Rangers Steal Top Prospect

Rangers claim Carolina Hurricane’s top rated prospect Jeff Heerema off of waivers. The 23 year old right-wing was drafted 11th overall in the 1998 draft by the Carolina Hurricanes.

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  1. mikster says:

    How the hell is that possible? How could any team leave one of it’s top and highly rated prospect on waivers!?

    Damn, Carolina makes a good move and more bad moves to come (i.e Brendl).

  2. NHLman says:

    How good could he be. Its been almost 6 years since hes been drafted and I’ve never heard of him. This either means he sucks or has never really been given a chance to play. I hope the latter is true.

  3. titans says:

    If he was so good how could he have been put on waivers…remember Pavel Brendl and Alexander Daigle were once also considered top prospects.

  4. RangerSteve says:

    I agree both with mikster and titans on this one. Hurricanes could have at least used him as a barganing chip in another deal for a draft pick or whatever. As for Brendl, Mik, he’s already been sent down to the AHL. Titans, I agree completely. The Rangers have no forwards after Stals, Moore, Murray, I don’t think Hereema would hurt at all. It’s going to be interesting to see whose unprotected by NYR. I’d rather see Petrovicky out there instead of Barnaby.

  5. Donovan says:

    I love the waiver draft. It pisses everybody off.

    Here’s my predictions of “big” names that could go

    Brian Boucher

    Robert Riechel

    Curtis Joseph

    Mikka Kiprusoff

    Mattias Timmander

    Buffalo gets to protect all three goalies due to Miller’s age and expierence

  6. ranger_fan says:

    This is just like the Rico Fata thing. From what I’ve read he is a speedster…oh no. I agree that the Rangers prospects are now better and have more potential, but how much will be seen later.

    I’d rather see the Rangers not protect LaCouture instead of Barnaby and Petrovicky. And don’t protect Messier. No one in their right mind would want him…I know I don’t.

  7. pantherboy says:

    He seems like he is in the same boat as Denis Shidvicki of the Panthers. Top ranked draft prospect (99 I think) who is loaded with potential. He just didnt seem to try at all in pre-season, and Keenan benched him in his first game. He is getting sent to San Antonio where he will have to clear waivers this time to make it.

  8. Tradedude says:

    Finally a ranger move I can applaud.

  9. mikster says:

    Never seen a speedster fit in Carolina succeed. In New York, with the skilled player…he may do very well. Six years and still kept as top rated prospect. If he was a bust, he would have already been reported a bust by the top two prospect sites in NA.

    I hope he does well, and so what if he doesn’t turn out to be 30 goal winger, as projected. He is still useful and good to have.

  10. mikster says:

    Because he is 23, and by waiver rules….he was either supposed to stay up or down and Carolina messed up i think.

    Brendl was not ranked high anymore once he failed his first season in Philly. Rangers fans already knew he was a bust once he came to camp overweight, and criticized the Rangers organization for getting too upset at him. Daigle…….different story and an old one.

    Daigle turned out to be a bust because he never had the desire. He just wanted money and retire early.

  11. mikster says:

    Stals, Moore, Murray, and Jessiman. Unfortunately we lost Hollweg due to head injuries, but he was up there too.

    Barns is as good as gone. Simon, Petro, LaCouture, and Scott had a better training camp and pre-season than Barns.

    Heerema doesn’t hurt at all. Put him with Nedved and his speed can turn into something.

  12. mikster says:

    Fata was in bust status and off the charts a couple of seasons ago, Heerema is still up on the charts.

    Unprotect LaCouture? Are you nuts? Simon, Petro, LaCouture and Scott outperformed Barns in training camp and pre-season. LaCouture was the outside steal in that Kovalev deal. I’ll take him any day. He back checks and grinds for real. Barns did awesome for us last season, but he has no excuse to come in training camp and get outperformed by those players.

  13. mikster says:

    Shvidki should be in the same category as Brendl, no desire. Heerema had a successful season the AHL, 30 g’s.

    I think Shvidki will make it, he needs to show more desire.

  14. mikster says:

    Since you didn’t get much applauding to do with your team this summer, hehehe.

  15. titans says:

    He’s now a Ranger so he’ll have lenty of oppurtunities to become a flop!!

    Remember Manny Maholtra “The next Captain of the New York Rangers”!

