RANGERS Training camp – first scrimmage

yesterday i spent the day at the NYR training camp, and there was a scrimmage

PLayers featured in yesterdays scrimmage included: Bure, Lindros, Holik, Dixon Ward, Lyashenko, Garth Murray, Tjutin, and Kaspar — vs — Poti, Lundmark, Messier, Lintner, Kloucek, Barnaby, Nedved, and Lampman. First off i wanted to say i may have been VERY wrong about Lundmark.

before yesterday i really didn’t see lundmark as the prospect the rangers made him out to be, but shit he can play! he rarely lost his coverage in the defensive zone, and he has a snipers mentality. he scored 2 goals ( 1 which was a total highlight reel, coming off a pass from Mess from the left corner, and he made a beautiful move on the D-man for a wrister high top shelf). He also has explosive presence when they were tryin to gain the zone. Not that he was so fast, just a great sense of where everyone is, and gettin the right angle to break into the zone, and makin the d hustle after him. I may have been mistaken in my earlier criticism of Lundmark. He also set up 2 of mess’s 3 goals in the game, and getting 2 goals himself.

– fedor tutin also played, and looked great. he’s much bigger then i thought, and plays a very russian inspired game. gaining the zone, and drop passin to the cycling winger, and his defensive coverage was very impressive. he plays VERY physical, not so much goin for the big hit as just lockin up and ridin his man out of the play. He batlled holik in front of the net time and again, and definitely held his own. He can also clear the zone! thats right fellow ranger fans, another d-man that can control the puck and get it the hell out.

-other players that looked good: Garth murray reminds me of a young john leclair. very gritty, runs into the corners almost recklessly, and made a beauty of a pass from behind the net. kloucek looked great. if it wasn’t a scrimmage there were a couple times he could have really leveled a couple forwards in the neutral zone. i think playin around kaspar is gonna make him a devastating force on the ice. lampman had a couple goals and looked like he could have a future in the NHL.

-other notes: Nedved looks like he may have bulked up a little for this season.

However the best thing i saw yesterday was trottier’s style of play. not once did i see an ugly turnover by a defenseman leaving his zone. more often than not he had each defensive pairing where there was a physical guy with a guy who could move the puck, and the forwards were being instructed to collapse on the puck in their zone. they looked much more organized and disciplined in the defensive zone. this is one time i’m very happy i’m wrong. Lundmark looked great, kloucek looked great, and tutin looked like he could crack the line up in his first year. seeing lunmark paired with mess leads me to believe he WILL be playin with the big boys this year as a 3rd line winger.

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  1. Aetherial says:

    I find this kind of article interesting.

    Keep in mind though that this is an intra-squad scrimmage!

    Also keep in mind that people who clutch and ride their man out of the play may not have much place in the “new NHL”… LOL for as long as that lasts!

  2. mikster says:

    From http://www.newyorkrangers.com

    Players Remaining with the New York Rangers (NHL):

    Goaltenders: Dan Blackburn, Johan Holmqvist, Jason LaBarbera and Mike Richter.

    Defense: Dave Karpa, Darius Kasparaitis, Tomas Kloucek, Bryce Lampman, Brian Leetch, Sylvain Lefebvre, Richard Lintner, Vladimir Malakhov, Mike Mottau, Tom Poti, Dale Purinton and Fedor Tutin.

    Forwards: Matthew Barnaby, Pavel Bure, Benoit Dusablon, Radek Dvorak, Rico Fata, Bobby Holik, David Inman, Eric Lindros, Jamie Lundmark, Roman Lyashenko, Sandy McCarthy, Mark Messier, Garth Murray, Rem Murray, Petr Nedved, Krzysztof Oliwa, Mikael Samuelsson and Dixon Ward.

    Players Reassigned to the Hartford Wolf Pack (AHL):

    Goaltenders: Scott Meyer and Niklas Sundberg.

    Defense: Dean Arsene, Pat Aufiero, Joel Bouchard, Vladimir Chebaturkin, Matt Kinch, Jeff State and Craig Weller.

    Forwards: Bobby Andrews, Garrett Burnett, Brandon Cullen, Ted Donato, Nils Ekman, Ken Gernander, Ryan Hollweg, Dusty Jamieson, Boyd Kane, John Tripp and Patrick Yetman.

    Player Reassigned to the Medicine Hat Tigers (WHL):

    Forward: Chris St. Jacques.

    Player Reassigned to the Quebec Remparts (QMJHL):

    Forward: Shawn Collymore.

