Quick! Hop on the bandwagon Habs Fans!

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Well, Carey Price played in his first game. And just like Patrick Roy and Ken Dryden, he picked up his first win in his first start in the exact same arena. So a lot of Habs fans think that this must mean Price is the next Roy! But hold on a second…

Habs fans, slow DOWN. Carey Price did play very well, and he made some stellar saves, but guys, it is just one game!
I’ll be the first to admit, I believe that Price will eventually be a superstar goalie, but as Jacques Demers said yesterday, Lets not compare Price to the likes of Roy and Dryden just yet.
I actually started receiving text messages yesterday stating that Montreal was taking the Cup! Mind you, most of those people were likely drunk, but even in a drunken state you shouldn’t be saying that a team many are predicting to miss the playoffs is going to win the Cup, it’s just illogical.
Let’s take a look at the performance of the Habs last night.
Montreal managed only 5 shots in the first period. Carbonneau did say that the players would instinctively play defensive hockey in front of a rookie tender. They took several stupid penalties and were lucky to escape the period tied at 0.
Montreal started the second period by taking a dumb penalty and it finally cost them. But as the period went on Montreal seemed to wake up, and Plekanec really made himself noticed by scoring a powerplay goal, and in my mind proved he should be at LEAST our second line center. He then set up Kovalev for a 2 on 1 with Kostitsyn. Kovalev elected to shoot, surprising Fleury and netting a softy.
Montreal DOMINATED the third period offensively. At one point the shots were something like 13-2 in Montreal’s favor. They managed one goal and that was all they needed.
The defense put up a solid performance early in front of their young tender, yet they still gave up a few chances. For some reason, Pierre Houde and Yvon Pedneault were picking on Josh Gorges for most of the night (probably because he took the place of French Canadian Brisebois), yet I felt that the blame should have been placed on Mike Komisarek for taking a few dumb penalties throughout the game. Gorges was a little apprehensive, but by the time the third period came around, he was playing very well. I seem to recall him breaking up a 2 on 1 against Malkin, and setting up a few offensive chances.
The second period was about the same for the Habs, yet a silly play by Hamrlik sent Crosby flying on top of Price, knocking the goalie out of the play and allowing for an easy goal, giving the Pens the early lead. Like the offence, the more the period went on the better they seemed to be playing.
The first 15 minutes of the third was dominated by the Habs defense. Bouillon, Streit and Markov were all over the place, breaking up plays, and the forwards were back checking tremendously. The last 5 minutes was pretty shaky, but they managed to hold on.
This is the part everyone’s buzzing about. Price played an excellent game. Neither of the goals given up were really his fault. If you really wanted to scrutinize you could say he didn’t play the second goal properly, but that is to be expected by a rookie in his first game.
Price made some really good saves, and what interested me was that in his first start he was displaying some characteristics of a star goalie. He was making these saves consistently, throughout the game and not in short bursts like many goalies.
BUT… Guys, relax, it was only one game. If I remember correctly Yann Danis recorded a shutout against Atlanta in his first ever start. I’m not comparing Danis to Price, because Price has wayyy more potential, but let’s not make the same mistakes we’ve made on the Likes of Theodore and Huet. We were ready to build those two monuments, especially Theodore, and look what happened.
For the sake of Carey Price, please don’t start labeling him as the savior just yet. We can’t EXPECT another 20 year old to lead us to a Cup! Let Price develop slowly, don’t break his confidence (or build it too high), and please, watch your step and you hop on to the bandwagon…
I am excited about Price, I am excited about the possibilities in this season and in the years to come, I am pumped about the young talent we have, and I am EXPECTING a Cup in the next 5 years.

