Ranger's Contracts in Dispute

TSN.ca is reporting: The New York Post reports that the National Hockey League submitted a rejection of both Bobby Holik’s and Darius Kasparaitis’ contracts when the New York Rangers sent them for approval to Central Registry.

The paper added that the move to reject the deals were made on Aug. 7 and the National Hockey League Players Association responded with a grievance just 48 hours later.

The league office has reportedly objected to the signing-bonus covenants in each of the contracts. Holik signed a five-year, $45 million deal that includes a $10 million signing bonus with about $2 million given out each season for the duration of the contract. Kasparaitis signed a six-year, $25.5 million deal with $6 million in signing bonuses.

Holik, 31, scored 25 goals, added 29 assists and had 97 penalty minutes with New Jersey last season. The six-foot-four, 230-pound centre is a two-time NHL all-star and was a key member of New Jersey’s 1995 and 2000 Stanley Cup championship teams.

Prior to being acquired by the Devils, Holik collected 42 goals and 46 assists for 88 points, along with 157 penalty minutes in 154 contests with the Hartford Whalers. In 1990-91, he led all Whalers’ rookies and finished fourth overall on the team in scoring with 21 goals and 22 assists for 43 points.

Kasparaitis is only 29 but qualified for unrestricted free agency because he played 10 years in the NHL and earned less than the league average salary of $1.64 million last season. Kasparaitis made $1.15 million with Pittsburgh and Colorado last season while recording two goals, 14 assists and 142 penalty minutes in 80 games.

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  1. mikster says:

    Big deal. Rangers are paying him the money, it’s not their money so who cares. It’s done, it’s a signed contract by both sides and there’s nothing else to it.

    I wonder if they would have rejected Toronto’s contarct if he signed with them. Quinn did say he offered $9 million a season to Holik. Who knows what the bonuses were.

    I think the bonuses are no one else’s business but the player and the organization.

    I don’t think money is important….what’s important is that they have Holik and that they win. If they win and make the playoffs, then money doesn’t really matter.

  2. zednik says:

    Its not like it matters one way or another the Contracts will stand, but its nice to see that the NHL is starting to take notice of some of the things that are going on when it comes to UFA’s.


  3. beefer says:

    Hell, the Devils offered between $8 and 8.5 million. When the money gets that high, whats the difference. Nobody would have batted an eye had he resigned with them for that much. Mikster, why do they hate our team sooooo much?

  4. aafiv says:

    Money’s not important.

    Great, so the Rangers can drive up salaries and bankrupt the league while failing to make the playoffs again.


  5. mikster says:

    Because the Rangers did build a bad reputation, especially with Neil Smith. The team known to trade the young talent and sign the big names.

    I think that if the Rangers start making the playoffs from now on, then they will gain respect. Sather has to sign Holik, Kaspar…and he had to get Lindros and Bure. He is forced to win now. Yet, at the same time, no one is noticing that Sather is building a strong youth in Hartford. One their young talent is NHL ready, then they’ll bring it up. He will balance the team, but he is forced to win now.

    I think it’s pretty dumb to show too much hatred for the Rangers. Hockey fans would then be equivalent to the European soccer fans who have no respect and are a disgrace, not all fans but a lot of them.

    I bet that no one will bash Fleury as much now that he is a Hawk. The media won’t be on him as much. It’s pathetic. Just like the Jagr saga. It was bad if Sather landed Jagr because he would have traded youth, and it was bad if Sather didn’t get Jagr because then he missed out on him. That just shows you how pathetic hockey fans are, and the media.

    If Richter signed with another team, the media would be praising the team and Richter. But, he remains a Ranger and one of the top goalies in the league being paid at $4 million a season…so no big deal.

    If Trottier was hired by the Caps or another team. He would be praised and have full support. But, he became a Rangers coach so you have to worry about him. The media is worrying about Trottier as a rookie head coach, but they don’t mind Tippet in Dallas, Bab***** in Anaheim, and Cassidy in Washington.

    Look at Brendl, he is a top prospect and rated higher than Lundmark, and he is still above Lundmark after scouting sites updated. Who has a better shot in making the NHL now? Lundmark. Who has been more succesfull? Lundmark. Hell, Brendl can’t even score in the AHL. How the hell can he be rated higher than a prospect who has great skills, and more skills, and who also finished 2nd among all rookies? It doesn’t make sense, but Lundmark is a Ranger. If Brendl was still a Ranger he would have been considered a full bust by anyone….but not as a Flyer.

    Kasparaitis is dealt to the Avs and it was a great deal for the fans and the media. Kaspar was a good addition because he is this and that and he also does this. That’s all the fans and the media talked about. But hey, once Kaspar is a Ranger…”oh he is not that great, he is actually a bit overrated, he doesn’t do this right…blah blah blah”.

