Rangers looking at Kaberle or McCabe – Vokoun being shopped?

The Rangers; they’ve got to get that 24th-ranked power play going if they’re going to hang on to their playoff spot. I can’t tell you how good Toronto’s Tomas Kaberle or Florida’s Bryan McCabe would look on that power play. Problem is, as Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli told me this week, at least 14 teams are looking for defensemen.
Another club looking to add on the blue line is the Chicago Blackhawks, who roll into Dallas tonight in what seems like yet another must-win game for the defending Cup champions. They’re three points out of the safe zone. The Hawks made a trade Wednesday night, acquiring Michael Frolik in a package with Florida. He’s a versatile player and the Hawks hope he can rediscover that touch that helped him post back-to-back 21-goal seasons in his first two seasons in the league.

Burnside: We’ll see. For most of the first half of the season, the Thrashers were skating as well as any team in the league. Players like Andrew Ladd are going to help get them on track. Interesting you should mention McCabe. The Panthers aren’t completely out of the playoff race (six points out of eighth with a game in hand as of Friday morning), but you know GM Dale Tallon is looking at clearing out as much salary as he can to accelerate the rebuilding process. Given the demand for defensemen, Tallon’s phone will be ringing for McCabe, as well as netminder Tomas Vokoun.

A source told me yesterday that the issue is McCabe and Vokoun have no-move clauses, and their big salaries (Vokoun’s cap hit is $5.7 million, McCabe’s is $5.75 million) suggest GMs will wait until closer to the Feb. 28 trade deadline in order to save money and cap space. With deals already being made well in advance of the deadline, another source said GMs, especially in the tightly-packed Western Conference, are getting nervous. No one wants to miss the boat on an asset that could help secure a playoff spot, but no one wants to overpay for an asset or make a move before they have to.


6 Responses to Rangers looking at Kaberle or McCabe – Vokoun being shopped?

  1. leafy says:

    No trades with Sather!!!! He always wants premium players for shit and he will not compromise. Any GM with morals or ethics should avoid doing business with Sather.

  2. canucks4thecup says:

    Sounds like hes smart to me

  3. tacitus says:

    quite the opposite.. Look at the money he gave these guys

    Gomez 7 years 51 Mil Cap Hit 7.285
    Drury 5 year 35.25 Mil Cap Hit 7.05
    Redden 6 year 39 Mil Cap Hit 6.5
    Rozsival 4 year 20 Mil Cap Hit 5.0
    Malik 3 years 7.5 Mil Cap Hit 2.5
    plus hes rumored to be scouting Souray whose in the minors.. hed be a 5.4 mil cap hit and under contract for next year also… the entire league already passed on him for free…. And the Gaborik signing which wasnt horrible but made him the 8th highest paid guy in the league… i can think of alot more then 8 guys id take instead of him
  4. reinjosh says:

    He may not be great at signings but he is killer at making trades. You would think he would have cap problems with all these signings but the Rangers have something like 20 million next year easy.

  5. hockey_lover says:

    Havent the Rangers had enough of overpriced / overrated players?

    Redden, Drury, Rosival .. and now McCabe?   Sather just doesnt learn does he?

  6. hockey_lover says:

    Yes, they have a bunch of cap space (like you said, about $20mil), but they also only have 13 players signed (and only 3 dmen).

    I figure they have to sign about 8 players to round out the roster.

    Callahan, Dubinsky, and Boyle are all going to want some nice increases from their current salaries, especially Dubinsky. The guy is on pace for 30g/60pts. Thats Kessel-ish range. I figure Dubinsky gets $4mil for a few seasons. Boyle is on pace for 25g/40pts so I bet he gets $3mil.

    Assuming thats around correct, they are only left with $13mil to sign 6 players. Thats not a whole lot. It can be done but meh …

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