Rangers don't seem 'desperate' Phaneuf


Despite Calgary general manager Darryl Sutter’s adamant denial that Dion Phaneuf is on the trade market, another NHL GM yesterday told The Post that the Flames are “desperate” to move the defenseman and the annual $6.5 million cap hit he will carry through 2013-14.

Which leads us to the Rangers, a team in desperate need of size and toughness that just happened to be scouted by Daryl Sutter and pro scout Ron Sutter during the Blueshirts’ 2-0 surrender in Philadelphia on Thursday.

The Blueshirts, who play Montreal tonight (7:00, WPIX, ESPN 1050 AM) in what should be a terrific Round 2 of the nasty battle they and the Canadiens waged at the Garden last Sunday, wouldn’t have the cap space to accommodate the head-hunting, 24-year-old Phaneuf without sending either Michal Rozsival or Wade Redden the other way as part of the package.

Redden carries the same cap obligation for the same number of years as Phaneuf, so there’s no reason to believe the Flames would be interested in him.

Beyond that, Redden likely has included Calgary on his eight-team no-trade list.

The Flames, who also scouted the Rangers at the Garden on Tuesday, might be willing to accept Rozsival, who has two years following this one remaining on his contract with an annual $5 million cap charge, but who will be owed just $7 million in salary after this season.

But Calgary is seeking help up front to bring back in a hypothetical Phaneuf trade.

The only reasonable target would be Brandon Dubinsky — reasonable, that is, for the Flames, but entirely unreasonable for the Rangers, who are essentially bereft down the middle behind No. 17.

If Phaneuf, 6-foot-3 and 215 pounds, were playing up to the reputation he established his first couple of years in the league as a Barry Beck-type multi-dimensional specimen, perhaps GM Glen Sather could justify moving one young piece for another to fill one hole even while creating another. Perhaps.

But Phaneuf isn’t . . . and hasn’t for a long time. Plus, adding that contract would tie up $34.425 million for the next two years in five players — Phaneuf, Redden, Marian Gaborik, Chris Drury and Henrik Lundqvist.

That would be too much for too little.


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  1. broc says:

    Pfff. If the Rangers could add Phaneuf while subtracting Roszival, they should make every effort to make it happen.

    When Phaneuf is on his game, he's a young Scott Stevens. There are very few guys like that in the league. He's still very young for a D at 24 too.. 

  2. cam7777 says:

    If they're that desperate, they can have Beauchemin, Hagman and Stajan, and we'll take Phaneuf off their hands.  That's a far better package than Rozsival and Dubinsky.

  3. futurebruin says:

    I wish the Bruins could get him.  His cap hit is just too high though.  Oh well.

  4. trueblue says:

    How about Higgins and Girardi and Kotalik for Phaneuf???

  5. pezzz123 says:

    Anisimov + Girardi + Roszival + Sanguinetti + 1rst rounder vs. Phaneuf + Boyd

  6. pezzz123 says:

    Roszival + Girardi + Anisimov + Sanguinetti vs. Phaneuf + Boyd

  7. pezzz123 says:


    Roszival + Girardi + Anisimov + Sanguinetti + 1rst rounder vs. Phaneuf + Boyd

  8. cam7777 says:

    And even then, I don't think it's so much about player value as the kind of players these are.  Rozsival is nothing but a cap casualty, and has negative value.  Anisimov is a good young center, but I can't imagine the Flames would want him – isn't Backlund all that Anisimov is and more.  Girardi and the first rounder are solid, but Boyd/Sanguinetti is probably a wash.  I just don't think the Rangers are good trade partners for a Phaneuf deal.

  9. pezzz123 says:

    Roszival would be bought out immediatly. 1 million on the cap for 4 years. Not that bad.

    Anisimov doesn't have the potential of Backlund, but he's NHL ready. In fact, he's already a regular top 6 player. Backlund won't be ready until 2-3 years, and might never make it (until he bulks up a lot). The Flames desperatly need a play-maker, and Anisimov fits the bill.

