Rangers, Devils, Flyers… One last shot.

Here it is… Rangers have one last shot to lock up the Atlantic and prove that they are as good of a team as any and will be a contender.

Rangers Fans for the first time maybe ever, became Devils fans this Easter afternoon.

Dynamo710 was right… “It all comes down to Tuesday…” Here’s what Each team needs to win the Atlantic…. Take a look.Wow I never thought it would come down to this, not only after a happy Easter and for the first time cheering for the Devils which ended real soon after the game… but the Rangers and Ottawa? I never figured it would matter.

So the Rangers have failed to lock up the Atlantic 4 times, Losing to the Devils, Islanders, Penguins, and Philly which it is without a doubt they never showed up to play against

For Rangers to win Division:

1. A win Tuesday against Ottawa keeps them 1 point in front of Philly and NJ even if they both win.

2. A loss on Tuesday to Ottawa in OT (pt.101), a loss for Devils in OT or Regulation (100), a loss for Philly in regulation or OT (100)

3. A loss against Ottawa in regulation (100), a loss for Devils in Regulation (99), A loss for Philly in OT (100). (If Flyers lose in OT and Rangers lose in regulation they are tied 100 in points, 44 in wins, then it goes down to the series between them which is 4-4. then I believe goal Differential, Rangers have 46 more goals for then against while Philly has

5 more goals for then against.. So Rangers win )

For the Devils to win Division:

1. A win Tuesday against Montreal (101) and Regulation loss by Rangers (100), If Philly wins Devils have more Wins 46 Devils 45 Philly, So Philly won’t matter if they tie them in points at 101.

2. A win Tuesday (101) and a loss by Rangers in OT (101).. Devils would be tied in points 101 but Devils would have one more wins 46-45 over the Rangers. Philly won’t matter if they win due to Devils having more.

3. A loss Tuesday in OT (100), a loss by the Rangers in regulation (100) again Devils have 46 wins then and Rangers 45, A lose by Philly in OT or Regulation.

For Philly to win Division:

1. Win over the Islanders Tuesday (101), Rangers loss in regulation or OT (101) Philly 45 wins Rangers 44, Devils loss in Regulation or OT (100).

So here we are.. last day, Anything can happen. Tuesday is Do or Die… Right now looks like Devils have best shot if they win since Rangers have to play Ottawa… but if Rangers win… It’s all over, they take 3rd seed. Philly has only one shot… and they have to win and hope for some type of loss from Devils and Rangers…

Who knows anymore this is making me crazy. Rangers better show up and at least play this game for real.

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  1. Sands says:

    Lundquist, Kasperitus, Rucchin back in the lineup for Tuesday. Let’s hope they all come back with a purpose

  2. TheRussianEvolution says:

    This is go time. On Tuesday Lundqvist, Rucchin, Kaspar, and everyone else who has been sitting out will be in, so it seems. I don’t know how it will turn out but I expect a great effort, especially on the part of Jagr.

  3. habswinthecup-again says:

    3rd or 6th, it doesn’t matter too much, but I have to believe that none of these teams want to finish 5th and face the Sabres (although I think the Devils would be best suited to beat them).

  4. adambuffalo says:

    I am really pulling for New Jersey to finish either in the 3rd or 6th seed. As a Buffalo fan, I do not want to have to play the Devils in a 7 game series. Not only would it be very boring because of NJs game style, but it would be very frustrating since the Devils still get away with clutching and grabbing the entire game. Besides, Buffalo hasn’t won a game in New Jersey in about 5 years.

  5. wingerxxx says:

    I don’t expect the Rangers to win the division. But even if we do, we’re still going to have a rough playoff road, no matter where the team is seeded. I would like to see the team win at least one more game before the playoffs. I didn’t think that Rucchin coming back so soon was such a good idea, but now I think it is. The team has to look at this, like the playoffs are beginning right now. Who would have thought that Kasparaitis would be so important to a hockey franchise?

  6. ranger_fan says:

    Anyway you look at it, the Rangers don’t stand a chance in the first round. Pick your poison, and to be honest I think the Rags have the best chance against the Sabres. The Sabres are going to have a tough time solving young Henrik. Remember the last time the two played? Weekes sucked, and when Henk came in NY got life and won, thanks to 2 critical goals to tie it and Lundqvist stellar third and shootout play. NJ is a very tough opponent, even though the last time NJ beat NYR in a playoff series I think was back in the 80s.? That seems too long to be true and if it is NJD are due. The Flyers are too tough a team for NY to contain physically. Colton Orr would need to be in the lineup and really he just doesn’t fit in the lineup.

  7. Kamakaze says:

    Oh how sweet this is…

    Most people didn’t even have NJ in the playoffs, and now they are contending (with a good chance) for the Division?!

    Kind of doesn’t matter to be honest… All of the potential series look like good match ups.

    As for Jersey though, they are riding a 10-game-winning wave, playing great defense, clicking on offense (with 2 scoring lines?!) and Marty is playing REAL well right now (though not great…). I think they would be at an advantage if they won home-ice, just because they haven’t been so hot on the road, but honestly, I think they could take any of the three to a 7 game series or better.

