Quinn will not trade for Kovalev!!

Kovalev is not going to be a Leaf because Quinn will think about the move till someone else beats him to the punch. The roster has been basically the same for the last few years with the exception of a few free agents to plug holes left by other free agents but Quinn the GM does not make moves or promote young talent and his history shows it. He lets talent rot in the minors and plays stiffs in the NHL. He is too in love with the players he has.Look at Dempsey and Adams. He let Dempsey walk for nothing and now he is a starter for the Hawks. While letting Dempsey walk he plays stiffs like Berg and Lumme get regular shifts. Dempsey would look alot better than these two.

Then there is Adams! Let him walk in the expasion draft because he wanted to protect Khristich who again was a complete stiff that he traded for. ‘Nuff said!!

Also you have to look at the trade deadline deals that could have been. Blake really stands out. He would right now look so good in a Leaf uniform it is not funny. But again beat to the punch.

Quinn the GM sucks!! He will not make a major move to help this team and history shows it. He just likes to dangle a carrot in front of the noses of Leaf fans so they will keep watching the games on TV and in the Air Canada Center. And Leaf fans keep trying for that carrot every year.

If your name isn’t Sundin, Mogilny, Roberts, Kaberle, Svehla, McCabe or Belfour then the rest of the roster should be up for grabs. And that includes the injury prone Antropov and the pest Tucker. Being injury prone and a gritty pest does not score goals. Kovalev has twice the talent these two do. So why not add a quality scorer over an injury prone and gritty player. Do it already!!

Quinn will not make a big move to get this team to the next level and his history shows it. So to all Leaf fans don’t hold your breath. I will be more surprised if the move is made than not made.

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  1. Aetherial says:

    Look at the players he has “lost out on” and the trades that have not been made. (Lindros for Kaberle/Antropov comes to mind.)

    I am not so sure he was wrong to “stand pat”. I have no idea how Markov is doing in Phoenix but I think maybe he lost that trade. Then again he won the McCabe trade.

    While I agree he has been slow on the trigger he has not really had the luxury of good young talent or prospects that other teams have had.

    The Leafs had some terrible drafting years, then they went a few years with no early round picks. Really I don’t think they had enough to deal by comparison.

    Also, They were reluctant to trade what they do have. I think they have been trying to build a solid organization and farm system as well as win. It is not easy to do in today’s ultra-money-conscious, free-agent gun-for-hire NHL.

    In that respect, the Leafs are a much stronger organization now and I think Quinn has a lot to do with that.

    It is time though. I think Toronto fans will have a right to be really P’d if he can’t pull off *something*. I would love to see Kovalev but won’t be heatbroken is they can’t land him. I would also love to see them get Satan instead!

  2. Aetherial says:

    Nevertheless a minus means that player is a “net-minus” when he is on the ice. Granted, this is not a perfect indicator because you can’t isolate one player that way. I think you still have to take is seriously though.

  3. Aetherial says:

    This post was a brief summary of something I posted on the other Kovalev thread.

    Hey Big man, come on, step up to the plate!

    Let’s see your game little man?!? Dispute a point, make a valid arguement, bring SOMETHING more to the table than insults. What IS your point, I want to hear it, with facts and logic to back it up. Let’s see what you got for a brain!

    Otherwise, please go away and pursue your career as a waste of cellular protoplasm…

  4. Aetherial says:


    Then I can grant your point about him not pulling the trigger.

    I think you’ll agree though that sometimes not pulling the trigger is a good idea. I think you will also agree that hockey franchises should be run with an eye to the future.

    The Leafs had NO future when Quinn got here. I really think he has tried to walk a line between solidifying the organization and trying to win.

    As far as that specific deal, I think you will also have to agree that the Leafs are much better off not doing it, in hindsight. I am not certain that they were willing to part with Sundin? (Quinn would be lynched!) but I guess anything is possible. That whole deal sounds like WAY too risky for a one-hit-away Lindros 🙁

    So yes, he has not pulled the trigger on some trades. My point is that there is/was a bigger picture for the Leafs the last few years which had to be considered.

    Finally, I think timing is everything in these situations. I do not believe that the Leafs had a legitimate shot at the cup even WITH these trades done and the players playing 100%. Colorado, St. Louis, Dallas, Jersey and Detroit were just too strong.

    Now, Dallas, Vancouver, Philly and Ottawa are VERY

    good teams but I believe the Leafs DO have a chance, if they can shore up their roster.

    They also have to take a chance now as some of their key players (Sundin, Mogilny, Belfour, Roberts) are definitely not getting any younger!

    They have the reason and the means now, they may not get Kovalev but I would be surprised if they don’t land someone significant this year.

  5. Aetherial says:

    Yeah, agreed.

    The problem is too many Leaf fans here and not many other rumors out there to talk about.

    Besides, GM’s never reveal any secrets about the *real* stuff going on.

  6. Aetherial says:

    OH and by the way;

    THANKS! Big_Booty for taking the time to engage in a decent and interesting discussion without the stupid mindless, no-point bashing I see regularly from others around here.

  7. Aetherial says:

    Only if they could get him cheap and Reichel + McCauley + a 6th round pick won’t work… before anyone suggests it 🙂

  8. big_booty says:

    I do what little I can with the few more intelligent fans here. Other less cerebral members (you know who you are!) deserve more disciplinary measures, and deservedly so.

    Hey, you didn’t suggest a straight-up Kovalev for Aki Berg swap. For that, you are to be commended!

  9. big_booty says:

    Now that’s probably the smartest thing anyone’s had to say about this whole situation.

    Kudos to TrojanMan for saying what everyone, except for over-enthusiastic Leaf zealots, already knows.

  10. guinsfan4life says:

    It amazes me how easily it is for people to bash general managers around the league. None of them are perfect, all human. As far as I am concerned the Leafs have made the playoffs for a long time and have been successful–just because they haven’t won a cup doesn’t mean we should trash Quinn.

  11. PensPucks says:

    Kovy can’t walk at the end of this year. Just wanted to fill you in. He’s won’t be an unrestricted free agent for another year and a half, giving him greater trade value than you seem to believe. He will be a restricted free agent (and eligible for arbitration) and a 7-8 million dollar contract, so any suitor would have to have money available. Whom ever does get him, gets him for at least this years playoffs and next.

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