Quinn will not trade for Kovalev!!

Kovalev is not going to be a Leaf because Quinn will think about the move till someone else beats him to the punch. The roster has been basically the same for the last few years with the exception of a few free agents to plug holes left by other free agents but Quinn the GM does not make moves or promote young talent and his history shows it. He lets talent rot in the minors and plays stiffs in the NHL. He is too in love with the players he has.Look at Dempsey and Adams. He let Dempsey walk for nothing and now he is a starter for the Hawks. While letting Dempsey walk he plays stiffs like Berg and Lumme get regular shifts. Dempsey would look alot better than these two.

Then there is Adams! Let him walk in the expasion draft because he wanted to protect Khristich who again was a complete stiff that he traded for. ‘Nuff said!!

Also you have to look at the trade deadline deals that could have been. Blake really stands out. He would right now look so good in a Leaf uniform it is not funny. But again beat to the punch.

Quinn the GM sucks!! He will not make a major move to help this team and history shows it. He just likes to dangle a carrot in front of the noses of Leaf fans so they will keep watching the games on TV and in the Air Canada Center. And Leaf fans keep trying for that carrot every year.

If your name isn’t Sundin, Mogilny, Roberts, Kaberle, Svehla, McCabe or Belfour then the rest of the roster should be up for grabs. And that includes the injury prone Antropov and the pest Tucker. Being injury prone and a gritty pest does not score goals. Kovalev has twice the talent these two do. So why not add a quality scorer over an injury prone and gritty player. Do it already!!

Quinn will not make a big move to get this team to the next level and his history shows it. So to all Leaf fans don’t hold your breath. I will be more surprised if the move is made than not made.