Rangers Trade Imminent? Officials Are Rude, Trade Deadline a Biggie?

The New York Rangers had better expectations this season, but have failed to meet them. Inconsistency is a disease for this franchise, will Slats, Maloney, and Renney deal with it now or later? By the way, anyone have some Prozac for Renney?

Another 1st round bust? But, not all is lost as he could actually be used effectively for the ….. (find out who)

Still related to the Rangers, last night’s loss to the Ottawa Senators was a major disappointment, not just for the team, but for the officials. It’s one thing if officials make bad calls, but it is quite something else when they are just rude and unprofessional; find out why.

People have been feeling bored with this season as far as trades, but with the way the season has gone thus far, the Trade Deadline could be a fun week/day.Good day hockey fans. I know I didn’t get to finish the mid-term grades, but it seemed as if you, the readers, seemed more interested in the other segments of the article instead of the mid-term. And you know what? You are right. You don’t need to be told where a team stands, or how it has performed; you are smart enough to know that.

Big Apple in Fruit Market

This team has had it’s ups and downs. It had its glorious games, and its pathetic games. Well, I did not even watch the 2nd period of last night’s game, it was too pathetic to watch. These players heard a fuming Tom Renney and they came out starting well in the 1st period, but playing like clueless idiots in the 2nd. And yes, I have a right to call them idiots because they refuse to pay attention to small details. Is that the way to respond to a coach that has done everything he possibly could to turn this franchise around? Renney is a hard working coach, and a caring coach. He gives chances and he shows a lot of confidence in certain players. It seems as if the players just don’t get that. And you want to know what is more ridiculous? This team went through changes in the off-season. What kind of changes? Character changes. They added more character players in Brendan Shanahan, Matt Cullen, and Aaron Ward. Yet, the team fails to show character. Pathetic and shameful. Who cares about the great rally, which ended in a ridiculous way (to be explained later) from losing 5-0 to making it 5-4. Yes, in a way that showed good character, but that was forced character. As in “oh (bleep), we better play or else the practices will get ugly”.

So, I think that if the Rangers had lost 5-0, then Slats could have been making a trade by the end of today. But, that late burst may have GM Sather wait for Saturday’s game against the old time rivals Boston Bruins. Allow me to put this in the simplest way for the Rangers as far as the three types of options that they have.

A) Win

B) Win

C) Win

Take your pick Rangers. And, that win has to happen in regulation time, decisively. I do not want an OT or a shootout win. Points are crucial, and the Bruins are looking to make the playoffs as well. So, to give them a point means helping the enemy. The Rangers must win, period. If a loss is what shall happen, the I couldn’t possibly watch GM Sather not make a trade. The weaknesses of this team are well exposed. The defense is mediocre and it needs toughness. The offense could use muscle and a second line center.

Does it have to happen all at once? Naaaa. Make a deal now, make another later. Jaromir Jagr is limited with heath issues (groin and shoulder). Yet, the guy is playing, is trying to do as much as possible, and in return he gets banged up. In the loss against the Isle’s, Jaromir Jagr knew that Brendan Witt was going to hit him hard against the boards. Instead of being the typical Euro player that tries to avoid the hit and coughs up the puck, Jagr took the hard hit by making a great pass to Straka for a goal. That’s what a captain does. Of course, did anyone say anything to Witt? No. So that annoys me. The Rangers 1st line is the big point producing line, and so all the attention is on the three players. The second line needs aggressiveness, a more North American style of offensive game. A crash and bang game.

Speaking of crash and bang game, and yes, this is still Rangers talk, we have another first round bust. Apparently, it’s Hugh Jessiman, picked 12th overall by the Rangers in 2003. What a pick. The idea was good, project for him to become a power forward was right, but the guy was slowed down with an injury at an early age and should not have stayed in college to play another season. Jessiman is a big dude. Still young at age 22, he stands 6’6 and 230 lbs. Why is he a bust? He didn’t do enough with the Wolf*Pack and so he was sent down to the ECHL. How many first rounders go through that!?

But so what? See, this is the one mistake for the Rangers. The guy has been disappointing, okay, but would it hurt to just throw him out on the ice with the big guns? Jessiman can skate, and when he plays physical, he is a force to fear. On top of that, he has some offensive skills. So, could this guy be any worse than Marcel Hossa? Petr Prucha (the way he has performed thus far)? Colton Orr!? Get Jessiman to play with the Rnagers and tell him to crash and bang. Tell him to drive to the net. Tell him to make punishing checks on the defense. Had he played the game against the Isle’s, I would have told the guy to give Witt a rough shift. It’s not easy to stop a 6’6 230 lbs. forward who is checking you, or placing a hit on you.