    When Rangers acquired Lindros, everyone said they gave up too much. Well, how much is too much? Hlavac is in Vancouver struggling to score at least 15 goals. Brendl is struggling to even compete at AHL level. And, Kim Johnsson is a valuable defenseman, and he was traid bait. How is that too much? How is that too much for a number one center who scored a point a game and led the team forwards in hits?

    That’s just the way it is….and yeah it sucks but oh well, they are the immature losers.

  6. Glen says:

    Good, the league should step in when a team crosses the line. Bobby Holik is only a better skating and heavier version of Kent Manderville. His signature is not worth 10 million dollars. We’re not talking about MoJo here. It’s just an autograph. Signing Bonuses are rediculous to begin with. It makes me sick to see hockey following the same path as baseball. And oblivious fans of the Rangers are too braindead to look at the big picture. Sather has raised the bar yet again, and now second level players like Jarome Iginla think they deserve millions more than their true value. He had one good year. I’m not saying that the Flyers are a model for salary caps but, Simon Gagne is working out a 2.5 million dollar contract while Jarome Iginla wants 7.5. That is obserd!! If Gagne was the only talent on the team he’d have been a finalist for every major award also. Money is ruining our game, just like everything else. They are taking the true fans out of the game.

    If you go to a Flyers game, the entire lower level is filled with buisness people who don’t even pay attention to the game. Sometimes you’ll find a few people who were lucky enough to get a couple from their boss. It’s ashame that our game is deteriorating, due to people who think that 5 million a year isn’t enough to go out every night and play a game. They want 7 million, so they’re gonna take their ball and go home. Not even play. Makes me sick.

  7. The_Baron says:

    The league doesn’t like how the contracts are structured I guess, they’ll just be restructured or something. Sounds like the media types are fishing for any hockey stories right now in the slow month of August.

  8. NYIchooch75 says:

    Look, I think you Ranger fans are being a little too sensitive. Not everyone has been bashing the Rangers. Yeah, Holik is overpaid, but the Rangers have the money, and he fills a need. How many teams offered Kaspar the same or a little less than what he signed for? No one bashed the Rangers for that signing. I’m talking media wise, not HTR posts. There was also A LOT of articles on how good the hiring of Trottier was. Even on the Islanders web site it was commended.

    It’s too bad the Rangers are in New York and they have so much media attention. If they were in Iowa, they wouldn’t be in the spotlight so much, but they sure as hell couldn’t sign all these free agents. Who cares about Brendl and Lundmark. They are both unproven and it will take a while for both of them to pan out, if they do at all. My team has been all about prospects and I know how long it takes for them to blossom. The media has been pretty harsh on Kvasha and Isbister.

    The reason the Lindros trade was bashed becuase it was such a huge risk. This guy is one big hit from a career ending injury. It is as simple as that. They mortgaged their future (at the time) for a player who may have played only 1 game.

    And, by the way, the media was all over the Rangers jock when they made the Bure trade.

    As for Fleury, face it, the guy just wasn’t right in the head. Who the hell beats up a teams mascot? Really now, he’ll still be a joke IF he keeps it up. ESPN loved showing his BS on Sportscenter.

    The Rangers, because of their payroll and location are the team to hate. It’s the same with the Yankees in baseball. Get over it. So many things have gone bad for this team, that until they produce, they deserve all the shit they get.

  9. GloveSide says:

    OH GOD!

    i really really hate the rangers

  10. cwhockey says:

    Reminds me of what I’ve heard about baseball. Many fans said they wouldn’t come back to the game is there is a strike (work stoppage, whatever floats your boat). One guy in Texas had a very sarcastic and matter-of-fact statement; he said the fans will come back, the players know it and the owners know it.

    Despite his arrogance, this guy was right and this directly relates to hockey’s situation. Fans are gonna come back if there is a strike, true fans. Let’s not kid ourselves. If we are true fans, our love for the game will bring us back time and time again. But what that Texan (and seemingly most other people) haven’t mentioned is that a strike will hurt the growth of this game. It’s the potential fans sitting on the fence that we have to worry about. A work stoppage and those fans will disappear and hockey plainly needs more growth than baseball.

    I agree that money is ruining the game. But the true believers and lovers of this game will be back; we would regret it too much if we left the sport behind. It’s lack of growth that would seriously hurt this game in the long run.

  11. NYRrule says:

    What a wonderful contribution you have made to this discussion! Brain dead people like you need not participate nor be allowed to post messages.

  12. NYRrule says:

    Amen mikster! Dont forget Bure. While with Florida, everyon talked about what a great, pure goal scorer he was. How he was the heart of their team. Once a Ranger, all the talk about how one sided he is and that he only plays for himself surfaces.

