Rangers Might Find Health, Brendl to Be Traded, Kovie Buys Ticket to Toronto Son

Sands writes about Leetch and Bure coming back, maybe.

Bobby Clarke tells that Brendl might be gone.

MapleLeafs picks up the latest on Kovalev.Rangers:

Beside for the Rumors of Bure being done for the season…. He may still return after the break. Leetch on the other hand is going to be back after the break….. And For the First time! the Rangers Might see the Team together for the First time all season!

Despite the Rumors of Bure ending his season…. It has been reported that Bure will return soon… He will have to play with pain for the rest of his career….. but it’s up to him now to decide what is enough that he can play with……..

Leetch is practicing with the team and my guess is he will be back….. He has played normal practices with the team…… and looks to be fine. He will most definitely return by the end of the all Star break.

Richter is done… Larry Brooks has said he highly doubts Richter will ever play again….

But the Rangers are seeing there full team come together…. Sadly to say….. It’s to little too late.

But Sather will face his first problem as a coach. When Bure is back. Were does Dvorak go? does Sammy or Lundmark go to the fourth line? I doubt it…. Dvorak is left out in the cold. Were will he go. That’s the question.


“(Jan. 31st) According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Flyers general manager Bob Clarke said last night he wasn’t happy about Pavel Brendl’s being up and down, and he noted that the acquisition of Eric Chouinard (from Montreal) could push him out. “He’d better not be thinking Chouinard is here to replace Justin Williams,” Clarke said. “He could, but he could be here to replace Brendl just as well.”

Latest on Kovalev

Mark Zwolinksi reports “observers” as claiming the Pittsburgh Penguins could deal winger Alexei Kovalev by the end of next week, after the NHL All-Star break. It’s believed the Pens are waiting for team captain and owner (and Kovalev linemate) Mario Lemieux to return to the roster next Tuesday, having been sidelines for several games with a groin strain. Zwolinski suggests the Toronto Maple Leafs and NY Islanders are the prime suitors. The Isles could offer up defencemen the Pens desperately need, such as Kenny Jonsson, or Adrian Aucoin or Roman Hamrlik. The Leafs might have to offer up Tomas Kaberle, although that will only happen if Toronto deals for a top blueliner to replace him. Zwolinski also claims speculation the Pens were interested in center Nik Antropov has “died down”.

Spector’s Note: Anything’s possible, but I still feel the Pens won’t move Kovalev as long as they’re still in the hunt for a playoff berth. If the Isles were to offer up blueliners, they’d probably part with Jonsson, but remember, GM Mike Milbury stated his team was not to be considered a serious bidder. Meanwhile, it’s unlikely the Leafs will part with Kaberle. Should be interesting to see if Zwolinski’s sources are correct.

-Go Leafs Go-

36 Responses to Rangers Might Find Health, Brendl to Be Traded, Kovie Buys Ticket to Toronto Son

  1. penguins23 says:

    I believe that the penguins would definitely be willing to trade Kovalev if the right defenseman were offered. Milbury says that the Isles are not a serious bidder, which disappoints me (I would love to see Hamrlik in a Pens jersey). The only way I see a trade with Toronto going through would be Kovalev for McCabe and Antropov.

    I think if the penguins really pick it up in the next couple of weeks and start making a hard push toward the playoffs, they won’t trade him, but if they’re only 50/50 to make the cut, he’s as good as shipped out.

  2. guinsfan4life says:

    I disagree with Spector’s notes about the kovalev situation. I think they HAVE to get rid of him now while his salary is managable. If they wait until summer his salary will climb to over 8 million, perhaps, and he will be much harder to unload. Plus, teams want him for the stretch run and into the playoffs.

    Does Patrick realize this??

    I sure hope he does. This team is not good and is not a playoff team.

    It goes with the old philosophy,

    “We loose with you, we sure as hell can loose without you.”

  3. Bodster says:

    Bure is done and you dont have any real facts on Leetch. What are you basing your “most definitely” statement that leetch will come back asap? The only way the rangers will make the playoffs is if they sign Jesus but i doubt he will come out of retirement. The Rangers most definitely suck.

  4. guinsfan4life says:

    I was wondering you mention in your post that if the penguins “really pick it up in the next couple of weeks and start making a hard push….”

    I’d like to think they may, but what indication do you have that they will??

    I mean, Mario coming back may give a glimpse of hope, but EVEN WITH MARIO, this team is so very mediocre it is pathetic!!

    Right now, I don’t see this team making the playoffs. I could see the Rangers make a tremendous push and overtake the guins.