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  1. morrissey says:

    It was an impressive debut but yeah, he's not a superstar yet but he's shown that he is certainly good and he'll get better the more he plays at this level. I like the way the team is going, don't forget what a pitiful state Gainey inherited it in and now the Habs had 5 or 6 first round choices playing last night along with price and all are decent players. Maybe it'll be tight to make the playoffs this year, but success isn't too far away and once there it looks to be a nice long ride. With the defensive prospects in the pipeline and Price looking like a solid future in net I think the Habs are building this the right way.

  2. eron says:

    Stop ruining my fun! 😛

    If I want to be a blind, ignorant Habs fan praying for a not even 20 something kid to hoist us to the Cup just like he did for the Hamilton Bulldogs in the Calder Cup, let me 🙂 

    Sure sure, you can point out the several times I'll be a hypocrite and raid on everyone else's blind parade, but who cares?  Those people are not me.  If other Habs want to jump on the bandwagon, I'm the guy whipping the horse they call Price.  GO CAREY GO!  GO CAREY GO!  NO NOT JIM CAREY, YOU HAD YOUR CALDER TROPHY!  GO PRICE GO!  GO PRICE GO!

    Somebody on HFBoards.com said it best, his new goaltender mask should have a Crown of Thorns on it.

  3. eron says:

    Err I meant Jim Carey and his Vezina 🙂

  4. leafssuck67 says:

    81-0-1 baby!!!
    u say lucky to get out of the first tied at zero, i say carey price lol

    im just kidding around, really tho, i give the credit more to the defensive play, penalties or not, the pens took way more than 28 shots, defence was sacrificing the body…even kovalev lol

  5. habsrock99 says:

    One tiny little mistake, it was Komisarek who broke up that 2 on 1 with Malkin, not Gorges. You could see the black eye which was given to him by a cheap shot from Sundin on Saturday night. Wait, before people jump on me saying "it wasn't a cheap shot", it was plain and simple, you are SUPPOSED to be in control of your stick at all times, not flailing about, swinging your stick because you're about to get hit. Also, Gorges made a few mental mistakes throughout the game but overall, wasn't half bad. As for Price, I agree he played a great game and it should have been 3-1 not 3-2 (Yeah Hamrlik pushed Crosby but as usual "The Next Great One" dove onto Price and did not move, practically pinning Price to the ice). I can honestly say that with Price in net, I no longer have fears when Montreal's netminders touch the puck. I know I'll get ripped to shreds but oh well, I have to say it. Last nights performance by Price reminded me not of Patrick Roy or Ken Dryden but of a current goalie who's destined for Roy and Sawchuk's records. Yes, Marty Brodeur. I'm not comparing Price to Brodeur but he showed Brodeur-type poise and puck handling. And even his interview after the game on RDS, the interviewer was trying to get some sort of reaction out of him by asking him "At any point in the game did you feel like, wow, I'm gonna win my NHL debut?" (Not exact words but close enough) and Price, with his calm and collective way said "No, because if I did, it'd turn around and bite me in the rear-end".

    Now, truthfully, when I saw the headline of this article, I thought it had been written by a Leaf fan looking to make an ass out of him or herself and try being one of those Leaf fans who thinks Justin Pogge is and will always be better then Price. Thank God it wasn't.

  6. Rico71 says:

    He is not Martin Brodeur, but he possesses GREAT puckhandling skills. He basically took away the dump and chase option for teams in the AHL in the playoffs. Once he matures and acquires some NHL experience…watch out.

    He might never equal Brodeur, Roy, Dryden, etc…but he will be a great goalie for the Habs.

    Almost what you would call a total package in a goalie.

    I agree with you about the Crosby DIVE. Sid is a great whiner and diver. His next-to-god superstar status helps out a lot. He gets BARELY pushed by Roman and dumps Price on his butt…then just stands there. If it would have been a guy like Talbot, Laraque or Armstrong…there would have been a penalty. But it was Sid. No penalty.

    Superstars ALWAYS get away with penalties. Look at Sundin and his multiple face crosschecks against Komisarek and at the end of the game. It took 3 hits before he got 1 penalty.

