Rangers need to make some small moves NOW

Alright well I guess this Post is for the Ranger fans. Since the Rangers have lost 4 of their last 5 I am starting to figure that they need a small mix to change things up and get them going again.

I’m not asking for any big name players by giving up youth like the old times. These are some good moves that need to be made in order to change things up a little and bring in a fresh face.

First things first. Since Poti’s game winning goal I wasn’t sure about dealing him. I figured maybe he will come around. But after the penalty he took to put us down 5 on 3 on the power play and lose us the lead and maybe the game…. I say, he is ready to be moved.

Poti for Sykora. Do the deal, and bring in someone that can put the puck in with Jagr and change the power play up a little. I heard talks about Poti for Sykora a while ago and then heard Sather didn’t want to do the deal straight up without grabbing a D man in return. But Pock in the minors is ready for the Rangers pro team.

Pock is a Power play specialist and can easily take Poti’s place. Sather should pull the trigger now.

Simple deal. I’m not asking to change much. The reason I say make the move for Sykora is basically because the guy is a Check, and he will not hurt the chemistry of the team since we have so many. Dealing Poti doesn’t change much… he’s not good, and trading him to the West cost won’t hurt. Poti’s spot can be filled by anyone. I would mostly love to have the spot filled by Brian Leetch, but I’m not sure we can nab him for cheep until the deadline if Boston has lost all hope.

What do you guy’s think? Is Poti ready to go?