Rangers Captain next year? F.A dips aswell

I was reading a topic in HF forums that asked this question. There were many responses such as Jagr, Holik, Poti. I even heard Ortmeyer! My take on this is…

Holik was never captain material, although he does care for the team

Jagr is way to selfish and would not put the team first

Poti……..self explanatory

Ortmeyer has all the traits but is way to inexperienced and honestly is not that good.
My personal opinion is that since Mess is retiring they should dip into the free agent market and find one. I’m thinking along the lines of Gary Roberts, Joe Niewendyk, Brendan Shanahan or even Chris Pronger if he doesn’t get a qualifying offer.

Honourable Mentions



The Rangers also need to fill in gaps in their roster using trades and F.As(affordable). I will outline the positions that are week and the F.As who could fill the role.

I believe they are going to let Mr. Concuss, as well as Mironov go so this is their roster as it stands

These Blanks can be filled with players from the roster but in NOWAY will they be competitive

Jagr- Blank- Blank

Balej- Holik- Murray

Ortmeyer- Lundmark- Blank

McCarthy- Blank- LaCouture


Tjutin- Blank

Poti- Kasparaitis

Pock- Rachunek




(Montoya will be AHL and Blackburn should be if he recoveres.

In conclusion They are in need of

#1 Dman

#1 Goalie

Top Line LW and C

3rd line LW

4th Line Checker C

Possible Candidates per position

How well they will fill it(rating out of 5)

#1 Dman

Dan McGillis 3

Alexei Zhitnik 2

Sean Hill 1

Glen Wesley 1

Richard Matvichuk .5

Teppo Numminen 3.5

Mathieu Schneider 2

Jaroslav Modry 2

Pronger(RFA)*spec on whether he will be qualified*

5 ( way too expensive though although he would revived the NYR defense)

#1 Goalie

Byron Dafoe 0

Felix Potvin 0.5

Dominik Hasek 3 (if they can pry him away from Ottawa) and at 2 mill a season, what a bargain.

Chris Osgood 1.5

Ed Belfour 3 ( old but proven good: may be able to fill in for a year, while their prospects develop

Johan Hedberg 1

Other options

Trade for Cloutier 3

Trade for Fernandez 0

Top Line LW

Demitra 4 (slightly expensive)

Mike Knuble 1 (success based on pairing w/Thornton)

Paul Kariya 4 (playing w/ Jagr) he shouldn’t cost more than 2.5 mil

Brendan Shanahan 3 (age is a factor)

Luc Robitaille 0 (Luc aint lucky any more)

John Madden 4 (fairly cheap…adds d to line up.)

Gary Roberts 3 (Captain….has some fire left)

Top Line C

Craig Conroy 2 (good but kind of streaky)

Steve Yzerman 3.5 (untouchable though)

Petr Nedved 0 (we’ve been through this before)

Yanic Perreault 0 (decent but not 1st Line material)

Brylin 0 ( see Perreault)

Eric Lindros 0 (resign Mr. Concuss are u on crack!!)

Alexei Zhamnov 3.5 ( best available)

Mario Lemieux 5 (see Yzerman)

Vincent Damphousse 2 (aged can barely reach 40 pnts)

Ron Francis 0 ( see damphousse but change 40 to 30)

Joe Nieuwendyk 3(2nd best available)

Rolston 3 (3rd best available)

3rd line LW

Draper 5 (perfects the PK squad)

Mike Knuble 3 (may do o.k)

Chris Simon 4 (why not reacquire him)

Rucinsky 4 (switch him and murray for 2nd line)


Matthew Barnaby 3

Shayne Corson 2

Rem Murray 4 (if he recovers)

Grant Marshall 3

4th Line Checking C

Jason Wiemer (5) boosts dressing room moral

Jim Dowd 2 (average checker)

Robert Reichel (N/A lol) ( who ever just believed this is a friggin idiot) Reichel can’t check nor play…this is the play who is famous for taking a slap shot on a Penalty Shot

And that is my outline…

Best possible

If this happened I would honestly hump ten trees before declaring my undying love for Pat Quinn

which means there is pretty much no chance on this

Jagr- Zhamnov- Demitra

Balej- Holik- Murray

Ortmeyer- Lundmark- Draper

McCarthy- Wiemer- LaCouture


Tyutin- Pronger

Poti- Kasparaitis

Pock- Rachunek




And for sh*ts and Giggle: THE WORST

I would cry for 10 hours straight if this happened

Jagr- Perrault- Robitaille

Balej- Holik- Murray

Ortmeyer- Lundmark- Corson

McCarthy- Reichel- LaCouture


Tyutin- Hill

Poti- Kasparaitis

Pock- Rachunek




To Top of my long article I would like to close with this statement HIRE QUENNEVILLE!!

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