Rangers Defense||Injuries? Cry Me a River!||Penguins Fire Sale||Senators Elected

Is the Rangers defense really so horrible? A disease called Kasparaitis is no longer a disease, but a future cure.

The Canucks are facing injuries and the Oilers are facing injuries. WELCOME TO THE CLUB!!! But, why do I see whining and sorrow???

Penguins putting up a garage sale.

Should the powerful Senators be elected, and be given respect, for the Cup finals???

March Madness Starts Tomorrow at 12 am!!! Excited? Don’t care?Is the Rangers defense so horrible? In a way yes and in a way….no.

Do you know that the Rangers have a plus rating on even strength? The Rangers would love to play 5 on 5, or 4 on 4, hockey for 60 minutes, but they can’t. Why can’t they? Because they take too many penalties. The Rangers Penalty Kill is not good, not as good as it was with Bryan Trottier (ranked 15th w/ Trots, now shifting mid to late 20’s).

If the Rangers are to create a miracle on 33rd Street, they need to fix the PK. Now with a healthy line-up for the first time in…God knows how long, the Rangers Power Play is starting to click. If the Ranger can fix the PK, the chances will raise since they are a plus team on even strength.

The Rangers defense had a disease called…Kasparaitis. Do you remember when Darius had a -17 and was nicknamed Kasparminus? In the past two months, Darius has been a Kasparplus by posting a +14 and is now a -3. It is a big improvement and a good sign. However, Kaspar was a tragedy at the start of the season and was of no help. Too little too late Darius, unless a mircale will occur.

How about Cory Cross? Everyone made so much fun of this guy yet he has been a steady defenseman with a +8, just two number away from top NHL defenseman Scott Stevens. A desperation move? It might have been since the Rangers faced injuries just as much as their AHL club, the Wolf*Pack. It certainly paid off though, Cross has been solid as the 6th d-man.

The Canucks are facing injuries, and so are the Oilers. So the Stars lost Marty Turco. So the Flyers missed Leclair and Gagne. So what? I thought that injuries were not supposed to be used as excuses. I’ve been peaking in team forums and I see fans whine and actually make statements such as “the flyers are not winng as much as they could becaus of the injuries to leclair and gagne”. There were other quotes similar to that one regarding other teams.

What ticks me off even more is the fact that other fans actually feel sorry for those teams and they actually agree!!! I keep hearing “poor are the Kings with the injuries they’ve had”. Right, and I cry too….

I recall that when the Rangers faced these many injuries all I saw was “injuries are no excuse, Rangers either have or don’t have enough depth, so tough luck”. Well….okay, I can take the fact that the Rangers are, probably, the most hated team in the NHL (since people seem to use Canadian Dollars when mentioning their $80M dollar payroll????), but give me a break….talk about biased fans!!!!

I agree that injuries are no excuse, but they are reasons.

So….cry me a river if your team has a few injuries.

Anyone want a ride to Mario Lemieux’s garage sale?

News: http://www.thefourthperiod.com/news/story.asp?id=699

Before it was only Kovalev, now Straka, then Hrdina, and now Nieminen. Maybe it’s time for Lemieux to look for a partner$hip? This will definitely prove Craig Patrick’s smarts. Though Nieminen doesn’t have trade value, he could be used as part of a package deal with Straka or Hrdina.

Straka is a great player. He is energetic, he can score, play special teams, but he is injury prone, VERY injury prone. Not to mention his salary is quite high.

So the question is, who wants him and what is he really worth? It’s a tough call, but a Western Conference team will probably end up acquiring Straka.

Hrdina? It’s been said that the Capitals are intersted. Gee….who else is next..Lemieux!? I am not a big fan of Hrdina (the guy looks like a penguin), but he is worth in trade value….and Patrick should definitely receive some very good value…

….he has to.

Everyone keeps talking of how the Senators will probably face an early exit in the playoffs. History is a good source to use, but it doesn’t tell you all that much about the future.

B-E-W-A-R-E OF THE S-E-N-A-T-O-R-S!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They are more experienced than last season, they are better than last season, and they can still acquire playoff performer. I say they will make it to the Eastern Conference Finals, and depending on who they play against, I would judge if they will make it to the Finals or not.

March Madness is soon to start!!!!!!! Are you excited or you don’t give a damn? Vote on the poll.

