Rangers Youth = Wins

With Mark Messier and Andreas Johansson out, the Rangers have finally made the right decision and allowed the young guys like Manny Malhotra and Jeff Toms to have more ice time. And they’ve proven their worth in these last two victories against the Bruins and Isles…It has been my belief (and I’m sure most Ranger fans agree with me) that given the chance, Malhotra would be able to show what he can do. After being a constant healthy scratch or receiving 6 mins. of ice time a game, Malhotra has been given much more ice time and has begun to show why he was a first round pick. As a third line center, offensive contributions are not expected but when it happens it’s gravy for the team. What I’m most impressed with is how he is all over the place on the penalty kill. I just hope his ice time doesn’t diminish too much when Mess comes back. It’s Mess that should be getting 6 mins. of ice time a game, if that.

Also, Jeff Toms looks great along side Lindros and York. I think Lindros needs a big guy like Toms on his line to alleviate some of the beating that he takes on a nightly basis. Tonight showed that this line has a lot of potential (5 goals between York and Toms).

I know Nedved’s set up to Fleury tonight was beautiful, but (and tell if I’m wrong) does Nedved miss the net on shots as much as Kovalev did when he was a Ranger? How many times does he just totally miss the net. I feel that this Euro-finesse crap has got to go. I don’t dislike Nedved or Dvorak, but I just don’t think the Euro style works anymore. I’d much rather see a beefy center like Malhotra or someone else (any ideas?) become a second line center. Maybe we could deal Nedved and Dvorak together for a big centerman.

I know he hasn’t played in two straight games, but how much longer will Ulanov be a Ranger? The guy is dreadful. He and Karpa (smooth move breaking Toms’s nose) need to go. I’d much rather see guys like Purinton and Kloucek getting the ice time.

I still think Ron Low needs to be terminated as well. Ranger fans have been wondering why they haven’t used a big guy on the power play to clog the front of the net since Adam Graves like three years ago. Well, they tried it last night with McKenna and sure enough, the puck went in the net. Is it rocket science? Or does Ron Low just suck?

The bottom line is, if the Rangers continue utilizing their youth, they will eventually become a strong team. Glen Sather should know this considering how well his Oilers teams of the late ’90s did with a bunch of no names on the roster. The youth on this team, along with the money Sather is able to spend to fill holes, should help the Rangers contend soon. Let’s hope they keep up the strong play.

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