Rangers Plan to Make Off Season Splash?

Larry Brooks of the New York Post continues to provide intriguing speculation regarding this off season. Some of the tid bits that he offers include rumors that the Rangers could be looking to make a swap for the Coyotes third overall pick in an effort to have the ability to draft Alexei Cherepanov.

Brooks also speculates that the Rangers could try to bring both Drury and Gomez to New York as part of a package to entice both of them to take pay cuts to sign in the same city. What HTR feels is interesting is that it would appear that the Rangers appear to not have learned very much from past mistakes. While on paper it would appear to be an awesome line, the Rangers need to focus on their current players, not buy new ones.

In any note, this off-season is sure to be very interesting. This is a good article to read. Check it out in the link below.