    Maybe Kreider or Grachev instead of Sanguinetti?

  10. cam7777 says:

    Yea, but can you honestly see Sutter trading for a bunch of Russians?  The Rangers are pretty high on Kreider and Stepan coming in together, so they would definitely try to push Grachev.  I dunno, if I was Sutter I would just steer the hell clear of Glen Sather before I somehow ended up with Scott Gomez.  Seriously, the man fleeces everybody.

    What are your feelings on Stajan trying to be a puck-disher for Jarome Iginla.  Hagman, Stajan and Beauchemin for Phaneuf (we could throw in a 2nd and a prospect like Hayes if need be, but we don't have much else).  That would make it:

    Bourque – Stajan – Iginla
    Hagman – Jokinen – Dawes
    Glencross – Langkow – Moss
    Nystrom – Conroy – Boyd

    (Lundmark, Sjostrom, McGrattan, Prust) – so many extras.

    Bouwmeester – Sarich
    Beauchemin – Regehr
    Giordano – Pardy

    Stajan has turned into a pretty solid player over the course of this year, and I feel he is the type of player who would reall benefit from having a leader like Iginla on his wing.   He's on pace with some other toight playmakers like Derek Roy, and would be far better than Anisimov.  He'd be a reasonable resign as well.

  11. pezzz123 says:

    I don't see him trading for a bunch of Russians, but we never know. One day, he'll open his eyes and see that the Flames got too many grinders, and not enough smooth-skilled players.

    As for Grachev, it's true that the Rags are high on Kreider and Stepan, but Grachev is still their #1 prospect. He's an almost sure-fire 1rst line RW. Kreider and Stepan will likely turn out into good 2nd or 3rd liners.

    I honestly don't see how Stajan would be an upgrade over Langkow. What we need is either a legit #1 center, or a young skilled center with upside. Stajan is none of this. Anisimov fits the bill for #2.

    As for Beauchemin, he's more consistent than Girardi, but G has more upside, and would be a cheap resign (somewhere round 2.5). I also prefer the puck-moving skills of Girardi to the booming shot of Beauchemin.

    As for Hagman, he's also more of a shooter. We already have too much of these good 2-way players who can score 20-30 goals. What we need is a game breaking play-maker. Not another 2nd liner.

  12. cam7777 says:

    I agree with all that, but I just have a couple counter-points:

    1.) A resigned Stajan is worth more to the Flames organization than the Leafs

    Everyone knows that we want to get rid of players for picks, or what have you, and so I think that Stajan gets an inadequate amount of respect because of the Toronto situation.  If nothing else, Stajan could be resigned cheaper than Langkow's current salary (and you can do what you like with him, he becomes expendable), and he could be a stop gap solution until a legitimate number one center becomes available (say Brad Richards in 2011).

    Stajan is 26 whereas Langkow is going to be 34 next season, so there's definitely room for growth, as oppose to sliding downhill.  A year down the road, a resigned Stajan might be easier to turn into a legit number one center than an aging Daymond Langkow.  And who knows, Stajan might be a fantastic Flame.

    2.) Hagman snipes, but he can also be a playmaker.

    Hagman has a knack for making whatever line he is on better.  It's true he prefers to shoot, but he's definitely not an air-head like Jokinen.  He would know when to feed Jokinen, and when to set himself up.  And again, if nothing else, he provide excellent secondary scoring at an affordable rate.

    Oh, and I'll also add that the upside on Beauchemin over Girardi is that Beauchemin knows how to get past the first round….

  13. trueblue says:

    Forget about Anisimov or the first rounder….not going to happen….