  16. G_Money says:

    They snagged him like a major leaguer

  17. RangerSteve says:

    If you’re trying to say that Petrovicky is better than Barnaby, I must disagree. Petro is too small and can only get his game going by using his speed and throwing a few big hits, this is something he rarely does. As for Barnaby, the guy played night in and night out last season proving he had the most heart out of everyone and his style of play is what the Rangers need especially to protect Mess. Scott, I’m sorry this guy can’t skate, send him back down with Ken Gernander and the rest.

    Mikster, you have to realize that these guys such as Murray, Moore, Stals, Jessiman and Hereema will never play in this lineup. There are just too many stars with big contracts that are locked up. Hereema more than likely just took a step backwards towards gaining a spot in a lineup. Yes, he has the speed, but there is just no way that I can see any kids crackin that lineup unless you trade 1/2 of these guys away.

  18. mikster says:

    Neil Smith had clueless scouts. His best was Rockstrom, who is now rated as probably Sweden’s best scout.

    Malhotra was put on the ice way too early and Muckler *uckler destroyed his morale and hopes by immediately calling him a checking forward at best.

    Ever since Slats stepped in, Tjutin, Blackburn, Jessiman, Moore, Murray, Lundqvist, Lampman…..

    We’re piled. Tom Renney has done wonders for the Rangers prospects.

  19. RangerSteve says:

    Would you stop trying to cover up. Malhotra was drafted because he did well in teh playoffs and looked as if he were going to become a very good power forward. Muckler was right about Malhotra because he is a checking forward at best, and he’s a fringe player on Dallas. Mik, I know we both love our Rangers, but for fucks sake, stop covering up for their past choices and making them mistakes when they have no one to blame but themselves because of their own analysis. All the scouts decide whose going to be picked, gee I wonder why Alex Tanguay was picked up after.

  20. Dynamo710 says:

    desire and necessity

  21. GretzNYR99 says:

    Good pickup. Shawn Heins of Pittsburgh was also picked up by the Rangers, another good pickup. This is basically the Rangers building up their prospect core, which is something we needed to do for a long time coming. Now with Jessiman, Stals, Murray, Jonasen, Falardeau, Baranka, and Blackburn developing, this is a good future core.

  22. mikster says:

    Not syaing he is better than Barns, but he showed better work ethic, effort, and performance this year so far. I watched Barns when they beat Boston 4-1, and he unimpressed me. Made me shut up when training camp watchers said that Barns didn’t look so good.

    Barnaby should make it……and i give him all the thanks for last season……but you won’t get the Barns of last season. He will make the 4th line, but that’s it. How will Barns do on the 4th line with Messier? Who knows….

    Scott won’t make the team, but he is a 4th line enforcer. Petro is a 4th line player, LaCoututre is 4th or 3rd. Barns should be 3rd, but he is 4th. If Barns becomes a ghost…..then he is useless.

    Those young prospects you mentioned need time in the AHL, Jessiman still in college. Of course they won;t get ice time this season. They shouldn’t anyway. Or else we’ll rush them as we did in the past.

    Lindros, Kovalev, Carter, Hlavac, and RUcinsky’s contracts end after this season. Rangesr 1st two lines would be open to ny of their youngsters since the CBA is coming.

  23. mikster says:

    So you’re saying that rushing Malhotra on the ice as an 18 year old and Muckler saying he was just a checking forward had NOTHING to do with his maturing?

    I agree he is just a checking forward, but he wasn’t even a checking forward with the Rangers. He showed skills, some good moves, strengths, and that’s it.

    Lee Falardeau is a checking center too, yet did we see him on the ice 19 years of age? Checking players are still supposed to stay in juniors at 18 years of age.

    Nothing to cover up, those are right reasons that have been stated by analysts ever since. No cover ups, just FACTS.

    You also added a fact, but it makes no point against my facts. Smith trusted the wrong scout and the scouting staff sucked back then.

    Wes Jarvis was a top d-man on our charts? He is an ECHL player. Mike Mottau?

    Compare those guys to Murray, Tjutin, Lampman…9th round Stals.

    Those guys are produced right. Not rushed and their roles are as expected. Murray can become a future scoring forward, but he grinds…..he hits. That’s what he is. Do you see anyone saying that all he’ll be is a grinder? No.

    If they did, i bet you he’ll be just a 4th line grinder with no potential.

  24. DaveG says:

    This guy was 22 and he couldn’t even make the NHL’s last place team last year. He is 23 now and still doesn’ have a great shot of making the Canes. If everything falls into place for this guy the best he is gonna be is a third liner. Inconsequential move by the rangers.