  5. habsoverserver says:

    How much longer is Lemieux planning to play? Let’s say he plays next year and then the following season is cancelled. Does he play in 05-06? I doubt it. Without Jagr, Lang, Kovalev and Lemieux, that year is going to look awful bleak.

  6. Just-Checking-In says:

    I doubt you will see Bure pushing any comeback. The franchise is in a free fall and there is no use risking further injury when you are not going to for sure make the playoffs.

  7. Islesfreak says:

    Simply put, the Isles can’t trade any of their “D” for anybody. If anything, defense is a small weakness on the team. I don’t see them acquiring Kovalev. He’s too expensive and cheaper alternatives will probably be available in the near future. Offense really hasn’t been the problem with the Isles, it’s just that Milbury is trying to find a compliment to Yashin’s game(Who has stunk this year and for some reason gets overlooked).

  8. TheMinister says:

    Toronto would be complete idiots to trade one of the best young defensemen in the league, Kaberle, and Antropov for Kovalev. This guy is talented but he’s not going to make you a winner.

    I’d rather have Kaberle at 3 mil than Jovonovski at 5 mil. Who is this supposed star defensemen that they are going to get to replace him?

    I bet if the Leafs make this trade…. first round exit.

  9. batesismyhero17 says:

    One thing that people ignore is the islanders financial situation. Granted they r not the rangers or stars, they have deep pockets. When wang bought the team he said he knew he would nto make a profit for a few years but it didn’t bother him because it was a long term investment. He also owes it to the fans to put moremoney into the team: he raised ticket prices , and the attendence is up, their new third jerseys are selling off the shelves and for god sakes a fan took out a $28000 ad in newsday after they got beat by the rangers to spark them. Wang is commited to the islanders and long island. also bringing in a big ticket player would help him in efforts to build a new arena which is also soemwhere on his agenda. his inviestment of 10 years with yashin would also be more valuable if he gave him another top flight guy to play with. So basically to all of you who think the isles are strugglign with money… Relax.. they are fine. the fans will keep supporting them, wang will bring the players and build a new arena ina few years

    Now as far as players, do i think we shoudl trade D for Kovalev? probably not. not unless you can bring ina miller, zhitnik, or mckee to fill gaps. D will help u win in the playoffs, so another deal woudl have 2 go with kovalev, but well see

    btw the rangers will NOT make the playoffs, for their sake I hope they fire sather (he has ruined hockey, holik 9 mil, gimme a break)

  10. TrojanMan says:

    I seriously dont think it matters when hes unloaded because wherever he goes he’ll be making 7-8 million and the team tha acquires him knows that so the same teams will be looking to acquire him now as would be over the summer if they dont trade him this season. All I have to say is a talent like his doesnt come around often at all and for patrick to trade Jagr AND Kovy is quite sad for the ‘Burgh.

  11. saiklo says:

    You have to remember that Morozov is hurt, and he was an integral part of the powerplay when it clicked at 50% earlier in the year.

    This team is a lot deeper on its 3rd and 4th lines than it ever has been. Granted, the offense is anemic, but if they maintain similar defensive styles, adding Mario will definately help.

    The pens are one game under 500, and they endured a 10 game losing streak in the middle. So basically, they are not a mediocre team at all. They still have talented players and quality role players.

    Trading Kovalev for Antropov and Kaberle will spread out depth amongst the team, making it better. I have heard so many “fans” doubt this team in the past. And 9 times out of 10 they are proven wrong.

    It is only a matter or time before the Pens go on a 10 game win streak to match the losing one earlier this year. And they will make the playoffs, and they can gurantee it, unlike Sather.

  12. beckfan says:

    Their defense is a small weakness? Dude, what team are you watching? Accoin is hurt, Cairns is out. Who do they have after those two besides Johnson? And as far as im concerned, Cairns blows. He couldnt crack the top four on most teams. Get with the program man.

  13. Leaf_Expert says:

    Sands…A Leaf Fan?

  14. mikster says:

    You’re not going to get Antropov and Kaberle/McCabe!!!

    Penguins actually do miss Morozov, but this guy is only good with Lemieux, most of the times.

  15. mikster says:

    I think Kovalev’s trade value is at it’s highest peak right now.

    Not in the summer…

    Why? He is a RFA, no contract, high demand in salary, and Pens would get squat.

    This is just another Jagr situation, we’ll see what happens though. I think They won’t just get prospects, obviously.

  16. mikster says:

    You don’t have any real facts that Bure is done, that makes you 100% stupid and you just proved that to yourself.

    Leetch skated witht he team and is practicing with them as well. He should be back a few games after the All-Star Break.

