Rangers' Power Play

I think the Rangers bigest problem isn’t necesarily that they don’t have a PP QB, it’s that they don’t shoot a whole lot. This has been a problem pretty much their entire non-playoff trend of late. They look for one or two set up one-timers and if they don’t get it, they don’t shoot it.

This I sincerely think is their biggest flaw. I don’t think you need a PP QB if everyone on the line gets a shot. Furthermore, I don’t think there are any affordable (both financially and player wise) PP QB’s out there. The idea of Gonchar, who costs way too much and Leetch the same and doesn’t exactly want to be in NY. If you remember the reason he stated he signed with Boston is that he wanted to finish his career in his home town.

The Rangers’ probably are not going to get anybody people. Someone needs to be out there inorder for them to be had and I just don’t think anyone is. The salary cap ceiling is supposed to fluxuate either this year or next year or some year soon, but that’s not this year. Which mean the Rangers can’t pick up anyone expensive. Don’t look for the Rangers to be involved in any elaborate trades, don’t look for them to pick up a big name either. You gotta keep this in context people. Look around the league, then look for PP D’Men, are they make above or below $4m this year? I think the Rangers only have like $3m to spare right now. (If I’m wrong, correct me.) How much do these players cost just financially? Then think about the commitment their original team put into them. Don’t look for a team like the Capitols to be stupid enough to cover 65% of a players salary for us to have them.

It’s very tricky out there and besides, the Rangers have tremendous chemistry. It’s not something to tinker with. They’ll only pull the plug on a deal that’s perfect.

Also, who says the Rangers need a PP QB?

If they can get a guy who can put in garbage goals and be tough on the ice for the right price. They should go for that.

Anyway, that’s what I think.

What do you think?

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  1. Steam says:

    I think you’re right. They could use some size up front and someone to pick up junk goals. How about LeClaire? I am sure Pitt would willingly let his salary go for some prospects. The Rangers keep their team chemistry and they get a power forward out of the deal.

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