  7. gronk says:

    Oh quit whining about how the Habs got cheated by the refs.  THEY WON THE GAME.  Besides, I was at the game and I recall Crosby getting clearly punched in the face by Markov and there wasn't a wistle blown. I thought the refs were fair in the game not giving either team much of an advantage.  The Pens lost it due to a lack of that fiery attitude that they had last year.  Price looked GREAT too. Beyond great.

  8. gronk says:

    I was waiting for someone to put something up about Price.  I am a die hard pens fan and I attended the game last night.  He looked AMAZING. I completely agree that this is just one game, but that Price could potentially be fantastic.  He shows the qualities of guys like Brodeur, Roy, and Barasso.  He clears his own crease and plays an aggressive game just like Brodeur and Barasso.  He has the poise of veteran in there.  I was impressed.

  9. Rico71 says:

    Whining? It happened.

    That was the only play I remember that should been called a penalty against the Pens. When it involves Sid, he gets away with way too much, that's all. Markov punched Sid…ok…but a lot of hits like that happen. How about that VERY high stick by Roberts? Not called also.

    In Toronto, we would have won that game if not for penalties not called.

    I agree with you. Price was awesome last night. Great poise and cool under A TON of pressure.

  10. habsrock99 says:

    what the ***** are you talking about whining? I called it like I saw it, he dove and never moved. That's not "whining" like you seem to think. Whining would be taking note of every missed call in the game that went against Montreal then making a big deal about it. Did I make a big deal about Crosby hovering over Price, no. Also, when the ***** did I say the Habs got cheated by the refs???? Now, I wouldn't be making a such a deal about your comment but I am gonna defend myself when someone begins calling me something I am not. If you want whining, I think you get enough of it from your alleged "Superstar". 

  11. Fuzz16 says:

    I think we need to give credit where credit is due…..Plekanec is amazing and he has by far been our best player since midway last season including pre-season this year….He has proved he can score…and create great plays and still we put Grabovski as our 2nd line center…but now I am glad cARBO HAS COME around and put him back on the 2nd line……and Price was very Solid…Chips played well……we are in the rite direction

  12. Rico71 says:


    Pleks has been by far our most consistant forward since last year.
    I dearly hope Carbo understands his value and won't put him back on a line with comatosed Latendresse and Mr. Whatever Kostopoulos. What a useful acquisition that one…really. Good job Bob.

    Guys like Éric Bélanger and Martin Gélinas showed an interest in playing for Montreal, but no…let's go and get Tom. 

  13. habsrock99 says:

    Tom Kostopoulos is actually a very decent hockey player. He does more then a 39 year old Martin Gelinas, who's good years are long behind him and Eric Belanger, who had never scored more then 30 some odd points in a season. Kostopolous offers more defensive upside on the PK and on 5 on 5. Plus, when needed, he can fight and can pop in the crucial goal. Kostopoulos can also help lead a team, much like he helped lead the London Knights from a 60 loss to seson to a 54 win season.

  14. Rico71 says:

    You could be right. He is not a bad player. I don't think he was a needed signing. We have plenty of similar type player in the system like Lapierre, Ferland, Mulroy. All of them have next to no experience in the NHL though.

    I can see him in a 'patching the hole' role though.

    Gélinas still had 44 points for Flo last year. He still has good wheels, good defensive instincts and he has some leadership. He could have brought a bit of offense…maybe around 35 points.

    Bélanger brings some grit and defensive abilities. He is somewhat physical and can score around 15 goals nd 35 points.

    Tom will not get 35 points. he might fight a bit, but he will lose the majority of them.