  25. Levitate says:

    Last year was the first NHL action he saw…and he didn’t get a chance until january. incidently he scored in his first game on broduer

    he also only played 10 games, scored 3 goals. since i don’t follow the hurricanes i don’t know why they sent him back down exactly or why they haven’t given him a chance with the club yet (he seems to have good enough AHL numbers, about a point per game)

  26. big_booty says:


    Rangers fans are so typical, turning this little blurb on the transaction list into a huge deal.

    I agree with the previous comment, this is an insignificant move.

    The fact remains that this particular young man couldn’t play his way on to one of the worst teams in hockey. Wouldn’t it stand to reason that there is a pretty good justification for that?

    What could Glen Sather possibly see in this kid that Jim Rutherford can’t? Probably the same thing he sees in Jan Hlavac.

    Or he believes in the Peroni School of Hockey….”he’s really really fast, so he must be good!”

    The Class of ’98 hasn’t exactly been in the Rangers favor, either. Rico Fata and Manny Malhotra aren’t setting the world on fire. I’m willing to bet that this guy won’t either.

    You kids always seem to get your hopes up. How’s that been treating you for the past six years?

    Get back to me when Sather ships his ass out along with a bunch of other schlubs for another overpaid underachiever.

  27. cwthrash says:

    Not to be nit-picking, but Heins was signed by Atlanta just before training camp.

  28. GretzNYR99 says:

    Well he’s a Ranger now.

  29. GretzNYR99 says:

    It is insignificant, but not as insignificant as you are. Just shut up. How do you know that he couldn’t get on this team? A few of our big namers contracts end after this year. Glen Sather saw a lot of good things in Jan Hlavac, mainly the fact that him and Petr Nedved played very well together.

    I believe in the Big_Booty should go back to hiding school of hockey… “He’s better when he doesn’t post.”

    Oh, and keep saying that deal with the playoffless skid. Just watch them this year.

  30. big_booty says:

    Is that the best comeback you could come up with? Come on, at least offer up some semblance of a challenge.

    Don’t worry, I fully intend to watch them miss the playoffs again this year.

  31. big_booty says:

    He must be really really fast too.

    You can have him.

  32. GretzNYR99 says:

    No, that’s the best. I save the best for people who are worth it, but I barely come across those people. The thing that I should offer to you is a life, you need one.

    You fully intend to watch them miss the playoffs again this year. Your ignorance shines through.

    Who do you think you are? A superstar? Well, wrong you are!

    A chump like you should crawl back to the sewer you came from, you classless piece of trash. The peanut gallery wasn’t called forth to speak, so shut up.

  33. GretzNYR99 says:

    You’re “really really fast” to pick up on that. I’m glad we have him, and I love how you’re only commenting because it’s a Ranger acquisition. If Carolina kept him, you wouldn’t be badmouthing him, not like you know anything about him anyways.

    You’re one sad, redundant kid. Find something better to do with yourself.

  34. Tradedude says:

    it’s a small world, small world

  35. MantaRay says:

    How desperate can Ranger$ fans be that they are picking up other peoples dead weight and its interpreted as a major victory??? It must be sad to be a Ranger$ fan.

    Jeff Heerema what a steal, this is the biggest Ranger acquisition since Sather stole Rico Fata last season!!!

  36. GretzNYR99 says:

    How desperate are you to be accepted by your peers? I’ll tell you, you’re so desperate, that you front-run! You weren’t around when the Devils were still a Mickey Mouse organization. You weren’t around when Kirk Muller captained the team. You weren’t around when Martin Brodeur was a young buck winning the Calder, hell, you weren’t around in 95 when they won it all. You’re transparent, everyone can see right through your lies. You’re as much of a fan of the Devils as The Devils are an offensive team.

    As for the signing it self… who said it was a “major victory?” Do you not know how to read? Or is your sense of vision distorted? No one said it was a “major victory” or anything along those lines. We said it was a good signing, seeing as our future core is lacking of talent. Maybe you should shut up and go back to school, you uneducated, puerile bastard child.

    As for the “Ranger$…” Do you actually think you’re funny or something? Or that is cool, or witty? It’s actually quite redundant. Are you jealous of the money we have? Because people would rather come see one of our regular season games rather the game you won the cup in? I hope your happy with the wagon you jumped on, because it’s falling apart, really fast.

  37. GretzNYR99 says:

    Sorry, *not the best.


  38. ranger_fan says:

    I can’t say I have seen training camp, or any but one preseason game(5-0 win again the BJs) All I know is that Dan backed checked, yes, but didn’t seem to create a spark the Barns could. Or Petro. I also believe that Dan wouldn’t be taken in the waiver draft, but that is just an opinion. I wish I could see more games but MSG just aired one, and I don’t have Metro or a dish.

