Rangers booed at home charity event

Interesting article in today’s New York Times about the Ranger fans towards their team in the Sather era (error).The crowd at Madison Square Garden had applauded the introductions of the celebrities, the former Rangers stars and the youth players as they took the ice, one by one, for the team’s sixth annual Super Skate fund-raiser. Then the introductions were finished with the words, “To complete the festivities, welcome the New York Rangers.”

As the current team skated onto the ice, boos descended from nearly every fan who had come to the Garden, which appeared to be less than half full, for the charity event yesterday.

Although Coach Glen Sather did not appear, saving him the now-familiar chant calling for his dismissal, the crowd’s vocal displeasure was only slightly louder than what emerged from the team’s locker room after the embarrassing 9-1 loss in Ottawa on Saturday night. With Jaromir Jagr’s debut in a Rangers uniform, that game was supposed to usher in the team’s latest new era. Instead, it continued a seemingly endless procession of high-priced disappointments.

The defeat prompted Bobby Holik to say, “I believe, fundamentally, we are the worst team in the National Hockey League.”

It also prompted the team to arrive early at the Garden yesterday for an unscheduled practice session and team meeting.

“Nothing will help us but ourselves,” Holik said yesterday. “We’ve said everything. Last year, this year, we’ve said everything — at least twice, if not more.”

Holik offered a thought on how the team might improve. “If everyone wants to go out there and try to make us better,” he said, “that will make a difference — every one of us.”

Tom Renney, a Rangers assistant coach, said he understood what inspired Holik’s comments.

“We take it as a guy speaking in the emotion of the moment, which we all can do,” Renney said. “We realize that we’re a good enough team to make the playoffs and perform well when we get there. To dwell on comments made in the heat of the moment is not necessarily the smartest thing to do.”

Holik said that representatives of the team had spoken to him about his comments, but he did not soften his stance yesterday.

“What I said last night, I believe it’s true,” Holik said. “I’m not saying it to make a point. It’s what I felt, feel. I think all of us have to be better. There’s no reason to analyze it anymore. It is what it is. And our record is just not good enough.

“Our record of late is terrible. Look at the facts. Don’t read into things more than they are. The facts are we lost four in a row when we need to win games to stay in the hunt.”

The Rangers (18-20-7-4) are in 10th place in the Eastern Conference, 6 points out of the final playoff berth, and they have been outscored by 22-6 over the four-game losing streak.

Jagr was given an ovation by the fans yesterday as he stepped onto the Garden ice for the first time as a Ranger, winning one of the skills competitions with the fastest shot and winning the hearts of fans who are desperate for the team’s fortunes to change. But he, too, had no explanation for the troubles the Rangers have endured.

“It would be unfair to talk about it because I don’t know,” Jagr said. “After one game you cannot judge. It’s tough for me and anybody. That kind of game happened to me before. It’s not pretty. I was surprised. Everybody was surprised.”

Preferring to dwell on what he hopes will be a rosier future, Jagr said: “We have 32 games to go, and our goal right now is to make the playoffs. I truly believe if we make the playoffs, we can do a lot of damage there.”

Brian Leetch, a Ranger since 1988, is aware that the only way the team can quiet its skeptics, and silence the angry chants, is by winning.

“And until we do that,” he said, “really, it doesn’t matter what you say. We need to win.”

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  1. Bishop7979 says:

    can i nominate either bettman is general, the head of officiating, or and this is coming out of left field, the nba?

  2. MantaRay says:

    Tito, get Mikster a tissue…..

    That is just f@#$ing priceless!

  3. Heinzee57 says:

    This post if AWFUL!!!!!



  4. Bishop7979 says:

    After reading that article, I found the following two parts to be of particular interest

    “Glen Sather should either lead or get out of the way. It’s that simple. Thus far, he has not done what’s necessary to win as a coach in this NHL. He isn’t working hard enough at it, either; not at all. He isn’t working his team hard enough, either; not at all. Practices are a lark, even if yesterday morning’s emergency skate wasn’t. Game-day skates are a joke. Meetings are haphazard. The organization is mocked around the league.”

    and . . .