  15. ferron says:

    I think the same way you do and I also think that in a couple of year Plek will be one of the nhl most complete player, he is stellar on defense, getting better every day on Face-off and along with Higgins and Kostisyn is the most promising foward in the habs system period! I wish we could see Plek back with Kostitsyn and long time line-mate Christopher Higgins. Also love Price, he's very calm compose and the goals he allowed last night where FLUKES, Montreal have a tradition of having Great(not good, Great!) goalies throughout the years, eg.Vezina, Worsley, Durnan, Dryden, Roy and now Price, Yes "I" am compairing Price to all of them He is Big, Technical, fast and handles the puck like Hextall! Chichura also looked good(much better than Grabovski, Begin, Kostopoulos, Latendresse and Ryder who looks terrible along with Begin, Brisebois and Georges! Why isn't O'Byrne playing?

  16. MtlHabs09 says:

    I'd ;ike to thank all of you for the comments. I have to say I didn't expect such a positive reaction to my article. I saw in another article that people were complaining about the quality of the articles, and I tried to make that person know that a few people still can know what they're talking about.
    By the way the title was meant to give off the air of a Leafs fan trying to make fun of Habs fans, just to pull the attention of more people 😛

  17. gronk says:

    I wasn't trying to say that there was an awfully blown call or anything.  I was just making the arguement that the refs were fair.  And yes, Price was oozing poise last night. 

  18. broc says:

    Hmm, I never really got the impression that anyone was saying he's the next Roy or Dryden.

    Most of the talk was simply that he was starting his first game against the Penguins- like Roy and Dryden did back in their debuts.

    I have to admit though Price is probably the best goaltending prospect and is definitely someone to get excited about.

    Maybe he's the next Ryan Miller- that would be a dream come true for Habs fans..

  19. ryrad8 says:

    Imagine if the habs did win the cup this year, i we be so *****ing shocked it wouldn't be funny. IMO i think the pens got the cup

  20. habsrock99 says:

    I use alleged as implying that he isn't in the Superstar status of Gretzky, Lemieux, Orr, Richard, Beliveau, LaFleur, Howe, Gilbert Perreault, Marcel Dionne, Howie Morenz, etc. etc. Because simply put, Crosby will NEVER be as good as any of these players. He'll never outscore Gretzky. He'll never make ANYONE look good like Lemiuex did throughout his career. Crosby will NEVER control a game like Bobby Orr. He'll NEVER do what Richard was able to do. He'll NEVER lead a team like Beliveau. He'll never score 60 goals like LaFleur did. Crosby will never do what Howe did (not the whole playing til you die attitude). Crosby will NEVER be like Gilbert Perreault. As for Dionne, see Gretzky point because Dionne outscored Gretzky. And, Crosby will NEVER be like Howie Morenz. One thing preventing Crosby from any of this, are that he cares only for himself, not his team. He tries to make himelf look good by forcing himself to try and score diving goals instead of being spur of the moment type a thing which makes goals like Alex Ovechkin's behind the back goal so incredible. Also, Crosby blows defensively and will only be adequate at best.

  21. habsgod says:

    awesome debut!!way to go carey!!i thought it was impressive!!i mean this was/is the pittsburgh penguins he beat!!with the best player in the world and one of the top teams in the east!!if it was columbus ,st.louis or some also-ran team i wouldn't be that excited!!but to beat pittsburgh!!now carey do it to ottawa!!and show everyone that yes you are the habs next great superstar goalie!that will win us more cups!!!i know it was his first game people but believe me when i say this!!price will be 1 of the top 3 goalies in the league within 2 years!!!i along with all the young talent we have and the way the team is going!!i know history will repeat itself!and we will win a cup within 3years!!!when this team fully develops and matures!1,when mcdonagh,fischer, carle and the rest of our prospects and players grow together!!watchout!!this will be the deepest team and the most exciting team in hockey!!it'll bring back momeries of the dryden,lafleur robinson era and the roy era!!and with that more cups!!the ride has only begun!!so let's strap ourselves to this ride (it'll be fun) and lets' watch it and see where it takes us!!to bad the leafs and there fans can't say that!!i've said it now for the past 5 years!!we will win the cup again before those blow hards in toronto even get close!!

