Rangers Ought to Have Back-up Plan

The NYPost and NYTimes (as if both are good sources) report that Mike Richter does indeed have a concussion. Though it is a very very very minor concussion (much lighter than the one Lindros suffered last year), Richter is still not ready to play a game. He has been in practices, but not worth the risk of putting him in the crease for a game. It happened on November 5, where Todd Marchant drove to the net hard and kneed Richter to the head. It was unintentional, however, Marchant made no effort to avoid Richter. Last season, Richter faced a concussion with a fractured skull after getting hit three times (what are the chances of that happening) by the puck from slap shots.

Blackburn was given the starting job, and did well enough, though the Rangers failed to make the playoffs, even if they were hot at the end of the season. Blackburn tied Tom Barrasso last season in most consecutive games won by a teenage goalie; won five in a row.

Richter is not placed on IR, at least for now, but there is no panic or rush for the Rangers to start talks regarding an acquisition of a goaltender. As of now, Richter is attending practices, and Blackburn is 2-1 in the last three starts. He shut out the Flames, he had zero help from his team in a confusing game against the Blue Jackets, and even if he failed to stop Patrick Marleau’s penalty shot (which was not the right call) in San Jose, Blackburn managed to win the 3rd period for his team.

He has what it takes to play in the NHL right now, as he did last season. What makes me, and you, think he won’t win 5 games in a row again? Placing Blackburn back to the juniors would be a boneheaded move by Slats and it would only kill Blackbunr’s confidence. He is a fine back-up, and name a goalie that did not start his career as a back-up goaltender?

Anyway, right now the Rangers will let Blackburn start in net. However, management should start thinking of back up plans in case Richter faces an injury once he comes back.

This will most likely create more rumors for the Rangers. As of now, the unsigned Dafoe is available, so is Hackett, and a few more.

Dafoe: Personally, i would not want him. I think he has been in his prime years and they won’t last long. I doubt Dafoe would still be available (should be signed this week), but even if he was, I doubt he would take a 2 year deal with the Rangers.

Hackett: Bingo! This goalie I’d like to see coming to the Rangers. The deal would involve more players, possibly Kilger in the mix, and the Rangers get a ‘not-young’ goaltender, but a darn solid one. Hackett is also a good mentor to young goalies, and that’s a bonus for Blackburn. However, one key that keeps me from wanting Hackett (if Richter faces long-term injury) is his injury prone; quite risky.

Kiprusoff, Jamie Storr, Tomas Vokoun, Mike Dunham (heard he is running out of patience with the Predators), and Brathwaite would be other possibilities.

No panic yet, no rush yet, just something to start thinking about for the Rangers.

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  1. saiklo says:

    I personally think that the Penguins backup, J.S. Aubin, is a top quality goaltender that will not get fair playing time over Johan Hedberg. Also, the Rangers had interest in him in the past. I am not sure of the Rangers blue line depth, but the Pens prob would deal him if they could shore up their blueline. He is also a good fit for the Rangers style of play, he has the ability to make up for a lot of defensive mistakes.

    Do the Rangers have any young defensemen that they would be willing to deal? I am pretty sure that Tom Poti is off-limits, but is there anyone I am missing?

  2. mikster says:

    I still had a lot of faith in Aubin last season, he was just 23, now 24 probably.

    But, i don’t think Slats would trade to get a young back up goalie in place of Richter.

  3. saiklo says:

    I think Ricther’s days are numbered, and i think that Blackburn is too young, albeit very talented, to be in the majors.

    Aubin has proven he can start and backstop a team through an entire season, especially an offensive minded team with suspect defensive tendencies.

  4. mikster says:

    I think Irbe is the better pick.

  5. mcpeach2 says:

    Enough with trading for another goaltender!! The rangers should suck it up and go with Blackburn for the time being. He is playing well (yeah 4 goals against last game but 3 on deflections and one on a crappy call penalty shot) You cant keep Labarbera in the minors forever. Also Holmqvest is available also. Who knows, it seems like they would have to be traded to see their potential. I don’t want them to trade a prospect for a rent a goalie. It would have to be a too good to be true deal before I would agree. Until Ricter comes back, play Blackburn as the starter and have Labarabera start 1 in every 3 or 4. Who knows…it might work. Holmqvest and Scott Meyer will then get more time to play in Hartford. Give it a try for a little before panicking.

  6. mikster says:


    If Richter faces a long-term injury though, then Rangers need a starter.

