Rangers or Europe

The Theo Fluery saga has taken another twist today as Fleury has publically made an ultimatum, he will either play for the Rangers next year or play in Europe.
He also mentioned that he was willing to negotiate the $7 million dollar option if it meant staying in New York, but a no trade clause would have to be added. Rumors popped up that he would be willing to play for $5 million. He did play in Europe in the 1994 NHL player strike and enjoyed it. He would also enjoy the press relief as he would start out with a relatively clean slate over there. When asked if he would consider playing for Gretzky and the Coyotes(as they do have interest) and it would be close to his AA sponcer in New Mexico he came out and said he would not talk to anyone but Sather or Europe. Sather was shocked at the comments but stated that he had not sat down with the organization, staff or individual players to start talking about next season and would not rule out anything, but also would not say he would even inquire about Fleury for next season.

Question, Svhela has done it in Florida, and now Fleury in New York(who also stated he was playing the game for the game, he had more then enough money), is this a start of something? Don’t trade me or I will retire, I will only sign here or I am going to Europe? Might this be the start of players finally realizing that there is more t the game then just huge contracts?? Could they actually be saying that the city is important, the organization that gave them a chance is important, that hockey comes before moeny?? Nice thinking but highly unlikely, I would venture a guess, that if you remove agents, remove the NHLPA, all else being equal, and moved the UFA down to 19 99.9% of players would move for the money. Certainly I am not there, and yes in my day to day work you always look at the financials and always ask and look for more, but I do have a plateau where I know I can live comfortably as can my family, and at that point I look for comfort, enjoyment etc. Now you can’t tell me that they don’t feel financial stability until they hit $5 or $7 million bucks. So question to you all, is this a start to something or just a one time thing that will be forgotten in a month??

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