    If any fan were the general manager of an NHL team that had the Rangers resources available to them and an elite NHL player became available. Would they sign him?? Of course they would and they would be lying if they said no. If you say to yourself, “You know, I have more than enough money to sign this guy and he would make my team a whole lot better but I’m not going to because I’m afraid of what every NHL, Ranger hating fan will say about me and the team”, you friggin lying!

    I’m tired of the Ranger bashing that goes on here. Yeah they have had a few bad years but what team hasn’t? Did everyone hate the Rangers when they made the playoffs every year in the early and mid 90’s? Look at the Yankees. All the money they make they put back in the team. It doesent just go into the owner’s pocket never to be seen again. I’ll admit the Rangers spent some money foolishly the past 4 years but those people are gone and the money will be spent in the right areas like it was this off season.

  13. Freeze says:

    Is that a strike against you for saying that?

  14. Glen says:

    I’m not saying that I wouldn’t still be a diehard fan of hockey, only because it’s the only sport that can keep me hooked through the entire season. People will be back to hockey when it collapses. Fans are now realizing that the minor league players in baseball and hockey try twice as hard as the major league players. Just to make it to the next level. And in turn put on a bigger show. I’d love to see baseball shut down for a whole season just to see what would happen. What the fans would do. I’d rather it be basketball, but that’s only because I can’t stand basketball at all.

  15. cwhockey says:

    He is just echoing the sentiments of many of us. Justly or unjustly, a lot of people can’t stand the Rangers. The biggest teams tend to draw the most detractors; Detroit, Toronto, Rangers, Philly, Colorado, Dallas and a couple others. You’ve gotta expect this hatred from the smart and stupid alike. Just the way it is.

    Being a die-hard Thrasher fan, I’ve heard a lot in three short years. Makes up for the 20 years that I didn’t have a team to call my own.

  16. Glen says:

    Let’s look at the Lindros trade this way. Kim Johnsson is the no. 2 defensemen, ahead of Desjardins, Therien and Weinrich. Hlavac was traded for Donald Brashear, who just signed a 2 million a year contract. He also put up slightly better numbers while his main focus on the ice is to annhilate anyone in his path. As for Brendl, you still HAVE to look at him as a work in progress. He is still only 21. Younger than Gagne, ANTROPOV, and Lecavalier. He is certainly not stuggling to do anything on the Phantoms. And will likely be on the third line with Michael Handzus. His numbers weren’t spectacular, but were par for the club. Sounds like trade bait to me……

  17. cwhockey says:

    I’m with you on the basketball. I’d be happy if we just had college basketball and no NBA (I love the NCAA tournament because of the drama but the NBA is just plain awful).

    It would be an interesting parallel for the NHL to see what would happen if baseball went on strike. Of course there would be differences in how everyone reacts and what resolutions are brought forth, obviously. But it would give the NHL some kind of mirror to look into and maybe let them know what to expect for the future. They could learn from baseball’s mistakes and resolve this fiasco before we all get hurt.

    I just wonder if they are rational enough to learn those lessons and not let them slip away out of some kind of stubborness?

  18. Freeze says:

    People said what they did about Kaspar, not because he was with the Rangers, but because of the way Colorado changed his style of play. Kaspar wasn’t Kaspar in Colorado. The coaching staff told him to stop stepping up over the blue line to hit unsuspecting players because that style was risky to the coaches. I don’t blame Kaspar for that. He the right thing getting out of Colorado. There was no match there.

    Also, I believe the Flyers are hated a lot more than the Rangers. Bobby Clarke is keeping that hatred alive.

  19. mikster says:

    Ah, a good Isle’s fan….so nice to see one.

    I agree and Newsday was one newspaper that was supportive. But, believe me…i saw the criticizing articles more than the supportive ones.

    Leafs had an offer for Kaspar close to the Rangers and the Leafs, as Quinn said, did offer $9 million to Holik as well.

    All i am saying is that it is quite a pain in the ass that anything related to the Rangers has to be criticized.

    I liked your comment though and i agree with it. Good to see a real hockey fan.

  20. mikster says:

    Johnsson is the Flyers’ 2nd defenseman because their defense is very weak on the offensive skills and Desjardins is basically out of gas.

    Brashear is a 3rd line winger but Hitch will have him playing 4th line probably. Brendl will only make the team if the Flyers can’t find anyone else. Hitch will not like Brendl. Brendl is a one dimensional player who is not fast, nor a good skater. He also has a low work ethic, so i’d be shocked if Hitch will play him. I say turn Brendl into a power forward. He is pretty big in size and has a rocket. His AHL stats were pretty pathetic. In 64 games he scored 37 points (15g, 22a). I wish Brendl the best since i supported him a lot, but as of now…i can’t see how he will make the team.

  21. amok says:

    Hey, you live in New York. You just can’t escape the attention. It’s gotta be the best place in the world to win in and the worst to lose in.

    Fleury’s only got himself to blame for the bashing. If he mellows in Chicago he’ll get more respect, if he keeps his Broadway circus act going, it won’t matter where he’s playing.

