Rangers Have No One To Blame No Place To Go

At this point in the season it does not matter who is fired or who takes blame the Rangers are at best a 1 and done team this year. It won’t matter how hard they play or how good of a run they make toward the end of the season. The heart and the players to win you anything IS NOT HERE and won’t be here, for a long long time.

Here is what has to happen and what definitely should NOT happen before the years end.
WHAT NOT TO DO: Dooo NOT! Do Not! Fire Renny. At this point firing your coach will do nothing but end your season. Perry Pearn the Rangers assistant coach would then have to take over and if MSG hasn’t made him into the joke he is I would have thought it wasn’t a bad idea. But with all the interviews and stupid comments and his awkward way of talking to the media this guy looks like he couldn’t coach a pewee hockey league team.

DO NOT FIRE Sather…. YET! he made this BIG BIG mess. He has no place to go and can’t even make a deal to bring up Avery because he gave guys like Gomez, Drury, Redden, Rozival, ect too much money. The Rangers have NO Power Forward, No #1 D man, and no money to fix the problem. Prucha stayed on as a Ranger when he could have been waived and took up over 1.5 million in cap space the whole year. Naslund, Zherdov, Fritche, Rissmiller, Kalinen and his -40 plus minus just to name a few. If you fire Sather now its not going to change the fact that the Rangers are stuck with this team for at least this year and next. Most likely being stuck through the 2010-2011 season as well with Big contract players and a “not good enough” team.

So Firing Sather and letting someone else deal with the mess, definitely will not help this season or next either.

DO NOT! DO NOT resign Zherdov. He is not worth the money has no heart and no care at most points.

Give Renny a shot to make the playoffs with this crap of team in front of him. If he can he deserves at least another half a season.

I would really look at firing Sather first and foremost at the end of the season but, the truth is… Dolan loves him and Sather is not ever getting fired. He will have to retire.

What else has to happen…. The fans need to realize this is ALLLLL Sather’s Fault. Look at the team in front of you. They are not good enough at all whatsoever. They are not a cup team and not a solid enough team to win a game in the second round. Weak teams always show their true colors late in the season.

And Finally they need to wait, yup… just wait. Wait for Naslund to be gone AFTER next year, wait for the end of this year when Kalinen, Zherdov are gone and maybe the Rangers can bring in a POWER forward and maybe a solid D man or 2.

If anyone would please take Redden I would be happy. But honestly, I’d buy him out next year and eat the 2.5 – 3 million a year or put him on waivers and send him t the AHL. He is done in my opinion. Rozival could still be moved and so could Zherdov this year. Make a deal and send them someplace for anythign and try to pick up a power forward this off season.

I’m backing up Renny because this team sucks and people need to see it. I said it before this losing streak even started. They need to start making deals and look into next year right now.

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  1. njpenguins08 says:

    First of all, if Sather is getting fired, it won't be until the end of the season so it doesn't make a difference in terms of the success of this year's team. I'm not saying that Renney is doing a bad job, but in these kinds of situations where the team is having a lot of issues, the coach is often fired to spark the team. What might save Renney is picking up Avery. If the Rangers pick him up, they would be paying a reduced salary and it would be prorated for the amount of time he spent this season, meaning that the Rangers could sign him. As much as the league, the fans, and even some of the players on the Rangers hate Avery, desparate times call for desparate measures.

    Now, as a Devils fan, I hate Avery, so bringing him back would just show what a joke the entire Rangers organization is. At the same time, they were winning with him in the lineup. The fact that the Rangers don't have a strong assistant coach is not something I've heard if the Rangers decide to throw their season away for draft picks, it might be worth firing Renney and getting a new coach for next year.

    Now in terms of the players you are criticizing, I remember laughing when the Rangers signed Redden because he has been brutal for about 3-4 seasons now. He is one of the biggest signing flops from last offseason for sure and the Rangers have set themself up for failure since it is so difficult to trade away a 6.5 million cap hit that has been stinking it up all season. And yes, Rosival hasn't been very good either for his 5 mil cap hit but the entire Rangers defense has not done well all season. The offense has been bad too, but there's a problem with a lot of the guys you are attempting to get rid of like Prucha and Zherdev. They are restricted, so it is harder to just get rid of them. Zherdev will probably take the Rangers to arbitration because he has been their leading scorer this year. Forget about heart and passion; look at the stats to see who has really been producing for your team. He is also the only player who is plus on the team. The Rangers, for better or for worse, have 8 forwards leaving the team of the 13 regulars, but aren't really gaining much cap space since only a few players earn over a million, with zherdev's 2.5 cap hit the highest. If I were a different NHL team, I would attempt to sign away someone like Dubinsky and force the Rangers to match the contract or give him up. If you offer 1.5 or so, the restricted compensation is not that terrible.