    None of the three (Buffalo, NYR or Philly) have played very well as of late, and have had some injury trouble, however, aside from Buffalo, they have given Jersey some problems in the past. But chew on this, of the potential playoff teams in the East, the only starting goalie with playoff experience is Marty Brodeur, with Hasek injured and Aebischer and Burke as backups/splits. He is also one of 4 playoff goalies to make it to the Stanley Cup Finals, and shares the honor of a Cup win with only Osgood (a backup). Hmm…

    Anyways, this is great for the game, I mean, this is playoff atmosphere BEFORE the playoffs! It’s great!

  8. almelo95 says:

    Style of play aside, there’s one big reason I would much rather face Philly or the Rangers: Martin Brodeur. It’s one thing to have to face a superstar forward like Jagr or Forsberg. It’s a complete other thing to have to face a goalie with 3 Stanley Cup rings.

  9. lynchmob540 says:

    As a frustrated Flyers’ fan, i will go on record and state that i HOPE the Flyers lose and that the Rags WIN (this will be tough…but its for the best).

    Actually, i hope the Flyers REST their big guys (Forsberg, Gagne, Knuble, Handzus, Nedved, Desjardins, Ratje & Hatcher) to allow them some extra time to regain some health. But somehow, i have a feeling Hitch will dress them all and grind as much possible out of each and every one of these fragile players (‘cuz, Hitch likes being a prick).

    I want NO PART of Marty Brodeur in the 1st round. And even if Marty wasn’t playing, that team is on such an incredible role, they’d sweep us anyways.

    So…lets hope we can play against the Rags in the 1st round. They seem to be more in line with the Flyers with injuries, making it a more entertaining series.

    The Devils are the LAST team i want to meet in these playoffs!

  10. Dynamo710 says:

    New Jersey has never beaten the Rangers in a playoff series

  11. Dynamo710 says:

    Stan Fischler said it best when he said that Lundqvist is to the Rangers what Elias is to the Devils and what Forsberg is to the Flyers…..the team just plays better with them in the game. Devils were basically out of the playoff race before Elias came back. Flyers are not the same team without Forsberg. And the Rangers…

    30-11-9 with Lundqvist in net

    14-13-3 with Weekes in net

    Stats don’t lie. Lundqvist missing, along with Kasparaitis are major reasons this team is slumping. Now put veteran Rucchin and point-per-game Rucinsky back in there to take some of the pressure off of Jagr, and this is a different team. THE SAME TEAM THAT DOMINATED THE DEVILS AND TIED THE SEASON SERIES BETWEEN THE FLYERS THIS SEASON.

    Doesn’t matter who they play first round, if Lundqvist plays like he has all season, then it will be a good series. And you can’t say that he’s not a proven playoff goalie…… Swedish Elite League Champion, Olympic Gold Medal…..there’s some pressure there, possibly more than in the NHL.

  12. TheRussianEvolution says:

    When’s the last time we saw a team on fire at the end of the season continue that hot streak into the postseason? The playoffs bring a whole new level of intensity so all bets are off. With that said, if the Devils play the Sabres I believe the Sabres will win handily, just a hunch.

  13. Sands says:

    Without a doubt. Lundqvist played in so many big games I’m not worried about him in playoff’s. If anything like Richter was he’s prob one of the best goalies to have in the playoff’s. An Elite playoff big game situation goalie. Winning a gold medal proved that already. Kasper is so big to this team I can’t believe it. getting Ruchinsky back is going to put the team together for the first time in a while. I think the Rangers are a 2nd round team right now with a healthy roster. Depending on how they show up to games… and if they show some heart like early this season… we could see a deep playoff run.

  14. Sands says:

    No sorry the Devils aren’t unstopable. I don’t think they are as good as everyone is saying. Playoffs bring a new lift to the game as the guy before me just said. Rangers Devils in round 1 Rangers home ice…. game goes to 6 Rangers 4-2

  15. FoppaFlyers21 says:

    to be a true fan, you need more faith than this….. I wouldn’t be as worried as you are about the Devils if we played the Senators the first round. NO MATTER WHAT, i think Philly will do just fine in the playoffs, no matter who their first round opponent is. If you’re worried so much about the first round, how the hell do you think they’ll get to the 4th?

  16. FoppaFlyers21 says:

    the main reason everyone is terrified of a first round Devils matchup is obviously Brodeur. So, you need to solve him. Put a permanent screen in frotn of him, get under his skin, ANYTHING to get him off his game. He is beatable, it’s mostly pychological. People see him as impossibel to beat, so they look for hte perfect shot to get by him. Just pepper him with tons of shots, and the Wall will fall.

  17. Pock_53 says:

    where do you get off saying the devils still get away w/ clutching and grabbing, they dont get away w/ it anymore then anyone else there top two lines have been playing a very exciting brand of hockey, yes they still play defense, seems to win cups it doesn’t matter who the devils play in the first round they win

    although buffalo is the team i would rather not see them play i’d like to see the sabres win a round or two that organization has come a long way

  18. unknownminion says:

    Still the same old Devilzzz

  19. kicksave856 says:

    No one has beaten the Rangers in the playoffs in the past 8 or 9 years!

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