  22. Rico71 says:

    O'Byrne is stuck in the AHL because Gainey and staff did not evaluate O'Byrne properly. He was great during the AHL playoffs and all year before that. He is a physical guy (no Scott Stevens) that would be needed in Montreal.

    But Gainey went out and did his usual dumb signing. He signed Brisebois. We already had 7 NHL ready defensemen in Markov, Komi, Hammer, Streit, Bouillon, Dandy and Gorges. He even signed journeyman Jamie Rivers, making it 8 NHL capable defensemen. Adding Breezer made it 9.

    O'Byrne was doomed from the start. If Breezer was not signed, O'Byrne would be playing in Montreal. He could alternate with Gorges for the 6th spot and learn his craft at an NHL level.

    Good job Gainey.

    A desperate signing to try and make us believe that french players really don't mind playing in media crazy Montreal. Riiiight.

    Brisebois bleeds red-white-blue. You can hate him for his famous giveaways, but you have to respect his class. He was booed like no one and still he wants to come back. Chapeau!

  23. Rico71 says:


    You !! sure !! love those !!

    Great enthousiasm !!


  24. THEGREATHAB says:

    I totaly agree,  Price has only won one game,  and although I think he will have a very bright future,  and potentially be a star,  I thought the same about Garon (BTW I always liked Garon better than Theodore).  I hope Price gets 20-25 starts this year and we bring him along slowly,  however if the Habs make the Playoffs and Huet is shaky,  let the kid at it.

    The only thing that worries me about the Habs future is offence.  We have lots of D in the system,  and Goaltending should not be a problem,  but I see no future goal scorers.  The top offensive prospects are with the big club now,  and I do not see a game breaker.  Hopefully in the next couple of years Gainey will address this either through the draft or via trade.

  25. my_sphincter says:

    "Crosby will NEVER be as good as any of these players"

    He IS as good as these players now.  While it is true that Crosby may never break all of the records, it is a different game then it was when Gretzky played.  Crosby does, however have the skills to be mentioned with ALL of the greats of the game.

    You are clearly an idiot that is allowing your hatred of Crosby to blind you to the FACT that he is the best player in the game right now.  He makes every player he plays with look better than they actually are. 

    "Crosby from any of this, are that he cares only for himself, not his team. He tries to make himelf look good by forcing himself to try and score diving goals instead of being spur of the moment type a thing which makes goals like Alex Ovechkin's behind the back goal so incredible. Also, Crosby blows defensively and will only be adequate at best."

    OK, let's get real about things here.  When has Crosby "forced himself to score diving goals"?  That whole statement is just plain idiotic!  As for not being a team player because of him forcing himself to score ridiculous goals (still a stupid statement), Crosby had 84 assists last season.  Seems to me he's setting up many more goals than he is scoring.

    Defensively, Crosby is solid.  Look at the numbers, he was +10 last year, so I'd like to know (other than your personal opinion) where you get this notion that Crosby is poor defensively?

    It is funny how you go on about how Crosb will never do this and that, but you don't look at what he has accomplished in his 2 years in the NHL…

  26. Youngest player in NHL history to record 100 points in a season
  27. Youngest player in NHL history to record 200 career points (19 years and 207 days)
  28. Youngest player in NHL history to have 2 consecutive 100 point seasons.
  29. Youngest player to be voted to the NHL All-Star Game
  30. Youngest player in NHL history to win the Art Ross Trophy
  31. Youngest player in NHL history to win the Lester B. Pearson Award
  32. Youngest player in NHL history to be named to the First All-Star Team
  33. I rest my case.

  • the_word says:

    He looked good, can't wait until he has a fully developed game and UFA status when he'll surely leave Montreal.

