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Random facts and thoughts from all over the NHL…In the NHL flyweight division, who would have thought that since 2000, Steve Sullivan has outscored Paul Kariya. Sullivan’s two points against Chicago pretty much sealed a playoff spot for Nashville. Paul Kariya, your position is left wing, NOT left field.

This season, Brett Hull took the lowest number of shots per game in his 18 years in the NHL. His 42 assists are close to a career season high. Apparently, the Golden Brett got smacked in the head during last season’s playoffs and woke up thinking he was former teammate Adam Oates.

Despite breakout performances by youngsters Ryder, Ribiero and Dagenais and importing sniper Alexei Kovalev, the Habs are on a pace to score fewer goals than last year. Wake up everyone – this team goes as far as Theodore takes them.

Scott Gomez, when matched with a sniper like Elias or Mogilny, is one of the top playmakers in the NHL. Makes you wonder why they didn’t give him a winger for the past three years and a half years. If NJ hadn’t cheaped out on resigning AlMo in 2001, the trade Gomez rumors never would have surfaced.

If Theodore defines Montreal and Iginla defines Calgary, how is it that the Habs have outscored the Flames and the Flames have allowed fewer goals than the Habs?

Did anyone ever expect the Lightning to have three players in the top 10 in NHL scoring and none of them would have the initials VL? Earlier this season I posted two articles on the Lightning, which few people read or commented on. It is ironic that the most exciting young team in the NHL has so few fans on this site.

It is a shame that two of the younger players with the strongest playoff reputations – Chris Drury and Marian Gaborik – will likely miss the playoffs. Who will step up this year? Jason Spezza you are on the clock.

Pierre Turgeon: 1000 games to get 450 goals. 213 games and counting to try to get to the next 50.

The San Jose Sharks extend their thanks to the Avalanche, Leafs, Flyers, Habs and Bruins for contributing to the greatest example of addition by subtraction. Would a Sharks team led by Nolan, Selanne, Marchment, Sundstrom, McGillis and Ragnarsson won the division? I hope the Capitals and Rangers are paying attention.

Finally, for those of you who 10 years ago predicted that Alexandre Daigle would one day lead his team in goals and points. Congratulations, you were right.

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