    Player Released:

    Forward: Jamie Herrington


    Well, finally the Rangers didn’t rush anyone this time, especially with Lundmark. Lundmark has great work ethic, gained 20 pounds of muscle in the past 3 years, he has offensive skills, and he is ready. If not, then he could be sent down a few times and called up a few times, but he is a perfect future 1st/2nd line winger; at center, he’d struggle for the 2nd line.

    BUT, this is just training camp. Lundmark has to keep working hard in pre-season and he will have to prove that he is worth it to have in the NHL this season. He completed stage one, now it’s stage two and three he has to complete.

    Tjutin will be either sent down or put in the AHL. He is rated in the top 20 among all prospects and was selected 40th overall. He is all you said about him, but he isn’t ready for NHL action, maybe next season….but i think it will be the year after.

    Garth Murray could be a young Leclair….but never will he score 40 goals, 30 at best for a few seasons maybe. Well…if he plays with Lindros who knows. If he is signed, then he will join Hartford, which is a plus. If he isn’t, then another season in Juniors for him to captain his team again. He got leveled by Lindros, that would have been fun to watch.

    Nedved is still Nedved even if he is as strong as Lindros. He will play LW and he knows this is his last chance to be a popular player around the league. He could do well as a LW, so…we’ll see. Many people and scouts said that Kloucek would have his best training camp. But, it is JUST training camp. He still has to prove himself in the pre-season and in the NHL. He is still just 22 years old (picked 131st in 1998). Let him develop into a solid physical stay at home d-man.

    Again, Lundmark will probably play in the NHL this season (same time Brendl comes in) and he’ll probably score 35 points or so (18g’s 17 a’s), maybe 20 goals 20 assists. He could play with Messier, maybe with Holik, or Lindros. I think he will start with Messier and he’ll get a chance to play with Holik. They already played together in training camp and both played well. I think Rico Fata will play with the Lindros line though. He’d have to clear waivers if they send him down, so they will give him a shot.

    Dixon Ward scored 4 goals and looked really good. But then again….it’s just training camp. Maybe Ward will suck in pre-season, who knows.

    Do me a favor next time though, don’t spell the names lower case.

  3. wiscbadge1 says:

    getting excited about rangers’ prospects is as logical as ken danyeko scoring a goal. i cant believe it is even being discussed. who was the last rangers project who panned out and is still with the team? they trade all their young talent for overpaid fat cats. who cares if lundmark looks good in intersquad games… he’s playing against the same d last year who gave up more goals than anyone in the league. lets talk about some more relevant things please

  4. mikster says:

    Last year’s D:




    This year’s D:




    Training camp articles are welcomed, and an Oilers Training Camp article was already posted. So, if you want to talk about relevant things, submitt an article and i’ll post it. Everyone just wants the season to start, and they are concentrating on their teams right now. Not a lot of aricles are coming in, so yours would be welcomed.

  5. pantherboy says:

    WTF? He is amazing!!!

  6. NewYorkRangers says:

    Does anyone know if the Rangers-Flyers exhibition is going to be on t.v. on sunday?

  7. mikster says:

    Probably a youngster beat him.

  8. RobbieNumbers- says:

    I thought the first game was saturday night against Montreal.

  9. mikster says:

    Yes. At 5 pm on MSG.

  10. NewYorkRangers says:

    thank you, the montreal game isnt on tv, rite?

  11. mikster says:

    Nope. Unfortunately they only show two games this preseason. It’s a joke.

  12. mikster says:

    Not showing it.

  13. aaron says:

    Whoopdie do. And in 3 Wings scrimmages so far, Zetterburg has 3 goals and 6 assists, and both Williams and Deveraeux have recorded hat tricks. Another undrafted rookie scored 2 goals in one of them, and hopes to turn into another Williams. Which all means exactly nothing. We’ll see what happens in preseason.

  14. cwhockey says:

    True, the first scrimmages mean little. But don’t be too hasty and read between the lines. Watching your favorite team scrimmage and reporting on it, sure he’s gonna be a bit biased. Just take the most salient of his observations and realize what the rest is.

    Hell, I’ve heard for the past month that Patrick Stefan of the Thrashers has been working hard all offseason to try and improve. Half a dozen people who have attended Thrashers scrimmages said that Stefan looks bigger, faster and much more confident. Will he play that way in the regular season? Who knows? But it’s an encouraging thought, just like his observations on the Rangers scrimmage.