  • habsoverserver says:

    every nhl team expects a cup in five years.  i never expect a cup in five years, because the average team turns over two thirds of its personnel over five years. 

    price played well.  one game down,   550 more wins to catch roy.  he should be able to catch him in 15-16 years, unless it turns out he isn't the greatest goalie of all time. 

    plekanec, if he gets in a groove, could be a first line center.   as it stands, the first line of the future is plecs, higgins and kostitsyn, which has scored a couple awesome goals.

  • habsrock99 says:

    Good case but the only reason why Crosby is the youngest to do anything is simply because, Gretzky wasn't 18 when he entered the NHL. Gretzky was 19 his first NHL season. If you don't know why, here's a little hockey history, he played his first year of professional hockey with the Indianapolis Racers and Edmonton Oilers in 1978-79 in the old WHA, where he scored 110 points in 80 games. Gretzky's first NHL season, he scores 51 Goals and 137 points.
    I am a Crosby hater but let the facts be known, after Ovechkin's behind the back goal, Crosby then scored several goals afterwards which were forced and their was really no need to pull these "stunts". One of them which comes to mind is against the New York Rangers, when him and a linemate were going on a two on two rush against the Ranger D, the linemate (who I forget the name of) launches a pass that is several feet in front of Crosby, who is going full throttle and a pass just in the reach of "The Next Great One", a pass which he could have received without diving to the ground, which he did, and could have scored it while continuing in stride.

    Another example of Crosby show-boating, was another game against the Rangers (not 100% certain if it was though), where Crosby is on a partial break and the defender taps Mr. Crosby on the legs, to which "Sid the Kid" responds by going to his knees, for no real reason other then the fact that he is a diver, and continues on his course and scores the goal while on his knees. yet another example of him blatantly trying to show-boat and deliberately trying to make himself look good.

    One last example, while Crosby is with Rimouski, his team up by a considerable margin, Mr. Crosby takes it upon himself to continue to show boat and he flips the puck onto the blade of his stick and tucks the puck under the crossbar from behind the net. The reason this is show-boating and hot-dogging is because Mr. Crosby had no reason to do this other then the fact that he tried to make himself look good. Had this goal been scored with the game score tied or Rimouski was down or they were up by a single goal, I wouldn't call it show-boating but doing it while up by a considerable margin, is like what Jesse Boulerice did to Ryan Kesler in the fact that it is a blatant slap in the face to the other team and it shows no real respect to the game, the players, his team mates, his coaches and overall the league.

    I'm gonna go on record to saying I hate Wayne Gretzky because he too was a tad over-rated. Now, I also hate Mats Sundin with all my heart. Crosby doesn't even rank in my Top 10 Most Hated players but the one thing I do have is respect for his scoring talent. I respect all hockey players (except Tie Domi because he was a pure untalented goon) for what they do. Yes Crosby's resume is already great but it doesn't compare to what the REAL legends like Richard, Orr, Gretzky, Beliveau, Howe, Perreault, Dionne, etc. Now, if Crosby actually went out and scored all his points without having to whine and cry and ***** to the refs because other teams are checking him, I'd consider Crosby one of the elites of all-time. Does Crosby have the heart and sttrength to carry 3 Detroit Red Wing players on his back and score a breakaway goal? NO! Does Crosby have the heart to go out and play with the knee's of a 50 or 60 year old when he's only in his mid-20's? NO! If Crosby were to have what Gretzky had, a Dave Semenko type player to protect him, then I'd totally give him full credibility because Gretzky didn't need to resort to whining and complaining to the refs about being checked, though as we all know, he did anyways bt the prospect is still their that he didn't have to.

    ""Defensively, Crosby is solid.  Look at the numbers, he was +10 last year, so I'd like to know (other than your personal opinion) where you get this notion that Crosby is poor defensively?""

