Quinn to coach the Senators?

According to a bunch of sources it is highly speculated that Pat Quinn could be on his way to coach the Ottawa Senators. While in Vancouver and Toronto Quinn had a great deal of success turning slumping teams around.

Melnyk, owner of the Senators has issued a statement that Bryan Murray and coach Craig Hartsburg had not been fired however it is also reported in the Ottawa Citizen that his comments did not indicate that the pair was safe or going to be protected either.


In another report in the Ottawa Citizen it is highly speculated that Quinn will take over the job as head coach. It is reported that Melnyk made up his mind about the changes over that several weeks and that Nicholson and Quinn had spent quite a bit of time of late with Melynk during the recent World Juniors.


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  1. LeafsNation91 says:

    This would be good for the Sens, as some players careers might not be over. Like Mike Fisher, and ANtoine Vermette!

    This might be even better for the Leafs, who seem to be in the early stages of tanking!

  2. mitchamac says:

    Ottawa dont need a coach they neeed a gm

  3. Rickler says:

    The Sens aren't so bad… Are they?
    Spezza, Heatley, Alfredsson, Phillips, Volchenkov….
    That's a pretty decent core.
    In my mind they can change the coach, the gm and even the owner and still have the same problem they've had for years. Lack of secondary scoring.
    Fisher, Vermette and Kelly are all great THIRD LINE players and would probably form the best third line in hockey. Problem is they are being paid to produce as second liners.
    They are all established penalty killers and great two way forwards but are grossly overpaid.
    I for one am quite surprised at Vermette. I like many others figured him to be an up and coming scoring threat that could contribute night in and night out.
    It'll be interesting to see what Ottawa does. If I'm not mistaken they hold two first round picks at this years draft… Tampa's 1st and their own.
    It looks as though they could be sellers come deadline day, I just can't see them making too many moves as they are handcuffed with large contracts.
    I see Kuba getting moved for sure… But who else could they ship out?

  4. Rickler says:

    And get a legitimate starting 'tender already.
    Senators fans have got to be steaming…
    Everyone is aware that they need secondary scoring and a goaltender.  They fail to address this need every year. Well, since the Havlat deal I guess.

    On that note, who would you rank as the Sens top goalie since their expansion in the league in '92?

  5. DandoEagle says:

    I'm a big hockey fan not much fo a fan of the laffs but statistically speaking it's Lalime right?

    But Emery took them to the finals.

    Hasek is good but not gooder then Turco.

    Ron Tugnutt was the bestest goalie ever in Ottawa

  6. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    if the NHL season ended today the sens would have the 2nd and 3rd overall pick……

    i smell a quick turnaround next year…….

  7. muckies says:

    #9 overall pick Brian Lee's  he is still probably the worst NHL Defenceman I have ever seen in Ottawa in 10 years. He is a complete pylon, the definition of stand around and watch. 

    You can see that Lee has been coached and he is somewhat of a complete player, but anytime he is isolated in the D-zone, he completely freezes and gives players all the time they need, to look for an outlet pass or a shot, and this is within 10 feet of the net were it s always split second reaction plays, that goal he defended last night was just horrible, the player could of skated to the bench, asked the coach what to do, come back and taken his shot, just brutal
    And how bad is Gerber? He sucks. I saw better goaltending in the WJC, I don't even think he could get an AHL starters job.  And when he gets scored on and takes his mask off, he looks like he is completely insane – there is something not right about him upstairs.
  8. GoLeafs13 says:

    The Sens need a new coach, gm, owner, scouts, captain, second line, defense core, and most importantly better work ethic.  Only then will they get to the finals again.

  9. wayne2 says:

    The sens are having their worst season in a long time so I think its time for a major change.Fire Bryan Murray and Craig Hartsburgh,hire either Pat Quinn or Andre Savard as GM and Pat Burns as coach(good with youngsters).The sens have two high picks next coming draft,keep them and select a forward and a defensemen.Trade Spezza and 1 or 2 more deals to shake things up.
    To Columbus:Spezza and Gerber
    To Ottawa:Brassard and Leclair

    To Florida:Vermette,Schubert,Zubov
    To Ottawa:Horton

    Sign Bouwmeester.

  10. mitchamac says:

    it was sanjose 1st pick that ottawa got from tampa

    so they would pick 3rd and 29th if the season ended today

  11. mitchamac says:

    it was sanjose 1st pick that ottawa got from tampa

    so they would pick 3rd and 29th if the season ended today

  12. leafy says:

    So I guess we can now say officially it wasn't John Paddock's fault.

  13. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    youre right, my bad…….still a good situation

  14. Rickler says:

    Are you eight years old?

  15. DandoEagle says:


    31 thanks.

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