  15. mikster says:

    I actually have faith in Stefan. I’d try to get him in a heart beat.

  16. cwhockey says:

    So do I. It’s pretty obvious that he has all the physical tools (maybe not for a sniper). He can be a great playmaker and he is a moose on the ice when he wants to be. With Heatley and Kovalchuk doing so well, some of the burden was taken off him to develop so quickly. If you have faith in Stefan now, then you’re probably not one of these people. But some forget that it took players like Joe Thornton and Jeff O’Neil three or four years before they showed what they could truly do. I’m hoping for that in Stefan. He has to show significant strides this year though; no more waiting. If he improves this season, he’ll continue to improve for the next several seasons.

  17. big_booty says:

    Oh my God. The Rangers had a good scrimmage. Gary Bettman will officially call the season tomorrow and drop the Cup off at MSG.

    Closing time. Everyone better leave. You don’t have to go home, but you got to get the hell outta here.

  18. edmontonrules says:

    I find it rather interesting how the Oilers page was full of respect and fans actually wanting to know what happned. This is a horrible thing that these people have done with this page. You should be ashamed of the way you people acted. Slamming people who haven’t even had time to show what they’ve got.


    I know that I have bashed the Rangers before but come on stop using up space on this posting.

    I wish I knew more about some of my other favorite teams but if this keeps on happening people who visit the training camps will be scared of posting anything.

  19. edmontonrules says:

    Do you know which two preseason games are being shown?

  20. edmontonrules says:

    Oh yeah sorry about the harsh comments before, but I just watched the Leafs scrimmage on TSN and it looked very interesting. Sundin had a very nice move on Belfour but he was utterly stopped. I really do hope that the Eagle will work out for the Leafs. Since learning that his hometown is only a few hours away from mine (Carmen and Steinbach) I have enjoyed watching him even more. But anyway the Leafs were looking good.

  21. mikster says:

    The one against the Flyers and the one against the Bruins i think.

  22. mikster says:

    It’s a shame huh? If it was about the Flyers no one would say a bad thing.

    This site will change though, we promise that this site will change and have less bashing from cocky idiots.

  23. mikster says:

    Oh shut up….you’re such a bunch pf babies. No one complained about the Oilers training camp article and you have to complain about a Rangers training camp article? Shows your class…..

  24. pat says:

    I am really excited about Lundmark. Granted I know this is training camp, and only intra-squad scrimmages, but for the last 3 years, Lundmark, has been overwhelmed, injured, and frankly, not ready. It’s exciting to me, and all Ranger fans, because this kid looks like he is finally ready for Prime Time. I’m excited for him, and hope he can make the team this year.


  25. Sands says:

    I was hoping some of the young guys would get a chance this year…. Lundmark was given a lot of time to prepare for the NHL i think it’s time he joins the team.

    Thanks Mike…. Was wondering when the First exhibition game would be aired. Sunday 5pm MSG.

    anyone hear anything about Lyashanko…..?

  26. big_booty says:

    For christ’s sake, will you lighten up? God, you take so many things so seriously.

    You’re the one who told me to get a sense of humor. Well, I’ve had one for a looooooonng time, ever since I came out of the womb (took a shit on the doctor’s new shoes!)

    I could have said the same thing about the Oilers’ camp, but you wouldn’t have cared now, would you? It’s only when someone has the gall and audacity to doubt the future of the New York Rangers that you rear your ugly head.

    We’re just having fun here. You are such a killjoy.

    Give me your address, and I’ll make sure the clown gets up to cancer alley to see you ASAP.

  27. mikster says:

    Lyashenko didn’t do much (again) offensively. That’s his problem….is like…shy to use his offensive skills. He is still very solid defensively, but he has to get some of his offensive skills going.

  28. mikster says:

    You suck. It’s one thing when you show your sense of humor, it’s another when you have a sense of humor but don’t show it.

    You always make these sarcastic comments and sometimes i can tell when you’re joking around, but sometimes i can’t. So, you got me this time.

    Damn, you took a shit on the doctor’s new shoes? Well, you were born a jerk! Just kidding.

    Ok, so ya got me this time. I did get you last time thoguh when i called you a Rangers basher. I guess you can be as fun as Manta….maybe this season we’ll get to call each other names.

