Rangers Still Rule New York; FLY Line on Fire; York Getting Recognition

The New York Rangers are showing big signs that the team does have chemistry. Richter is on fire, Fleury, Lindros, York are becoming a threat every night, Leetch is playing with comfort from Malakhov, Berard is starting to skate well, and just about every player is showing what they got. The best player on the Rangers, who is still not recognized by the league, is Mike York.
For the past four games (3-1-0-0) the Rangers are starting to show that they are not an easy team to beat. With Low playing a new defensive strategy, which has not allowed more than 3 goals, the Rangers defense is becoming very effective. With the defense becoming effective, Richter can win games easily.

Last night was very important. The Islanders, who were undefeated in the Eastern Conference, faced the “no chemistry” Rangers. Milbury made a very important statement before the game started. He said that there was no rivalry between the Isle’s and Rangers in the past years, but now that rivalry and extreme competition is back. Who will rule New York? As of now, the Rangers are, as they had been in recent years. This was the chance for the Rangers to prove what they can do, and what kind of team they are, against the number one team in the Eastern Conference.

The FLY line is one of the top 10 in the league now, and could make it top 5 possibly. The Giant Line with McCarthy, Toms, and McKenna scored two goals in two games. This line is dangerous, as it is very aggressive, very big, and once the puck is put in front of the crease, they have a chance to score. Dvorak is almost getting back in shape, still at a slow pace, but he is showing signs of less fanciness-shoot-more. Ciger is a better version of Kamensky, way better, and he does make a good play once in a while, mostly in defense. The defense has been really impressive lately, and discipline is improving. The Power play looks very active now, and the Penalty Kill improved a lot as well. Richter is getting more rest, more practice, and less worry, as the youngster Blackburn is giving Ricky a BIG break. York has been the best player, making great offensive and defensive plays. Parrish who? Oh yeah, Parrish drives the net a lot, where is he when that does not happen? York? Oh yeah he is everywhere. Who deserves a spot on the USA Team? Mike York. Herb Brooks was very impressed watching York play against the Islanders. Although he did not score a point, York’s passes and plays were precise, especially in defense. Parrish did score a goal, where the puck hit the glass and bounced on the side of the net, with an open space (awesome lucky bounce goal), and he has a great skill with his hands, very quick. I know I will probably get bashed for York over Parrish, so I would be a lot happier if both York and Parrish make it to the USA team. Parrish playing with York? Scary. Lindros is getting better and better each game, as his puck accuracy has really improved, finally.

Still, do not expect the Rangers to do a whole lot better now, there are still things to improve. Rangers played really well without Lefebvre, Malhotra, and Nedved. Smell a trade? The Rangers must stick with defense first and offense later. Since they started that, the Rangers did not allow more than 3 goals, and had scored more than 3 goals a game.

Micki Peroni

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