Rangers Defensive Issues

As you all know the New York Rangers were supposed to be one of the best teams in the NHL. I know it is still early, but if this team wants to be a Stanley Cup contender they definately need to have a better defense. The Rangers just had a three game road trip and it was good to see that Henrik Lundqvist was back at the top of his game. He played very well against Florida and Atlanta. He played a decent game against Washington but the Rangers could only manage to score one goal against Kolzig. But even though Lundqvist was back at his game some of the Rangers defenceman must go, whether it be a trade or they just release them. Two defenceman that must go are Michael Rozival and Marek Malik.
They are horrible, I do not care what people say about their plus/minus because it does not mean anything. They make so many turnovers and stupid plays. For example, tonight against Washington, Rozival gave the puck away to Pettinger and Pettinger came down on a 2 on 1 against Malik and Malik played the shooter and not the pass. What happened was Malik screened Lundqvist and Pettinger scored on a shot right between Lundqvist’s legs. The Rangers should trade Malik or Rozival with Prucha for Seabrook and Cullimore. I know Prucha is a great young player but Seabrook is a great young defenceman and those are hard to get. Seabrook would be a great addition to the Rangers and it may just be the piece to a Stanley Cup contending team. Maybe instead of trading Prucha they can trade Trevor Immonen who is a good AHL player and has had experience in the NHL. They can trade Immonen and Nigel Dawes who is another good young player and a potential 20 to 30 goal scorer in the NHL.

Comment back, I want to hear your thoughts. Sorry if I made a few grammar mistakes, I was rushing to type this.

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  1. nakedjoe says:

    i dont get why ozo doesnt get a shot on the pp….his only reason to be in ny was to be the powerplay pointman.  Also, Pock is wasting away while malik is attrocious.

  2. wheresthesoda says:

    u wanna trade immonen and dawes?????….before that you also said trade prucha and malik for seabrook and cullimore, i dont understand why people are talking out of there minds. and its not trevor…where the hell did you get trevor from, its jarko.

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