  29. NYIchooch75 says:

    Hey Mikster, just curious…You have a lot to say about the Rangers prospects (Lundmark, Lyashenko, Rem Murray, Tjuten etc.) and it is 99% of the time it is praise. Like the second coming of Gretzky & Co, which is fine. Trust me, up until last year, prospects were all I could pin my hopes on (Pyatt, Connelly, Isbister ect.), so I can’t really agree/disagree with you because I am not a Ranger fan. But, I have been reading the newspapers in NY about the Islanders and Rangers and it seems that there is a lot of praise for both teams’ prospects (which I am VERY wary of). My question is this: You know hockey pretty well, so what do you think of the Islanders prospects they have in camp. It’s a little unfair, being a Rangers fan/Isles hater (there is no in-between). Just curious…

  30. NYIchooch75 says:

    If he does make the team, how much ice time do you think he’ll get? 8 minutes per game on the 3rd/4th line?

  31. tsunami says:

    Thank you for explaining the importance of intra-squad play to me guys. i was under the assumption that Bryce Lampman would truly net a 2.6 goal per game average! i don’t need to be lectured on the difference between training camp and preseason, as i’ve visited the NYR training camp the past 6 years. I remember Lefebvre, and Kamensky having rather good camps, however that never materialized into anything worthwhile with the club. however i have been able to pick up on who is just having a good camp, and who could parlay a good camp into a roster slot. I forgot who posted about Tutin needing more time with a minor league affiliate, but i agree with you fully. he is very talented, and definitely a cause for excitement with this organization, but throwing him in right now may not be the best move. I believe the rangers should allow Poti, Kaspar, and Kloucek to acclimate to this team before any other moves are made. as many of you know nyc can be an overwhelming market to call home.

    i have another observation, Purinton … odd man out?? i personally like him, but where does he fit in now? Kaspar is relatively young, Kloucek is just cracking the roster, Tutin plays a physical game, and there are many more ( Pat Aufiero, etc… ) who look to have a better future with this organization. if his future isn’t here, what teams may be looking for a young powerful d-man? what could we get in return?

  32. TheDevil says:

    For Purinton you could get Donald Brashear in return. At the very best.

    First scrimmages mean absolutely nothing. The veterans are usually coming of long (very long, considering the Rangers) holidays, totally uninterested. If the prospects and newcomers shine, it doesn’t matter, only the season shows who’s good and who is not.

    As for Lundmark, I still think this guy is no big deal. Fact is, he is not a great prospect. And if anyone believes in superstition, take a look at the brilliant 99 draft class…

  33. mikster says:

    “The veterans are usually coming of long (very long, considering the Rangers) holidays, totally uninterested.”

    You have nothing to back that up. Maybe your Devils are since Burns was yelling and banging the boards. Flyers veterans seem interested. The Rangers seem interested. So do the Wings, Oilers…..

    Maybe we can get Pavel Brendl back for Purinton if he does squat in Philly. Hlavac was worth Brashear.

    As for the “brialliant” class of 99:

    1- Stefan (NHL-no-show)

    2- D. Sedin (NHL-just starting)

    3- H. Sedin (NHL-just starting)

    4- Brendl (Soon in NHL)

    5- Connolly (NHL-no-show)

    6- Finley (Nowhere)

    7- Beech (NHL-more to prove w/ Mario)

    8- Pyatt (NHL-no-show)

    9- Lundmark (Soon in NHL)

    10- Mezei (Traded for Weimer, value???)

    11- Saprykin (NHL-no-show)

    12- Shvidki (Soon in NHL)

    13- Rita (Soon in NHL?)

    14- Jillson (NHL career starting)

    15- Kelman (Nowhere)

    16- Tanabe (inconsistent NHL career so far)

    17- Jackman (still in the AHL, Soon in NHL)

    18- Koltsov (Nowhere)

    19- Safronov (Nowhere)

    20- Heisten (AHL-no-show)

    21- Boynton (Soon in NHL)

    22- Ouellet (Soon in NHL?)

    23- McCarthy (NHL-no-biggie)

    24- Cereda (Nowhere)

    25- Kuleshov (Nowhere)

    26- Havlat (NHL-starting solid career)

    27- Ahonen (Long shot for the NHL)

    28- Kudroc (Nowhere)

    Oh yeah, BRILLIANT CLASS!!! Lundmark is definitely in the top.

    You made a biased comment on Lundmark. FACE THE FACTS!!!! Papers in the NY-Metro said this guy had the best training camp, he put up 20 pounds of muscle since drafted, he has great offensive skills, speed, and finished 2nd among all rookies in the AHL. You can’t avoid that, and then say he is not a great prospect.

    So, yeah take a look at the 99 draft class. It basically sucks.