Seriously, why not? Nearly 55% of 1st round draft picks from 1994 to 2004 have played in the NHL, and that’s counting players that have become busts, yet NHL regulars, like 3rd, 4th liners, 5th, 6th defensemen. Maybe Jessiman will end up being a late bloomer, but it is stupid to force this guy to try and meet his originally expected potential by playing him in the minors. Let this guy play desperate hockey to stay in the NHL; he’ll commit to physical play if that’s what it takes. Place this guy on the PP in front of the net. Good luck moving him! But, do something with him! What good does he do for the organization by playing in the ECHL? None.

Last night’s officials at MSG were ridiculous. No, I am not talking about bad calls made; actually I think they did well for the most part. When the Rangers were rallying from a 5-0 deficit to a 5-4, with continuous pressure and scoring chances, the officials completely threw it all out the window. As pressure kept coming, Senators defenseman Chris Phillips cleared the puck up in the air and out of the rink well before he crossed his blueline. It must have been at least eight or so feet from the blueline. Referee Peel made the right call, but for some odd reason the other three officials overruled it and said it was played correctly. No, it was not. So the call was correct, but why did these guys huddle and convince Peel it wasn’t a penalty? Well, we don’t know. Shanahan, a well know and highly respected veteran, tried to get an explanation but he did not.

So let me get this straight, the players get penalized, fined, and even suspended if they say “too much” to the officials, but if the officials treat the players with disrespect, then what do they get? Nada. I am not upset at the call made. It’s not like a powerplay was going to guarantee a tied game. I am upset at the other three officials who refused to talk to Tom Renney and pushed away Shanahan. I’m sorry, but that is outright rude and something should be done about that. We’re not talking about two jerks like John Tortarella or Mark Recchi; all they do is whine on every call made. Renney and Shanahan respect the officials and they deserved to get an explanation. Also, the linesman who was very close to the blueline on the opposite side of the play must be fired. There is no way that he saw Phillips cross that blueline and clear the puck then. He must have imagined it, but that is unlikely and so that guy must give a public explanation on his decision. There is no way that he did not see it either. This guy is a professional at analyzing the action on the blueline. He can make a great off-sides call. I want to know what made this guy decide that it was not a penalty. No one was there to deflect it either. It was a clear that went out and over the glass and Phillips was being pressured, he had to act quickly.

You can complain about a poorly officiated game, but to have officials overturn an obvious call and give out no explanation…….absolutely obsurd. What did these guys do? Bet on the game and bet on the Senators to win? What logical explanation is there? None. Good call on Larry Brooks of the NYPost to call this one out too. The NHL can apologize, but if I were Sather i’d eat at Taco Bell, have diarrhea and wipe my rear end with the letter of apology. Do something about it Mr. Campbell! Those officials made a pathetic mistake and were absolutely unprofessional. And what do they do when the game is over? They run to their locker room.

I think these guys need to be exposed to the public and state their reasoning behind their decision to overturn the call, and disrespect the Rangers. It was becoming one of the best 3rd periods ever for a fan to watch. From 5-0 to 5-4 and last couple of minutes on the powerplay for the Rangers? They blew it, and they need to be accounted for their mistake.

So, apparently I may have been wrong about the domino effect with the Mike Comrie trade, but does it mean that this season will show no trades? Well, there are no maybes. It’s either yes and no. It also depends on you to call it, so please, be my guest and answer this question. Will there be about 18 transactions made at the Trade Deadline week/day? It’s your call. I say Yes. By then, teams would have a better idea where they stand and you will have just two groups of teams that will either have GMs that are chicken, or GMs that have guts. The groups are: Teams that currently have the playoffs spot, but need to protect it and make a stronger run in the playoffs. And, teams that are just barely out of the playoffs and need to make a last attempt to make it.

There are not few teams in that positions, but quite a bunch. On top of that, you have the teams locked for the playoffs and looking for some improvements, and let’s add a bit of spice to that topping and BAM, you have teams that are surely out of the playoff picture and want to clear salaries.

So, I’m betting on a busy week, and day. We’ll have the same set-up as usual and for those of you who are busy working, log on to HockeyTradeRumors.com as we’ll give you the very latest. And for those of you who want to comment on a trade at the moment it happens, we’ll have it all open for you.

Thanks for reading and enjoy a wonderful weekend,

Micki Peroni