    “Moreover, we’ve learned that Sather has given Jagr a no-trade clause, apparently in exchange for No. 68’s agreement to defer $1M per the next four years. This is amazing, given that Sather has spent years bad-mouthing Smith for giving no-trade clauses to people like Brian Leetch. The deferral is a puzzle, too, given that, as The Post has learned, when Leetch offered to defer $500,000 per if that would allow the team to sign Tony Amonte two summers ago, he was told that deferring money meant nothing under the Garden’s accounting principles.”

  5. nocuphere says:

    Not that they ain’t giving that up. They don’t have it to give up, do they?

  6. mikemustgo says:

    I think i’m speaking for everyone when I say…


    If the Rangers were to make the playoffs everyone will say:

    “They bought their playoff spot”

    If the Rangers were to win a playoff round, everyone will say:

    “They bought the win”

    If the Rangers were to win the Stanley Cup, everyone will say:

    “They bought the Stanley Cup”

    Because, in all Honesty, the Rags will always be a pathetic team, that bought their way.

    There are many teams that raised talent, like the Sens and the Devils, but instead of doing that, when ever a player is good, the Ranger$ buy him.

    …Then every little Ranger fan fills up with joy and prances around yelling, “We got the superstar , we will make it to the playoffs, hooray!”

    Then all the fans will thank Sather for their great offensive addition to the team… and then they lose…

    “Boo Sather, you suck, we need the superstar to win!”

    All this going on when the league is in bad condition because of teams like the Rangers, which suck talent out of other teams, then the other teams fan base will fall… etc.

    9 – 1 loss to the Senators… pathetic.

    And here is a picture of Jagr wearing his Ranger unifor for the first time…

    …. Pathetic:





  7. MantaRay says:

    Granted its the Post, but I respect Brooks as a passionate hockey writer.

  8. mikster says:

    Again, he could have done it any other kind of way.

    Rangers fans boo during the games, he could have easily used that fact which could not have been denied.

    An update on the Rangers? Who is retarded enough not to find that out after a 9-1 loss and looking at the standings and injuries?

    I did not even talk about the Rangers in my comment. All i talked about was the Rangers fans and how unethical and idiotic it was to ever use such a shameful and sigraceful news article of bastards booing at a charity event.

    I am pissed off at the Rangers and at GlEnron Sather, but that’s what i am not even discussing here. Do another article about it, i’ll post it. But, it’s this certain article where i would have taken and presented it in my series of articles, and write what i just did on Rangers fans.

    This is not an article you use just to brag and prove your poitn right. This is an article that shows how pathetic some human beings are.

    They should have kicked those Rangers fans out of MSG. You go to a charity event and ruin it like that? Get the f***out. Really….i am more pissed about Rangers fans than i am at Mantaray. He just proved he is just a sorry immature adult, and i wish him the best.

    However, thank you very much for participating in a very well mannered way, very polite. Good luck to your Wings as the West playoffs will be awesome to watch.

    Thanks again.

  9. mikster says:

    Beautifully said and God Bless you Bishop.

    I mean, it’s like soldiers of a country who lose a war because they got scared and run away, but they still risk their lives. They come to their homeland and spend time with children and citizens boo at them.

    While it’s quite a different situation, obviously, it’s still the same type of idea.

    As for Manta…..

    When you respect someone…show your respect to him…..and show to hundreds of fans that that person is knowledgable and respected, and you help him show more of his knowledge to others. But, then the person keeps making immature offensive remarks at you….for months.

    It comes down to the point where you just want to call that person an asshole whom you misjudged.

  10. mikster says:

    I don’t disagree. I never said i did. It was already embarrassing for people to even do that kind of crap, but it was unethical for him to use such a news of inhumanity and use it to his advantage.

    It’s not right….it’s down right pathetic.

    I am not trying to make myself look cool. I am pissed off that a bunch of assholes would ever do that at a charity event. Don’t care if it was Devils fans, Kings fans, Leafs……..doesn’t matter. It’s just a horrible way of doing things and a bad example of hockey fans.

    If they did that during a game. Fine with me. I would not have had ANY problem if this was done during a game. I’d also have nothing against Manta for it. But, it’s a charity event, and thos epeople are a disgrace and it sickens me that Manta used them as an example to criticize the Rangers. He missed out on who to criticized, not one word against those fans and i would have congratulated him if he did.

