Rangers keeping Avery from other NHL teams

Sean Avery will remain a member of the AHL Whale for the time being despite the fact the Rangers have been asked by a NHL club to place the exiled winger on re-entry waivers, The Post has learned.

Sources have told The Post general manager Glen Sather rejected that request, instead offering to trade Avery in a minor-league deal under which the Rangers would take back additional dollars but the responsibility for placing Avery on re-entry would then pass to the acquiring club that would then bear the burden of carrying dead salary-cap space upon a claim.

The Post has learned there is at least one other club also prepared to claim Avery, who cleared waivers on Dec. 30 and was thereafter assigned to Connecticut for the second time this season, if the Rangers place him on re-entry.

When Sather was asked yesterday by The Post if the Rangers would agree to put Avery through the re-entry process, the GM replied via email: “Not now.”

Avery’s full cap hit for the remainder of the season is just a tick over $890,000 as of tomorrow. Therefore, the Rangers would be hit with approximately $445,000 of dead cap space upon a re-entry claim.


3 Responses to Rangers keeping Avery from other NHL teams

  1. JoelLeafs says:

    Ha ha, how is this even an article? Why in the hell would they place him on re-entry waviers if someone wants him. Oh, yes, let's pay half of his salary so that another team can take a shot at him for free. Rangers have money and Avery's contract is dirt cheep. Just let him rot down there; if a team wants him it'll cost them a minor leaguer or a late pick.

  2. thisgamewelose says:

    Agreed 100%.

    I loved Avery playing for the Rangers. I don't think he got enough credit for his play after Torts took over the coaching position.  He was very solid down low on the boards, and his ice time was just an insult for him to even be on the Rangers Roster.  I think he was underrated on the Rangers. However, I know he can act like an Asshole and put the team on the PK.  I know he's a liability to have on your team, despite how much I enjoy him.  I wouldn't want him playing against the Rangers, either.  I see no reason is bringing him up so another team can have him. His contract expires at the end of the season, and if somebody really wants him, lets get something back here.

  3. HABSSTAR says:

    So one of the biggest douchebags in the league is being held back by a douchy move by the parent club….MMMMMMmmmm that's good irony!

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