  17. mikster says:

    No one ever reported Bure will miss the rest of the season, i think he will be back….he is feeling better. Larry Brooks talked to Bure and Bure said it still hurt a bit, but that doesn’t mean that he is done.

    Doctors never said anything thta he is done for the season. And Dr. Feldman, who is a top doctor in NYC….never said his season was done. Heck, Bure’s situation is better than Yzerman’s. Yzerman can play, but doctors don’t want him to. Bure…no one said anything about that!

    Bure doesn’t rush back, even if the team wants him to.

  18. Bodster says:

    the article says , and i quote “He will most definitely return by the end of the all Star break. ” you say a few games later ? which one is then buddy?

  19. mikster says:

    Sands writes about Leetch and Bure coming back, maybe.”

  20. MapleLeafs says:

    I wrote the Kovalev store

  21. Seattleaf says:

    That’s the conundrum that we’re dealing with. The Leafs only option is to trade the struggling McCabe and MAYBE McCauley, but I think Quinn would rather part with one of the baby leafs. He won’t trade Kaberle, he’s one of Quinn’s ‘untouchables’ and he will do everything he can to hang on to Antropov. McCabe, in my opinion is the only way the Leafs are gonna get Kovie

  22. Tradedude says:

    I’m almost certain Islanders won’t get Kovie.

    reason #1. Reports have been saying (such as this one) that islanders COULD offer whoever, not IS. You can make suggestions, but you should not expect for them to happen.

    reason #2. Islanders simply can’t afford him.


    I just don’t think Milbury will land him, he’ll need to be serious about landing him , thats the least he can do.

    And news from TFP is never true, they just make up whole bunch jack rabbit shit.

  23. Tradedude says:

    I think they should trade someone to a really shitty team like anaheim or nashville or florida to get an early 1st round pick.

    Picks up on the young spirit, and he’ll almost be guarenteed a spot on the roster the 1st year…..but than again this is me saying this.

  24. Sands says:

    Bobster you have no idea what your writeing about….. Let it goooo buddy…. Mike made you look like an ass.

  25. Leaf_Expert says:

    I don’t remember my comment asking,” Hey Mikster, is Sands a Leaf fan?”….

  26. Sands says:

    Yeah, Leafs all the way…… hhahahahaha, No buddy…. I’m a Die hard Ranger fan, with a few small conections to the Organization…. Nothing big, but enough to keep me happy.

    Thier is 2 writers to this Post, Which was a good idea by the way.

  27. Leaf_Expert says:

    I knew Sands could not write an article like that….

    Go job!

    and keep the chantin:

    Go Leafs GO!

  28. MapleLeafs says:

    No Problem

  29. Sands says:

    Expert’s say…… Your an ass. hahaha, calm down buddy He was just pointing it out for ya…..No need to get all mad……But that was funny Leaf_Expert…..good job. Ya get a B+ for that little comment.

  30. Bodster says:

    you are the dumbass who wrote the article

  31. HoCk03 says:

    Isn’t toronto in the same “playoff race” with the isles and pens that would mean kovy would have to go to the west where i dont think there is alot of interest

  32. mikster says:

    hahah, i know, i am a genius.

  33. mikster says:

    “And news from TFP is never true, they just make up whole bunch jack rabbit shit.”

    Only one fact to prove that, and i can wipe my ass with it. THE AMONTE STORY……

    What else?

    Give TFP the respect it deserves. If you respect other trade rumors, but not TFP’s, then i don’t know what to think of you!!!

  34. Sands says:

    You’re still here?

  35. JohnFlan22 says:

    I don’t think any one is saying cairns is or will ever be a top 4 dman but he don’t suck any more. He’s actually probably the perfect number 6 defencmen, he fights and hits and he does both extremely well, in fact he’s probably one of the top five enforcers in the league as is testament to his bitch slapping of donald brashear and any number of other tuff guys on every other team. In fact, I don’t think he has lost fight all year, at worst he might of had a few draws. AND in actuality the isles defense only suffers from lack of depth when they have injuries. There top 3 of Hamrlik, Jonsson and Aucoin are all simply brilliant defensman and are horses on the ice. Timander, in aucoins absence has been a solid number five. Martinek is the number 4 by default and he is the weekest link but has played pretty damn well of late. But I would say when healthy, the isles probably boast one of the top “D”s in the league, their solid and contribute on the O, what else could you want?

  36. JohnFlan22 says:

    Hey mick, I think anybody can roll dice and flip coins (as TFP does) enough to be right once and awhile. AMONTE! please…. TFP’s the larry brooks of the internet.

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