  7. mcpeach2 says:

    Your probably right…as always:) But it would be really nice if someone on the Rangers, currently, actually stepped up. We have been expecting it from an offensive big name player for the past couple of years…maybe its time for a goalie, especially if Ricter goes down. Rather than trade for a goalie at that point, I would rather see if Blackburn or Labarbera would step up their game. If this happens, hopefully the non-goalies will step it up and put some wins up. I dont think its impossible. We all know concussions are lingering injuries, if Ricter comes back and is flat. Just start Blackburn and see what he’s made of. Oh yeah and freakin bring back up Lundmark!!!! I was gonna get his jersey!! Put him on a line with Mess and Sammuelsson Damnit!!

  8. MossRocks says:

    So the NYPost says Richter has a concussion…

    In reality this could mean any one of the following:

    A) He is dead

    B) He slept in on tuesday morning.

    C) He broke his wrist washing his truck

    D) He broke his ankle while stepping on a street curb

    E) He is day-to-day with a bad sunburn

    F) He actually has a concussion

    Can you believe Larry Brooks is the head of the Professional Hockey Writers Assoc.? What an embarrassment.

  9. saiklo says:

    Well yeah, but are you writing Richter off then?

  10. RangerSteve says:

    I think if you add a veteran goaltender, your asking for trouble when Richter gets back. Personally, I say let Blackburn take the reigns and have Holmqvist prove if he can be a big type goaltender. I mean, whats all the hype about him. Its time to give him a chance. I just hope that the “defense” can start playing DEFENSE. Scoring goals isnt a problem, but keeping them out is. By giving Blackburn this opportunity, hes going to prove weather or not he can handle the load when called upon. If so, could this mean good bye Mike Richter?

  11. big_booty says:

    A “very very very minor concussion” is a concussion nonetheless. Just ask Lindros.

    I guess Todd Marchant deserves to be fed to the lions for this particular transgression.

    Slats made a “boneheaded move” in the first place by keeping Blackburn with the club last year. He should have stayed in juniors so he could have gotten a hell of a lot more playing time and confidence. Good GM’s don’t rush along young goaltenders just because they drafted them, they let them play in juniors and then the minors to garner valuable experience.

    Dafoe: You yourself said that he would not be signed by the Rangers due to his exorbitant salary demands. Are you changing your tune because it would be more convenient?

    Hackett: I don’t think he gets moved. Montreal needs to keep him as an insurance policy. Theodore’s play has picked up somewhat, but Hackett has been the stronger. Besides, if he did get moved, he said he would want it to be to a contending team.

  12. big_booty says:

    Now THAT’S comedy. Thanks to MossRocks for the best laugh of the day.

  13. MantaRay says:

    To slight the Post and the Times because they don’t sing the song you want to hear is just par for the course.

    How ignorant can you be?

    Ranger management LIED to the press, yet you still tow the company line…as usual.

    Your lack of objectivity is what puts your crediblity in question.

    “Though it is a very very very minor concussion”

    If it is so minor, why have they called up another goalie? and why did he have to leave practice after 10 minutes because of effects from the concussion????

    Don’t report your Spin– just kick the facts,

    Richter is hurt and as a result of last years fractured skull this is serious. Don’t pretend it isn’t.

  14. mikster says:

    Nope, i am not. I am just saying IF he has a long-term injury, the Rangers should acquire a goalie. However, right now they should start thinking up back up plans just in case it happens.

  15. mikster says:

    Lundmark is doing superb in the minors, let him get his hot scoring streak there, and then bring him up.

    I have some faith in Holmqvist, but i think his hopes of making the NHL are coming to an end.

  16. mikster says:

    Defense could be better….

    But if Lindros and Bure did their normal scoring, Rangers should be over .500 now.

  17. mikster says:

    Right, it is still a concussion. But, you have to expand that thought though. It’s like saying, I had 3rd degree burns last month and this month i had a lesser degree of burns. Sure, they both are burns, but different levels. Get the point? So, yeah…just ask Lindros how quickly he recovered with last year’s concussion than the previous ones. BIG difference….

    I can definitely respect people’s opinions on Blackburn starting in juniors last season. However, i think that watching Blacky and how he has progressed, he can definitely stay in the NHL. Last season i did have some doubts, but the 18 year old kid won games for the Rangers. If you read the latest article on the Rangers in http://www.hockeysfuture.com, the writer actually said some positive things about Blackburn. Usually he is always pissed off and his dream would be for the Rangers to play almost every youngster, and they don’t. So, i was surprised with that article, you ought to read it, as a hockey fan.

