Rangers ready for contract talks with Nylander??

Larry Brooks of the New York Post is reporting that the Rangers are getting ready for contract talks with Gillis, Nylander’s agent. Brooks speculates that Nylander will be able to command a 4 year deal in the range of 18-20 million dollars on the open market and it is well known that Nylander has already fired his old agent for reportedly agreeing to a deal worth 3.75 per season.

HTR believes that it would be in Nylander’s best interests to re-sign a deal with the Rangers. Although he may have been a little underpaid for his excellent performances since the lockout we must not forget the reality of the situation. Nylander has been playing with Jagr who has the ability to make a garbage can look like gold. Is Nylander a poor player, no, but I think that everyone can agree that his stats are padded by playing with Jagr.

In any regard … it will be interesting to see what transpires over the next week or so. As Brooks states “it is clear that Sather and the Rangers will have to pay Nylander more and over a longer term than they’d originally budgeted in order to keep him.”

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5 Responses to Rangers ready for contract talks with Nylander??

  1. puckhead94 says:

    Nylander was a semi-journeyman player before finding a home with the Rangers. He's in a great fit on a great team with a legitimate shot next year.

    I think it would be in his best interest to find a middle ground with the Rangers and continue to play alongside Jagr.

    He should be paid, no question, but I don't think he's in line for a $5M per year deal. I think somewhere around $4M-$4.25M is about right.

  2. Have2BeLeaf says:

    My offer is 5 bucks, dispersed over 2 years.
    Take it or leave it?

  3. mikster says:

    Unfortunately i think he will get overpaid and the contract may be three years, maybe four. In a way, it’s good for both Nylander and the Rangers since it’s best to keep chemistry when you have it working so well, but i will not like this contract, at all.

  4. tacitus says:

    i hope he tests the market then takes Langs place in Detroit and become the 8th sweed on the roster

  5. Radio says:


    5mill a season. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. I'll believe that when Kimmo Tim…Oh wait.

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