Rangers, Devils, Flyers… One last shot.

Here it is… Rangers have one last shot to lock up the Atlantic and prove that they are as good of a team as any and will be a contender.

Rangers Fans for the first time maybe ever, became Devils fans this Easter afternoon.

Dynamo710 was right… “It all comes down to Tuesday…” Here’s what Each team needs to win the Atlantic…. Take a look.Wow I never thought it would come down to this, not only after a happy Easter and for the first time cheering for the Devils which ended real soon after the game… but the Rangers and Ottawa? I never figured it would matter.

So the Rangers have failed to lock up the Atlantic 4 times, Losing to the Devils, Islanders, Penguins, and Philly which it is without a doubt they never showed up to play against

For Rangers to win Division:

1. A win Tuesday against Ottawa keeps them 1 point in front of Philly and NJ even if they both win.

2. A loss on Tuesday to Ottawa in OT (pt.101), a loss for Devils in OT or Regulation (100), a loss for Philly in regulation or OT (100)

3. A loss against Ottawa in regulation (100), a loss for Devils in Regulation (99), A loss for Philly in OT (100). (If Flyers lose in OT and Rangers lose in regulation they are tied 100 in points, 44 in wins, then it goes down to the series between them which is 4-4. then I believe goal Differential, Rangers have 46 more goals for then against while Philly has

5 more goals for then against.. So Rangers win )

For the Devils to win Division:

1. A win Tuesday against Montreal (101) and Regulation loss by Rangers (100), If Philly wins Devils have more Wins 46 Devils 45 Philly, So Philly won’t matter if they tie them in points at 101.

2. A win Tuesday (101) and a loss by Rangers in OT (101).. Devils would be tied in points 101 but Devils would have one more wins 46-45 over the Rangers. Philly won’t matter if they win due to Devils having more.

3. A loss Tuesday in OT (100), a loss by the Rangers in regulation (100) again Devils have 46 wins then and Rangers 45, A lose by Philly in OT or Regulation.

For Philly to win Division:

1. Win over the Islanders Tuesday (101), Rangers loss in regulation or OT (101) Philly 45 wins Rangers 44, Devils loss in Regulation or OT (100).

So here we are.. last day, Anything can happen. Tuesday is Do or Die… Right now looks like Devils have best shot if they win since Rangers have to play Ottawa… but if Rangers win… It’s all over, they take 3rd seed. Philly has only one shot… and they have to win and hope for some type of loss from Devils and Rangers…

Who knows anymore this is making me crazy. Rangers better show up and at least play this game for real.