    The Plus/Minus stat is possibly the MOST over-rated stat in hockey. All it does is give you a slight indication of what a player does defensively. Hell, for all the Pluses Crosby got without scoring a point, could have been when he was skating off for a change and the Pens happend to score while he was still on the ice, just floating to the bench. You want more then just my personal opinion, here it is. Montreal-Pittsburgh, last year, it's Over-Time and I believe Pittsburgh was on the Power Play. Mr. Crosby, receives a pass and decides, I'm gonna win this and begins to try and look all fancy and shit. Well, what happens? Tomas Plekanec tips the puck from him and continues on and scores the OT winner. Crosby couldn't defend his puck in the opposng end and cost his team the game and quite possibly a crucial extra point, which could have possibly given Pittsburgh Home Ice in the Play-offs. Want more? Memorial Cup Game 1, London vs Rimouski. Rimouski's up 3-1, Crosby, on a grand stage, wants to show off a bit, loses the puck in his own end, London scores. 3-2. Later on, London's tied it up at 3, Mr. Crosby, tries to put it upon himself and again, loses the puck, and London eventually scores the GWG.

    And I know I didn't go on about his accomplishments but that's becaue I think we have ALL heard these accomplishment's over and over again. But hey, while we're at it, let's see what he DIDN'T do in his first 2 years. DIDN'T break Teemu Selanne's 76 goal rookie record. DIDN'T break Teemu Selanne's rookie Point record of 132 Points. DIDN'T win the Calder Trophy, Alex Ovechkin did. Still has yet to score more points then Gretzky at his age. HASN'T scored 50 goals yet. DIDN'T help his team to go on to the next round of the play offs, where has Gretzky did in his 2nd year while also scoring 21 points in 9 games. I'd love to go on but frankly, I'm getting bored of talking about Crosby and what I think of him because, you know what, I have countered all of the things you stated in your comment. Now, before I forget, the reasoning behind the rediculous goals comment was that those goals, he didn't have to pull his "stunts". As for his 84 assists, that's one hell of an accomplishment and he did that because HE IS A NATURAL PLAYMAKER, like Gretzky. And, BTW, Crosby doesn't make everyone look "great". Case and Point, Ryan Malone and Colby Armstrong. Lemieux made player that should never have played in the NHL like Warren Young, score 40+ goals. I'd love to go on but frankly, I'm bored of talking about Crosby.

  • glennbauer says:

    Habs hockey tickets for sale, e-mail me at glennarden@hotmail.com if interested!!!

  • leafy says:

    Although I've stated many times that Montreal will never find another Roy, I could have been mistaken.  Price looks like the real deal.

  • ferron says:

      Price might not ever come close to Roy(3 Conn Smyth) but then again he might end up being better, I don't know if the ones out there bashing Price are even watching him play, I did and IMO I think that HE(Price) is the real deal and will be MTL's top player for years to come. Everybody talk about Price and in Montreal Hockey is more important than anything else! If Price ends up as good as he suppose to, people in Montreal will chante his name for years to come just like they did with Roy. Montreal's a Town who adores Goalies(Roy ,Dryden ect.) and hopefully Price will make us(habs Fans) forget about the lack of offense through the years and give us hope that one days we will see the cup in MTL! Price is also very different than Roy, Price is calm, quiet and compose while Patrick was a presence in the dressing room, like to talk to the media and wasn't afraid to speek his mind and probably the greatest clutch player of all time, either way the two of them are totaly  different. Roy is my favorite player and always will be but nobody can argue with Price's stats!


  • MtlHabs09 says:

    Just wanted to tell you that while Pleks did set up the 2 on 1, Souray wired it in after Pleks passed it right on to his stick.

  • habsrock99 says:

    ok thanks. I was thinking Pleks didn't score the goal but couldn't remember who else would have been with him.

  • jpmac says:

    And he will probably go to the leafs with all the other free agents

  • habsgod says:

    yeah but he'll wait until he's 36-37 and won his stanley cups with us!!then when he washed up and a has been then he will be a laff!!just like most of the washed up veterans of today they want toronto as there retirement home

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