Rangers need to get the right Coach

It has become more clear that Sather just can’t pull the trigger when it comes to a coach. Sadly, he needs to pick it up before the draft.

But a few things might be holding him back which is hurting the organization.

Sather won’t cut his power in half, and wants to dominate this team so that he is the reason the Rangers win.It has become clear over the years that Sather holds to much power. His hireing’s of the last 3 coaches have been a bust every time.

From Ron Low, Bryan Trottier, to Himself

But look at these guy’s. Ron Low a family stem that Sather knew would follow directions, and after that was given the name “puppet” from all who watched the Rangers season that year. It was a mess waiting to happen as rumors of Sather being in the headset giving him directions on how to coach “his” players evolved. That my friends cannot go on.

Then there was the mess of an islander coming in Bryan Trottier, now first of all not even the hockey gods would allow success to happen there. It’s just not going to happen. Sather took him right out after the playoff’s just didn’t seem to be in the face shield.

Then it was the old man Sather who decided it was time for the Boss to step in and bring out a little fear in the players, But Sather didn’t seem to say to much on the bench as if he had lost touch with the game. All he became was a presence on the bench and that didn’t go to far when he started not showing up to practice’s.

In this area he has not tried at all to let anyone take a leading roll. The Chances to hire such Coaches as the infamous lost Coach, Ted Nolan, Hitch***** the power coach, Keenen the work horse, or even Larry Robinson who Sather just couldn’t wheel in. I mean Nolan… we knew wasn’t going to be hired … but still he made it known that he would love to have coached them.

It all comes down to Sather’s need for power. Right now he’s looking at coach’s again but the real reason he won’t hire one before the draft? Simple, do you really think he need s a coach telling him who he would like to work with and who he thinks would be good for this rebuilding team? Nope. Sather want’s the guy’s he wants this year, and wants no one else telling him an opinion. The only thing I can think of is that Sather’s power is running dry but not out. With Dolan backing him up like crazy Sather feels like he is the owner of this team.

Sather needs to get a real coach this time. Someone who can work with kids and teach talent. Someone who is not going to sit back and watch and not speak up. Sather has to let his next coach share some power in the organization. Sutter of Calgary said it best, when Simon got to his team… “He’s out of shape, I guess these guy’s really don’t practice to much down in NY.” Thanks Sutter for pointing it out, finally someone said it. Well, enough, Get a real coach in there, and no more over ruling a coach, Time for Sather to be a real GM. Make your moves and shut it.

He’s got one last chance with me, He needs to make the right picks this year in the draft, make the right moves to get who we need, Pick the right coach, and stop, no more, let the coach be a coach, who knows….. Maybe Sather will be in net next year, with the ways things are going maybe he thinks he’s the only one for the job.

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