  39. cwthrash says:

    Looking at your comments on this thread, it looks like your a bit on-tilt. People have insulted the Rangers, a common occurence. You should be at least somewhat used to that. The testosterone you’re pumping out seems a bit much.

    I know of insulting. As you can see by the name, I’m a Thrashers fan. I have to absorb insults not only about a bad team but also about how we here in the south don’t deserve a team for any reason and that we know nothing of the game, and so on and so forth, etc etc etc. You defend as much as you can but there are times when you need to step back.

    This seems like one of those times.

  40. nskerr says:

    I have to disagree. Teams that don’t have high payrolls like the Rangers need to protect their young assets. If this guy was so good, he would have remained in the organization.

    If he was such a steal, it wouldn’t matter anyway because the Rangers have no idea what they are doing when it comes to young players as evidenced by the mass of young players sent to Hartford recently in exchange for veteran leadership. This is a team that hasn’t made the playoffs in 6 years? Why not try the youth. This guy will never see the lights of the garden as long as he is Ranger property.

  41. MantaRay says:


    You just slay me! I haven’t laughed like this in long time. Thanks!

    A Ranger fan that actually can use the term “puerile” in the correct sense. Bravo!

    Riding the bandwagon. LOL. Son, I was cheering the Devils since the days of John Wensink and Ron Low in nets.

    Its also not my fault that Ranger$ games are 60% corporate seats giving the false impression that it appears sold out. I should know I got to a game a week at MSG and I don’t pay a dime.


  42. BosBrn77 says:

    Not for nothing man… but you take these guys WAY too serious. Don’t let it get too you, bro!

    Rangers have a strong team. They need more grit to be honest, but we have already talked about that. Too many guys who want the spot light… not enough to help it shine.

    This pick up just added depth to the team. If other people can’t see that… so be it. We all agree that Sather has made mistakes…. but what GM hasn’t? This one could be bad for the team…. good for the team… or great for the team. Only time will tell. But what did Sather give up to get him? Exactly… NOTHING!!! Rangers have nothing to lose with this pickup.

  43. n0rea11y says:

    Good move by Rangers. I suspect there is more to this deal than meets the eye. Canes get the first waiver pick and could have gotten at least a pick for the kid. Perhaps the Rangers give the Canes someone?

  44. Bretzky says:

    Hereema’s Career…….GP G A PTS PIM

    1997-98 Sarnia OHL…..63 32 40 72 88

    1998-99 Sarnia OHL…..62 31 39 70 113

    1999-00 Sarnia OHL…..67 36 41 77 62

    2000-01 Cinc IHL………73 17 16 33 42

    2001-02 Lowell AHL……76 33 37 70 90

    2002-03 Carolina NHL…10..3…0..3…2

    2002-03 Lowell AHL…..36 15 17 32 25

    Not bad numbers at all. He played a mere 10 games in the NHL with Shitolina. Not saying he’s the next big superstar, but to rub this guy out as a failure or compare him to Daigle is just stupid. Get the facts. This guy seems like he could be a solid player given the opportunity and the right team.

  45. GretzNYR99 says:

    I demeaned and defiled you, and you’re laughing? Shows the lack of intellect up there. You’re not so sleight of brain.

    “Easy pickins” as they would say it.

    Son? With your intellect, you could be MY SON. It’s sad that you haven’t heard someone use the word puerile before, especially a New Yorker. I can understand you not seeing coming from a fellow Devil “fan” seeing that New Jersey is lacking in the education department, hence your lack of intellect. I pity you in that sense, but I stop and think about it, and then I just laugh at you.

    You weren’t around back then, you probably weren’t even born. You’re a newbie, a bandwagoner, front-runner. You’re naive at best. I’m sure you went to a game a week at MSG and didn’t pay a dime. Stick to front-running, you’re a horrible liar. Not that it’s not obvious that you’re a front runner, and what not, but stick to your day job of front-running.

  46. TC_4 says:

    You haven’t heard of him, well that doesn’t mean that he is bad, it means you don’t know much about hockey.

  47. headpushslap says:

    Hey, Wood

    There you go, stealing them there BIG WORDS I used to give you the verbal wedgie oh so long ago.

    Hey Sport, buy your own dictionary, and while you’re at it, some real hockey sense.

    I got my eye on you, and if you keep acting up I will come forth and lay you out like a sorority girl on roofies…



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