46 Responses to Rangers Defense||Injuries? Cry Me a River!||Penguins Fire Sale||Senators Elected

  1. PresidentQuinn says:

    I don’t hate the Rangers. I think they’re a shinning example that it doesn’t matter how much money you throw at a team you still can’t just buy a Stanley Cup……say like in baseball.

    And does it really matter if you use Candian dollars, British pounds, the rupi? The Rangers are paying way, WAY to much for a brutal product

  2. cwhockey says:

    Fact of this sport: injuries happen, a lot.

    Teams in the upper tier of the league in terms of talent and/or team chemistry can survive some injuries. Los Angeles couldn’t because several of their best players were out for long stretches, or still are out. Their is a limit to what even good teams can overcome. But a few injuries here or there for a top level team is manageable.

    Take my Atlanta team; top two goalies out, best and most physical defenseman out, their captain out. For a team high on youth and low on top-end talent, this hurts more than it would other teams (although I believe any team would have problems with these injuries). I have but to mention it, and not complain about it. Hell, it gives others a chance to show what they are made of if you want a positive spin on it.

  3. mikster says:

    They are, and i agree with that. But, people keep making up numbers. Base salary, the Rangers are now $72-74M, before they were $69M and just under $2M more than the Red Wings. However, they never played the season with this brutal product.

    Once Sather’s prospects will make it, then we’ll see. Right now he is doing a horrible job, but i am too interested in the prospects he has drafted.

  4. mikster says:

    Nurminen was a huge loss.

    This is when i question myself…how would the Avs, or the Devils, play a season when missing Roy/Brodeur for 70 games, Foote or Blake/Neidermeyer for 31 games, plus 2 more defensemen out for 15-20 games, PLUS the top scorer of the team out for 31 games, PLUS….the best forchecker key face off center out for 20 games.

    I doubt any good team would have an easy time with those injuries.

  5. cwhockey says:

    I agree. It would be very tough for any team. But it is just my belief that any club that plays as a “team” and has good or great talent in almost every spot can overcome some bad injuries. For the lesser teams, injuries to key players hurts more because they don’t have the overall talent that can step in a fill those spots. Considering Atlanta’s youth and less talented depth players, losing the four players stated before (not to mention quite a few other injuries previously this year), their losses are very close to or the same as the Rangers. I don’t like making excuses at any time, especially now when they finally have a coach that can guide them through the rough spots and make them better in the end.

  6. Glen says:

    How is it too little too late?? Yes the Rangers sucked early on, but the Bruins are horrible right now, and the Habs haven’t been anything tremendous either. Granted both teams have games in hand on the Rangers, but I certainly wouldn’t rule them out. Dunham has been playing great, Kovalev is a huge plus, and adding Bure and Leetch from INJURY won’t hurt either. Playoff are doubtful but not out of reach.

    Straka, Roenick, Kapanen, Recchi, Johnsson on a power play. HMMMMM, that would be amazing!!! We’ll see in the next few weeks.

  7. Rico71 says:

    Man…you love to repeat that ‘injury thing’ a lot eh?

    I agree that the Ranger$ have lost a lot of man-games THIS year, but let’s not forget Montreal over the last 3-4 years?

    They have led the league in that department hands down. This year they are finely able to ice a full team, but they are the worst team I’ve seen since then.

    Imagine, they were better without Audette, Czerkawski, Gilmour, Zednik, Markov, Perreault and last year’s Theo. And Koivu has not been injured either.

    Call it what you will, but injuries are a part of the game. Teams suffer through them all the time.

    But teams that are loaded with quality players STILL in the line-up and STILL they don’t get into the playoffs for 6 years? Seems strange to me.

    At least Montreal missed the playoffs with a roster full of no-names,AHL-level players and not one superstar. That’s what I consider normal.

  8. mikster says:

    Well, you’re right and i adire that coming from a Flyers fan, better yet a real hockey fan.

    I think they can still make it if the Bruins keep losing. Also, the Bruins have a much tougher schedule ahead with road trips.

    Rangers are 3-1-1 since injured players cam back, B’s are 0-4-3 in their last 7. Yes, there is hope…but it’d be a miracle.

    That would look great with Straka, but i think the Flyers need someone who isn’t injury prone.

  9. mikster says:

    Of course i am. It pissed me off to see people bitch about the Rangers injuries and be cold about it but then want to be supportive for other injured teams.