    Anyway, Blackburn did great in both training camps, great in pre-season, shaky start after a minor groin injury and a dislocated/borken thumb, but played solid against the Bruins, shutout against the Flames, had zero help against the B’Jacks, won the last 10 minutes in the 3rd for the Rangers. I mean, if he now has the ability to compete in the NHL, win games for the Rangers, has a good goalie coach, has Richter has his mentor….let him stay up here.

    Dafoe: Right, he won’t be signed by the Rangers because Dafoe would not want a one/two year deal from the Rangers, nor do the Rangers want a three/four year deal with Dafoe.

    Hackett, Savard isn’t shoping him as much now, but he is hearing trade offers, no doubt. Jose1 Theodore is gaining his confidence and performing really well. I don’t believe i ever heard Hackett (or read) say that. Doesn’t even make sense…

    …the Blues are the only contending team i can think of since no other contending team needs a goalie, or else they wouldn’t be a contending team.

  18. mikster says:

    “To slight the Post and the Times because they don’t sing the song you want to hear is just par for the course.”


    What does that have to do with anything? I simply just said “as if they are good sources”. I had every right to say that since they were the only two reporting it, mostly the NYPost itself.

    I don’t think the Rangers ‘lied’, because if they did then i think the NYPost and especially the DailyNews would say something against Slats. Richter’s ‘concussion’ is not as serious as you think. If it was, then the specialist in Montreal would have kept Richter off the ice, but she gave him the ‘go’ to practice.

    “If it is so minor, why have they called up another goalie? and why did he have to leave practice after 10 minutes because of effects from the concussion????”

    Well, you surprised me there, and don’t take this as an offense, but what kind of an idiot would let Richter play? I don’t think that if your goalie even had a minor groin problem, you’d let him play or make him sit on the bench, still risking the fact that if the other goalie is injured, then your already injured goalie is forced to play. I mean, use some common sense there Manta…don’t just criticize without reasoning, because you made yourself look seriously stupid there.

    Richter left ONE practice after 10 minutes and that was a day or two after he was hit. The last pracitces he’s been ok.

    Those are all facts, while yours were facts painted with your critics.

  19. MantaRay says:


    You have a habit of disparaging both papers if you don’t like the truth about what they have to report. They were reporting the truth that Richter had a concussion. Why put them down as increbilbe?

    Your right, no one would let Richter play, because it wasn’t a “very, very, very minor concussion”, as you errorneously reported.

    Again I have to ask about your reading comprehension:

    “I don’t think the Rangers ‘lied’, because if they did then i think the NYPost and especially the DailyNews would say something against Slats”

    Just an passage in yesterdays Post:

    “We now know that the Montreal-based physician diagnosed the injury as a concussion in the immediate aftermath of the game. We now know that all of the denials on the subject from the club’s front office were phony, plain and simple.” (ie Lied to the press).

  20. mikster says:

    I didn’t believe in it first because it was mainly the NYPost reporting it, and i usually don’t follow one source. I wait for two sources to report the samething. I never follow the NYTimes, they simply just stink. Now i have 4 sources saying so, and now i really believe in it.

    “Your right, no one would let Richter play, because it wasn’t a “very, very, very minor concussion”, as you errorneously reported.”

    Still, no matter what degree the concussion is, YOU DON’T DRESS THE PLAYER/GOALIE! I wouldn’t even dress a player if he had groin problems but could stil skate. Even if Richter did not have a concussion, but doctors consider it a step below a minor and mild concussion, Mikey still should not be dressed.

    As for me saying the Rangers didn’t lie. MY MISTAKE! I didn’t read that whole article. I was reading that article in the computer lab and either i left to go to class or i just didn’t pay enough attention to the whole article.

    So…SORRY….moi mistake. Hey, i did some misunderstanding myself.

  21. MantaRay says:

    No joke.

    That was my point you don’t dress him.

    You implied that he would be able to play immediatly since it was : very, very, very minor concussion .

    A concussion is a serious injury don’t belittle the situation.

  22. MantaRay says:

    Thats the difference between a good GM and Slat’s.

    He is one of the worst GM’s in hockey and his record the past decade + speaks for itself.

  23. TrojanMan says:

    Slat’s isn’t a bad GM. Look what he did all those years with the Oilers. The problem is NY gave him all this money to work with so he went out and spent it on the best available stars he coud find (Jagr was his big miss). Tell me, if you were given a 80 million dollar budget and the pressure that comes along with it to build a winner, you would spend it in all the right places? Maybe Slats shoulda invested in more Defensive Dmen instead of Poti and Co. Just a thought.