    That’s why i am pissed about. Get it now?

  11. The_Conductor says:

    To boo or not to boo, that seems to be the question. Well it is quite wrong to boo a team at an event that was taking place. However I do see the pain the fans must be feeling right now… but I am not saying what they did was right.

    Jugement call.

    Emotions got the best of the fans and there actions were uncalled for. As for the 9-1 loss… I had to blink twice and check my pulse to see if I was really alive and seeing that. Well your damned if you do and your damned if you dont.


  12. habsoverserver says:

    all good

  13. Aetherial says:

    Who cares if they booed.

    The real question I have is how come we get 2 lousy articles today and only one is regarding a trade rumor/possibility/something a team needs.

    Are there seriously no other articles submitted. Gawd this board is awful boring today.

    How about someone speculate that Gonchar is now for at least a month with a ligament tear in his shoulder?! What does that do to his trade value? (probably nothing given the teams that are rumored to be interested are not fighting for a playoff spot, they pretty much will have one with or without him.)

  14. habsoverserver says:

    all good

  15. Slovakiaz says:

    Hey Mikster, how things goin’ ?

    Oh I see, not good … just wanna give you some advice buddy … CALM DOWN !

    So you’re a RANGERS fan … i’m OK with it.

    But … is your mind really going crazy. Defending that loser Sather ??? What did he do for your rangers ? And here is your favorites … the FACTS :

    No playoff, millions down the toilet (your money too), defense like shit, goalie good not great … in five years … what a job !!!

    He must be sooooo stupid, simply told.

    10years old child would do it better …. millions nowhere and no playoff … and maybe you could do it better, but … i don’t know who’s better in stupidity – stupid GM or stupid GM defending fan, that’s the dilemma :’o(

    Just wake up !!! Your ill defending of the rangers is so blind. Be real and objective.

    by the way … for those money I could get two teams to playoff !!! (if i was a GM, who I’ll never be)

    And that “derbymatch” with Spector … you’re pathetic … it’s silly and ill you want your opinions to be better than others for whatever price, that’s not good way to make a “NAME” among NHL fans, and you’ll never be a “NAME” … your opinions are worthless … And you’ll see why … one day you’ll find out and open your eyes … if you’ll have luck. Sad, soooo sad

  16. Slovakiaz says:

    if somebody likes you or loves you … sooo why do you so angry ?

    Whole world is bad, my poor little child … they don’t love you they are baaaad.

    Sleep my poor little immature adult, be quiet psssssssst. Yeeeaaah … now you’re good silent kiddy.

    i’m sorry i can’t help myself … shame on me

  17. dkball7 says:

    JL’s back!!!

  18. Beckfan5 says:

    Im sorry but what heritage is there for the Rangers? Four Stanley Cup wins in what, almost eighty years? And how many true hall of famers do they have?

  19. RichterFan says:

    Mic I’m sorry but I have to disagree with you. Everybody knows that Philty has the worse fans in sports no question about it. As for the super skate. Think of it this way the money they spent is still going to superman’s spinal charity. My thoughts are you pay for your ticket you’re entitled to your opinions, just as long as you don’t throw something or start fights. But then again if the Rangers weren’t playing like shit year after year the fans wouldn’t have to boo.

  20. Beckfan5 says:

    Ok, Im going to tell everyone what happened, since it seems like I was the only one on this site that was there. There was some boooing when the team came onto the ice and that was it. Wasnt too loud because out of about 8,000 people, half were probably under the age of 10. It was a family thing so it wasnt as bad as it was written, trust me. And yes I did booo. They deserved it after the shit they keep pulling year after year and even after a 9-1 rout. The fans didnt booo the charity event, they boooed at the charity event. No harm as far as im concerned. The youngsters got cheered constantly, the Celebs and former players got cheered, it was only when the current players hit the ice for the first time that the boooing occured. Jagr got a huge ovation. And the rest of the team was eventually cheered throughout the event.

    So all in all it wasnt that bad. I just think Mik is a very fed up and frustrated Ranger fan and vented at the wrong time, thats all. Itll be ok Mik.