    So, i cause more trouble 😉

    I know the Canadiens faced the injuries in the past seasons….and i am a Hab fan too (2nd favorite team), so it was painful for me to even see my 2nd favorite team lose from injuries.

  10. big_booty says:


    Is the Rangers’ defense horrible? In a word, yes. There’s no two ways about it. They’ve given up the second most goals in the East. The personnel they have now forms a roster that is not conducive to keeping the puck out of their own net. Slats keeps loading up on the offensive side, continuing to live in 1985. Ask him how many 6-5 games his Blueshirts have won this year. As for Cross – please. So he’s plus-8. BFD. He’s still Cory Cross. If he’s still you’re #6 defender this time next year and you’re still singing his praises, I’ll be forced to wet myself due to the laughter. Kasparaitis? Stop trying to make him sound like he’s turned a corner. He’ll never be a pure defender.


    They happen. The good teams get over it and continue to win. Please don’t intermix the terms “excuse” and “reason,” you’re just trying to say the same thing and make it sound better. Besides, even without the injuries and a stacked lineup, the Rangers aren’t that good of a team.


    So only now do you jump on the Ottawa bandwagon? Everyone and their mother has known that the Senators are the real deal this year.

  11. wieds says:

    “say like in baseball”

    In no sport can you simply throw out money and buy a championship. The New York Ranger$ of the baseball world are the Texas Ranger$. If your talking the Yankee I would compare them more to the Detriot Red Wings. Money doesn’t buy championships in any sports it simply helps.

  12. mikster says:

    Well, i listed facts…you can’t agree with facts, just accept them. A lot of those GA come from the opponent’s PP. At even strength, if the Rangers defense was horrible then they wouldn’t be a plus.

    All i am saying is that Cross has been solid. You’re making such a big deal out of it. He is a +8, he’s been solid. That’s it…nothing more to tell. I didn’t call him a great acquisition, he just did well s a 6th defenseman when needed to be in the line up. He was benched and he is not a permanent 6th defenseman. I doubt he’ll be a Ranger next season, Fedor Tjutin will definitely make it, i am quite sure of it.

    As for Kaspar. Is that all you can do, interpret things the wrong way and twist them around and create a new arguement? You already did it twice in this article and you avoided facts.

    I didn’t say or make it look like he turned it around. WHere do you see that? I actually criticized him for being a tragedy. From a -17 to a -3. That is an improvement, that is all i am saying.

    You jump from facts to non facts. Which side are you on? Because sometimes you only rfer to facts and sometimes you totally ignore facts, numbers.

    Kasparaitis is a plus in his career. Nothign more to tell. Try to stick with the same arguement, don’t create new ones.

    Injuries, yes they do happen! The good teams get over it and then win once they are healthy again. It depends who gets injured and how long the injuries last. Using Injuries as an excuse is different when saying it’s a reason.

    If the Avs lost Roy for a whole season and their GA was higher. WHy is that? The reason is: No Roy.

    “Besides, even without the injuries and a stacked lineup, the Rangers aren’t that good of a team.”

    That is your opinion, and fine with me if you think that way. However, you have nothing to back that up, no facts, regarding this season.

    The Sens…i always supported these guys for years, especially when they traded Yashing and picked Spezza.

    “Everyone and their mother has known that the Senators are the real deal this year.”

    If that was the case then i wouldn’t make an arguement about it. Look at the previous comments on the Senators, too many believe they will be an early 1st round exit team.

  13. mavedatthews724 says:

    I’m not a fan but…the Senators are the best team in hockey. Will they choke in the playoffs as usual though?

  14. mavedatthews724 says:

    I’m not a fan but…the Senators are the best team in hockey. Will they choke in the playoffs as usual though?

  15. mikster says:

    I don’t think they will face an early round exit, but they could. I say they can reach the finals, and many people disagree, but we’ll see.

