Rangers Potential Plans Heading Into Tomorrow

Heading into free agency tomorrow, here are two models of plans the Rangers should be considering. Plan A will show a team that will continue to be competative but save some money and plan B will definitly include spending money but also definitly makes them one of the most feared teams in the league.

This plan consists of bringing Nylander back to continue centering the top line because they know it works and the chemistry is there and adding a couple of the less mentioned free agents out there to help with their holes. There are two glaring holes that in my opinion must be filled. The first obviously is a second line center and the second is a top four physical defenseman who can anchor the defense. So here’s how the model would look. Keep in mind I am mentioning these players for an idea of how it would look, doesn’t mean it has to be THESE players.
FA Signings-Nylander, Shanahan, Lang, Hannan

Line1 Straka-Nylander-Jagr Pair1 Hannan-Mara
Line2 Avery-Lang-Shanahan Pair2 Rozival-Malik
Line3 Callahan-Cullen-Prucha Pair3 Tyutin-Girardi
Line4 Hossa-Betts-Hollweg
Goalies Lundqvist-Valiquette or Montoya

Like I said this plan does consist of spending a lot of money and completing all of these deals is probably unrealistic, but here is what they should try to get done. Plan B will include letting the aging Nylander walk in hopes that they can spend their money in better ways and that Jagr is Jagr no matter who he plays with. Now they can go after 2 of the top centers which has been rumored to give both future hall of famers, Jagr and Shanahan the centers they deserve, but even if they land one and get an upgrade for the second line its still an improvement. This plan also includes bringing the rumored Souray in to be the qb on the pp. I will include back ups if first options aren’t available.
FA Signings- Drury, Gomez or Vyacheslav Kozlov, Souray or Schneider

Line1 Straka-Drury-Jagr Pair1 Souray-Tyutin
Line2 Avery-Gomez-Shanahan Pair2 Rozival-Malik
Line3 Callahan-Cullen-Prucha Pair3 Mara-Girardi
Line4 Hossa-Betts-Hollweg
Goalies Lundqvist, Valiquette or Montoya

The pros to the first plan is obviously saving money and going on a more year to year basis, which might be the smartest considering this may be Jagr’s and Shanahan’s last year and finding a replacements won’t come cheap next summer. You can also see what prospects may develop to fill in where as the second plan will for sure come with long term deals and that will be risking a lot if one or more signing doesn’t work out. This team played amazing so in my opinion I would go with the first plan and not make a lot of changes, but if the Rangers do spend money I hope they try to go after the players mentioned in plan b and not throw their money at mediocre players. I understand inserting youth is important, but these plans do that without hurting the team. They both feature the likes of Prucha, Callahan, Girardi, and possible Montoya. I am leaving out Staal because he should have played in the AHL last year to further his development but poor management kept him in juniors and the jump is risky to the NHL. Let him start in the AHL and then if he has success bring him up during the year much like Girardi and get rid of Malik somehow. Other prospects are not ready nor needed yet like Dubinsky, Bourret, or Baranka. Dawes was overrated and lacks the strength to play at his size in the NHL. Montoya will come cheap on the cap and will show what he can do in the NHL which will benefit in potential trade returns.
I believe the players mentioned should fit in nicely with their combination of skill and leadership. From the stars to the second tier players like the fellow Czech Lang, everybody should contribute and mold nicely if signed. Last resort players to fill in holes who could be had for cheap but may step up big can include Sydor, Vishnevski, and former Ranger Mike York could use another chance. No matter what, the first priority should be resigning Henrik Lundqvist to a long term deal, the Rangers success will depend on him for years to come.

6 Responses to Rangers Potential Plans Heading Into Tomorrow

  1. tacitus says:

    i dont think any team will get 2 of the top tier (Briere, Drury, Gomez, Smyth). Every team will be making a bid and every team will be able to offer 6 -7 mil a year due to the big cap increase.

  2. dm_4u says:

    That's not a bad lineup…but where do you have Marc Staal.

  3. ranger_fan says:

    Heres what I don't get. Everyone is saying the Rangers need at least one center, even if thats retaining Nylander. If that doesn't happen, the Rangers are doomed at center.

    If we guarantee Immonen a spot, I doubt he will go back to Finland.

    That leaves:
    Hossa     Straka     Jagr
    Avery    Immonen  Shanahan
    Prucha    Cullen     Callahan
    Dawes     Betts      Hollweg/Orr

    Thats not exactly a lacking offensive roster. If Immonen doesn't out there are plenty of options. Avery could move to center and Dawes take LW. Then Hollweg or Greg Moore would take that 4th line spot. Defensively I see nothing of interest happening. The whole makeup depends if Staal is ready now or December.

  4. MikeGartner says:

    I dont get it; does everyone seem to forget that Hossa was playing on the top line with Jagr and Nylander and doing quite well, even through the playoffs?  Also, Immonen had a shot with Shanahan and looked like a deer in headlights so I dont believe he is the answer.  Souray would be a welcome shot from the point during the powerplay, but with the Rangers, it always seems like they are looking to pass to Jagr instead of taking shots.  Souray is also a detriment defensively — I like the Hannan idea, but would like to drop Malik if at all possible.  Yorkie, god bless him, looks like he is shot as a decent scorer and backchecker. 

  5. rangers914 says:

    I'm personally a little upset they let ortmeyer get away over hollweg or orr i find ortmeyer(like betts) to be one of those intangible players you need on your roster

    as for this offseason i would like to see them sign a defenseman like a Numinen or Hannan to solidify that D and also not hesitate to deal off malik who has little promise of improvement from his play the last 2 years that can be seen as average.

    i expect them to make some noise in free agency and NEXT YEAR really let the youth pour in with the arrival of guys like Alex Bourret to take over for Shannahan and Marc Stall to step in if not there already…and possibly a Alex Cherepneaov to step into a minor role but these are not until the 2009 season

    expect the rangers to be cautiously agressive LOL they will make deals that are unanimously agreed upon throughout the coaching and management staff to try not to throw off any chemistry the team has and to not stunt the growth of the farm system for years to come

  6. Gardenfaithful says:

    i like ur coments, u know ur stuff

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