Ranger Rumours A Bit on the Wild Side

A rumour from the NY Daily News says that both Peter Forsberg and Markus Naslund would be interested in signing with the Rangers. This was also mentioned by Bruce Garrioch in the Sun. With the Holik buyout, anything is possible, but the Blueshirts have started and should probably continue their rebuilding process. They do have roughly 24 Million in cap room and may be willing to use it to field a team via free agency and allow their core of prospects to develop properly instead of being rushed to the NHL. But the thing is, it hasnt worked the last 7 years so a new direction is needed. besides, I am not too sure these superstars would be willing to come to a team that has little to no defence, presently not so strong goaltending (but the future is bright) and zero depth up front. signing these two to big deals will leave little room for the team to fill other glaring holes in their lineup.

Another rumour out of New York has the Rangers trading Jaromir Jagr to the Bruins for Joe Thornton. Now since this came from Larry Brooks, it should be taken with a grain of salt. I think all Ranger fans should be taking back what they say about Leaf rumours. This is as outrageous as any rumour out there. Thornton is one of the league’s biggest rising young stars, while Jagr has had his star fade badly. He has become branded a whiner and very overpaid. His talent may be second to none but his attitude is going to turn many teams off, especially the Bruins. They are the most hardline team in the NHL and with such a restrictive economic world the B’s are going to spend even more carefully then ever and not be willing to grab such an overpaid player that is going downhill. And Brooks also adds that Lindros would join the B’s as well. Since when was Boston run by Dolan?

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  1. RangerSteve says:

    Been there done that! Sather was quoted in the NYPost on Friday saying that he wnats to add 4-5 UFA’s onto the roster. So you take those 4-5 UFAs + Nylander, Weekes,Strudwick(jeez), that is 8 UFAs. So much for the damn rebuilding process in NY.

    I understand they want to field a competitive team that will bring fans. New Yorkers are hard working loud mouth SOBs, and if they go after any player in this market, it better be players that bust their rear every night. As stated above, the past 7 years have not shown that except for maybe 4 players that have filled this roster.

    BTW, don’t compare our rumors to Leaf rumors. Brooks is a dope that gets together with another meat head and makes stuff up that might make sense. Larry Brooks doesn’t represent Ranger fans, he rights for a little tabloid that tries to come off as a major newspaper.

  2. Scruffy05 says:

    Thornton would look good in a Canucks uniform. Jovocop and Ruutu (maybe some more) for Thornton? Word has it with Nierdemeyer on his way (possibly) into the canucks lineup then Jovocop could be on his way out. He would make a good fit in Boston, considering the chance of resigning Gonchar is slim…

    Just mild and idle speculation.

  3. mikster says:

    Well, you must have been dreaming if you thought the Rangers would put a bunch of rookies to play with Jagr and Kaspar, and throw the young goalies on the ice.

    Nylander makes sense for Jagr, and they will most likely get a LW’er to compliment that line. Weekes and maybe Dunham if he accepts the qualifying offer, will split time in nets while the youth goalies mature and develop.

    Most likely i see Weekes or Dunham traded, which is why they qualified for both, because teams are looking to add reliable back ups.

    Strudwick is really just a depth signing, not much to it….

  4. mikster says:

    It’s quite difficult because the Nucks would have hefty contracts with Bert, Joe, and Neidermeyer. That’s got to take up at least $18M with three players.

    I like the idea of Joe in a Nucks uni, but that means Naslund’s gotta go. Naslun-Thornton-Bertuzzi, plus Neidermeyer. Taking up way too much space.

  5. mikster says:

    Larry made more of a suggestion, a stupid one at that, in regards with Jagr and Boston.

    It was not really about sources or anything like that, just throwing a wild idea at Sather.

    Naslund and Forsberg to NY? Talk a bout just looking to make their last big paychecks and chill out in the Big Apple.

    That’s not happening. The Rangers may go after Naslund as he, Nylander, and Jagr would build a strong 1st line.

    That’s as far as it goes though.

    The Rangers will most likely get a 1st liner, 2nd liner, maybe an experienced 3rd/4th checker, and a d-man or two depending who is available and at what price.

    What i think the Rangers SHOULD do, as well for almost every other team, is interesting…. and you’ll just have to stay tuned for my next article to find out.

  6. RangerSteve says:

    Dreaming I think wouldn’t even be the word. It was sold to many Ranger fans that going into last season, it was going to be a year of the future with numerous rookies making the jump into the NHL at MSG. I never felt that Montoya or Lundqvist were going to be fed to the wolves this year since they have BOTH Weekes and Dunham. Would they really have put all those rookies out to fight for themselves? No, even though I stated that it goes against the whole rebuilding process, I am not a dope. Dolan and Sather both know they have to keep Jagr happy by going out and gettin players around him. With the way the market is set now, it should be intersting if Sather still insists on over paying for people.

    The #1 thing teams are going to have to do is stay well below the salary cap if they are in contention. By doing this, they can add salary if needed at the trade deadline for a Cup run.

  7. CupBoundFlyers says:

    The Rangers aren’t going to land Naslund or Forsberg….. nor will they be able to trade for Thornton.

    And on the contrary of all the talk of Jagr’s star fading…. I believe he will once again be a weapon for NY because of all the rule changes that will allow him to be much more of an offensive threat like he once was.