  16. Bodster says:



    Bure, Pavel R 10,000,000

    Leetch, Brian D 9,680,000

    Holik, Robert C 9,600,000

    Nedved, Petr C 4,550,000

    Kasparaitis, Darius D 4,100,000

    Richter, Mike G 4,000,000

    Messier, Mark Douglas C 3,904,585

    Malakhov, Vladimir D 3,500,000

    Lindros, Eric C 2,700,000

    Lefebvre, Sylvain D 2,600,000

    Poti, Tom D 1,800,000

    Karpa, David D 1,700,000

    Dvorak, Radek R 1,575,000

    Barnaby, Matthew R 1,575,000

    McCarthy, Sandy R 1,300,000

    Murray, Rem L 1,225,000

    Blackburn, Dan G 1,130,000

    Lundmark, Jamie C 512,500

    Purinton, Dale D 500,000

    Petrovicky, Ronald R 425,000

    Chebaturkin, Vladimir D 400,000

    Kovalev, Alexei R 4,600,000

    Dunham, Michael G 2,800,000

    LaCouture, Dan L 550,000

    Laukkanen, Janne D 1,600,000

    Mironov, Boris D 3,300,000


    these salaries are disgusting

  17. burky says:

    I’m a Canucks fan and I’m not whining about their injuries, I was releived to hear that Bertuzzi and Ohlund will be alright, judging by the way they left yesterday I was fearing the worst. The Canucks just won 14 in a row and can afford to have these injuries now, plus I don’t think it will slow them down all that much.

    I haven’t heard any Oiler fans whining despite the fact that they have been absolutely destroyed by injuries this year and will probably miss the playoffs because of it.

    You have a valid point that I feel remorse for the Oilers while I laugh at the Rangers.

    Is there anything wrong with that? No. The Rangers are trying to buy Lord Stanley’s cup, and everyone bashes them because of it. They could be at the Canucks level right now (since both teams hit their peak in ’94) if they had rebuilt the way nature intended, but no, those greedy Rangers wanted another cup and they wanted it now.

    Plain and simple, they are driving up the prices for salaries and its getting harder and harder for the Oilers and Canucks to compete because of it, this is why I will always laugh at the Rangers and their $120 million CDN payroll.

    My suggestion, trade everyone except Blackburn and Lundmark and wait it out like everyother team, then I might respect them a little more like I do the Oilers.

  18. mikster says:

    Richter is out for the season, insurence comes in, and he will retire.

    Rem Murray is not a Ranger anymore.

    Chebaturkin has never played with the Rangers.

    Ever since Mironov came in as a Ranger they only had to pay him $1.5M.

    So, that equals to $70M anyway, NOT $80M.

  19. mikster says:

    Ok, that was fair. Wow…$120M CD is $70M USD?

    I am all for a rebuilt and meaniwhile it’s happening. Sather’s prospects are doing well and one of his sleepers, Dominic Moore, is starting to climb ranks.

  20. Sands says:

    Rangers can make it…… They have to win. no loss’s… It will be hard… but we will see what happens … maybe the Rangers Finally Jelled we will see.

    I understand what Mike is saying….. everyone uses the excuse of there team with injury’s but say’s it’s not an excuse with the Rangers…. Mike let it go…. They all are just busting your balls … every one of them know your right….. They just like to cry as much as possible…..

    Ottawa I always laughed and thought they were a 2nd round team at the most…. They have always been that way…. this year….. After seeing them play… they are a force….. They might just have it in them this year…. 3rd round…. Maybe final’s we will see….. Unless they see a Cinderella team in the 1st round…… But the only Cinderella team that would be is the Rangers….. because they would be one of the hottest teams going into the playoff’s if they got in. … but no one would admit it and everyone would cry… so saying anything good about the rangers doesn’t work…..

  21. mikster says:

    I know they can, because Boston is trying to climb on glass walls.

    You understand what i am trying to say regarding the injuries. I ma glad that you do.

    I know some people try to bust my balls and it’s awesome because all that does is make me bust their balls by being a total full blown Rangers, as Mike Dunham called himself when he got his Rangers mask.

    I say the Sens will beat everyone but the Leafs in the East.

  22. saiklo says:

    Does that somehow justify the failure that your team has become?

  23. BosBrn says:

    Did you have to rub in the 0-4-3 in the last 7? DOH!!! LOL

  24. cwhockey says:

    While I have never been a Rangers fan and don’t agree with mikster on some of the things he has to say, the comments made look as if others are blaming him in equal proportion to blaming the Rangers.

    How can you possibly blame someone for supporting their team? Every team has done something shitty in the recent past, some more and some less. Just the nature of this business that the teams make mistakes. But you continue to support your favorite team, and defend them when you see fit. Why the need to blame a fan for supporting his team when he had absolutely nothing to do with it?

