they should also sign another stay at home defensive player but I don’t think that will be done. It’s mentioned that they need another top 6 winger but that would just make this roster even more hectic than it really is. However, I would like to see the team pick up Mike Johnson to play on our 3rd or 4th line. That would be a great pick up.

My prediction for the roster next year:




ruutu-johnson/brent/malone/taffe/who know’s-laraque



whitney- orpik

sydor- letang

What do you guys think the pens roster will look like next year? feel free to comment on mine?