    As for Richter, you’re dead-on that he’d get more attention if he signed elsewhere. But it’s because it would be a change. If Holik resigned with the Devils, even at $9 million, he wouldn’t get nearly the attention he does now. I bet if Richter had signed with say, Detroit, there’d be tons of articles on it.

    I don’t see why anyone would worry about Trottier as the coach. That just seems silly. I’d take him over any of the other rookie coaches. He knows how to win on the ice and behind the bench.

    Not too familiar with prospect ratings, but you’re right, Lundmark should be rated ahead of Brendl. Most people I talk to think Brendl’s a bust. Even a couple of my Flyer fan friends.

    Kaspar’s overrated for what he’s paid. Sure, someother team might have given him that much. And they’d still have a guy making more than he’s worth.

  22. amok says:

    Bure wasn’t getting much praise at the end of his Florida days. Just ask Trevor Kidd.

    And he sure isn’t missed in Vancouver, either.

    Everyone knows he’s a great, pure goal scorer. Anyone who thinks otherwise is an idiot or lying. But, he does come with his drawbacks, too. Fortunately he’ll probably love playing in New York. When the guy’s happy he’s one of the best.

  23. MossRocks says:

    Holik is a much better player than Manderville but not a better skater. Holik is an average skater and Manderville may be limited but he can skate.

  24. mikster says:

    Holik sets his price at $8.0

    Devs offer him around $8.2

    Rangers and Leafs make offers.

    Leafs offer $8.5 to $9.0

    Rangers offer $9.0

    Holik put himself as an auction. Sather is forced to win now, and he had to get Holik. When you have the money, then you use the money.

    The league should have stepped in a while ago for this. I think the league should set a limit on UFA market, that no player can get more than $8.5. It’s a start….

  25. mikster says:

    I don’t think brain dead is that bad….

  26. Glen says:

    I’ll be proving you wrong, ONCE AGAIN, in less than a month. Can’t wait.

  27. Glen says:

    I agree completely, let one of those other sports be the guinea pig for the only sport that really matters. Hopefully it will make sence and they can all agree that they make more than enough money already to play A GAME!!!

  28. Glen says:

    Manderville looks like he can skate because he tries harder than ANY other player in the NHL. That is the only reason he’s still in the NHL. A team should make him be captain so he can instil his never say die atitude for a whole club. He looks out of control half the time he’s out there, but he makes it stick. That’s why he makes an excellent point man on the penalty kill. His legs never stop. Holik is much smoother, but past that they are very similar. If Kent played with Recchi and LeClair, or even Williams and Gagne he would look like Holik. Manderville would stand in front of the net all day long on power plays, as long as he thinks he’s doing his part. Not many guys in the league who have that dedication. Certainly not Bobby Holik.

  29. mikster says:

    Hehe, what are you trying to prove?

  30. Bodster says:

    maybe they will cancel the contracts out to help pay messier the RIDICULOUS 5mill he wants. what the hell is he thinking?

  31. Overtime says:

    I think we’re all trying to figure out what is considered bashing and what qualifies as a strike.

  32. mikster says:

    A strike would be like calling you a clueless ratrded son of a *****. Verbal abuse would be considered a strike…i mean, barin dead is not much. Even “You just suck, you and your worthless patheric Rangers fans” That COULD be considered a strike.

  33. mikster says:

    Messier will get around $4. The NYPost is usually 95% wrong of the times.

  34. Bodster says:

    thats about $3,999,999.00 too much. he is way too old. You are right about the post though – Larry brooks is a joke

  35. Glen says:

    Sorry, it will be Brendl proving you wrong. Hopefully……

  36. NYIchooch75 says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I frigging hate the Rangers, it’s just an unwritten law being an Islander fan. But, I’m not ignorant and I call it like I see it. And it could be worse, I have never seen a team get picked apart more than the Mets are right now.

  37. Forsberg21 says:

    Espn.com is reporting that the reason for the dispute is that because of provisions in the contracts that would pay them in the event of a season lost to a work stoppage. League spokesman Frank Brown told ESPN, “The contracts have been rejected on the basis of provisions that the league believes to be in violation of the collective bargaining agreement and related agreements.”

    This could have been the major reasons these two had for signing with NYR. They would have been paid during a lockout. I wonder if this could allow Kaspar and Holik to maybe sign another contract with the Rangers, or sign somewhere else, claiming the contract would be void because one of the things they were gurenteed in the contract was not going to be given to them.

  38. YingYan says:


    You will NEVER suceed in spinning all the other fans that the Rangers did everything according to the the rules and for the best of the NHL. In 2004 you will see the Rangers… on the wrong side of the negiciation table and i hope Lemieux, Gretzky & cie will kick their loo$er$ a$$!

    Ranger$ $uck$

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