  21. laserman says:

    Jagr looked good again with a goal and 2 helpers in a 5-2 Rangers win. I’d still be more comfortable with someone else in net and another good d-man, but it was still a good victory…

  22. shady_records says:

    Ha ha. Holik admits playing on the worst team in the NHL, maybe you should donate 9 Million dollars of your salary that you don’t deserve to the charity. Is it just me or is Holik one of the biggest whinners in the league?

  23. Spektor says:

    Whaaaa! Whaaa! Whaaa!.Shut up. What’s with this whining out of you? What’s with the language that you are using? Weren’t you threatening to suspend everyone for use of this language that you found “offensive”???

    You have just turned yourself into the fool everyone thinks you are and awoke the sleeping giant. Welcome to your nightmare Spinster!

  24. IrishRinkrat says:

    That makes more sense… didn’t really sound that way in the other writings of you here. I was at the game against the Panthers, I booed them half the game. It’s okay though, I gotcha now.

  25. IrishRinkrat says:

    The NHL is struggling financially moreso since the Rangers won the Cup ten years ago. Most of that is due to player salaries and expansion, but you need your biggest market to succeed. And while the Isles have come around and the Devils have three rings, the Devils cups don’t mean as much to the tri-state area as Rangers or Islanders titles. This is no knock at the Devils franchise or their great fans, but they are third banana in a 15 million person metro area. The Rangers succeeding, and the Islanders and Devils keeping non-Rangers fans in the area intrested by succeeding as well, brings more fans, casual or not, to hockey games. That’s money, and money makes the NHL world go ’round.

  26. RangerSteve says:

    So instead of doing your normal power rankings, you decide to write a post about Ranger fans booing at a Charity Event…How about writing an article on the Devil Fans and how they WALKED OUT OF THE OTTAWA GAME WHEN IT WAS 2-0 HEADING INTO THE 3rd PERIOD!

  27. Bishop7979 says:

    Dont take this the wrong way mik, but yesterday you were basically insulting my intelligence and now your blessing me.

    I’m suddenly so confused

  28. Bishop7979 says:

    I am curious though, who were the ex players and non hockey players that showed up anyways?

  29. laserman says:

    Cause some people don’t like looking in their own backyard…

  30. Beckfan5 says:

    The former players were Glen Anderson, Stephan Matteu, Brian Mullen, onlybecause he dose radio for the team, and of course Rod Gillbert.

    The drummers from BNL and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Miss USA, Boomer Esiason, Amani Tummor (sp), Steve Levy, Kenny Albert ect, it was pretty weak.

  31. GretzNYR99 says:

    Manta’s not a bad guy, but yeah, he does need to stop rubbing it in. We know we suck, we’re not particularly happy with bringing in big name year after year and missing the playoffs, having a louse of a coach each year, and not playing team hockey.

    Very good point you made here. As much as you hate the Rangers, you have to respect their true fans who have stuck with them through each year and are still here. While there are some on this site that baffle me with some of the stupid things they say, the majority of the Blueshirt Faithful on here have a good understanding of the club, are classy and loyal, and want change. I’m sorry, but I haven’t seen a Thrashers fan on this site besides CW, but he’s a really good guy, I give him more credit in the world than the majority of the people on this site for being a proud Thrasher fan. It baffles me how the anti-Ranger people bash the Ranger fans, when yet we stay loyal through thick and thin, something the majority of these people could never do.

  32. GretzNYR99 says:

    I love it.

  33. Spektor says:

    Of course you do, your a homo.

  34. GretzNYR99 says:

    Yeah, that’s why I don’t go talking shit. Every team has their vice. Whether the fans choose to accept it or not, it’s true.

  35. GretzNYR99 says:

    Being an original 6 team has a heritage of it’s own. Half of the teams in the NHL today wouldn’t survive against the Montreal, Toronto, and Red Wings teams of the Original 6.

  36. GretzNYR99 says:

    Brooks is sporadically good. He needs to stop being a 2-faced dimwit though.

  37. GretzNYR99 says:

    Thank you, Manta.