    Like I said, I don’t like the Rangers and some of mikster’s defending is stretching a bit. But there is no need to get hypocritical about it, when you would do the same for your team. Criticize the team, criticize their moves, criticize their motives, that’s all fine and good. But getting any kind of personal gets off-track for the real points and the discussion becomes pointless.

  25. bender says:

    I wouldn’t worry about another forward on the powerplay just yet, they have really started to click. I think we need a quarterback defensemen. If anyone.

    Who do you think Clarke should give up for Straka?

  26. Sands says:

    Yeah bro. I hear ya, Ottawa Will be good I saw that if they see Toronto in the 3rd round, It will be a long 7 games, 6 games a least.

    The Rangers on the other hand have an NY jets chance of making it. I think it will come down to that….. I was at the Boston game….. What a game kid. I’ll be at the Islander game Monday night….. 2 big games…. If They Beat Florida it really will be one of there biggest games all season.

  27. mikster says:

    Straka can play the point though, even if i am very much against havign forwards play the points on the PP.

    I think Justin Williams for sure…and maybe Vandermeer?I say a forward and a d-man.

  28. mikster says:

    I don’t know, i never saw the full roster play for a game. Just now i am starting to see a “full roster”. I don’t know how this team would have performed if it didn;t face long-term injuries.

  29. mikster says:

    Not to mention that the Bruins have a tough road ahead, 7 games in 11 nights against tough teams. They will equal GP with the Rangers just after the deadline.

  30. mikster says:

    I appreciated that a lot. Thanks.

  31. orlandomac says:

    Mikster you are doing a great job at defending your team, like a good fan should do.

    You love your colours and you wear them with pride. I commend you.

    People are jealous that your team can just go out and buy anyone it likes, your organization shows a committment to win, which is more than I can say for alot of organizations, including mine that just horde the money, milk us for all we are worth, and are content on just making it too the Conference Finals.

    Though I think what some of these people state is true as well, you can’t buy heart, and heart is all your left with as a resource over a long bruising schedule.

    You know very well there is alot of teams out there that play much better down a man or two, my team being one of those, heart took us to the Conference Finals last year.

    The only thing long time Leaf fans ask for is heart, in the Ballard years that was the only pleasure in watching the team. They are known in these parts as the Cardiac Kids, and for good reason, you can never count them out.

    The Sens ( I pity them really), play impeccable regular seasons, and always look like they will surely skip past jail and collect the trophy.

    If they got past the Leafs in any of those playoff series they probably could’ve won a Cup or 2.

    This isn’t all down too just toughness as everyone makes it out too be, its all about heart.

    Sather was part of at least acouple of Oil teams that relyed more on heart than talent. In my honest opinion the Rangers should dump half of their salaries, and look for the cheaper players that contribute alot more than points.

    This game is two way and it doesn’t matter how good a defence you’ve got, if the forwards don’t back check you won’t go anywhere.

    I believe the man for the job in New York is Pat Quinn, I’m not his biggest fan, but he sticks with the players he’s got and shows patience in allowing them too overcome difficulties. You could call it mismanagement or confidence, all I know is it hasn’t won us a Cup yet, and is my main gripe when the likes of Ken Holland, and Pierre lacroix make statements at the end of the season, that tells the players, I believe you can go all the way, and I am going to help you. Quinn on the otherhand says you can go win the Cup but you are going to have to do it yourselves.

    The Rangers main problem is that when something goes wrong, the players expect management to do something instead of them doing it themselves, this is the heart factor. Quinn does a good job of creating it for the simple fact he doesn’t do anything.

    I believe the best combo is a GM who makes only moves at the deadline, and is supportive during the season with the players he has got.

    Good Luck in the run because I think you have a chance, who knows after the first couple of rounds, the salaries will start to pay off.

  32. BosBrn says:

    You know I’m just joking. Unfortunately, the Bruins have been a joke on the ice as well!

  33. mikster says:

    You my friend are a good hockey fan.

    I agree with every word you said. The heart will come soon. Sather’s been drafting guys like Hollweg, Garth Murray, Dominic Moore…those are guys that do the dirty job at whatever cost. Sather will not rush these guys, unlike Neil Smith did.

    Thanks for wishing us luck, i know that if this team gets in the playoffs, there will be damage. FEAR THE RANGERS!! lol.

