RANGERS Training camp – first scrimmage

yesterday i spent the day at the NYR training camp, and there was a scrimmage

PLayers featured in yesterdays scrimmage included: Bure, Lindros, Holik, Dixon Ward, Lyashenko, Garth Murray, Tjutin, and Kaspar — vs — Poti, Lundmark, Messier, Lintner, Kloucek, Barnaby, Nedved, and Lampman. First off i wanted to say i may have been VERY wrong about Lundmark.

before yesterday i really didn’t see lundmark as the prospect the rangers made him out to be, but shit he can play! he rarely lost his coverage in the defensive zone, and he has a snipers mentality. he scored 2 goals ( 1 which was a total highlight reel, coming off a pass from Mess from the left corner, and he made a beautiful move on the D-man for a wrister high top shelf). He also has explosive presence when they were tryin to gain the zone. Not that he was so fast, just a great sense of where everyone is, and gettin the right angle to break into the zone, and makin the d hustle after him. I may have been mistaken in my earlier criticism of Lundmark. He also set up 2 of mess’s 3 goals in the game, and getting 2 goals himself.

– fedor tutin also played, and looked great. he’s much bigger then i thought, and plays a very russian inspired game. gaining the zone, and drop passin to the cycling winger, and his defensive coverage was very impressive. he plays VERY physical, not so much goin for the big hit as just lockin up and ridin his man out of the play. He batlled holik in front of the net time and again, and definitely held his own. He can also clear the zone! thats right fellow ranger fans, another d-man that can control the puck and get it the hell out.

-other players that looked good: Garth murray reminds me of a young john leclair. very gritty, runs into the corners almost recklessly, and made a beauty of a pass from behind the net. kloucek looked great. if it wasn’t a scrimmage there were a couple times he could have really leveled a couple forwards in the neutral zone. i think playin around kaspar is gonna make him a devastating force on the ice. lampman had a couple goals and looked like he could have a future in the NHL.

-other notes: Nedved looks like he may have bulked up a little for this season.

However the best thing i saw yesterday was trottier’s style of play. not once did i see an ugly turnover by a defenseman leaving his zone. more often than not he had each defensive pairing where there was a physical guy with a guy who could move the puck, and the forwards were being instructed to collapse on the puck in their zone. they looked much more organized and disciplined in the defensive zone. this is one time i’m very happy i’m wrong. Lundmark looked great, kloucek looked great, and tutin looked like he could crack the line up in his first year. seeing lunmark paired with mess leads me to believe he WILL be playin with the big boys this year as a 3rd line winger.