Rangers are in some trouble

Ok, yeah the Rangers signed Brendan Shannahan to a 4 million dollar contract for a year. They signed Cullen and Ward which I as a Ranger fan was happy about. And I would love to see Brian Leetch wear a Ranger Jersey just one more time but….Leetch coming back to the Rangers will hurt them more then help them. Yes, I know its just speculation, as everything is at some point, but sooner or later Leetch will sign with a team because he does have some decent hockey left in him, I just hope its not with the Rangers, and here are a few reasons why.

1. The Rangers are running out of cap room. 39 million with Rucinsky, Tyutin, Rosival and Moore left to be resigned. Now, that does include Ozolinsh’s salary which im not 100% sure how that works, or if he will even play next season, so minus his salary they are still at 36.5 million.

2. If Leetch does re-sign, and Ozolinsh does play, how are the Rangers going to resign Fedor Tyutin who has been a elite prospect for us for some time, and proved himself with great season last year. Also how will they re-sign Rosival who was tied for the league lead in +- last year and had an oustanding season last year at 26 years of age. Leetch is 38, and for one more year, the Rangers would have to lose either Tyutin or Rosival because they still need to sign one more foward and Im seeing on various websites that it might be Rucinsky and not Sykora. Rucinsky will command at least a 2.5 mil salary, because despite being injured he put up some decent numbers last year.

3. Lastly, how will they manage to fit young guns Marc Staal and Tomas Pock into the mix? Yes, it would be great for either of them to play with one of the best American born defensman of all time and learn from him, but at the same time with him in the line up it will just make things that much harder for the two of them to be playing at the NHL level. And with him coming back, does he become the captain? Jagr despite the incredible player he is, is by no means a leader. Leetch, after Messier left wore the C for quite some time, but just doesnt posses the leadership qualities needed where as Shannahan does and I think it would be a huge mistake to give it to Leetch over Shanny.

Brian Leetch is a true Ranger. He gave us many great years as a blue shirt and deserves the best. But you also have to look at the teams future as well. Is it worth it to jepordize the teams future to bring back Leetch for one last hoorah? Or do you hope he re-kindles the magic that hes shown us he has in years past at the worlds most famous arena, and maybe gets one more cup as a Ranger?

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  1. Potvinstillsucks says:

    trade ozo for practically nothing hes worthless, hes too much of a liability with his drinking.

  2. Rusal says:

    Were did you see Rangers Cap space?

  3. Doctor says:

    sign tyutin and rosival please please please!!!

  4. Potvinstillsucks says:

    well he makes 2.75 mill a year but when i say “worthless” i mean hes worthless to the team and the sport of hockey or to put it shortly he sucks maybe neil smith will want him

  5. nyrhockey25 says:

    hmm signing leetch can work out easily ..trade Ozolinsh for anything and dont sign Rosival .

    Rosival doesnt want to come back and ozo is a F***** drunk

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