  34. mikster says:

    I’m only an Isle’s hater when it comes to NYR vs. NYI games, and when the Isle’s are in the playoffs and Rags aren’t 😉

    My favorite Isle’s prospect is probably Raffi Torres. He is 5’11, 210 lbs, a LW, a power forward, and hits. Bam, that’s the kind of guy i’d draft in a flash. To me, this guy has more value than DiPietro. He hits, he is competitive, and even if he is not a scorer in the NHL, he hits hard, and works hard, and seems smart defensively. I see no reason to have Trent Hunter above this guy. Raffi Torres is the kind of prospect i’d drool to have on my team playing with Lindros. He is like Garth Murray, but definitely much better offensively. It’s time for Milbury to look for someone that could play well with Torres. I say a Torres-Peca-Parrish line would be lethal.

    I don’t like DiPietro, simply i just hate his attitutde. You’re the former number one pick overall of a draft, you fail to make the back up for your NHL team for two straight seasons, and you ***** and whine about it? He does have great skills, no doubt, but his maturity level and his cocky attitude will hinder his NHL success. If he can’t melt Snow in the pre-season and some games in the regular season, then he is a no-show. I’d conclude his stay as an Islander by resigning Osgood to a 4,5 year deal worth $4.5 million a season. Osgood is 29 years old, in his prime, he won a Cup….come on, get real…it’s tough to try and steal his spot.

    Trent Hunter has the skills but ya know what, when i read Laviolette’s comments on him, he disappointed me. I mean, here is your biggest chance to make the NHL and to play with Yashin, yet to suck at training camp? Tells me the guy’s emotions are too much to handle. He’d have to turn things around in the pre-season. If he doesn’t make the Isle’s this season, then i could really care less about his AHL season. I’d be more interested in what he has to bring in the next training camp. I’d be completely in shock if he makes it instead of Torres. Anyway, he has the skills of a talented power forward. If he can give those skills at NHL level, then hell…the Isle’s got one hell of a future team with Yashin, Peca, Torres, and Hunter.

    Basically, i think the Isle’s are very solid with their prospects. Kolnik is said to be the Isle’s…..next Palffy, i think. Mapletoft is rated high as well, 21 years old…he should be close to making the NHL. Weindhandl is said to be a skillfull puck handler and skater, and at age 22 he’s got to make the NHL with those skills. The Isle’s have a solid offensive future in their hands and Milbury did perfect timing when acquiring Yashin and Peca.

    The one thing the Isle’s are quite weak on is the defense. None of their defensemen prospects are rated high or highly touted, especially when Mezei was dealt for Weimer. I think you’re going to see Milbury start drafting defensemen now. Obviously in the first round you pick whatever is best availabe, no matter what position. Then with the second pick, you go by the needy positions.

    I think Peca has to stand up off the ice for the first 30 games or so and do anything in his power to get a rookie, or rookies (whoever makes the Isle’s squad this season), to have a winning attitude and a workaholic attitude.

    I think the Isle’s prospects have great skills, but the motivation is not there. Look at the Rangers. Prospects see that there are job openings and bam, they battle through it. When there is a job opening, you have to earn it. When there isn’t a job opening, then you have to steal someone else’s. That’s not the attitude that i see so far from the Isle’s prospects, except for DiPietro and Weindlhandl.

  35. pat says:

    If he makes the team, sure. But if he shows promise, I bet he will earn more ice time.


  36. pat says:

    I have to thank all the Ranger bashers for brightening up my afternoon. I love how no matter what article is posted about the Rangers, you guys find a way to attack the team. If I posted an article entitled “Lindros declares Chocolate ice cream his favorite” the boards would be blasted with:

    “Only pussies eat Chocolate ice cream”

    “Vanilla is better and thats why the Rangers suck!”

    “Strawberry prevents concussions!”

    “Chocolate is more expensive thats why the Rangers prefer it!”

    Thanks again for the laughs! Lets Go Rangers!


  37. beefer says:

    Did he say what his favorite toppings are? I’m just kidding. You did make me laugh though.

  38. NYIchooch75 says:

    Well, everyone knows that Lindros like Vanilla, and it’s VANILLA that’s for pussies!

  39. NYIchooch75 says:

    Well, everyone knows that Lindros like Vanilla, and it’s VANILLA that’s for pussies! LOL!

  40. NYIchooch75 says:

    Well, everyone knows that Lindros likes Vanilla, and it’s VANILLA that’s for pussies! LOL!

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