  2. HABSSTAR says:

    Apparently Sather just couldn't resist going on a spending spree.  It's how he's always put teams together in New York going back to his earliest days.  I hope if that dink does fire Renney he at least has the nuts to step behind the bench himself for the rest of the season.

    Hey Sather… there's a cap now you can't spend $100 million to try and cover the fact you're the worst GM in the business.

  3. trueblue says:

    Look I agree with you whole heartedly that Renney should not be fired.
    I would not deal Zherdev!
    I did not like Sather signing Drury and Redden at all!
    I did not like him over spending on Roszival and letting Avery go!
    I think he is a good GM and I think he did his best at the time and I believe that he could fix this mess even right now.
    He let Jagr go and that was good.
    He should have signed Brian Cambell like I wanted….he's younger and he flies all over the ice like he has a turbo engine on those skates!
    I never would have signed Drury especially for that much and for that long.
    And I never would have signed Naslund who is aging and going down in production more n more each year!

    If I was Sather I would do the following:
    Try to trade Naslund straight up for Avery….it might work cause Minnesota wont have to eat any salary.  That fixes two things in one shot!

    Two trade Peter Prucha and Roszival in a deal for UFA Pronger or Bouwmeester and sign the player they get.  Then unfortunately move Drury to the right wing and bring up Anisimov.

    During the off season dont resign Kalinin and sign Del Zotto for half the money.

    This doe not fix everything but it is a damn good start.
    Then next year i would try to move Drury….hopefully during draft day for a 1st round pick this year and a 2nd the folowing year to the best bidder… and then sign a free agent right wing power foward without breaking the bank!!!

  4. njpenguins08 says:

    Brian Campbell signed where he wanted to sign…he really couldn't have gotten much more money than he did. Drury was not signed for his offensive skills. I would say Gomez is a much bigger flop for the Rangers. Drury was signed 2 years ago after a monster year in Buffalo. It made sense at the time that he got this contract but hasn't played to that level since he joined the Rangers. Redden was just plain stupidity. The Rangers won't have to give anyone up for Avery they will pick him up off of waivers soon. Avery is from Dallas not Minnesota. Prucha and Rosival have not been very good this season so I highly doubt that Bouwmeester or Pronger are going to be traded for so little.

  5. HABSSTAR says:

    Hey would you guys want Kovalev back?  His contract is up at the end of the year.  Which one of your underperforming players would you be willing to ship back for our underperforming player?

  6. trueblue says:

    Rangers were never interested in Cambell…only Redden…if they were he could have been in NY! So its easy to just say he signed where he wanted to, but the fact remains NY never attempted to sign him….r u feeling me! Gomez is playing ok…. his overall game has improved…he just needs other players to help him….he is also just entering his prime.  Drury came off what was by far his best season at the end of his prime….enough said! Is this starting to sink in! Redden was stupidity.  Dont be so sure that Avery is just going to go for free…thats not going to happen just cause its a possibility….too many teams that could use him….who's to say NY will be the one to get him for free and half price….think again….just cause you may not like him doesnt mean that others wont pick him up!  And besides that like i said before it lets us dump Naslund…double whammy of a deal!  Prucha and Roszival would be a base for the Bouwmeester/Pronger (hopefully Bouwmeester) deal…they would have to add to it including a conditional 2010 1st rounder if they sign him….this is common sense….i never meant straight up….but i wouldnt do a staight up with the rest of the package….only if they sign the player later.  Screw giving away the farm for a rental….smarter to stay the course if need be!  Any more comments???

  7. trueblue says:

    Maybe….dont know what his cap hit is or how long his contract is….if he makes as much or slightly less cap wise as captain clutch and only has 1-2 years left on his contract i'd give it a go!  With Drury gone and a russian winger coming it might make it that much easier for Anisimov coming up from the farm after the deal!  I wonder!!!

    Anyway, the one player you guys have that i would love to have is Komisarik….

  8. trueblue says:

    I just looked and Kovalev is a UFA next year and he makes 4.5 million.
    Komisarek is also a UFA….you guys have a high probablilty of losing him

    Dont know if a deal could be pulled off right now.  But if i was sather i would dump some salary now and get komisarek next year. 

    So if we trade Drury now straight up for Kovalev we would be set up this year and for the next!  lol!

