Ranger Rumours A Bit on the Wild Side

A rumour from the NY Daily News says that both Peter Forsberg and Markus Naslund would be interested in signing with the Rangers. This was also mentioned by Bruce Garrioch in the Sun. With the Holik buyout, anything is possible, but the Blueshirts have started and should probably continue their rebuilding process. They do have roughly 24 Million in cap room and may be willing to use it to field a team via free agency and allow their core of prospects to develop properly instead of being rushed to the NHL. But the thing is, it hasnt worked the last 7 years so a new direction is needed. besides, I am not too sure these superstars would be willing to come to a team that has little to no defence, presently not so strong goaltending (but the future is bright) and zero depth up front. signing these two to big deals will leave little room for the team to fill other glaring holes in their lineup.

Another rumour out of New York has the Rangers trading Jaromir Jagr to the Bruins for Joe Thornton. Now since this came from Larry Brooks, it should be taken with a grain of salt. I think all Ranger fans should be taking back what they say about Leaf rumours. This is as outrageous as any rumour out there. Thornton is one of the league’s biggest rising young stars, while Jagr has had his star fade badly. He has become branded a whiner and very overpaid. His talent may be second to none but his attitude is going to turn many teams off, especially the Bruins. They are the most hardline team in the NHL and with such a restrictive economic world the B’s are going to spend even more carefully then ever and not be willing to grab such an overpaid player that is going downhill. And Brooks also adds that Lindros would join the B’s as well. Since when was Boston run by Dolan?