  38. Spektor says:

    It is because pieces of trash like you are so damn sarcastic and jump down anyone’s throat for having an opinion that might contradict yours. You make a point of being a prick to all 50 posts on an article. that is why people knock the rangers on this site, because of people like you and I am glad to see you respect at least a few people because no one has any left for you!

  39. IrishRinkrat says:

    By your logic… (not to change sports), but the Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs, New York Knicks, Minnesota Vikings, and Philadelphia Phillies don’t have much heritage because they don’t win? Even in the NHL, you would say the Chicago Blackhawks also lack true heritage. That’s totally wrong.

    No true HOF’s? Harry Howell. Rod Gilbert. Brad Park. Emile Francis. Andy Bathgate. The Cook brothers. Eddie Giocomin. Gump Worsley. Frank Boucher. Ching Johnson. Bryan Hextall. Leetch when he gets in, possibly Richter too.

    I rest my case.

  40. Beckfan5 says:

    Ok, besides Eddie Jockstrap and Rod “look at me im everywhere’ Gilbert, how many other HOF do they have that didnt play in the original 6 era?

    As far as im concerned, in order for a team to claim heredity you need good teams and some HOF players, not just and 80 year old franchise. Even in the last 30 years how many HOF did they produce? What, two, Leetch and Richter.

    I mean how many times can we see Clint Smith, God!

  41. Beckfan5 says:

    By the way, great article by Fillip Bondy in todays Daily News about how blind Jim Dolan is to his Hockey team. I think Dolan sometimes forgets that theres a hockey team that plays at his arena.

  42. Lint07 says:

    that was weird. I remember hearing that.

    How much do you love the game to quit when your team is behind by only 2 goals?

    I know I wouldn’t. But then again, the Devils aren’t exactly ”exciting” to see play.

  43. defenestrate says:

    The Oakland Raiders?

  44. FutureConsiderations says:

    I think Mikster should shut the hell up. You are acting like the people that boo’ed at the event were child molesters or something. Worthless trash and scum? Pretty hard words for someone that doesnt know many of us and has the cover of sitting behind a computer screen to say such things. Again, the people that were there yesterday were PAYING customers and they have every right to boo if they want. Would i have boo’ed? Not really. But who am i to stop someone else from doing so and calling them the scum of the earth? All you are Mikster is a ignorant piece of shit that thinks he knows everything but knows nothing. You feel ashamed to be a Rangers fan? Then dont be a fucking fan.

    Oh yea, i know how you act cause i read Hockeybird, real class act over there too. Maybe we should set up a meeting between you and a few of the people that boo’ed for you can say that stuff to there face instead of writing it on some little website of yours down in Florida.


  45. FutureConsiderations says:

    I think Mikster should shut the hell up. You are acting like the people that boo’ed at the event were child molesters or something. Worthless trash and scum? Pretty hard words for someone that doesnt know many of us and has the cover of sitting behind a computer screen to say such things. Again, the people that were there yesterday were PAYING customers and they have every right to boo if they want. Would i have boo’ed? Not really. But who am i to stop someone else from doing so and calling them the scum of the earth? All you are Mikster is a ignorant piece of shit that thinks he knows everything but knows nothing. You feel ashamed to be a Rangers fan? Then dont be a fucking fan.

    Oh yea, i know how you act cause i read Hockeybird, real class act over there too. Maybe we should set up a meeting between you and a few of the people that boo’ed for you can say that stuff to there face instead of writing it on some little website of yours down in Florida.


  46. LondonK says:

    The problem is booing in New York means nothing. They boo you when you win. They boo you when you score. They boo you when you reach a milestone. They boo you when you are scored upon. They boo you when you get a penalty. They boo you when you draw a penalty. They boo you when someone is hurt. They boo you when the hurt player gets helped off the ice. They boo you when you tie. They boo you when you lose.

    In New York booing means absolutely nothing because they just do it for no reason. I feel that booing a team, no matter how poorly they play, at a charity event shows very little class. Boo them at the game, don’t boo them during charity.

  47. defenestrate says:

    They’re not “booing” – they’re “mooing”. It’s either because of their cattle-like mentality, or else they are clamoring for the return of the posse that dares not speak its name on HTR for threat of banishment.

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