Ranger trade possible?

So, 8 games into the season, and the New York Rangers have minimal offensive production, while their defense and goaltending has been generally outstanding, which should be leading to some wins. The Rangers have now been shutout 3 times this season and have scored so few goals since 1950.According to Ecklund (as unreliable as he is), Ganiey was in attendance at last night Rangers/Penguins game, and could possibly be looking for a deal with the Rangers.

Link: http://www.hockeybuzz.com/blog.php?post_id=10491
Link: http://www.hockeybuzz.com/blog.php?post_id=10477

It also states the Rangers have placed Tomas Pock on waivers, and I do feel for Pock, but I hope a good teams picks him up and utilizes his services.

Some comments made to these posts suggest the possibility of trading Jagr, and I agree. Drury and Gomez are obviously in the Rangers long-term plans, and Jagr is only on for the next season, unless he opts for more. It’s becoming apparent that Jagr’s play style is not conforming with that of Drury or Gomez, who seem to thrive on a faster pace that Jagr does not provide. If Jagr is traded, it would allow the Rangers younger and faster wingers the chance to play with Gomez and fully utilize their combined speed. That also leaves Drury to play with Shanahan and Avery upon his return, or the potential return the Rangers would get back for Jagr.

At this point I feel the defense is fine and King Henrik has been phenomonal on a team that really needs to help him out on the offensive side. Most of the Rangers defensive liabilities will be gone to the UFA pool this summer, and Tyutin and Girardi will move up to be the future #1 line of the Rangers, along with a slew of talented youngsters in Hartford and a potential UFA add-on this summer.

The bigger problem with this team is the offense, and I would not mind seeing Jagr go in order to utilize Gomez and Drury the way they should be. I would much rather see the Rangers obtain help for Drury and Gomez rather than help for Jagr, and provide for the current and long-term.

Thoughts would be appreciated.