    You guys would just have to let Saku Koivu go next year to try to keep Komisarek….

    Do we have a deal?

  9. HABSSTAR says:

    Why would we have a high probability of losing him?  The only way we would lose him is if someone overpays for him and I'd be willing to let him go if someone offers him 6 million or more a year.  In all likelihood that's what it will take to pry him out of Montreal.  You guys really willing to give yet another D-man a monster contract?  Komi brings a lot to the rink but he doesn't, nor will he ever, bring $6 million worth. 

    Drury and a 2nd for Kovalev and I only ask for the 2nd because we're helping you guys get out of a cap mess of your own making. 

  10. chris1628 says:

    I would never trade Zheredev hes one of the only player who drives to net trying to put the team on his back by making plays. When the teams winning he gets even more energized soo it would be silly to trade a guy who might be their best player behind lundqvist. Next I would trade gomez long before trying to move drury. Drury is there too be mr clutch and can also do a lot of things better then gomez can; like face-offs and penalty kill. Sure he is over payed but who isn't. The Rangers shouldn't move prucha hes been good when hes been in the lineup and just needs to become an everyday player to gain some stability. Defense is a major issuse and they really need a point guy on the powerplay. Redden has turned into a disaster but there is nothing that can be done now its too late. He is atleast not a liability on defense and ranger fans just have to deal with his absurd contract. Kalinin needs to go for whatever they can get he hasnt done anything offensively and just has played poor defense. Why they ever resigned rozsival is beyond me but they did and he needs a wake up call or will have to be moved. Although I wouldn't make any big deals during this trade deadline upcoming. Let things play out and if they get hot you never know. Sather needs to go but only if they have some one ready to step in and ready to make the necessary changes. Renney is a good coach but maybe not the right coach for this group of guys. Wait to see how the off season goes and then consider a new coach. I think this will be okay though. They have some good young talent in guys like dubinsky dawes and callahan staal and girardi. Also tehy have del zotto coming in the future. I believe they'll make this playoffs thsi but wont go far. However i think the future isn't as dark as some people make it to be.

  11. trueblue says:

    Because to keep him Montreal might have to overpay themselves.
    Look he is making 1.7 i think this year….and your right he is not worth near 6mil!  but he will probably command 3 to 3.5 mil and many teams will be interested in aquiring him…i stress many…. he is only 26 so there are a lot of variables with signing him….teams will need cap room however…currently the rangers dont…but that could change…. who knows…

    i like bouwmeester a lot also….there's your 6million dollar player!

  12. trueblue says:

    Playing dirty wont work…it would just force the rangers to shed someone more expendable and rouse the ire of some to screw you back later.  Other GM's will see this as well and have no respect for you as well!  What comes around goes around! 

  13. HABSSTAR says:

    I think Komi will get more than 3.5 million.  But the Habs have a boat load of UFA's this summer. Only about 3-4 of them worth signing.  So as long as the bidding doesn't get crazy for him and he wants to stay in Montreal I have no doubt a deal can be made.  We'll have lots of room to do it under the cap. 

    Bowmeester is gonna get Campbell like money I bet. 

  14. trueblue says:

    Komi might make more but anything past 5 million is definately too much
    Bouwmeester is gonna make stupid money!  Minimum 6 million to as much as ?  He's a franchise d-man…. i got a feeling vancouver will make a heavy push for him.

    Rangers have a lot of RFA's next year, but the good thing was that gomez and roszival's contracts were front loaded so they will have a little room to maneuver….that will help allow them to trade roszival even now as a matter of fact.

  15. trueblue says:

    I have been thinking about this a lot and have come to some logical conclusions as of late with the Rangers not winning on the road.

    One, I dont believe that Avery is the messiah for this season….i think they need him but they still need more…. they cant score!

    Two, i wrecant on trading Naslund straight up for Avery to wash out the salaries.  Avery just isn't worth the money and just cause were in a bind doesn't justify an expensive repair!

    I think the Rangers should take their chances to grab Avery at half the price by claiming him off re-entry waivers. 

    If they are successful with this, then I think they should make a package deal which will include Naslund and Prucha for another right winger.  I like Prucha and I dont believe he has been given a fair shake in NY (like his fight the other night), but if he isn't going to be played then trade up on him in a deal!

    Another idea would be if they get Avery, to trade Naslund for a pick and prospect….move Prucha over to the left side and sign Jagr for the playoffs if its in the cards and i dont know if it is.  But if its a possibility, then its an idea that could work!

    What do you hockey fans think?

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