  24. TrojanMan says:

    So whats the 411 if Richter is out for awhile? Stick with Blackburn or acquire a goalie thru trade? Just wondering cuz Richter is one of the 3 goalies on my fantasy squad (the great Brodeur and the struggling Salo are the other 2).

  25. MantaRay says:

    My assesment of Slats includes his years with the Oilers.

    If he didn’t accidentally inherit Gretzky through the Indianapolis Racers folding he would have never gone past two years as a coach, let alone GM.

  26. mikster says:

    Yeah, so that explains why the Oilers still did so well without Gretzky and won a Cup after him, right? I mean, Tikkanen, Kurri, Messier, Beukaboom, Lowe, McTavish, the Kid line, yeah….Slats was not a good GM.

    His Oilers team faced big money losses every year, oh yeah….so easy to build a winner out of that.

    Poor reasoning….Slats is in the top 10 of best GM’s, just because he is a Ranger GM doesn’t mean he sucks.

  27. mikster says:

    No no….

    …I never said he should play immediately, don’t make stuff up now. Lindros missed less than 10 games from the very minor concussion. He plays 72, he missed 2 or 3 with a leg or knee injury and the rest was from the concussion.

    Richter would miss less than 10, or just about 10, games. We’ll see what the Montreal doctor says.

  28. cecilturtle says:

    A little harsh there Mikster… I don’t think you have to call the whole Flyers management & training staff idiots for keeping to their tuff guy philosophy standards and values. Why should they allow another soft NHL player to take a little time off for a small little bump on the head? Just rub some dirt / ice where it hurts and get your groggy ass back on the ice! Slacker! Todays players should feel luckey the NHL allows players to wear those sissy helmets, masks, & face shields now days!

    Cecil Turtle.

  29. booty says:

    You know, that tuff guy philosophy has resulted in quite a few consecutive playoff appearances.

    p.s. Is your real name Carl Lindros? Or maybe it’s Bonnie Lindros…

  30. MantaRay says:

    You really don’t really know what you talking about…AGAIN!

    -Slats hasn’t had a team over a .500 record in the past 11 years. Not poor reasoning but a FACT.

    His claim to fame was that he was in the right place at the right time when he inherited Gretzky, Messier, et al through no fault of his own.

    So what your saying is he now needs big money to build a winner?

    Look at the Devils, Minnesota, Tampa, etc and then the Ranger$ All small market teams performing better than the $75 million Sather team. Not poor reasoning but simple fact.

    I know your not good with facts but Bure, Holik and Leetch’s salaries combined are the same as Tampa, Columbus, and several other teams entire team salaries.

    And they’re still mediocre.

  31. mikster says:

    One fact with numbers…

    I guess it means something to you, means squat to me.

    Those teams are NEW teams. Oilers have faced heavy losses every year and forced to lose players every year, almost. Slats still got them into the playoffs, which i think is more important than winning percentage.

  32. ozonelayer says:

    booty and manta probably have the same last name too because they have to be a married couple.

  33. MantaRay says:

    One more fact than you have ever provided.

    “Almost” is the key. His poor drafting record is legend.

    The Devils had the same budget as the Oilers in the 90’s yet we had the second best team in the decade.

    Yes, getting a team in the playoffs is important, what is his playoff record with the Rangers??? That’s right 0-0.

    So lets get this straight: He needs a big budget to overcome his poor drafting judgement. Which is almost close to the team budgets of 3 NHL teams at $75 million and still can’t get his team in the playoffs.

    Yes, he is a terrible GM.

  34. mikster says:

    He is not a terrible GM, he has drafted many good players…

    Devils were going up even if they had a low budget, that is how they started it with. Oilers going down because their budget decreased every years, for financial reasons.

    Oh well, it’s your opinion anyway….NOT A FACT!!!

  35. ew77 says:

    Unfortunatley, the Rangers will likely get rid of him and he’ll blossom with another team. Why should the Rangers trade for a goalie. The best thing they could do is give Blackburn NHL experience. If the Rangers had a solid Defensive group, Blackburn would be an amazing goalie right now. He currently is holding his own and will be a standout in the near future. Holmqvist and the two other porspects can fill the void for now unless the Rangers go for a stop gap one year deal like Barasso.

  36. MantaRay says:

    Yeah. Thats witty.

  37. MantaRay says:

    Rangers announced last night Goalie Mike Richter will be out indefinitely due to concussion.

    Simply ace reporting with the “very, very, very mild concussion” comment.

    On top of your game Mikster.

    Holik is also out indefinitely after falling on his wallet.

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