Rangers to Deal Weekes to St. Louis or Florida???

Word on other Rumor sites is that the Rangers have been shopping Kevin Weekes around the League and that he has requested a trade as of last week. Supposedly Sather has talked to the Panthers and the Blues.

This is interesting. A week and a half ago, the Rangers signed Mika Wiikman out of Finland along with Steve Valiquette. Rumors were that the Rangers were going to unload prospect Al Montoya to Detroit because there was not enough room for him in the minors. Now it seems that if they deal Weekes, that will free up space for one of the three goaltenders (Valiquette, Montoya or Wiikman) to take up the backup role to King Henrik in NYC!

I am not opposed to the Rangers dumping Weekes for a prospect, defenseman, or a draft pick. All I can think of is his bad attitude once Renney decided to hand over the starting job to Lundqvist. Weekes was playing the race card when this happened. I am not a big fan of him.

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  1. Potvinstillsucks says:

    haha if weekes was DESCENT he could of played the race card, but he might be one of the worst goalies i’ve seen play in ny in the last ten years probably the worst, his numbers back this up, also read “why weekes sucks” at hockeyrodent.com it will explain things much better then i can. Weekes gives goals up at the worst of times and the rangers could be outshooting an opponent 30 – 11 and the score will be 3-2 in favor of the opposition… i heard he took change to back up not so badly but if he a bad attitude about it then forget him get a draft pick …or make him gm of the rangers haha

  2. JJ-Dynomite says:

    If i was sather, i would’nt dare trade montoya, he could be used for quite a few more years before you need too let him go for salary concerns

  3. nyrhockey25 says:

    who said they were goin to get rid of montoya

  4. wheresthesoda says:

    bad attitude??…..dont know about that, he got injured. i really dont care what they do with weekes, hes got like 2 million, get rid of that cap space.

    dunham was the worst rangers goalie in the past 10 years

  5. Potvinstillsucks says:

    ok i thought about it and dunham was terrible but weekes aint far behind….dunham played for a worse team and at least his numbers were good…weekes couldn’t even put the better of the two teams in a winning position

  6. Potvinstillsucks says:

    ohh and btw weekes makes 750,000 a year not 2 million

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