    Girardi and Higgins are a solid base…. Kotalik was just to even out the salary and his contract has only 2 years on it after this year…

    I'd stick with this deal if i were Sather… If we had to budge with Sanguinetti getting thrown in… then fine, but i'd want a 2nd rounder back

    Giraradi, Higgins, Kotalik for Phaneuf


    Girardi, Higgins, Kotalik and Sanguinetti for Phaneuf and a 2nd rounder

    Personally i think the first deal is more than good enough cause Phaneuf is struggling just like Higgins is.  If both werent struggling and were at the top of there game, this deal would still be rock solid…. doesnt matter how you slice it…

  14. cam7777 says:

    Umm, Higgins is a UFA at season's end, and his current production has made him worthless.  If anyone wants him, they can sign him for 1-1.5 million in the summer, and not give up one of their best assets.  Girardi is the only thing of value in your original deal, as Kotalik is also on the decline.  3 million dollars for a guy that might not break 30 points?  And why would Sutter, one of the most pro-North American GMs, want someone like Kotalik to begin with?  Answer: he wouldn't.

  15. pezzz123 says:

    I agree that a signed Stajan would be a good asset, but there's no guarantee at all he'll resigned. If we lose him this summer, then the deal is Beachemin + Hagman vs. Phaneuf, which is pretty ridiculous.

    I agree with pretty much all you said, but the trade you're proposing wouldn't fit with the goal of trading Phaneuf. If we trade Dion, it's to get even younger, and faster. Not to get a couple of 30 years old (as good as they are), who will probably starting to decline in 1-2 years, and then leave as UFA. We don't trade a 24 years old with tons of upside for veteran spare parts. If we trade Dion, it's to get some youngsters, draft picks and young core players. Otherwise, we'll just keep him, and hope he learns to play a consistent game.

  16. cam7777 says:

    I tend to think that with Sutter's drafting record, or the Flames in general rather, he is better off going with proven players then young talent, as you suggest.  They haven't drafted anyone relevent since Dion Phaneuf, and the only other first rounder they have on their roster is Eric Nystrom.  I dunno, if I were a Flames fan, I wouldn't trust the organization to turn picks into a replacement for Dion Phaneuf. 

    I'm not really that gung-ho about Phanuef, so I don't even know why I'm debating this – just trying to get inside Sutter's head I guess.  What if we hand Stajan a two year, 6 million dollar extension, before we trade him?

  17. broc says:

    That's a *****in terrible deal man. You couldn't GIVE away Kotalik right now.

    Higgins is shit, and UFA after this year. That leaves Girardi and a shit contract Kotalik  for Phaneuf? LMFAO

    You will have to give ASSETS to get a guy like Dion.. not garbage.

  18. reinjosh says:

    While I wouldn't do that deal (Phanuef would be used to get a number 1 center, or younger assets not necessarily picks), I think its pretty ridiculous that 30 is considered old. Players do not start declining at 31 or 32. That happens at 35 or 36 and usually more around 37.
    Its funny, if a leaf player is 30 or older, he is useless.
    But, I might be tempted by that deal. Beauchemin certainly fits the Sutter mold, Hagman is a good two way player with scoring who could alleviate Iggy's need to score so much, and Stajan could work out quite well. I'd rather have a playmaking second line center (Stajan) and a blend guy (Langkow) than Stajan.

  19. reinjosh says:

    Not a chance in hell.
    Phaneuf is more talented in a bad season than anything your giving the Flames. Higgins is useless and a UFA, Kotalik is a useless waste of cap space.
    The teams wouldn't trade, it doens't make sense for either one.
    But thinking either of those packages would do it for Phaneuf is ridiculous.

  20. cam7777 says:

    I think that it's a long term move though.  Next year, you could probably turn Stajan + 1st into Brad Richards at the deadline, and go with:

    Bourque – Richards – Iginla
    Hagman – Jokinen – Dawes
    Glecross – Langkow* – Moss
    Nystrom – Lundmark – Boyd

    (McGrattan, Prust)

    Bouwmeester – Sarich
    Beauchemin – Regehr
    Giordano – Pardy


    Kipprusoff – McElhinney

    Even the cap difference of a Stajan/Richards pro-rated deal works out A-Okay at the deadline,  Everything works even easier if you can manage to get rid of Langkow somehow.  I'm sure the Islanders or Ducks would be interested – both pretty thin at center next year.

    Gotta think one deal ahead….