  34. mikster says:

    Ftorek going buh bye eh?

  35. beckfan says:

    Ill be there Monday also. Look for a Barry Beck jersey, section 216,

  36. beckfan says:

    Mikster why? WHY?! Why must you talk about the Ranger D? It sucks! Leave it alone. Dont try and make it look better. Kasparitus sucks. Were stuck w/ him for five more seasons. Cory Cross? Common man! Theyve given up the most goals in the league. If ya wanna talk D, talk about the Devils D or the Stars D, not the Rangers.

    I know your just stating that theyve played better, but ya know what, its too late.

    And as for the injuries, they had enough talent on their roster to win a few games they lost. Lindros and Dvorak cant score and players like Petroviky and Smeulsson score once every twenty games.

    Dude honestly, I think you need to stop posting Ranger articles for a little while. We Ranger fans dont need someone trying too hard to make em look better then what they are. Its embarassing enough.

  37. BosBrn says:

    Who could right this ship any better? I think more GM’s need to look at the players more times then the coaches. I never saw Bowman getting so much heat when the Red Wings were in slumps.

    I think Ftorek can correct this. He needs to pull the team together. Hackett is flustered because of numerous things. I for one think he changed pads too quickly. So what if he had on Red and White pads? As long as it was a “B” on his chest… what else should matter?

    They need to bring up some of the young guys to get a spark going. Huml, Hilbert and Goren play very well together. Let’s let some of the bigger names sit as healthy scratches to give them a reality check. Lapointe, Axellson, Stumpel, or whomever Ftorek feels is not giving 100%.

    The Bruins have had Burns, Keenan, and now Ftorek in here. Unless they get Scottie out of retirement, who would do a better job? Nolan? Melrose? I’m not sure! If I changed anything in the coaching staff, I’d bring on another Assistant Coach…. Ray Bourque!! At least that way…. when Ftorek does go…. Bourque has some experience and can step up the ladder.

  38. mikster says:

    You call yourself a Rangers fan?

  39. Bodster says:

    you suck mickster

  40. meetak says:

    Did Quinn stick with Steve Thomas, Steve Sullivan, Yannic Perrault,Nathan Demsey, Dimitri Yushkevitch etc etc..

    Quinn’s no angel, and the Leafs haven’t actually won anything under him either.

  41. Rushing says:

    Ottawa has lost 4 of their last 8 games(3 of which were at HOME). Ottawa has one main injury with two questionable for today.

    Vancouver has 3 questionable for their next game with two others injured(not sure of their level or injury)

    Dallas has 2 on IR(Turco out at least 1-2 more weeks, Guerin out til April), Morrow questionable, Dimaio and Helenius still questionable. Dallas is still hit hard with two of their TOP players out. Possibly their #1 out a month(Turco). They need Turco now!!! Tugnutt hasn’t held his ground the past few games. He has sucked!! Dallas’ D has cut down the amount of shots per game but……….Tugnutt just hasn’t done his part.

  42. NHL_expert says:

    The Rangers are a disgrsace to our great game, it makes me want to puke to see a team below .500 trying to aquire players instead of dumping some salary, FOR WHAT? there is no way your making the playoffs NONE, sure you may have posted a few wins against teams that quit a month ago, but the reality is the teams the rangers are behind (bos, tampa, mon) have 3-4 games in hand plus the 3 points the rangers are currently back as of today, to many quality opponents remaining on the schedule for them to have a chance, and honestly it makes me smile to see this collection of stiffs and has-beens fall on their faces, maybe next year, although i doubt it….wonder if the payroll will hit 100 million next year. Thanks for ruining the sport

  43. beckfan says:

    Yeah, why? Cause I dont sit here and defend a sorry ass defence? Explain to my why im wrong and how im not a Ranger fan. Common bro!

  44. guinsfan4life says:

    Those salaries are discusting, but you have to remember that they aren’t paying all those salaries for a year’s worth. The Kovalev salary will just be for the rest of the season as is Laukkanen’s.

  45. guinsfan4life says:

    Either way mick, can’t you see they are part of what has become wrong with the National Hockey league!? I read a stat in the paper on Sunday that said the average per team salary from 91-92 (or 92-93) was 10 mil.!!!! How can that number almost quadruple–twice in a matter of 10 years!

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