Rangers Defense||Injuries? Cry Me a River!||Penguins Fire Sale||Senators Elected

Is the Rangers defense really so horrible? A disease called Kasparaitis is no longer a disease, but a future cure.

The Canucks are facing injuries and the Oilers are facing injuries. WELCOME TO THE CLUB!!! But, why do I see whining and sorrow???

Penguins putting up a garage sale.

Should the powerful Senators be elected, and be given respect, for the Cup finals???

March Madness Starts Tomorrow at 12 am!!! Excited? Don’t care?Is the Rangers defense so horrible? In a way yes and in a way….no.

Do you know that the Rangers have a plus rating on even strength? The Rangers would love to play 5 on 5, or 4 on 4, hockey for 60 minutes, but they can’t. Why can’t they? Because they take too many penalties. The Rangers Penalty Kill is not good, not as good as it was with Bryan Trottier (ranked 15th w/ Trots, now shifting mid to late 20’s).

If the Rangers are to create a miracle on 33rd Street, they need to fix the PK. Now with a healthy line-up for the first time in…God knows how long, the Rangers Power Play is starting to click. If the Ranger can fix the PK, the chances will raise since they are a plus team on even strength.

The Rangers defense had a disease called…Kasparaitis. Do you remember when Darius had a -17 and was nicknamed Kasparminus? In the past two months, Darius has been a Kasparplus by posting a +14 and is now a -3. It is a big improvement and a good sign. However, Kaspar was a tragedy at the start of the season and was of no help. Too little too late Darius, unless a mircale will occur.

How about Cory Cross? Everyone made so much fun of this guy yet he has been a steady defenseman with a +8, just two number away from top NHL defenseman Scott Stevens. A desperation move? It might have been since the Rangers faced injuries just as much as their AHL club, the Wolf*Pack. It certainly paid off though, Cross has been solid as the 6th d-man.

The Canucks are facing injuries, and so are the Oilers. So the Stars lost Marty Turco. So the Flyers missed Leclair and Gagne. So what? I thought that injuries were not supposed to be used as excuses. I’ve been peaking in team forums and I see fans whine and actually make statements such as “the flyers are not winng as much as they could becaus of the injuries to leclair and gagne”. There were other quotes similar to that one regarding other teams.

What ticks me off even more is the fact that other fans actually feel sorry for those teams and they actually agree!!! I keep hearing “poor are the Kings with the injuries they’ve had”. Right, and I cry too….

I recall that when the Rangers faced these many injuries all I saw was “injuries are no excuse, Rangers either have or don’t have enough depth, so tough luck”. Well….okay, I can take the fact that the Rangers are, probably, the most hated team in the NHL (since people seem to use Canadian Dollars when mentioning their $80M dollar payroll????), but give me a break….talk about biased fans!!!!

I agree that injuries are no excuse, but they are reasons.

So….cry me a river if your team has a few injuries.

Anyone want a ride to Mario Lemieux’s garage sale?

News: http://www.thefourthperiod.com/news/story.asp?id=699

Before it was only Kovalev, now Straka, then Hrdina, and now Nieminen. Maybe it’s time for Lemieux to look for a partner$hip? This will definitely prove Craig Patrick’s smarts. Though Nieminen doesn’t have trade value, he could be used as part of a package deal with Straka or Hrdina.

Straka is a great player. He is energetic, he can score, play special teams, but he is injury prone, VERY injury prone. Not to mention his salary is quite high.

So the question is, who wants him and what is he really worth? It’s a tough call, but a Western Conference team will probably end up acquiring Straka.

Hrdina? It’s been said that the Capitals are intersted. Gee….who else is next..Lemieux!? I am not a big fan of Hrdina (the guy looks like a penguin), but he is worth in trade value….and Patrick should definitely receive some very good value…

….he has to.

Everyone keeps talking of how the Senators will probably face an early exit in the playoffs. History is a good source to use, but it doesn’t tell you all that much about the future.

B-E-W-A-R-E OF THE S-E-N-A-T-O-R-S!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They are more experienced than last season, they are better than last season, and they can still acquire playoff performer. I say they will make it to the Eastern Conference Finals, and depending on who they play against, I would judge if they will make it to the Finals or not.

March Madness is soon to start!!!!!!! Are you excited or you don’t give a damn? Vote on the poll.