    I’ve also been hearing Lindros to Boston as well as John LeClair….. finally August 1st is here! time to put all the rumors to rest and see what actually happens… it should be an exciting couple weeks.

  8. Scruffy05 says:

    As quoted by the Vancouver Sun ala a phone interview with his hometown of Ornsvoldkivik, Nazzy has stated that he and hig good buddy Fozzy will be looking at the possibilities of a package deal ala Kariya-Selanne in ’03.

    Possible teams include:

    Vancouver: Nazzy loves the city (as they do him) and if they do a package deal they would come cheaper than you may expect. Besides, Bertuzzi, Nazzy’z other best friend is already there.

    Anahiem: Burke and Nazzy have a long history, but if they retain the services of Federov it could make it difficult to play both him and Fozzy on the same team. Two first line centres can be acid.

    Columbus: Match those two up with Nash and the Blue Jackets have a contender. Columbus isn’t as much of a hockeytown dog as everybody seems to think. Nashville? yes. Columbus? no.

    Those are the three front runners… anything is possible

  9. habsoverserver says:

    Let’s examine the facts:

    (1) the Rangers need players

    (2) the Rangers have money to spend

    (3) there are a boatload of free agents at prices 25%-50% below two-three years ago

    Even Larry Brooks may have a chance dots connecting the dots on this one.

    Question is who wants to go to NY?

  10. habsoverserver says:

    Here is a quote from today’s Boston Herald, concerning the Bruins: Mike O’Connell (Bruins GM) was also still at work on what he termed Saturday as a potential “huge” trade. “I think it will happen or be dead by (today),” he said.

  11. wheresthesoda says:

    the rangers will not make any crazy trade like that….forsberg is a definite NO, naslund is 32, and he’s very talented, but thats not what the rangers need, Jagr doesnt need a guy with the caliber of naslund, its just sather’s mentality, all-stars when games….if sather gets naslund then the rangers should make jessiman play with him

  12. mikster says:

    Only if Jessiman is ready then he can play with them, if not then they shouldn’t.

  13. Tweek says:

    I think the rangers should keep Weekes, he is one of the most underated goalies in the entire league and would do much more then Dunham.

  14. Tweek says:

    yeah, brooks is a idiot, why would boston want a headcase such as jagr who may not even come back to north america ever again, i hope he has fun playing in russia…

  15. bmac says:

    last week their assistant gm said they were going to build around jagr and go young. personally i dislike the rangers and would rather them stink up the joint, but if they were to go and get the both of naslund and forsberg that would give them a very nice scoring duo

  16. wheresthesoda says:

    if not jessiman, the jozef balej, cause the rangers dont need an all-star line, give one of there youngsters a star to play with.

  17. canadaboy25 says:

    Naslund and Forsberg are going to Anaheim. Their the only logical team because of large cap space and Brian Burke at the helm

  18. GretzNYR99 says:

    I said Vancouver when I first heard about this, and I’m sticking with Vancouver.

    Bertuzzi has fallen out of favor there, and these two will package themselves in a deal to keep themselves in one of the nicest cities in all of North America, Vancouver.

    The only problem is… the Rangers are one of the only teams with the cap room to do it, which keeps me thinking that it could happen. I saw that in the star, the ny daily news, and the sun. Mind you, Garrioch is an idiot, and I don’t know who reported from the Star, John Dellapina is a good writer, and doesn’t say much when it comes to rumors unless it’s been said before.

    Which brings me to the next issue…

    People think that Brooks is an idiot. Fine, I won’t disagree, but what you can’t argue is that Joe Thornton wants top dollar money, and Jaromir Jagr will be very dangerous in this new offensive era, and will come at a cheaper price than Thornton, who will ask for that 20% of the cap player max. The Bruins have all the cap room in the world, and could resign Samsonov and Gonchar, maybe even bring back Jason Allison to play with Jagr. They could even take a run at Chris Pronger or Scott Niedermayer, and still have room. If the Bruins wanted to acquire talent on top of the young talent, they could deal for Jagr and prospects instead of just young players.

    It makes sense, but there’s no way in hell it’ll happen.

    I see Thornton in Florida, but if I were O’Connell, I’d be demanding Bouwmeester and Horton with a first rounder.

  19. GretzNYR99 says:

    “…large cap space…?”

    I think not.

    10 players at 23 mill and change is not a lot of cap space.

    They’ll get Scott Niedermayer, if Burke can use Robbie as a bargaining chip, and that’s about it. The remaining money will be used to resign other players.

  20. GretzNYR99 says:

    Oh yeah, I’m sorry, forgot about the 7 RFA’s they have to sign.

    Is this a fresh cup of coffee, or what?

  21. canadaboy25 says:

    If they can sign Nieds, they can get Fozzy and Nazzy, as a package they’ll be just as expensive

  22. GretzNYR99 says:

    The Rangers could compete with Fozzy and Nazzy, don’t rule them out.

    Jagr will be a deadly weapon, even single handedly in this new era. This is a longshot, but considering playing with one of the best players in the world in an offensive era could mean big big numbers, which would equal success.

    You never know.

  23. GretzNYR99 says:

    All I’ve gotta say is 7 RFA’s, and other roster slots.

    Burke won’t push the cap, remember he was smart and economical in Vancouver, don’t expect much to change from him.

    Maxwell House, anyone?

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