  21. paulieplatypus says:

    I could see the Rangers trading KOTALIK, ROZSIVAL, & SANGUINETTI, to Calgary for PHANEUF, but no more than that.  I could also see Sutter liking this deal more and more when he finally realises that he does not have the players it takes to win the Kovalchuk sweepstakes.  Calgary needs D-men with a right handed shot – Rozsival and Sanguinetti would be perfect in that regard.  As would Kotalik(rw) who is also a right handed shot and could very well be the best power play specialist in the NHL. 

    But Sather I assure you is certainly NOT going to trade; Girardi, Anisimov, Dubinsky, nor for that matter any of these following players… 


    Kundratek——–Sanguinetti… (except for a player like a Phaneuf.)


  22. kilter says:

    Not gonna happen as long as Avery is on the Rangers,and thats a fact!!!

  23. paulieplatypus says:

    I'm sure that is something Slats would consider… But I'm also sure Sather would have a quick right to the point talk with Avery where he explains in perfect exact "pithy" detail… That he would have absolutly no problem waiving Avery's a$$ down to AHL Hartford if he has any problem with the aquisition of Phaneuf, or if Phaneuf makes one single complaint about Avery!  Slats would never let Avery stop him from making this deal.  More likely though, Phaneuf with his style of play, quickly becomes Avery's favorate other Ranger. 

  24. paulieplatypus says:

    Seems completely lopsided…  Except for 1-Iginla, 2-Sarich, and 3-Lundmark (who I still cant believe is playing in the NHL), who all have right handed shots… Everyone else on the team is a lefty.   

  25. broc says:


    2 huge salary dumps + Sanguinetti doesn't get you Phaneuf.

    Your trade proposal = epic fail

  26. trueblue says:

    If the Flames need some right handed D-men… then i have the proposal…

    Girardi, Gilroy, and Kotalik for Phaneuf and a 4th rounder

    Extremely close salary swap…

    Rangers get the Scott Stevens type defenseman they need and open up a spot for some young D-men ready and waiting for an opening (Sangs, Heikkinen, Sauer, or Potter, all on the right side)

    Flames get 2 young solid right side D-men… plus Gilroy is only a rookie… he could really be the steal of the deal for the Flames down the road…Kotalik is just a filler with some pro's to his game such as the power play…

  27. trueblue says:

    Forgot to mention….

    Hope Phaneuf turns his game around if he does come our way, otherwise we have another large, long contract…. thats the potential downside to any team trading for him… we dont need another Redden or Drury contract… if we take him… he better turn it around cause if we take him and he doesnt, his trade value would go down considerably….

    Just something to consider for the people who want to over value Phaneuf's stock

  28. pezzz123 says:


    After this, can you send us Gaborik for Langkow, Sarich and Negrin please?

  29. pezzz123 says:

    Add a couple 1rst rounders and it might make it.

  30. paulieplatypus says:

    This is not a trade proposal… This is just a listing of core players that I would have a hard time believing Sather would end up trading away.  

  31. paulieplatypus says:

    This deal works for Calgary because they dump Phaneuf's long term contract and they get a younger d-men (21) who should be a really good good player for them for a very long time.  Sanguinetti is a much friendlier long term contract as well, as are also Rozsival's & Kotalik's contracts having two years left of their contracts after this season compared to phaneuf's four.  Both could be easily bought out of their contracts (with little cap hit) after next season, if Sutter feels so prevy. 

    But it's my opinion that Rozsival and Kotalik would be just the kind of roll players Calgary is looking for.  Rozsival is a true righthanded right d-men who is durable and can log lots of minutes.  Surly he's not worth $5 million a year, but he's a solid puck moving defencemen who's probably worth at least $2.5-3 million per yr. 

    Kotalik is a power play specialist… He could probably score at least fifteen power play goals alone playing on that smooth Calgary ice, at least 20-25 goals if he gets third line minutes.  But even if Kotalik only plays on the fourth line and on the first line power play unit… He is probably woth his $3 million contract with the production he could put up in limited minutes played.

    Lets see if Calgary gets a better deal???          

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